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Harbour street.
Collector, W. J. Wallace
Examining Officers, G-. W. Hindmarsh,
A. Lawrence, James McAinsh, W. Ems-
lie, E. McDonald & A. C. Small
Clerks: 1st class, W. Browett; 2nd class,
D. H. Mansell
Chief Outdoor Officer (vacant)
Preventive Officers, J. D. Rees, R. B.
Clayson & W. S. Day
Harbour Master, John Rainnie
Assistant Harbour Masters, John Forgie &
John McGilchrist
Albert Hall, Lumley street
Cemetery, Grand Sable, John Gentles, clerk
to the cemetery committee ; Finlay Mit-
chell, superintendent
Curling Club, A. G. Taylor, sec
Forth & Clyde Canal & Docks Office;
Charles Bibb, collector
Grangemouth Fever Hospital, G. Jamie-
son, superintendent
Masonic Hall (Zetland Lodge) (No. 391),
North Charlotte street, W. M. Anderson
National (The) Telephone Co. Ltd. (branch),
3 South Charlotte street
Police Station, Basin bank, William Ban-
nerman, inspector
Public Library (Victoria), Bo'ness road,
William 0. Dibbs, librarian
Stamp Office, South Basin street, Mrs.
Margaret Sturrock, Post Office, sub-dis-
Young Men's Christian Association, Abbots
road, John Lockhart, secy
Zetland Public Park, Grangemouth
1st Fifeshire (Fife & Stirling) Royal Gar-
rison Artillery (Vols.) (No. 12 Co.1,
Capt. James P. Mackenzie; Sergeant-
Major J. Williams, drill instructor
Established Church, Rev. George M.
Thomson B.A
Charing Cross United Free Church, Rev.
George W. Cumming
United Free Church (West), Rev. Samuel
M. Riddick M.A
Grange United Free, Rev. Robt. Hamilton
Dundas United Free Church, Bo'ness road,
Rev. Robert Blair B.D
Kerse Established Church, Abbots road.
Rev. William Andrew Knowles B.D
Roman Catholic, Kerse road, Rev. Patrick
Close Brethren Meeting Room, George st
Seamen's Bethel (Mission Chapel), South
Harbour street, John Gillespie, missionary
Board Schools: —
Dundas street, George Hastie, master
Zetland, North Bridge street, John Drys-
dale, master
Grange School, C. W. Thomson M.A.mstr
John Black, (joint) manager.
North British Line, William Gibson, station
master & goods agent
Caledonian Line, Thomas Campbell, station
& goods agent
Steamers to : —
Amsterdam, every tuesday & Saturday, J.
Rankin e & Son, agents
Dantzig, weekly, James Currie & Co. agents
Dieppe, occasionally, J. Rankine & Son,agts
Hamburg, twice weekly, James Carrie & Co.
Hull, every tnesday, from the Carron Co.'s
wharf, David M'Kay, agent
London, tuesday, thorsday & Saturday,
afternoon tide, from the Carron Co.'s
wharf, David M'Kay, agent
Lynn, every tuesday, from the Carron Co.'s
wharf, David M'Kay, agent
Norway (Mail Service), to Chrlstiania,
Ohristiansand, Arendal & Tonsberg, Wed-
nesday, J. T. Salvesen & Co. agentB
Rotterdam, monday & Saturday, J. Rankine
& Son, agents
Stockholm & Norrkb'ping, as trade requires,
J. T. Salvesen &Co. agents
Drontheim & Bergen, fortnightly, or as
trade requires, J. T, Salvesen & Co.agnts
Burrell & Co. to all parts, daily; J. & J.
Hay Ltd. Grangemouth; William Jacks
& Co. Docks ; James Rankine & Son,
Grangemouth ; J. T. Salvesen & Co.
Grange st. & P. & J. Wilkie, Grange st
Aitken John, Blaenavon, Bo'ness road
Allan George, Dunkeith, Bo'ness road
Allwart Mrs. Barnsdorf, Bo'ness road
Anderson William M. Drongs, Bo'ness road
Bain Mrs. 3 Kerse view, Dalgrain road
Balfour James, Avonbank, Bo'ness road
Baxter James, The Elms, Dalgreen road
Baxter John, Beechlea, Talbot street
Binnie James, Kerse view
Binnie Mrs. Ferndean, Bo'ness road
Binnie Mrs. 4 Kerse view, Dalgrain road
Black Alexander, Marine villa, Bo'ness rd
Black John, 24 Bo'ness road
Blair Rev, Robert B.D. (Dundas U. F.
C), Bo'ness road
Bone James, Abbotts road
Braes Mrs. Talbot street
Brown Mrs. Grangeburn cottage, Bo'ness rd
Bruce William, Belle view, Talbot street
Burke Wm. Maurice, Benaigen, Bo'ness rd
Burrell Mrs. North Harbour street
Campbell Mrs. Talbot street
Campbell Thomas, Rosebank
Christensen Emil, Abbotts road
Clark Gilbert, Sunnyside, Bo'ness road
Cochrane James, 2 Park ter. Bo'ness road
Combe Thomas, Grangebank
Cook John, Abbotsleigh, Bo'ness road
Cowan William, Dunkeith, Bo'ness road
Crawford Robert, Edina house
Cumming Rev. George W. United Free
Church manse, Dalgrain road
Cupples Alexander, Belgreen, Bo'ness road
Cupples Samuel, Roselea, Talbot street
Cupples William J. P. Ingleside
Cupples William, jun. 22 Bo'ness road
Dick Miss, Rosenthal, Bo'ness road
Dick John, Heathpark, Bo'ness road
Downie John, Zetland place, Bo'ness road
Dunlop Mrs. Isa cottage, Bo'ness road
Dunsmuir Robert R. Sealand cot Bo'ness rd
Esplin Thomas, Canema, Bo'ness road
Fairley John J. P. Avon hall, Bo'ness road
Farquhar John, Gowanlea, Bo'ness road
Filshie William, Addingham
Fischer Hans, Mahratta villa, Bo'ness road
Forrester Mrs. Viewforth house, Grange st
Gentle James, Heathpark, Bo'ness road
Gibson Alexander, Northcote, Bo'ness road
Gibson William, Abbotts road
Glen John, Ashlea cottage, Bo'ness road
Gloag James, jun. Institute place
Gray George, Thistle bank, Dalgreen road
Hamilton Rev. Robert U. F. C. manse,
Bo'ness road
Hamilton Thomas, Abbotts road
Hannah Mrs. Laurel bank, Bo'ness road
Hendrie William, Inch house, Bo'ness road
Hopkin William, Helenslea, Bo'ness road
Inkster Thomas, Bengour, Bo'ness road
Jackson Samuel, San Remo, Bo'ness road
Kales C. Bo'ness road
Kerr David, Lynewood, Bo'ness road
Knowles Rev. William Andrew B.D.
(Kerse Established), Grangelea, Bo'ness rd
Lane John, 57 Bo'ness road
Lawson James, Aird gay, Talbot street
Leishman Harry, Orwell, Talbot street
Leslie Andrew, Heathcote, Bo'ness road
Liddell Robert, Bo'ness road
Lindsay Mrs. Ivy bank, Bo'neBS road
Livingstone James, Drummond place
Lockhart John, Garth cottage, Bo'ness rd
McCombie John, Alford, Bo'ness road
McDonald Mrs. Bengal, Bo'ness road
McDonald Mrs, Kilmore, Bo'ness road
McGowan Joseph M.B. 1 Park terrace,
Bo'ness road
M'Grouther James, Rosenberg, Bo'ness road
Mackay Andrew J.P. Fairfield, Bo'ness road
Maekay And. Y-, J.P. Lea park, Bo'ness rd
M'Kay David M. Carron house
Mackay Misses, RosevUle, Bo'ness road
Mackay Peter, Lily bank, Bo'ness road
Mackenzie James Purves, Auldhame,
Bo'ness road
M'Laren Daniel A. Avon dhu, Bo'neBs road
McLaren John, Moss bank, Talbot street
M'Laren Miss, WoodclifEe, Bo'ness road
McLay James, Abbotsgrange road
M'Vey William, Carron house
Methven James, Clairmont, Bo'ness road
Milne James, Burnbank, Bo'ness road
Mitehell Mrs. Dunbar place, Bo'ness road
Morrison Andrew, 66 Wallace street
Morrison George, 18 Bo'ness road
Morrison William, Parkville, Bo'ness road
Nicholson William, 28 Bo'ness road
Nisbit Thomas, Sauchie cottage, Talbot st
Pairman John, Grimness cottage, Bo'ness rd
Paterson Maurice M.D. Beechwood
Bo'ness road
Peddle Mrs. 4 Park terrace, Bo'neBs road
Peddie Richard, Dunloe place, Bo'ness rd
Penman Walter, Bo'ness road
Phillips David, Eastwood, Bo'ness road
Pollock Miss, Tregenna, Bo'ness road
Rainnie John, Rosebank, Bo'ness road
Reddie Mrs. Abbotsgrange road
Riddick Rev. Samuel M., M.A. West United
Free manse, Dalgrain road
Ritchie Mrs. Roseville, Bo'ness road
Ritchie Thomas, Janeville, Lumley street
Robertson James, Kirkland, Bo'ness road
Robertson James, Lily bank, Bo'ness road
Robertson Thomas, Grimness cottage,
Bo'ness road
Ronald Peter, Lindens, Bo'ness road
Russell James, Cumlouden cot. Talbot st
Russell John, Talbot street
Rutherford David, Orwell, Talbot street
Scott Gilbert, Forth view, Bo'ness road
Sharp William, Daltratho road
Spears Frank P. Parkville, Bo'ness road
Sturrock Mrs. Abbots road
Tait Mrs. Abbotsville, Ronaldshay crescent
Taylor Archibald G. Talbot street
Tennant William, Oroue cottage, Grangebnk
Thomson Rev. George Miles B.A. (Estab-
lished), Manse, Bo'ness road
Thomson Michael, Ronaldshay crescent
Trail David, Kennet, Talbot street
Turnbull Alexander, Avoca, Bo'ness road
Urie Peter, Fernlea, Bo'ness road
Walker Henry, Netherby, Bo'ness road.
Walker Mrs. William, Zetland place
White James Burnett, Bo'ness road
Wilkie Peter, Park house, Bo'ness road"
Wilkinson Mrs. Ashdean, Bo'ness road
Williamson John, Lea rig, Bo'ness road
Williamson Robert, Beechvale, Bo'ness rd
Wood Edwd.A.Grangefield, Ronaldshay cres*-
Wright Miss, Dunloe place, Bo'ness road
Young Miss, Myrtle bank, Talbot street
Early closing day, Wednesday.
Aitken Bros, ironmongers, wholesale & re-
tail plumbers & gasfitters, brass founders,
& ship's lamp makers, Sth. Charlotte st
Albert Hall, Lumley street
Alexander Dorie, butcher, Dundas street
Alexander John, butcher, Grange street
Alexanders Stores Ltd. ironmongers, 26
Lumley street
Allan Chas. M. (Mrs.), bookseller, stationer
& fancy goods dealer, South Bridge street
Allan Elizabeth H. (Miss), tobacconist <fc
fancy goods dealer, Grange street
Allan Henry, fruiterer, South Bridge street
Allan Mrs. Jenkins, confectioner, 153
Dundas street
Allan Peter Robertson, news agent, York
place & Lumley street
Anderson George, boot maker, Grange st
Anderson William M. solicitor & notary
public & collector of taxes, Grange-
street; residence, Drongs, Bo'ness road
Armstrong Susannah (Mrs.), confectioner,.
Lumley street
Baird Peter & Son, slaters,North Bridge st
Baird John, news agent, 4 Canal street
Ballantine Lewis H. draper, tailor & mil-
liner, 54 & 66 Grange street
Ballingall Christina (Mrs.), spirit dealer,.
6 North Harbour street
Bank of Scotland (branch) (E. A. Wood,
agent; J. Douglas Macnee, teller), South
Bridge street; draw on London office,
19 Bishopsgate street within E 0, Coutts
& Co. W & Bank of England E C,
Bannerman John Black, railway manager
Bannerman William, inspector of police.
Basin bank
Barnetson William, master mariner, Abbots-
grange road
Baxter James & Co. chemists, South,
Bridge street & Lumley street
Beruldsen & Knudsen, ship chandlers,
South Charlotte street
Bibb Charles, collector of canal & dock
dues, South Basin street
Biggam Andrew, grocer, Lumley street
Binnie James, solicitor & public notary, 9-
Lumley street
Black David, Queen's hotel, Grange place
Black John, railway manager
Bone James, ironmonger, South Charlotte
street & Lumley street
Bow Thomas, butcher; res. Woodlea, Bo'-
ness road
British Linen Co. Bank (J. Burnett White,
agent), South Charlotte street; draw on
London office, Threadneedle street &
Bank of England
Brown & Glen, sworn timber measurers,
Grange street
SCOT. 87*

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