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There with fantaftic garlands did (he come.
Of crow-flowers, nettles, dailies, and lo'ng purples^
(That liberal Hiepherds give a grofler name.
But our cold maids do dead men's fingers call them.)
Harolet^ a^ 4.
Th(ifdlep of the fhops is made, for the mod part,
of the roots of this Orchis; for this purpofe the
largeft and plumped bulbs muft be gathered,
lliinned, and boiled over a gentle fire for half
an hour -, afterwards they muft be ftrung upon
a thread, and hung up in the fliade till they are
dry. Thefe, reduced to powder, are the faiepy
cfteemed as a reftorative an^J aphrodifiac, and
reckoned ferviceable alfo in dyfenteries, and
phthificky complaints.
""'* Btdhis palmatis,
tijdia 5i ORCH'S bulbis fubpalmatis redlis, necStarii cornw
conico •, labio trilobo lateribus reflexo, brafteis
fiore longioiibus. Zp. pi. 133^. (Ger. em. 226./.
i. ££? 222./. 3. t. '2^\.f. i, 2, 3, 4,
H.jlores. BlakweU. t. 405. Oed,dan. t. 266, opt.
I Idler. hi(l. 1279. /. 32. horn.)
Male handed Orchis. Anglis.
.In marfliy grounds and bogs common. "4. VI.
The bulbs are divided into two or three fingers,
which are not divaricated, but run diredly
downwards : the leaves are broad, and com-
monly without fpots, but are fometinies obfcurely
llained ; the ftalk is 1 foot or more high, ftriated

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