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Brown Barbara (Mrs.), grocer & fruiterer,
Dundas street
Brown John, boot maker, Kerse road
Brown Robert Whyte, assistant of cus-
toms, North Harbour street
Brown William, coal merchant, Basin st
Brownlee & Co. Limited, timber mer-
chants & saw mill proprietors ; & at City
saw mills, Glasgow; T N 10; T A
" Brownlee, Grangemouth "
Brunton George, overseer Caledonian
Railway Co. canal depot, Old Dock gates ;
office, South Bridge street
Bryson & Co. ship brokers, stevedores &
forwarding agents. South Charlotte St.;
IS 44; TA "Pitwood"
Buchan William, farmer, Carronflats
Burrell & Co. ship brokers & forwarding
agents, Harbour street
Cairns James, Steam Boat Tavern, 5 North
Harbour street
Caledonian Bailway Co. Canal Depot (Geo.
Brunton, overseer), Old Dock gates;
office. South Br!dge street
Cameron J. & P. carting agents, Grange st
Cameron M. & N. booksellers & toy &c.
dealers. Grange street
Campbell & Leslie, marine store dealers,
Middle street
-Campbell John Fisher, customs officer,
Talbot street
Campbell Thomas, goods agent to the Cale-
donian Bailwav Co
Carnabv John, watch maker, 91 Kerse rd
-Carnegie Frank P. Royal hotel, Grange st
Carnie James, pilot, Grangebank road
Carron Co. ship owners (David McKay,
agent), Carron wharf ; T ^ N 7 ; T A
" Carronade. Grangemouth "
Carse James, pilot, Grangebank road
"Cemetery (John Gentles, clerk to the ceme-
tery committee; Finlay Mitchell, supt.).
Grand Sable
Christensen & Svensen, ship chandlers A
bonded store proprietors, Waterloo place
Christensen & Co. nautical instrument
makers & compass adjusters, 6 Grange st
Christie William, grocer, Grange street
Clayson R. B. customs preventive officer,
North Harbour street
Cochrane Alexander, chemist, 3D Kerse rd
Cochrane John, painter, 67 Lumley street
Combe Thomas, pilot, Grangemouth road
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited
(branch) (Jn. S. Mackay. agt.), Grange
street ; draw on London office, 62 Lombard
street E C & Coutts & Co W C, London
Conservative Club (William S. Sharp, sec),
North Basin street
Cook John, timber measurer, Grange st
Corvi Domenico, confectioner, 12 Grange st
â– Cowan William & Son, timber merchants,
Grange street
•"Craig John, butcher, Grange street
Crawford & Co. steam ship owners &
brokers & merchants, Grange street;
T N 6; T A " Crawford. Grangemouth "
Crookston Geo. hair dresser.l N. Harbor st
& Grange street
Croy George, boot maker, 1 Dundas street
Cumming Alexander, ioiner, Middle street
Curling Club (A. G. Taylor, sec)
Currie James & Co. ship owners, Hamburg
wharf ; T N 36 ; T A " Currie, Grange-
mouth "
Currie John, draughtsman, Talbot street
Dalrymple James, master mariner, Sea
View cottage, Bo'ness road
Day William S. customs preventive officer,
North Harbour street
Denmark Vice-Consulate (Andrew Mackay,
vice-consul), Grange street
Dibbs Alexander, cooper, Carron street
D.bbs William C. librarian Victoria public
library, Bo'ness road
Dick James C. & Sons, ship brokers &
commission agents, Grange street; res.
Rosenthal cottage
Dodds & Holmes, engineers, Dundas street
Dollar Alexander, pilot, Wallace street
Donaldson Alexander, pilot, Avondale,
Bo'ness road
Dougall Isabella (Miss), fruiterer & green-
grocer. South Charlotte street
Drake Wm. ship carpenter, Timber basin
Duncan Alexander, confectioner, Dundas st
Dunlop Robert, farmer, Claret
Dunn James, baker, South Bridge street
Duthie Jane (Miss), grocer, Dundas street
Eadie William, dairy, Kerse road
Elliot William, grocer, Lumley street
Esplin Thomas, grocer & spirit dealer &
ship chandler, North Basin 6treet
Falconer Alexander, hair dresser, Kerse rd
Farquhar John, joiner & builder
Feely Peter, spirit dealer, Middle street
Ferguson Jennie (Mrs.), grocer, Middle st
Flndlay Robert, grocer, 60 Grange street
Finlayson & Co. boot makers, Grange street
Fleming David, dairy, Dundas street
Forgie John, assistant harbour master,
Docks ; res. Carronside
Forth & Clyde Canal & Docks Office
(Charles Bibb, collector), South Bridge st
Forth Shipping Co. Ltd. (James Living-
stone, agent), Grange street
Foster Jane J. M. (Miss), private school,
Woodvale, Bo'ness road
France, Vice-Consulate of (Emil Salvesen,
vice-consul), Grange street
G-alashan Robert, hairdresser, 55 Lumley st
Gas Works (Charles Winton, manager)
German Vice-Consulate (Andrew Mackay,
vice-consul), Grange street
Gerty Richard, school attendance officer,
Dundas street
Gibb James, tailor & clothier, Dundas st
Gibson Alexander, master mariner, North-
cote, Bo'ness road
Gibson "William, goods agent, N B railway
Gillespie & Nicol, ship owners & ship bro-
kers, Waterloo place; & at South Alloa
Gillespie John, missionary, S. Harbour st
Glen William & Co. printers, Lumley street
Glen David, timber measurer (Brown &
Glen), Grange street
Graham Charles Duncan, rope ma. Grange st
Graham James, boiler maker, Carron flats ;
res. Cosiedean, Bo'ness road
Grangemouth Bowling Club (A. Hardie,
sec). Talbot street
Grangemouth Coal Co. Limited, coal
masters (Andrew Mackay, managing
director) ; T A " Coalco, Grangemouth " ;
TN 24
Grangemouth Co-operative Building & In-
vestment Society. Limited (James P.
Mackenzie, sec. ;"W. S. Sharp, treasurer),
Grange street
Grangemouth Co-Operativu Society Lim.
South Bridge street & Dundas street
Grangemouth & Greenock Dockyard Co.
ship builders, engineers & boiler makers ;
X N 11; T A " Dockyard, Grangemouth '»
Grangemouth & Forth Towing Co. Limited,
tug owners (A. & A. Y. Mackay, man-
agers), Grange street
Grangemouth Gas Co. Ltd. Wm. M. Ander-
son, acting sec. ; Charles Winton mngr
Grangemouth " Model " Building Society
(William M. Anderson, sec). Grange st
Grangemouth Savings Bank (Peter Wilkie,
treasurer; James Binnie, actuary); open
monday & friday evenings, 7 to 8, Lum>
ley street
Grangemouth Fever Hospital (G. Jamie-
son, superintendent)
Grangemouth Traders' Co. Limited (James
P. Mackenzie, sec). Town hall
Grasson James C. cabinet ma. Grange st
Gray George, ships' blacksmith, Dockside
Gray Gilbert, master mariner, Wallace st
Gray Joseph, saddler, Middle street
Gray Robert, sail maker. South Harbour st
Hannan & Co. booksellers, stationers,
printers & news agents, Grange street &
Charing Cross
Hastie George, schoolmaster, Talbot street
Hay J. & J. Limited, ship owners, brokers
& forwarding agents; T N 12; T A
" Hay, Grangemouth
Henderson Jas. tailor, Middle street
Henderson Janet (Mrs.), confctnr. Kerse rd
Hendrie William & Co. drapers, tailors &
dress makers. Grange street & Lumley st
Honeyman Janet(Mrs.),news agt. Dundas st
Honeyman Margaret (Miss), confectioner
Kerse road
Hood Robert, photographer, Lumley street
Hope Alexander, shopkeeper. Middle st
Hopkin, Paton & Co. ship brokers & com-
mission agents, South Charlotte street;
XN 40; T A " Paton"
Hopkin Mary (Miss), fruiterer, Lumley st
Hopkin William, manager, Helen's lee,
Bo'ness road
Houston John & Son, grocers, Charing cross
Houston Smith, confectioners, South Char-
lotte street
Hutchison James, burgh surveyor, The
Inch, Bo'ness road
Jacks William & Co. shipping agents &
ship owners &. brokers & pig iron mer-
chants ; T N 29; T A "Jacks, Grange-
mouth docks "
Johnston P. & Co. publishers of the " Fal-
kirk Herald "
Kay John, tailor, Kerse road
Kincaid Peter, plumber, Kerse road
Lambie David, boot maker, Kerse road
Lawrence Alfred,,custom& examining officer,
North Harbour street
Leith, Hull & Hamburg Steam Packet Co.
Ltd. James Currie & Co. managers,
Hamburg wharf
Livingstone James, ship owner & broker
Grange st. â–  T N 21 ; T A " Livingstone '
Low William & Co. grocers. Grange street
Fischer II. & Co. coal exporters, ship Low Thomas, Zetland Arms hotel, North
brkrs. & commsn. agents, Charing Cross [ Basin street
Lowe Mary (Miss), milliner, 51 Lumley st
McAinsh James, customs examining officer,
20 Marshall street
McCombie John, spirit dlr. Grange street
McDermot Annie & Teresa (Misses), mil-
liners, 35 Kerse road
McDermot Hugh Francis, master mariner,
The Ferns, Talbot street
Macdonald John, tailor & clothier, Water-
loo place
McDonald Mary (Miss), milliner, Kerse rd
McGeoch Christina (Mrs.), confectioner,
Kerse road
McGilchrist John, assistant harbour mstr.
McGowan Joseph M.B., CM. surgeon &
medical officer for Bothkennar parish
councils, 1 Park terrace, Bo'ness road
McGregor Brothers, grocers & spirit dealers,
Dundas street
McGregor Arabella (Miss), dress maker,
Dundas street
McGregor Elizabeth (Miss), shopkeeper, 8
Canal street
M'Gregor Robert, master mariner, 1 Kerse
view, Dalgrain road
McHardie D. Alexander, baker «fc con-
fectioner, Sth. Bridge st. & Charing cross
Mclntyre Brothers, greengrocers, Dundas st
Mackay A. & A. T. steam sh;p owners,
ship brokers, iron & commission mer-
chants & Lloyd's sub-agents. Grange st. ;
T N. 5; TA" Mackay, Grangemouth "
Mackay Andrew J.P., C.C. coal master
(Grangemouth Coal Co. Limited^ Fairfield
Mackay Andrew J.P., C.C. ship owner (A.
& A. T. Mackay) & vice-consul for Ger-
many & Denmark, Grange street; res.
Mackay Andrew Younger J. P., C.C. ship
owner (A. & A. Y. Mackay), Lea park
McKay David, agent to the Carron Co.
ship owners, Carron wharf ;res. Carron ho
Mackay John S. agent, Commercial Bank
of Scotland Limited, Grange street; res.
Blairbank, Polmont station
McKay William, hair dresser, 4 Bridge st
McKelvie James & Co. coal mers. Grange st
Mackenzie Archibald, commercial traveller,
Talbot street
Mackenzie James P. solicitor & notary
public & town clerk, South Bridge st.
& Burgh chambers; res. Bo'ness road
McLagan James, chemist, York pi. Lum-
lev street
McLaren John, grocer & spirit dealer,
South Charlotte street
McLaren John, stevedore, Dundas street
McLaren Wm. dairy kpr. North Basin st
McLay Margaret (Mrs.), draper, Dundas st
McNair William, pilot, Lumley street
Macnee J. Douglas, teller, Bank of Scotlnd
Macpherson & McLaren, Limited, timber
merchants & saw mill proprietors ; T N
16 ; T A "Macpherson, Grangemouth''
MacPherson John F. baker, 14 Canal street
& 13 Dundas street
Maitlands Steam Ship Co. Ltd. (Gillespie
& Nicol, managers), Waterloo place
Manson Alexander, outfitters, Grange street
Marshall James, farmer, Birton
Marshall William, builder, Marshall street
Meikle Robert, farmer, Beercrofb
Merry & Cuninghame Limited, coal & iron
masters (Carnbroe, Coatbridge) (R. Mac-
aulay, agent), South Basin street
Methven James, shipping agent. Grange st
Methven James, spirit dealer, - Baltic bar,
Grange street
Millar James, manager (Grangemouth Dock-
yard Co.), Charing Cross
Milne Charles (Mrs.), grocer, 59 Lumley st
Mitchell F. painter, Lumley street
Morgan Robert & Son, cycle agents, Lum-
ley street
orrison Andrew, solicitor & notary public,
18 Grange street
Morrison James, grocer, 37 Kerse road
Morrison William J. plumber, gasfitter &
ironmonger, Grange street
Morrison William S. ship chandler, grocer
& spirit dealer, South Bridge street
Muirhead & Sons Ltd. timber merchants &
saw mill owners, Grangemouth saw mills;
T N 41 ; T A " Muirhead, Grangemouth "
Muirhead George, timber merchant (Muir-
head & Sons Ltd.), Rosehall terrace.Flkrk
Muh-head Peter, timber merchant (Muir-
head & Sons Ltd.), Abbottshaugh, Falkrk
Naismith James, tailor, Dunda3 street
National Telephone Co. Limited, Exchange,
3 South Charlotte street
Neville John, news agent, Kerse road
Nicol Douglas, ship broker (Gillespie &
Nicol), Waterloo place
Nicol William, cycle agt. Charing Cross
North British Railway Co. ; goods & mineral
office, Grange st (William Gibson, agent)
Paterson Edith M. (Mrs.), cabinet maker,
Kerse road

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