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100 PAR
Panmuee place — continued.
25 Clark James, bookkeeper
27 Preacher Mrs
29 Tinlin Ueorge
31 McGregor Alexander, bldr
33 RenwickMrs
35 Corbett Patrick
....here are Lauriston gins....
2 Cullen Miss
4 Williamson Miss Helen,
dress maker
6 Allan Wm. teacher of mus
6 Allan Wm. coal merchant
8 Stewart James
12 Hunter Mrs
14 Neil James
i6 Monteith Robt. watch ma
20 McDougall Mrs. Elizabeth
22 Ehbutt George S. tailor
22 Cockburn Mrs. Catherine,
22 Hood John, apartments
22 FergusonMi3sJanet,aparts
24 O'Bryon Patrick
....here are Lam-iston gdns....
Parish Council offices.
See Charlotte street,
Park avenue (Portobello),
Duddingston crescent to 5
Stanley street.
1 Ross James G
2 LaingMrs
3 Robbin Miss
4 Rutherford William
19 Bryce William
20 Steel Mrs
2iWedderburn Alexander
John Forbes
22 Alexander Lieut. -Col. Wm
33 Smith William
Park place, Park road.
[No thoroughfare.]
" NORTH side.
1 Steenberg Alfred
2 Sinclair Robert
3 Eggelston Mrs
4 Harrower John
6 Browne Chas.tnastermrinr
Park place, Teviot row.
[No thoroughfare.]
west side.
Henderson Jn. assist, curator
Niecks Fredk. prof, of music
Wellby Charles, organ builder
University Union Club, H.
Park road, Newhaven road
to Stanley road.
SOUTH side.
here is Derby st
17 Steele J. M
27 Anderson John
29 Murray Miss
31 Adamson Mrs
33 Taylor William
35 Macdonald Daniel
Iiere i.* Park pi
37 Bryson William A
39 Keir John C
41 Clunas WilUam
45 Macdonald Daniel, wine
6 Sutherland Mrs
10 Bryden Robert
10 Duncan William, master
14 Lyster Henry
16 Munro George G
i8 Fraser James
20 Carmichael Thomas, com
mercial traveller
22 Barker Thomas
24. Smith Mrs
a6 Russell John
30 Melville JNIrs
36 Gosman John
38 Nelson Mrs
40 Martin !Miss
42 Pendreich John
44 Geddes Mrs
46 Methuen Harry
Park villas.
See Spring gardens.
Parkside street, St. Leon-
ard street to Henry place.
SOUTH side.
I Westwood Geo. news agent
3 Gow Mrs. Elizh. dress ma
7 Jackson Donald, shopkeepr
9 McKay Jas. Sinclair, mason
9 McKay Alexander, piano-
forte tuner
9 Fergie Alexander, com-
mission agent
18 Peterovsky Morris, tailor
here is Henry pi
Parkside ter. 9 Dalkeith rd.
[No thoroughfare.]
north side.
1 McLaren Jn. spirit dealer
2 Robertson PatriekM. assist-
ant inspector of poor
2 Brown Mrs. Cecilia G
2 Blenkiron Jeremy, chemist
2 Jlitchell Mrs
2 Veitch Robert, traveller
2 Watson James, clerk
2 Leighton Robert, managr
2A, Murdoch Wm. store-
keeper Gas Co
2 Roper Mrs. Jane, aparts
2 Kay Mrs. Helen
3 Amos W
4 Anderson James
4 Simpson Robert, weighing
machine dealer
4 Tait Mrs
4 Tait George, manager
4 Rees Geo. H. commisn. agt
4 Jack George
4 Lumsden Mrs.Mary.aparts
6 Wells George Ritchie
7 Russell William, clerk
7 Forsyth Andrew, spirit dlr
7 Gall William, clothier
7 Hogg Thomas
7 Laing George, grocer
3 Coglan Jaraes
9 Allan Miss Ann
ID Wilson Robert, painter
10 McKay Jn. draughtsman
10 Riddell Mrs. Marion G
10 Brown Miss Mary Ann,
10 Esson Mrs. Alex, aparts
10 Thomson Thomas, grocer
10 Alexander Charles, whole-
sale jeweller
10 Baird Mrs. Janet
11 Roden Hugh J. prov. dealr
12 Cooke Mrs. Isabella
13 Hay Mrs
13 Edwards Arthur James
13 Morrison Peter, traveller
13 Simpson William, cutler
13 Cullen Mrs
13 Tait William, grocer
14 Smith David
15 Patterson William, window
blind maker
Parkvale place, 17 East
Hermitage pl.toHermitage ter
SOUTH side.
I Wilson John, grocer
11 McCombie Joseph, agent
Peterhead Steam Ship'
ping Co
12 Nicoll Robert, manager
Parliament place (Leith),
73 Giles St. to Parliament st.
8 Conboy John, grocer &
spirit dealer
12 Dickson Robert, spirit dlr
...hereis St. Andrew st
..here is Parliament st
Parliament sq. High st.
Police chajibees :
Ross Roderick, chief constable
of city police
Chishplm John, deputy' chief
Smith Robt. Macaulay, public
prosecutor in police courts
Weston John W. clerk police
court & clerk to the judges
of police
Lost & Found Property De-
James Muir, inspector
Massey James, burgh enginr
Criminal Investigation De-
partment (William Moodie,
1 H. M. Exchequer Chambrs
1 King's & Lord Treasurer's
Remembrancer (Sir
KennethMackenzie hart)
I H. M. Gazette Office (Sir
Kenneth Mackenzie bart.
keeper & editor)
1 Joint Stock Companies'
Registry Otfice (Sir
Kenneth Mackenzie bart.
2 Commissary Office (Ralph
Richardson w.s. commis-
sary clerk ; James G.
Currie, depute clerk)
2 Justiciary Office (G. L.
Crole.clerk of justiciary ;
2 Hill John, supt. of Court
House Buildings
2 Sheriff Court of Chancery
(John Macmillan s.s.c.
sherift' clerk ; Alexander
Macmillan, solicitor,
depute sheriff clerk)
3 H. M. Office of Works (W.
W. Robertson, surveyor
for Scotland)
4 & 5 HighCourt of Justiciary
6 Secretary for Scotland
Office (secretary forScot'
land & keeper of the
Great Seal, Lord Balfour
of Burleigh)
6 Crofters' Commission,
William Mackenzie, sec.
& principal clerk
9 Lord Advocate's Chambers
(Rt. Hon. Andrew Gra
liam Murray p.c, k.c,
M.p. lord advocate)
9 Crown Office (W.J.Dundas
w.s. crown agent ; Hugh
Milroy s.s c, i.s.o. chief
1 1 Parliament House & Courts
of Law (John Hill, supt. ;
Hugh B. Tulloch, door
II Advocates' Library (James
T. Clark, librarian)
II SolicitorsinSupremeCourti
Library (Charles A.
Malcolm, acting librn)
II Writers to the Signet
Library (Thomas G. Law
ll.d. librarian ; Peter
Dewar, hallkeeper)
II Scottish History Society
(T. G. Law LL.D. hon.
sec.) (Signet library)
Anderson David B. w.s.
(Signet library)
Parliament street. 59 Hen
derson street to Coal hill.
I Harvey William James,
grocer & spirit dealer
3 Robertson Chas. dairy kpr
4 CorporationModel Lodging
...here is St. Ajulrew's irynd...
Parsons Green terrace,
Meadowbank to Wolseley pi.
south SIDE.
I Smith James m.d. surgeon
3 Graves Geo. H. m.d. surgn.
4 Rutherford Thos. butcher
5 Reid John, fruiterer
6 Hay William, draper
6 Donlevey Aloysius J.
7 Watson George P. grocer &
spirit dealer
8 Downie David, painter
Advance WoodWorkingCo.
steam joiners
14 McKay Miss Jemima, news
15 LeslieThos.grocr.&spirit dlr
( Dick James, chemist, &
I Sub-Post Office
Crookston Robert, tailor
Harrison Wm. greengrocer
Anderson George, boot ma
Fraser John, corn merchnt
Antilio Aurelio P.eonfectnr
Graven John, boot maker
Lindsay James, clothier
Nicolson John, hair dresser
Patriot hall, Stockbridge.
Now numbered in Hamil.
Pattison street, Elbe street
to Poplar lane.
east SIDE.
15 St. John's Mission Room
27 Dobbie J. Alexander & Co.
builders' merchants.
Paul street, Richmond lane
to Simon square.
north side.
3 Brown John, mason
12 Wood Charles, plumber
Peel terrace, 19 May field
gardens to Queen's crescent.
north side.
1 Cran Alexander m.a
2 Parrott Jame» Edwardi
3 Smith Patrick B
here is Queen^s cre.'r _
4 Jack James McG. s.s.c
here is Cobden ores
Pembroke place. West.
Catharine place.
[No thoroughfare. J
Pentland ter. Comiston rd.
to Braid Hills road.
1 Wilson Miss
2 Irvine Miss
4 Kennedy Rev. Alex, d.d
5 Blair John Dewar
6 Thomson Patrick W
7 Sheriff Mrs
8 DuS Matthew B. a.m.i.ce
9 Wingate Mrs
10 Robertson Miss
1 1 Greenleas Daniel
12 Gumming Robert
13 Noble Mrs
... here is Braid Hills rd ...
Perth St. 28 Henderson row:
EAST side;
2 Wilson Robert, poulterer

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