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M'Gibbon Richard F. & Son, 4 Moss street
Reid John, 5 Moncrieff street
Warnock James, 16 Johnston street
Wilson Walter, 2 Wellmeadow street
Wilson William, 39 High street
Brown Robert, IS Stock street
Guy James, 2 Espedair street
Marr John, 18 Stock street
"Weavers' Wrights & Furnishers.
Alexander John & Son, 9 Bridge street
Caldwell James, Cumberland court, Causey-
side street
Weighing Machine Makers.
Avery W. & T. Ltd. 69 Back Sneddon st
Macnab James Orr, 8 Old Sneddon street
Dunsmore Henrr, Moss Vale, Greenock rd
Glassfurd John,' 36 Mill street
Houston G. & T. 5 Maxwellton street
Kirk John, 27 Wellmeadow street
Lee Robert, 11 to 14 St. James street
Smith David, 7 Galloway street
"Windlass & Capstan Makers.
Eeid Thomas & Sons, Thread street
Wine & Spirit Merchants.
Oalderwood Hugh, 94 New Sneddon street
Caldwell Jas. & Son, 9 & 10 Gilmour street
Foulds Andrew & Son Ltd. 5 Abbey st. ;
23 Storie street & 161 George street
Foulds William & Co. Lim. School wynd
Harvey James & Co. Limited, King street
Lngan Alexander, 20 Old Sneddon street
Macfarlane & Co. 29 Lady lane
"Wood Turners.
Barr John, 14 Spring-bank rd. Greenock rd
Orawford P. & A. 6 South Croft street
Woollen Manufacturers.
See also Manufacturers ; also Shawl, Plaid,
Scarf &c. Manufacturers.
Kerr Robert & John P. (winceys &. checks),
Underwood mill
Porter H. G. & Co. Abercorn mills, Aber
corn street
Smith Brothers & Co. (dress goods), 9, 10
& 11 Forbes place
Waters, Cook & Co. 22 Thread street
"Worsted Spinners & Manufactrs.
Fleming, Reid & Co. 10 St. Mirren street
"Wringing Machine Makers.
Milne George & Son, 2 Gauze street
Marked thus * are also Notaries.
♦Abercrombie John (Hart, Abercrombie &
Lang) (& procurator fiscal depute for the
upper ward of Renfrewshire), 13 St.
James place
•Adam John, 5 County place
•Allison John Dunn M.A., LL.B. (James
H. Dunn & Allison), 3a, Gilmour street
Bowie William, 95 High street
Brown W. Dykes, 97 High street
Brown William, jun. 97 High street
Caldwell Ja, Muir & Caldwell, County bldgs
•Caldwell James (Ja. Caldwell, Muir &
Caldwell) (& county clerk, treasurer &
collector of rates for the county of Ren-
frew & clerk to county committee on
Secondary Education), County buildings
Caldwell James, jun. (Ja. Caldwell, Muir &
Caldwell), County buildings
•Campbell James Edward M.A., B.L.
(Reids & Campbell), 3 County place
•Coats Gervase Heywood, 3a, Gilmour st
•Cochran Alexander, 19 High street
Cook James (Reids& Campbell), 3 County pi
•Crawford Gavin (D. 3. Semple, Macnair
& Crawford), Gilmour street
Cunningham J. &. A. 9 High street
Cunningham John (J. & A. Cunningham),
9 High street
Currie Ronald Wavell (David Houston &
Currie), 43 Moss street
Dickie Dugald Dove, 96 High street
Donaldson John (T. F. Reid & Donaldson),
12 Causeyside street
•Dunn James H. & Allison, 3a, Gilmour st
•Dunn James Hamilton (James H. Dunn
& Allison). 3a, Gilmour street
Finlator William Rankin, 19 High street
•Gardner James, 3 County place
Hart, Abercrombie & Lang, 13 St.James pi
•Hart George (Hart, Abercrombie & Lang)
(& procurator fiscal for Upper Ward of
Co.), 13 St. James place
Hay Robert Blair B.L. 14 Moss street
Hogg John, 13 Moss street
Houston David & Currie, 43 Moss street
•Houston David (David Houston & Currie)
43 Moss street
Hutchison William (MacRobert, Son &
Hutchison) (& joint clerk to the burgh
school board), 13 St. James place
•Johnstone JamesFerguson, Municipal bldgs
Kerr Thomas, 12 High street
Laird Thomas Dunlop (T. & W. Walker &
Laird), 14 Gilmour street
Lang Benjamin, 94 High street
Lang John M., M.A., LL.B. (Hart, Aber-
crombie & Lang), 13 St. James place
Lochhead A. F., B.L. '(M'Naughton, Loch-
head & McCallum), 8 Gilmour street
Lochhead Joseph M'Leod (M'lnnes, M'Ken-
zie & Lochhead) (& sheriff clerk of Ren-
frewshire), 7 Gilmour street
M'AJlister Alexander, 48 Moss street
M'Callum Julius F., LL.B. (M'Naughton,
Lochhead & M'Callum), S Gilmour street
M'lnnes, Mackenzie & Lochhead, 7 Gil-
mour street
•Mackenzie Alexander Roderick LL.B.
(M'lnnes, Mackenzie & Lochhead), 7 Gil-
mour street
Macnair Thomas Dun (D. S. Semple, Mac-
nair & Crawford), 16 Gilmour street
M'Naughton, Lachhead & McCallum, 8 Gil-
mour street
M'Nish John, 9 Moss street
•M'Naughton Alfred (M'Naughton, Loch-
head & McCallum), 8 Gilmour street
MacRobert, Son & Hutchison, 13 St.
James place
•MacRobert Thomas, jun. (MacRobert, Son
& Hutchison) {& joint clerk to burgh
school board), 13 St. James place
•Martin Francis, Municipal buildings
Morrison David A. 97 High street
Muir John '(Ja. Caldwell, Muir & Cald-
well), County buildings
Murray John, jun. (M'lnnes, Mackenzie &
Lochhead), 7 Gilmour street
Pattison John, 23 Moss street
Reid T. F. & Donaldson, 12 Causeyside st. ;
& 92 West Nile street, Glasgow
•Reid Thomas Fulton (T. F. Reid & Donald-
son), 12 Causeyside street
Reids & Campbell, 3 County place
Russell R. & T. 7 High street
•Russell Robert (R, & T. Russell),7 High st
Russell Thos. (R. & T. Russell), 7 High st
Sawers Joseph jun. (Young & Martin), 4
Gilmour street
Scott James Millar (Gow, Smith & Scott),
13 St. James place
•Semple D. S., Macnair & Crawford, 16
Gilmour street
Semple D. S. (D. S. Semple, Macnair &
Crawford), 16 Gilmour street
Smith Gow & Scott (sheriff clerks depute
of Renfrewshire), 13 St. James place
Smith Thornton Gow (Gow Smith & Scott),
13 St. James place
Stevenson Robert, 99 High street
Todd John Jamieson, 12 High street
Towers Thomas Peacock, 16 Moss street
Walker (T. & W.), & Laird, 14 Gilmour st
•Walker William (T. & W. Walker &
Laird) (& procurator fiscal for the burgh),
14 Gilmour street
•Young & Martin (& town clerks & secre-
taries to the Paisley Cemetery Co. Lim.
to the Paisley Industrial School & Pais-
ley Government School of Art & clerks
to the Cart Navigation Trustees), 4 Gil-
mour street
•Young James Alexander (Young &Martin),
4 Gilmour street
Yarn Merchants & Agents.
Barr, Stirrat & Co. Cumberland place
Brown Wm. jun. & Co. 107 Causeyside st
Greenlees A. & J. W. 13 Causeyside street
McPhail Hugh, 37 Storie street
Millar JfemeB & Son, 106 Causeyside street
Pollock & Co. 6 Forbes place
Thomson J. & J. 2 Causeyside street
Thomson Archibald, 3 Cumberland court,
Causeyside street
Walsh William, 5 Cumberland court
Yarn Printers.
Walker, Drybrough & Co. Arkleston print
POLLOKSHAWS, see Glasgow.
PORT GLASGOW is a seaport, and
parish, town, police and parliamentary
burgh, pleasantly situated on the south bank
of the river Clyde, 20 miles north-west from
Glasgow and 3 east from Greenock, with a
i station on the Greenock section of the Cale-
â– ! donian railway. It formerly belonged to
; the parish of Kilmalcolm, but in 1695 it was
f erected into a separate parochial district.
I; The town, which partly stands on the old
E barony of Newark, is neatly and regularly
| built ; the streets run at right angles to
j each other and are lighted with gas. It Is
' protected on the south by a range of high
( ' hills, and the lower grounds in the vicinity
I of the town have many good houses. The
; ' harbours are remarkable for their facility
I of entry and egress, and are accessible to
D vessels at all times of the tide. Contiguous
r to the harbours is a large graving dock,
which has been extended and improved at
I a very considerable cost, and there is also a
1 wet dock. The number of vessels enter-
ing and clearing the port are included with
I the Greenock returns. The number of
\ vessels registered under Part I. of the
I " Merchant Shipping Act, 1894," as be-
i longing to the port, December 31st, 1902,
[ was 22, with an aggregate tonnage of
!j 15,204. Connected with the town are eight
| shipbuilding establishments, some of which
>J are upon an extensive scale and employ
f,many hands. In 1902, 32 vessels were built
I of 63,805 tons. In addition 9 vessels of
f 16,697 tonnage were built for foreigners.
JThere are also saw mills, roperies, sail
cloth factories and engineering and sail
making works. The burgh is governed
by a provost, three bailies and five coun-
cillors, with a town clerk and other
officers. A burgh police court sits every
Thursday and a justice of peace court
on alternate Mondays. Port Glasgow, to-
gether with Renfrew, Rutherglen, Dumbar-
ton and Kilmarnock, forms the Kilmarnock
parliamentary district, returning one mem-
ber. The Town House, erected in 1815, at
a cost of nearly £12,000, is a structure in
the Classic style, and has a tower with spire
150 feet in height, and containing a clock;
the interior includes a council chamber,
court hall, police station, and offices for the
town clerk and other public officers. The
Town Hall, in Princes street, is a large
stone building.used for public meetings &c.
The Moffat Library is an elegant building
at the north end of King street, erected in
1887 from part of a bequest left bv the late
James Moffat, merchant, Port Glasgow, and
comprises, besides the library, reading, bil-
liard and smoking rooms. The Carnegie
Park Orphan Homes, at the east end of the
town, and erected from the same bequest,
were brilt at a cost of about £7,000.
Newark is a quoad sacra parish erected
out of that of Port Glasgow. The ancient
castle of Newark, formerly occupied by the
Maxwells of Pollok, is now the property of
Sir Michael Robert Shaw-Stewart bart. of
Duchal, and Lord Lieut, of Renfrewshire,
as representative of the Maxwells of Pollok
and Springkell ; the ruins are well pre-
served, and from the site a fine view is ob-
tained of the Clyde and its adjacent
scenery, particularly the wild and singular-
ly-formed rocky eminence on which stands
the castle of Dumbarton. Port Glasgow
parish church, erected upon the site of the
old one, is a purely modern structure. There
is an annual fair, which takes place on the
first Thursday in July, and continues for
three days. Birkmyre Park, consisting of
9 acrss, presented to the town by William
Birkmyre esq. ex-M.P. and situated at
Glen Huntly, was opened in July, 1895,
and includes two bowling greens, a fcotball
field and a quoit pitch. Sir Michael Robert
Shaw-Stewart bart. L.L., J.P. is the prin-
cipal landowner. The area of the civil
parish comprises 1,018 acres ; rateable
value of the whole parish, £61,836; area
of burgh, 444 acres ; the population of
the parish in 1891 was 14,624, and in
1901, 16,888, and the burgh, 16,857; the
population of the wards in 1901 was, first,
5,209 ; second, 4,034 ; third, 7,597 ; the
population of the ecclesiastical parish in
1901 was 10,150.
The number of electors on the parlia-
mentary register in 1903 was 1,879.
Post, T., M. O., T. M. O., E. D., P. P.,
S. B. & A. & I. O. Shore street, Port
Glasgow; George Alexander Fullerton,
postmaster. Deliveries from all parts,
7 a.m. & 1.15, 4 & 6.30 p.m.; Sunday,
letters are delivered to callers from 9
to 10 a.m. ; dispatches to Glasgow &
district at 8.50 & 10.20 a.m. & 12.45,
2.50, 4.50, 5.40, 7.45 & 9.20 p.m.; to
Greenock & Clyde towns at 5.45 & 10.20
a.m. & 12.45,' 3.35, 5.40, 7.45 &, 9.20
p.m.; to the North of Ireland, 7.45
SCOT. 80*

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