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and fiftular : the fpike is conico-cylindrical : the
flowers are commonly purple, but fometimes
red or white, intermixed with many broad lan-
ceolate Bra^e^, v.hich are longer than the
flowers : the two fide petals turn back, and
ftand almoft upright, the others connive toge-
gether: the lip is divided into three obfcure
lobes, ferrated on the edges, and marked with
purple lines and fpots : the middle lobe is fhorr,
and the fide ones reflexed : the fpur is conical,
a little incurv'd, and Ihorter than the germ.en.
maculafa 6. ORCHIS bulbis palmatis patentibus, neclarii cor-
nu germinibus breviore, labio piano, petalis
dorfalibus patulis. Sp. pi. 1335. Sjfi. nat, 590.
{,Ger. er,j. 220./. 2. Vaill. paris. t.-^i, f. 9 10.
Rivi'fj. t. 8. (y II. Hull, hijt. 1278. /. 'o^i.boua.)
Female handed Orchis. Anglis. Balderry. Scctk,
An urach-bhallach. Gaulis.
In paftures and heaths very com.mon. "U. VII.
The bulbs are divided into three or or four divari-
cated fingeis : the leaves are almoft always fpot-
tcd, and narrower than in the preceding fpecies :
the (lalk is a cubit high, and foiid : the fpike is
cylindrical, and the flowers commonly of a pale
blufli, or almofl: white colour, marked with
many Ipots and purple lines : the fide petals
ftand open, and almoft erecl : the lip is plane,
crenated, and divided into three lobes, the mid-
dle one narroweft, and generally acute and en-
tire :

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