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4 Martin William
6 Candlish Mrs
8 Sutherland Sj'mon Flett
lo Paterson JNIiss
12 McNeil Misses
14 Gardner Adam
16 Lloyd Andrew
18 Lindsay Mrs
22 Sharp Mrs. D. G
24 Mackenzie Hugh
26 Dickson Robert
28 Penn Charles J
30 Berry Thomas
I Blanche John W
3 Norrie Jolin
5 Duff Andrew
7 Wilson James McDowell
9 Stalker Colin
Orwell place,ios Dairy road
to 28 Caledonian crescent,
1 AValls James, tailor
3 Dorrance Henry, hairdrssr
5 Veitch Alison, dairy
The Scottish Episcopal
Training College for
Schoolmistresses (Dairy
house) (Rev. James R.
Leshe m.a. principal)
Normal Mixed School (Miss
Mary L. Eayner, mis-
tress ; infants'.MissMary
Goodwin, mistress)
25 CoatsMrs.Annie,shopkeepr
27 Gibson Andrew, grocer
4 Veitch Miss Isabella.grocer
Orwell terrace, 125 Dairy
rd. to 42 Caledonian cres.
3 Hunter Mrs. Sarah, dress
2 Barlow Jas. fried fish shop
6 Equitable Loan Co. of Scot-
laud (Geo. Tait, mangr)
8 Eobb Mrs. Emily, dairy
Dalry Hall Established
Chceoh Mission
Smith Robert, sculptor
Clement George & Co.
hand railers
Walter R. & Son, plumbers
Mather Alexander & Son
engineers &c
Macvitties, Guest & Co
Lim. bakers &c
Os'oorne terrace, 1 Devon
place to I Hampton terrace.
SOUTH side.
1 Mathieson Miss
2 Eoberton William
3 Munro Charles, auctioneer
4 Newington Frank
5 Hastings Rev. John Burns
M.A., D.D. [U. FT
6 Mitchell Charles
7 Nicol Miss
8 Stevenson AVilliam Grant
9 Drysdale Mrs
10 Smith Mrs
11 Morrison Alex, plumber
12 DonaldsonAlexandr.grocer
12 Donaldson Thomas F. S.
13 Dickson Miss
14 Forrest Charles L
!iere is Hampton ter
Osborne viUas (Portobello).
Now numbered in Pitt st.
Oswald road, Blackford
avenue to Mortonhall road.
I M'Laren Duncan
3 Buchanan James, chemist
5 Smith Harry W. w.s
here are South Oswald
<$■ Mortonliall rUs
2 Watson Miss
4 Romanes Misses
6 Weir Robert, merchant
... here is South Oswald rd ...
8 Gordon Misses
10 Barton John F. (Ulverston)
Lett KB Box
... here is Mortonhall rd ...
Oxford street, 32 East
Preston street to Lutton pi.
I Adair Jas. Graham, tailor
3 Cameron Robert Steven-
son, traveller
3 Crichtou James, swimming
3 Crichtou James Angus,
teacher of music
3 Milne Saml. draughtsman
3 Pettigrew Wm. bank clerk
3 Chambers Mrs. Isabella,
5 & 7 Bain John, tailor
9 McGarvie Alexander
9 Armstrong James
9 Wishart Robert
9 Ferguson Robert
9 Macbeth Mrs.
ladies' nurse
9 Thomson W. P.
9 Clark John, grocer
9 Hmiter John, clerk
1 1 Peffers David
13 Mcintosh Mrs
IS Burgess David, manager
IS Imire John, stair railer
IS Teller Miss
IS Harper George, librarian
IS CassieGeorgeM. watch ma
17 Munro James Alex, clerk
19 Moodie Mrs
21 McMillan Alexander
I Stoddart Robert, clerk
I Blackie Mrs
21 McCulloch John
21 Perkins James, compositor
21 Smith Thomas Greig
Grierson Miss
23 Cameron William
25 Forrest Robert, clerk
27 Crerar Miss Isabella
27 Mackintosh William
27 Eenwiok Thomas, traveller
27 Whyfock Chas. boot makr
27 iMurray Miss Catherine
27 Anderson Jas. warehsemn
27 Dunlop Mrs. Ann
27 Kidd Mrs
29 Tarbet James, painter
31 Cranston Thomas
33 Stewart John Mclntyre,
33 Robertson John
33 Levison Isaac, traveller
33 Wilkie Richard, manager
33 Giiford George S. plumber
here is Lutton pi
west SIDE.
2 Scott John, spirit dealer
4 Duncan Urquhart
4 Lewington Philip, com-
mission agent
4 Cawood Chas. Jn.manaeer
6 Millar J
lo Brown Louis Liddle,joiner
12 Berry George, bookseller
12 Inghs John, warehouseman
12 Fairbaim Charles
12 Duncan Eobert.compositor
12 Laing Robert
12 Dobson James
12 Henderson William
12 Tweedie Wm.warehousmnI
14 Mitbhell John, traveller
16 Gillies Alexander
18 Patterson Peter Hunter,
wood carver
18 Grant Mrs. Louisa C.
spirit dealer
18 Thomson William L
cabinet maker
18 Bell William, salesman
18 Fergie Robert, compositor
18 Anderson Jas. warehsmn
18 Brown Mrs
18 Leighton Mrs
18 Taylor John Caw, letter
press printer
20 Miller Mrs. Elizabeth
12 Reid George, law clerk
22 Moir George, clerk
22 Brydon James
22 Neil Mrs. Agnes
22 Phemister John, type
Gillespie William
22 Reid David H. clerk
24Jenkinson & Phemister,
dress makers
26 Watson Frederick
26 Ross Thomas
26 ^^'hite William T
26 Hood James
26 Smith Miss Mary
26 Cruickshank Wm. travellr
26 Crozier William, reader
28 Stocks Mrs. Agnes, aparts
30 Park James
32 Pearson Mrs
32 Orr William, traveller
32 Mavor Wm. blacksmith
32 Richardson Geo. butcher
32B, Baglioni A
here is Lutton pi
Oxford terrace, 22 Claren-
don crescent to Lennox st.
I Tod Miss
I Fleming Mrs
1 Barton Miss
2 Agnew Capt. JohuR.N
3 Ross W. Graham
4 Wood Miss
5 Auld Hugh w.s
6 Black Mrs
7 Perigal Mrs
8 Allan James
9 Stevenson J. H. w.s
10 Blair Rev.RobertM.A., D.D.
11 & 12 Lister Miss Jessie,
ladies' school
here isLennox si
PAN 99
39 Mitchell Rev. Mitford
here is Eothesay pi
2 Floden Ernest
4 Giles Alexander Bruce M.D.
6 Hogg Andrew, apartmnts
8 McDiarmid Mrs
10 Allan Miss
United F'ree Church
16 Monteath Hy. s.s.c. & n.p
18 Dickson James M
20 Dundas Misses
22 Graham James Edward,
24 Peddie Henry Anderson
si.E., CM. surgeon
28 Brown Miss
28 Fasson Mrs
... here is Lansdomie eves ...
... here is Grosvenor cres ...
32 Glasgow, Montagu
Countess of
34 Stavert Herbt. J.B. accntnt
34 Stavert Archibald
36 Dalgleish Lawrence
38 Innes Rev. Canon Reginald
Mitchell [Episcopal]
40 Kirk William John w.s
42 Arbuthnot Mrs
44 Williamson Rev. Andrew
W, D.D. [Established]
46 Wilson William B. w.s
48 Steuart Mrs
48 Steuart G.Crurie, advocate
SO Darlington Sirs
50 Anderson Miss
SO Young William
here are Glencairncres.
Ec/linton cres
52 Anderson Jn. Ramsay -it. s
S4 Dawson Hamage
56 Boyd William
58 Paterson Charles J. G.
60 Garson William w.s
62 AbercrombyThe Hon.John
here is Douglas cres
Palmerston place, 7 Coates
place to Rothesay place.
I National Bank of Scotland
Duncan, agent)
I Shepherd John Malcolm
3 Hunter Mrs
S Purvis Misses
7 Grierson P. J. Hamilton
B.A. advocate
9 Kirke Col. St.Geo.Mervyn
II Milligan David m.b., cm.
13 Doweil Alex, auctioneer
15 Smith J. Duncan
17 BlythBenj.Hall,civil engnr
19 ChieneGeo. Todd, accntnt
21 Stewart William
St. Mary's Cathedral
hereis Chester st
•■S McEwan William
i9 Sheriff Lieut.-Gen. John P
31 Campbell-Colquhoun Mrs
33 Hunter George m.d. surgn
3S Borthwick Lieut. -Col. A
Palmerston rd. s Chalmers
crescent to Beaufort road.
WEST side.
I Stewart Daniel, registra-
tion examiner
1 Watson James
3 Elliot Andrew
5 Ritchie Wm. jun. stationer
9 Seton Charles
II Robb Miss
II Williamson Miss
n Williamson James, artist
n Williamson R. Chishohne,
13 Hardy Robert P
15 Simpson James (Com-
mercial Bank)
17 Skinner James s.s.c. & n.p
here is Beaufort rd
EAST side.
2 Watt Thomas, saddler
4 Riddell Miss
6 Ferguson Mrs
8 Traill David
TO Chisolm Jame5
.. here is Beaufort rd
Paumure pi. i Brougham pi.
to 2s Lauriston gardens.
lA, Blickie John Miller, hair
3 Kirk George, shopkeeper
S Hay Mrs. Jane, aparts
9 Black James, joiner
II Dalrymple Mrs. Ann
13 Cameron Mrs. Marion,
dress maker
IS Adamson Miss Jane, aparts
17 Begg Mrs
21 Nairn John
23 Shanks Robert D. tailor
EDIN. 7*

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