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Paterson Maurice M.D., CM. surgeon,
Beechwood, Bo'ness road
Peddie William, ship carpenter & block &
mast maker, Carron street
Potts William, marine surveyor, Avonbank,
Bo'ness road
Public Library (Victoria) (William C.
Dibbs, librarian), Bo'ness road
Rainnie John, harbour master, Rosebank,
Bo'ness road
Ralston James, joiner, Carron street
Bamsay James, boot maker, Grange street
Kankine James & Son, ship owners, brokers
& forwarding agents; T N 17; T A
" Rankine, Grangemouth "
Rees J. D. customs preventive officer
Regazzi G. confectioner, Kerse road
Ritchie Thomas & Co. butchers, South
Bridge street & Charing cross
Robb George,, carting agent to the Cale-
donian Railway Co. Railway station
Roberts Agnes (Miss), confctnr.Dundas st
Robertson Alexander, saw mill manager,
Talbot street
Robertson Charles, tailor, Dundas Btreet
Robertson James, blacksmith, Basin bank
Robertson Thomas, pilot, Grimness cottage,
Bo'ness road
Rogers Jane(Mrs.),grngrcr.North Bridge st
Royal Bank of Scotland (James P. Mac-
kenzie, agent), South Bridge street;
draw on London office, 123 Bishopsgate
street within E C & Bank of England &
Coutts & Co
Russell James, slater, Talbot street
Russia Vice-Consulate (H.Adolph Salvesen,
vice-consul), Grange street
Rutherford David, joiner, Dundas street
Salvesen J. T. & Co. ship owners & brokers,
timber & coal exporters & commission
agents, Grange street; TN1&8; T A
" Salvesen, Grangemouth "
Salvesen Emil, vice-consul for France,
Grange street
Salvesen Henry A., D.L., J.P., C.C. ship
owner (J. T. Salvesen & Co.), & vice-
consul for Sweden, Norway & Russia,
Grange street; res. Lathallan, Polmont;
TN 2
Samson Charles, hair dresser & tobacconist,
York place, Lumley street
Sands John, joiner, Bo'ness road
OrREENHILL, see Bonnybridge.
KIXLEAB.ET is a parish in Stirling poor
combination and small debt court district,
and is 12 miles long by an average breadth
of 2£, the river Endrick, with the parish
of Balfron, forming its northern boundary.
It is bounded on the east by Fintry, on
the south by Strathblane and the parish
of New Kilpatrick, and on the west by
Drymen, in Dumbartonshire. The land is
fertile, and is watered by the Endrick and
the Blane. The village is almost in the
centre of the parish, in a pleasant part of
the country, and has two stations, Dun-
goyne station, about 2 miles south-west, and
Killearn station, 1J miles -west, on the
Glasgow and Aberfoyle section of the North
British railway, 30 miles west from Edin-
burgh, 20 south-west from 'Stirling, and
nearly 17 north-by-west from Glasgow. The
village is supplied with water by Alexander
Buchanan esq. The church, a handsome
structure, was built by the late Sir Archi-
bald Orr-Ewing bart. of Ballikinrain, in
memory of his daughter, at a cost of £8,000,
and presented to the parish. The old church
is now used as a public hall. The minerals
in the district are chiefly limestone and free-
stone, and beautiful specimens of jasper are
occasionally met with among the fragments
of basaltic columns which abound here.
The woods produce great numbers of indi-
genous plants. Considerable interest is
attached to this part of the country as
having been the birthplace or residence of
men eminent in the biography of Scotland.
In its more secluded recesses, Sir William
Wallace was known to have occasionally
found a retreat, and it was the birthplace,
in 1506, of George Buchanan, the cele-
brated poet and historian, tutor to James
VI. and principal of St. Leonard's College,
St. Andrews, who died in Dec. 1582; he
was born at a place called The Moss, a small
farmhouse on the bank of the Water of
Blane, about two miles from the village of
Killearn. In the village is an obelisk of
freestone, 19 feet square at the base and
103 feet in height, erected to his memory in
1788. Ballikinrain Castle is the seat of
Archibald Ernest Orr-Ewing esq. D.L..J.P.
and Killearn House, the seat of Lt.-Col.
Peter Blackburn. Acreage of the parish,
Scobic John Smith, master mariner, Tal-
bot street
Scott William B. joiner, Kerse road
Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society,
Limited, soap manufacturers(John Dougal,
Sharp William S. collector of poor rates
for Grangemouth & treasurer to school
board, & sec. Conservative club
Shipping Federation Limited (H. A. Sal-
vesen, secretary), Institute buildings
Sinclair Mary (Mrs.), fishmonger, Dundas st
Sorensen Bros, china, glass &c. dealers &
marine store dealers. Forth View place
Sorensen Marion (.Mrs.), Temperance hotel,
South Basin street
Spears Frank PefEers, marine superinten-
dent, Parkville, Bo'ness road
Stark Henry J. P. timber merchant (J. T.
Salvesen & Co.), Thornville, Falkirk
Steel John, ship carpenter, Dockside
Steele James H. block maker, Dockside
Sturrock Margaret (Mrs.), postmistress &
sub-distributor of stamps. South Basin st
Sutherland Peter, dairy, Kerse road
Swan John E. & Co. iron merchants,
Grange street
Swan Janet (Miss), draper, Sth. Bridge st
Sweden, Norway & Netherlands Vice-Con-
sulate (H. Adolph Salvesen, vice-consul),
Grange street
Tait & McKenzie, solicitors & public no-
taries, South Bridge street
Taylor Archibald G. spirit dealer, South
Bridge street & Grange street
Taylor William, tug owner, Dunloe place,
Bo'ness road
Taylor Adam, plumber &. tinplate worker,
Lumley street
Templeton Agnes(Mra.), coach & cab hirer,
Grange lane
Tennant John, baker, Lumley street
Thomson James & William, ships' black-
smiths, Dockside
Thomson M. & Son, fishmongers, Lumley
street & Grange street
Thomson William H. blacksmith, Bo'ness rd
Torrance James Watt & Co. packing case
Trayner Philip, coal dealer, Lumley street
Turnbull Alexander, master mariner,Rosen-
thal, Bo'ness road
15,375 ; rateable value, £16,400 ; popula-
tion in 1891, 1,131, and in 1901, 929; the
village containing 318 of that number.
Post, M. & T. O., T. M. 0., E. D-, P. P.
S. B. & A. & I. 0. Killearn Village;
James Thomson, sub-postmaster. Let
ters received through Glasgow. Deli-
veries, 8.30 & 10.20 a.m. & 8 p.m.; dis-
patches, 10.25 a.m. & 6.30 p.m
Post Office, Dungoyne; Mrs. Jane Robert-
son, postmistress. Letters received
through Glasgow. Deliveries, 7 & 11.40
a.m. & 5.40 p.m.; dispatches, 11.19 a.m.
& 3.24 (summer, 4.10), 6.5 & 7.45 p.m.
Telegraph office at Killearn station,
a mile & a half distant
Post & T. 0. Killearn station; William
Gray, postmaster. Letters received
through Glasgow. Deliveries, 9.20 a.m. ;
dispatches, 11.11 a.m. & 3.27 & 6.14
p.m. (summer, 4.21 & 7.56 p.m.). The
nearest money order office is at Killearn
village, 1 mile distant
Chairman, David Edmund J.P
Clerk, Inspector of Poor & Collector of
Rates, John Henry
Medical Officer, James Fisher M.B., CM.
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
Alexander Stephen
Excise Officer, Patk. 0. Hearne, Glengoyne
Road Surveyor, John Paul
Parish Church, Rev. Alex. G. Mitchell
United Free Church, Rev, Hugh Sanderson
Chairman, David Bryce Buchanan
Clerk & Treasurer, Robert MacMillan Latta
Board School, for 200 children; average
attendance, 105 ; Alexander Stephen,
Killearn, William Gray, station master
Dungoyne, Thomas Taylor, station master
Auld Misses. Killearn cottage
Bell Mrs. Dunkvan
Blackburn Lieut. -Col. Peter R.A., D.L.,
J.P. Killearn house
Buchanan Mrs. Calibae
Buchanan David M'Laren Bryce, Boquhoan
Buchanan Robert, Carstoii
Unionist Association for the Grangemouth
Electoral District of Stirlingshire (Wm.
M. Anderson, sec), Grange street
Urie Peter, ironmonger, Lumley street ;
T N 095 Grangemouth
Walker Henry & Co. drapers, tailors, milli-
ners & dress makerB, Grange street
Watson James & Co. iron merchants &
ship owners, Old Dock; T N. 9; T A
" Vincent, Grangemouth "
Weston James & Co. drapers & dress
makers, Charing cross
White James Burnett, solicitor & notary
public & registrar of births, deaths «ic
marriages for Grangemouth district,
South Charlotte street
Whittle Francis, hair dresser, Grange st
Whyte John, grocer, Grange street
Wilkie P. & J. Ltd. timber merchants &
ship brokers & agents, Grange street;
TN 13; TA " Wilkies, Grangemouth "
Wilkinson Robert (Mrs.), spirit dealer, Nth.
Basin street
Williams Sergt. -Major J. drill inst. No. 12
Co. 1st Fifeshire (Fife & Stirling) R. G.
A. (Voluntters)
Williamson Alex. & Son, joiners, Oxgang
Williamson Robert, timber mer. Grange
street; T N 46 ; res. Beechvale
Wilson David, butcher, Lumley street
Wilson & Tait, architects, Lumley street
Wilson & Taylor, metal dealers, Dundas si
Wilson James, jeweller & watch & clock
maker, Grange street
Winton Charles, gas works manager, Dal-
grain road
Winton Alexander, master mariner, 2 Kerse-
view, Dalgreen road.
Wood E. A. bank agent, Grangefield
Wood William M.B. surgeon & physician*
& certifying factory surgeon, Ochil view,.
Bo'ness road
Working Men's Conservative Club (Wm.
S. Sharp, sec), North Harbor street
Wright John, tailor, Grange street
Young Men's Christian Association (John
Lockhart, sec), Abbots road
Young Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 138-
Dundas street & 8 Canal street
Zetland Masonic Lodge (No. 391) Masonic
Hall (W. M. Anderson R.W.M.), North*
Charlotte street
Connal Lady, Park Hall house
Edmond David, Ballochruin
Jamieson Fyfe, Old Ballikinrain house
Jamieson Patrick, Braefoot
Lang Gavin, Glengoyne
Lang James, Kirk house
Lawrie Miss, The Moss
McGilchrist Alex. Achadhu cottage
M'Harg Robert Allan, Wetherlea
Mitchell Rev. Alex. Gordon, The Manse
Orr-Ewing Archibald Ernest D.L., J.P7
Ballikinrain castle
Pollock John James, Auchineden, Blaoetield
Reid Mrs. Green End house
Russell William P. Park house
Sanderson Rev. Hugh, United Free Church'
Wilson David, jun. D.S., J.P. Carbeth
Aitken Catherine (Mrs.), shopkeeper
Bennie Daniel L. Black Bull-
hotel (& posting:)
Campbell Chas.grcr.& painter&paperhanger
Fairlie David, butcher
Fairlie John, contractor
Forsyth William, factor for Archibald'
Ernest Orr-Ewing, Clay lands, Ballikin-
Gilfillan William, grocer & baker
Gourlay James, boot & shoe maker
Gourlay William, stone mason
Gray William, coal merchant, Killearn stn
Henry John, clerk to Parish Council, inspec-
tor of poor & collector of rates & clerk &
treasurer to school board; office, Balfron
Jenkinson Alex. (Mrs.),Wheat Sheaf hotel
Lang Brothers, distillers & wine merchants.
Glengoyne distillery ; office, 10 Oswald
street, Glasgow
McArthur James, miller, Drumshuggle
M'Cormack William, excise office, Glengoyne
M'Donald Samuel, tailor
M'Gilcbrist M. & M. (Misses), news agents,
dress makers & milliners
M'Gowan John, saw mills, Killearn
M'Gregor John, blacksmith
Morrison William, shopkeeper
Munro Alex, contractor & coal merchant
Paul John, road surveyor
Simpson Robert, wrigtit
Sinclair Alexander & John, wrights
Stephen Alexander, registrar of births,
deaths & marriages & schoolmaster,
School hnuse
Thomson James, grocer & postmaster
Wilson Andrew, blacksmith; Blane

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