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Free Church Mission Room, Redding
Mission Rooms, Polmont
Wesleyan, Redding
Board Schools: — '
Pulmont, Donald M'Ainsh, master
Redding, John Louden, master
Redding Infants' School, Miss Mary
Whyte, mistress
Wallacestone, John Eiggar M.A. master
Railway Station, James Millar, station
Anderson Rev. James (United Free), Manse
Buchanan Alexander W. Gray, Park hill
Clarkson Robert, Avondale
Gentleman James, Ivy bank
Hay Mrs. Whiteside
Hodge Mrs. AvonBide
Learmonth Thomas L., J.P. Park hall
Maecall Alexander Vernon. Hay park
MacKenzie Rev. John Buchanan B.D. (Es-
tablished), Manse
McKillop James D.L.,J.P.,M.P.Polmont pk
Mitchell David J.P. Millfield
Tweedie John Jackson, Polmont bank
Barron William, tailor
Black Peter, butcher
Cemetery (Findley Mitchell, keeper)
Clapperton Maggie Inglis (Miss), postmistrs
Cruickshank Mrs. spirit dealer
Forrester James, grocer & spirit dealer
Hunter Andrew, boot & shoe maker
Hunter James, baker &c
Johnston James, joiner
M'Fall Jessie M.(Mrs.) (exors. of), spirit dlr
Meikle Janet (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer
Me!kle John, potato merchant
Roberts James, saddler
St. Margaret's School for Girls Co. Limited
(Miss H. Jex-Blake, head mistress; T.
B. Lawrie esq. sec)
Scott Wm. & Robert, cartwrights & joiners
Wilson John, miller, Jinkabout mills
Polmont Station.
Biggar John M.A.
Dick Mrs. Ashbank
Gardiner David, Marybank
Gibson Thomas, Wallacerig
Harvey Thomas, Prospect house
Laurie James, Brighton's
Lawrie Thomas B. Ella bank
Lawrie Thomas Harcourt, St. Clair villa
Learmonth Alexander, Ashton
Learmonth Mrs. Helenslea
Learmonth Mrs. James, Birchcroft
Logan Mrs. Ochil view
MacDonald John, Parkfoot cottage
MHay John S. Blairbank
Matthews Frank H. Newlands
Maxwell William, Caerlaverock
Robertson Alexander, Lome villa
Robinson Charles W. Craiglea
Roughead Mrs. Compt Hall cottage
Roy Alexander
Salvesen Henry Adolph J.P., CO. Lathallan
Trench Joseph, Dun Halin
Turner William, Burnbank
Watson William, Redding house
Ballnntine James, spirit dealer
Bennie John Wood, chemist & druggist
Blairlodge School Ltd. (F. H. Matthews,
head master; H. Wells, sec); TN 1,
Polmont; T A " Gray, Polmont Station "
Christie Andrew, builder
Clark Alexander, newsagent & stationer
Cowan & Co. carting agents
Donaldson John Findley, cycle maker &
Fleming Robert, dairyman
Forsyth John, confectioner
Frazer Robert, watch maker
Gentles John, clerk to Parish Council, in-
spector of poor for Polmont district,
registrar of births & deaths & clerk for
Burial Ground, Grandsable
Gillespie Maggie (Miss), shopkeeper
Laurie James, quarry owner
Lawrie Thos. Harcourt, surgn. St. Clair vil
Learmonth William & Co. grocers & wine
& spirit dealers
Logan John & Sons, coal masters, White-
rigg & Craigend collieries
M'Ainsh Donald, schoolmaster
Macguire James, ironmonger
Main Peter, nurseryman
Manuelrigg Coal Co. coal masters
Matthews Frank H. principal Blairlodere
Marshall Alexander & Co. stone masons &
builders, Brighton's
Millar Alexander, station master
Newtoa David, butcher
Redding Co-operative Society Limited
Reid & Walker, house decorators
Reid Donald, house decorator, see Reid &
Robertson Andrew, plumber
Robinson C. W. & Co. steel manufac-
turers, Forth Bridge steel works
Samuels William Ritchie, draper & tailor
Taylor William, blacksmith & coal merchant
Turner William & Sons, mechanical enginrs
Waddell Robert, grocer & stationer
Walker Mary (Miss), draper & milliner
Walker Peter, house decorator, see Reid
& Walker
Walker William, joiner
Wells Henry, sec. of Blairlodge School
Aitken James, Overton & Redding
Aitkenhead Walter, Meadowbank
Baird George, Bellsrigg & Burnside
Buchan William, Carronflats
Danlop Robert, Claret Tenacrea
Gardner William, Craiga
Gentles Jchn, Oldquarter & Pigeon park
Gilchrist William, Wholeflats
Graham & M'Nee, Nicolton
Graham Robert, Polmont side
Hardie Robert. Little kerse
Hay John, Whyteside
Inelis David (reprs. of), Powdrake,
Learmonth John & Wm. Awells.Grangemth
Learmonth William (reprs. of), Bowhouse
Marshall James, Overton & Loanhead
Martin Thomas, Muir park
Meikle Robert. Bearcrofts
Meikle Rt. & Wm. Polmont hill & Stepmill
Murrav J. & J. Middleriee & Greenmount
Park John, sen. & jun. Gilston
Smith Rev. William (Established)
Wyse Richard Blairs M.A., M.D
Abercrombie David, joiner
Ferguson James, spirit dealer
Gourlay Robert, wine & spirit ine-ch,vnt
Johnston Thomas & Son, grocers .t spirit
Mitchell Mrs. spirit dealer
Nimmo James & Co. Limited, coal masters
Redding collieries ; office, 21 Bothwell st.
Nobel's Explosives Co. Limited, chemical
manufacturers, We3tqnarter factory ;
office, 195 West George street, Glasgow
Redding Co-operative Society Limited
Stewart William, postmaster
Thompson James, agent) Prudential Assur-
rance Co. Culielmus cottage
Wyse Richard M.A., M.D., CM. surgeon &
certifying factory surgeon
Bedding- Muirhead.
Balch Rev. Saml. F. (Wesleyan Methodist)
Gray William, postmaster
REDDING, see Polmont.
ST. NINIANS is a town and parish, in
Stirling poor combination and small debt
court district. The form of the parish is
irregular; in extent, it may be computed at
about 12 miles from east to west and about
6 from north to south, and is bounded on
the east by the parish of Airth, on the
south by Dunipace and the river Carron,
which separates it from Denny and Kilsyth,
on the west by Fintry and Gargunnock,
and on the north by the river Forth, which
separates it from Kincardine, Lecropt,
Logie and Alva (if a small space occupied
by the parish of Stirling be excepted).
Under the provisions of the " Local Go-
vernment (Scotland) Act, 1889 " (52 and 53
Vict c. 50, sections 44 to 50), boundary
order 118, a part of St. Ninians parish
has been transferred to Stirling, and a part
of that parish added to St- Ninians. Sub-
sequently, by an order of the Secretary for
Scotland, the " Local Government (Scot-
land) Act, 1894," the town is now incor-
porated with Stirling burgh, on the road
from that place to Falkirk and Glasgow;
also 2 miles south from Stirling, and con-
sists of one long and rather narrow street,
the houses of which are curious and old-
fashioned, and many of which retain the
dates of their erection, and some are
rudely and grotesquely carved. Well-cul-
tivated grounds and thriving plantations
abound in the vicinity. The parish derives
its name from the patron saint of the an-
cient church, the steeple of 'which still re-
mains, but the rest of the fabrio being
used as a powder magazine by the High-
landers in 174G, was blown up immediately
before their retreat to the north. The
manufacture of nails has for a long time
been carried on at St. Ninians ; other
staples are the tanning of leather and the
manufacture of screw bolts, and coal mines
are now (1903) being opened up in various
parts of the parish. Earls Burn, a feedea
of the Carron, and Bannock Burn, a tri-
butary of the Forth, both rise in the west-
ern part of the parish, in which are also
Earls Hill, 1,443 feet high, and Hart Hill,
1,428 feet. Polmaise Castle, the seat of
Mrs. Murray ; Sauchie-Bnrn House, of
Arthur Herbert Drummond Ramsay-Steel-
Maitland esq. J.P. ; Touch House, of Sir
Alan Henry -Seton-Steuart bart. D.L., J.P.
and Craigforth House, of James Couper
esq. J.P. are in this parish. Mrs. Murrav,
A. H. D. Ramsay-Steel-Maitland esq. J.P.
Sir Alan Henry Seton-Steuart bart. Michael
Hugh Shaw-Stewart esq. M.P. of Carnock,
Edwin Bolton esq. of Canbrook, Col. Alex.
Wilson, of Bannockburn, the Duke of Montr-
rose K.T. and the trustees of William
Simpson's Asylum, are the principal land-
owners. The area of the civil parish is
37,543 acres; rateable h^alue, £64,680;-
population in 1891, 9,571, and in 1901,
8,152, viz. :— Bannockburn, 2,444: Stirling
burgh, 72, and landward, 5,636. The
population of the ecclesiastical parish in*
1901 was 5,731.
Cambusbarron is a village in the parish
of St. Ninians, 1 mile north-west from that
place. A number of the inhabitants are-
employed in connection with the Murrays-
hall Lime 'Stone Mines. A Board schooT
was erected in 1875, at a cost of £4,000.
Population in 1901, 919.
East Plean is a village in the parish-
Population in 1901, 610.
Whins of Milton is a hamlet in this
parish. Population in 1901, 387.
Carnock is a small district in the parish
of St. Ninians, but in the postal delivery of
Post, T., M. O., T. M. 0., E. D., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. 0. St. Ninians; Mrs.
Jane Martin, sub-postmistress. Letters
through Stirling. Deliveries, 7 a.m. & 'i-
& 6.40 p.m.; dispatches, 7.5 & 9.20 a.m.
& 3.50 & 7.20 p.m. ; sundav. 7.45 a.m
Post, T., M. 0., T. M. 0., "E D., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. 0. Cambusharron ; James
Dewar, sub-postmaster. Letters through?
Stirling. Deliveries, 7.15 a.m. & 6.43'
p.m. ; "dispatches, 6.15 a.m. & 3.45 & 6.5W
Chairman, Sir Alan Henry Seton-Steuart
bart. of Touch
Clerk, Samuel Reid
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Inspector of Poor & Collector of Rates «.
Clerk to Burial Board Committee, Samuel
Medical Officers, Alexander Chalmers M.B.>
CM. St. Ninians, Western d : vision : Jn.
Morrison M.B., CM. Bannockburn, East-
ern division
Parish Hall ,
Police Station, 'St. Ninians, Henry Forbes,
Established Church, Rev. John Methven<
Robertson M.A. ; Rev. William G. Law
M.A. assistant
United Free Churches: —
Cambusbarron, Rev. John OHver
St. Ninians (North), Rev. Colin M Kenzi'*
St. Ninians (South), Rev. Robert Frew
D.D. & Rev. David Smith M.A
Mission Halls, Cambusbarron & St. Ninians
Chairman, John Edmond
Clerk. James Dobbie, Stirling
Board Schools : —
Cambusbarron, built in 1875, at a cost of
£4.000: Robert Morison Grierson, master
St. Ninians, built in 1875 & extended in
1892 (Stirling School Board), Robert B..
Philip, master
St. Ninians.
Aitken Thomas, The Grove
Allison Thomas. 7 Manse crescent
Baxter David, 11 Randolph ten-ace-

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