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Finis. I am Richard, son of Muircheartach, son
of Tadhg, son of Muircheartach, son of Cathal,
son of Murchadh, son of Muircheartach na
Cairrge O Conchubhair, who by permission of
God wrote this Prognostica of Bernardus, in the
school of my kinsman and master, Donnchadh
Og O Conchubhair, namely, the chief Master
of Medicine of Mac Giollapadraig.
And Achadh Mic Airt ^^ is my place of writing.
And out of the book of Fearghus Mac
Bheathadh ^^ it was transcribed.
To-day is April the first, 1590.
Jesus. Maria.
Pages 599 to 601 (new folios 289b, 290) are
introduced as follows :
Bith a fhios agad a leghthoir in caibidil so
noch labhrus do Saharphati nach don leabhar so
fen Í acht gurob í in 1 9 caibidil don 7 leabhar ag
Ualescus de Taranta í et gurob é Donnchadh Og
mac Donnchaidh Léith mic Giollapatraig do
chuir a nGaoidilg í agus do orduigh dhamsa a
sgriobhadh a ndiaigh an 4 caibidil 20 don treas
particul don Lili ar an duilleoig so 246 agus oir
nar chuimnighis a sgriobhadh annsin sgribheochad
annso i.
Understand, reader, that this chapter which
speaks of Saharphati does not belong to this
book itself, but that it is the nineteenth chapter
of the seventh Book of Valescus de Taranta, and

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