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tire : the fpur is obtufe, ^nd a little fhorter thxa
the germen : the BraHe^e are not longer than the
flowers, and much narrower than in the preced-
ing kind.
^« A variety of this, with fpotlefs leaves, found in
Auche/idsmny woods, was communicated by Dr.
conopfea 7. O. bulbis palmatis. nedarii cornu fetaceo germlni-
bus longiore -, labio trifido, petalis duobus pa-
tentifilmis. Sp. pi. 1335. Syji.nat. 590. {Ger.em.
227./. 5. Rivin. t. II. Vaill. pans. t. 30. /. H,
Hall, hiji. 1287. /. 29. bona. Oed.Ban. t. 224.
Long-fpur'd fweet- handed Orchis. Anglls.
In paftures not unfrequent, as in thofe eaftward of
yluche7iden?i)\ and about Comrie., near Creif, &:c.
The ftalk is a cubit high, the leaves long and nar-
row, their fides a little comprefs'd : the flowers
grow in a long cylindrical fpike, generally of
an uniform purple colour, but fometimes white :
the flde petals are widely expanded, the refl: con-
nive : the lip is divided into three obtUfe and
nearly equal fegments, the fide ones fometimes
flightly ferrated, the middle one quite entire :
the fpur is very flender, curv'd, and about three
times the length of the fide petals : the Bra^e^
are lanceolate, and rather longer than the ger-
men : the flowers are fweet fcented.

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