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lobes are flightly crenated and reflex'd ; the cen-
tral one is crenated and flightly bifid : the fpur
is about the length of the germen, obtufe at
the end, emarginated, and a little afcending:
the Bra^ea are of the colour of the flower, and
about the length of the germen.
ORCHIS bulbis indivifis, neclarii labio quadrilo-
bo crenulato j cornu obtufo, petalis dorfalibus
reflexis. Sp. pi. 1333. Syft. nat. 590. {Ger. em.
208./. I. Seg. Veron. t. 15./. Vaill Paris.
t. 31./. II, 12. Kivin. t. 21. Blakwell t. 53.
Oed. dan. t, ^5J. Haller. hiji.12^^. t. S^.opi.)
Male Fool-ftones.- Anglis.
In woods frequent, as in Logton-Wood, near BaU
keith, &c. %. VI.
The flalk is about a cubit high : the leaves broad,'
flat, and glofly, and generally ftained with
blood-colour'd fpots : the flowers grow in a long
thin rpike, of a fpecious purple colour : the
exterior petals are oval and acute ; the two fide
ones fold back, ftand ere6t, and have no green
ftreaks : the lip of the neftarium is crenated
an^ trifid, and the middle lobe bifid, but is
lengthened out beyond the fide ones. In thefe
refpeds it differs from the preceding.
The fpikes of thefe flowers are the Long-Purples^
or dead men's fingers^ which helped to compofe
poor Ophelia's garlands :
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