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4 Camiibell Thomas, baker
6 Hutchinson James, joiner
6 Mackenzie Mrs. Isabella,
8 Thomson Peter, printer
12 Easton Thomas, manager
12 Selway Wilham, clerk
3 Sommerville Hugh, statnr
5 Don William, blacksmith
5 Armstrong Alex. F. clerk
5 Moffat James, traveller
5 Eagle Mrs. Jane, aparts
7 Munro Misses
9 Semple James, tea mer
II Cunningham Jas. hank elk
II Turnbull Robert, manager
II Ingram Malcolm, clerk
II Sheen Frank, gymnastic
13 Richardson Adam, butchr
15 Wilson John, supt. of the
Refuge Assurance Co
17 Baird Matthew, traveller
17 Rodger \\'illiam, law clerk
19 White Robert
21 Wilkie Mrs. Sarah, aparts
21 Dudley George, tobaccnst
21 Kerr Thomas, manager
21 Lawson Thomas, traveller
23 SomerviUe Andrew, buildr
Picardy place, 17 Brouahton
street to 16 Union place.
I & 3 Frascr Andrew, spirit
S Douglas Miss
5 Fraser Duncan, clerk
5 MaitlandMrs.Sarah, aparts
5 Anderson Mrs
5 Goodlet Jas. warehousemn
S Taylor John, joiner
5 Wood Mrs
5 RonaldWm. meter inspectr
7 Scottish Dental Supply
Association, dentists
9 Brodie, Hamilton & Co.
tea merchants
II Douglas William Limited,
electrical engineers
II Walters Joseph, process
II Barclay Oswald, clerk
II White Robert, engineer
13 Edinburgh Milk Supply
15 Paterson Ale.v. plumber
21 Bank of Scotland,
T. D. Anderson, agent
■2 & 2A, St. Cuthbert's Co
operative Association
Limited, bakers &c
4 Hardie J. & W. wine mers
4 Refuge Assurance Co. Lim
4 Mitciielljas. warehouseman
4 Ford John A. artist
6 McKinnellWilliam, tobacco
6 BegbieWm. working jewellr
6 Bannerman & Steel, litho-
graphic artists
8 Ritchie James, Son & Co.
8 Campbell T. ]!. & Co. metal
10 Robertson D.&J.wine mers
10 ConsolidatedPetroleumCo.
10 McLaughlin Miss Ellen
Margaret, dress maker
10 Laidlaw Peter, joiner
12 Church of Scotland(Normal
Training College) Board-
ing House
14 British Order of Ancient
Free Gardeners Friendly
14 Coall James, caretaker
16 Dunn John &, Son, paper
16 Harper James & Son, pro-
vision merchants
16 Woolard William, artist
16 Berry Miss Mary E. artist
16 Taylor John B. & Co. ware-
16 Mackay William, tailor
18 'Wishart D. F. & Co. iron
18 Easton John, clerk
20 Leighton J. T. & Co
mineral water manufrs
20 McGavin John C. teacher
of dancing
20 Paton Miss Marion, nurse
20 Hume Mrs
22 Falkirk Iron Co. iron mers.
(Charles Edwd. Thomas,
Pier place (Newhaven), St,
Andrew square to Main st.
2 Kirkwood John, spirit dlr
iVewhaven Co-operative
Store Co. grocers
14 Johnston Alex, secretary
Newhaven United Feee
Campbell Mrs. Helen,
Marine hotel
NOIiTH side.
Muirhead William George,
fish salesman
Gamraie D. M. fish salesman
Watson James, fish salesman
Caw James, fish salesman
Dow Joseph, fish salesman
Walker Daniel, fish salesman
Johnston William,fish salesmn
Devlin Thos. Jan. fish salesmn
Cook Alexander, fish salesmn
Foggo Robert, fish salesman
Walker Edward, fish salesmn
Walker Fredk. fish salesman
Newhaven Lighthouse (Thos,
Taylor, keeper)
Pilrig- street, Leith walk to
Bonnington road.
east side.
PiLRio Feee Chuech
1 Moyes Mrs. Margaret
3 Dickson Mrs
5 Kinnear Mrs
7 Dick Robert, grocer
9 Calder James, commercial
here is Arthur St
II Bowman John
13 Gillon Mrs
15 Wallace William, draper
17 Johnston Mrs
19 Findlay William
21 Watson James, ironmon;
23 Scott John M. wine mer
25 Stewardsonjn.brassfoundr
27 Mann G. V. S.S.C
... here is Camhridye aven
Grie^'e Jas.&Sons,nurserymn
Melville Miss f Pilrig house)
... here is JJonnint/ton rd
2 Loch Adam, asphalter
6 Foyle Mrs. Caroline, eontr
8 Hoyle Charles
10 Mill Jas. commercial trav
here is Spejf st
14 McGill Mrs. Ellen, laundrss
16 Knox Patrick, plumber
18 Forsyth Chas. excise officer
20 Knox James G. plumber
22 Scott Miss
24 Gibson Andrew, grocer
26 Robb James, joiner
Lauehton James C
30 Sutherland Rev. A. St.
Clair 31.A. (Guthrie
Memorial Free Church
32 Hay John, confectioner
34 Dick Thomas, solicitor
PIT 101
12 Laidlaw George, joiner
14 Laidlaw J. & G joiners
16 Surry William T . cooper
Pitt street, continuation of
Dundas st.to iHenderson row.
I Munro William, grocer
lA, Mathison John, butcher
3 Paterson William, stationr
3A, Royal Bank of Scotland,
David B. Douglas, agt
3B, Tocher James, engineer
S Auld Mrs. Jessie, dress ma
S Stewart Alex, stationer
5 Fiddes Andrew, salesman
5 Donald AlexanderDouglas,
7 Hislop Robt. G. bellhanger
9 M'Callum Jas. dairyman
84 Finlayson William, buildr 11 Hislop Robt.G bellhngr.&c
86 Watson William, joiner & 13 Valentine George D. advo-
36 MassieWilliam,eonfectionr
38 Walker Miss
40 Fenton Mrs. Georgina
42 Cummings Mrs
46 McKay Neil, builder
48 Thomson John Watson
here is Dryden st
Russell & Ramsden, wool
70 Dr5-sdaIeAIexander,builder
&i contractor
72 Mitchell Andrew, timber
74 Thompson Wm. builder
76 Melrose James D. builder
78 Appleyard JohnH. surveyor
80 McDougall Patrick, wine &
spirit merchant
82 Watson Samuel, wine &
spirit merchant
88 Mack Alexander
here is Rosslyn cres
90 Puckering John, manager
92 Hunter Mrs
94 Macaulay Rev. George
M.A. (Pilrig manse)
dealer (Hazel villa)
Edinburgh & Leith
Cemetery Co
..here is Brouykton rd,
..here is Newhaven rd
Pipe street (Portobello), 60
High street to Esplanade.
18 Clark Mrs. Ann, confectnr
Buchan A. W. & Co.
stoneware manufactrs
Gray William Affleck &
Sons, stoneware manfrs
28 Fraser James, grocer
12 Smith Patrick, cartwright
8 Lynch Miss Bridget, victual
Pirniefield, end of Leith
links. [No thoroughfare.]
Millar Mrs. (Seagrove house)
Millar Thomson (Seagrove ho)
Pursell W. G. borax manu-
facturer (Rhynd lodge)
Pursell John, property owner
(Rhynd lodge)
Pursell James, soap manu-
facturer (Rhynd lodge)
Pursell Mrs. (Rhynd lodge)
Hislop John, stockbroker
(Seacote house)
Hislop Henry W. stockbroker
(Seacote house)
Pirniefield pi. Ijeith links.
[No thoroughfare.]
Wade Henry Francis.ttorist
(Pirniefield nursery)
3 Millar Mrs. (Pirniefield ho)
Pirrie street, 67 Great
Junction street.
[No thoroughfare.]
5 Brown W. & J. painters
7 Crombie George, jeweller
7 Niell Joseph, coach builder
7 Ewart John, spirit dealer
9 AUister James, clerk
9 Gibson James, coach bldr
9 Drummond Mrs
Gibson&Neill, coach buildrs
Baird C. C. & Son, veterin-
ary surgeons & shoeing
The Boncar Motor Co
Sutherland J. & D. joiners
4 Lawson Jn.boot & shoe ma
6 Forrest James, confectioner
13 Gibson ISIiss
13 Howden James
13 Farquher Miss Mary, dress
13 Scott Mrs. Hannah, aparts
13 Law INliss
13 Munro Thomas
13 Robertson Mrs
IS McRobert Robert, aparts
here is Cionberlaiid. st
17 Gibb Wm. H. umbrella ma
19 Irving Miss Jessie, aparts
19 Dow David, designer
19 Watson John, fruiterer
19 GledhillThos. E.tchr. of mus
J 2 1 Henderson Alexander m.d
23 Macpherson Miss
25 M'Crie Mrs. Elizabeth
25 Bell Miss •
25 Brown Robert S
25 Kellow Mrs. Elizabeth,
25 Rolfe Ernest Richard,
25 Beattie Jliss Elizabeth M
27A, Chambers Samuel Robt.
29 Keddie Peter, baker
31 Turnbull James, butcher
& poulterer
33 Simpson Alex. D. grocer &
spirit merchant
here is Fettes row
45 Codelova Co. Lim. paper-
hanging manufacturers
49 Gibb James & Son, cabinet
makers &c
51 Bell & Co. carpet beaters
57 Northern Riding Academy
61 Quigley Bros, boot makers
63 \Valker Walter, hair drssr
65 Player John, coach proprtr
69 M'eir Mrs. Mary, ladies'
71 WaldieJas.&Sons, coalmrs
77 &79 Little William &:Sods,
smiths k iron founders
81 Stevenson David & Co.
photo, engravers
S3 Watt Miss Jane, confectnr
85 Fj'fe Miss Mary,niilliner &
dress maker
87 Keddie Miss Isabella,
news agent
89 Smith Robert, baker
91 McCullochJames,tobaccnst
93 Cramond'sFamilj-Lauudry
Co. Limited
here is Eyre pi
2 Keddie Peter, baker
4 Hannah R.Nasmyth,dentst
6 Niven John, dairyman
6 Black Jlrs. Alexina, aparts
6 Keid Miss Stewart, teacher
of pianoforte
6 Masterton James
6 Bruce Arthur M. jewe
case manufacturer

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