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p.m. ; to Edinburgh & East Coast direct
at 10.20 a.m. & 3.50 p.m. also bv Glas-
gow mails, 12.45, 4.50, 5.40, 7.45 & 9.20
p.m. ; to Paisley & district at 10.20 a.m.
& 12.45, 2.50, 4.50, 5.40, 7.45 & 9.20
p.m. ; to North of Scotland, 10.20 a.m. &
7.45 & 9.20 p.m. ; to London, all Eng-
land, South of Ireland & foreign, 4.50,
5.40 & 7.45 p.m. & Sundays, to all parts,
4.40 p.m
Col. John McAusland Denny J. P. Garmoyle,
Dumbarton, N.B. ; & Carlton club SW
& Constitutional club W C, London
Offices, Town buildings.
Provost, Hugh McMaster esq
Bailies, Buchanan, Houston & Jamieson
Councillors, Fyfe, Campbell, Hamilton, Kerr
& Niven
Town Clerk, Andrew Paton
Burgh Fiscal, John Anderson
Treasurer & Collector, John Chalmers
Burgh Surveyor & Water Inspector, James
Medical Officer of Health, A. Campbell
Munro M.B.,D.Sc.(Pub.Health), M.R.C.P.
Edin, County buildings, Paisley
Sanitary Inspector, William McTaggart
Chambers, 11 King street
Chairman, William Foster
Inspector & Collector of Rates, Hy. Nixon
Registrar of Births &c. Thomas Savage, 5
Princes street
Town buildings.
(Held every Thursday at 10.30.)
Clerk, Andrew Paton
Borough Prosecutor, John Anderson
Sweden & Norway, Jn. Anderson, Princes st
Town buildings.
(Held every alternate Monday.)
Clerk Depute, John Hood
Fiscal, John Anderson
Birkinyre John, Broadstone park
Crichton John, Church street
Duncan John, Ardenclutha
Dunlop David J. Inchworks
Gray Alexander, Elmworth
Harrington J. P. Broadfield
Hope John, Cien Neuk
Lithgow William T. Drums
Reid James, Huntly house
Russell Joseph, The Knowe
Sommerville R. G. Aldergrove
The Provost, Bailies & the Chairman of
the Parish Council are ex-ofhcio
Custom House, 49 Fore street
Harbour Office, Mid quay, Walter M'Nab,
collector of harbour & Oumbrae light dues
& harbour master
Inland Revenue Office, West quay, Ben].
Trappe, officer
Stamp Office, Shore street, George Alex-
ander Fullerton, sub-distributor
Birkmyre Park
Carnegie Park Orphan Homes, Glasgow
road, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCully, master
& matron; & Girls' Home, Miss Christina
Ross, matron
Cemetery, Andrew Paton, sec; Archibald
Hamilton, superintendent
Clyde Lighthouse Trust, Andrew Hardie,
master of works
Fire Station, Mid quay, Jas. Lambie, supt
Moffat Library, 47 & 49 King st. Adam
Patterson, sec. ; Hugh Beck, librarian
Public Swimming Baths, 3 Bay street,
Alexander Graham, superintendent
Town Hall, Princes st. Hugh Beck, keeper
Masonic Lodges, Doric Kilwinning (No. 68),
Brown street & Cumberland Kilwinning
(No, 217), King street
National Telephone Co. Lim. 2 Church st
Oddfellows' Hall, Gillespie's lane; Thomas
Clark, sec
Parish Church Halls, Academy place
Renfrewshire Constabulary, Alex. Craig,
Temperance Institute, Brown street
1st Renfrew & Dumbarton Royal Garrison
Artillery (Volunteers); head quarters,
Greenock (2nd & 3rd Garrison Com-
panies), Volunteer drill hall, Falconer
street; John W. Hamilton & P. C. Mc-
Farlane, captains; Surgeon-Captain A.
Butler M.D. medical officer; Rev. J. Reid
M.A. acting chaplain; Sergt. -Major F.
Worledge R.A. instructor
1st (Renfrewshire) Volunteer Battalion
Princess Louise's (Argvll & Sutherland
Highlanders) (E Company), Drill hall,
Falconer street ; John M. Anderson,
captain; Rev. W. W. Beveridge, acting
chaplain; James Irvine, sergt. -instructor
Established Churches: —
Church street. Rev. John Reid M.A
Newark Church, Rev.Thos. H.Graham M.A
United Free Churches: —
Hamilton, Rev. Archibald J. McNicoll
Chapelton st. Rev. John N. Russell B.A
Brown street, Rev. Alexander Baird
Montgomerie street, Rev. David A.
Princes street, Rev. William Lauder &
Rev. William W. Beveridge
Episcopal Church (St. Mary the Virgin),
Robert street; Rev. Walter Guy New-
ham, incumbent
Evangelical Union Church, Balfour street,
Rev. Alexander Cossar
Roman Catholic (St. John's), Shore street,
Rev. Philip M'Coll; Rev. Anthony Mul-
lins & Rev. T. O'Shea, priests
Baptist, Rev. James Mackay
Christian, Mission Hall, 6 Shore street
Gospel Hall (Plymouth Brethren), 30 Scar-
low street
Salvation Army Barracks, West Quay
School Board Office, 37 Princes street, Jn.
Hood, clerk & treasurer
Board Schools : —
Erected by the board at a cost of over
Chapelton, Donald Innes, head master
Clune park, Donald Dryburgh, master
Jean street, David Gemmell F.E.I. S. mast
Roman Catholic School (St. John's), Bal-
four street, erected at a cost of £6,000,
Ann F. Ward, mistress
On the Greenock section of the Caledonian
Station, Princes street, William Whitecross,
station master
Goods Station, Robert street, Wm. Lawrie,
goods agent
To Greenock, from Port Glasgow, every 10
To Glasgow, William Hamill, Huntly ter
Aitken David, Thornleigh
Allan William B. Lily bank
Anderson John, Bogiewood
Anderson James Moffatt, Alderwood West-
Anderson Mrs. High Holm
Anderson William S. Alderwood West
Arthur Andrew. Hughenden
Baird Rev. Alexander, United Free Church
manse, Ivybank
Barr John C. Rose cottage
Barr Mrs. Beaconsfield
Beaton Peter, 5 Craigard
Beveridge Rev. William W. (U. F.), Ivy
Birkmyre John J. P. Broadstone park
Birkmyre John, jun. Spring bank
Blackwood Matthew, Ardmore
Blackwood Walter, Craigiehaugh
Brodie Ernest M. Inverdevol
Brodie James M. Lily bank
Brown John, Braeside
Butler Alexander M.B. Brown street
Campbell George John, 63 Princes street
Campbell Walter N. Lily bank
Campbell William, Rosslyn
Chalmers John, Craig head
Clark Mrs. Ivy bank
Cossar Rev. Alexander (Evangelical Union)
Coulson Robert, Glenfarne
Crawford Mrs. 14 Princes street
Crichton John J. P. Church street
Duncan John J. P. Ardenclutha
Duncan Mrs. Ardenclutha
Duncan Robert, Redholme
Duncan William, Lilybank
Ferguson David, Glenholm
Ferguson Robert, Greenlaw
Forfar Peter, 65 Church street
Fyfe A. Peden, Glenlea
Graham Rev. Thomas H.,M.A.(E3tablished^
Ross bank
Gray Alexander J. P. Elmworth
Gray David, Ivy bank
Hagart Richard. Huntly bank
Hamilton Thomas, Benclutha
Hamilton William, Benclutha, Clune brae
Harrington J. P., J.P. Broadfield
Harrower Rev. D. A. (United Free Chrch"y
Harvey John, Benclutha, Clune brae
Hewieson Harris M. Benlee
Holm Matthew, Braeside
Hood John, Glen Clune
Hope John J.P. Glen Neuk
Houston David, Ivy bank
Houston Robert, Glen Huntly
Hunter Robert, Hollywood villa
Inglis Miss, Woodbank
Kelly Miss, 5 Belhaven street
Kelly Mrs. Braeside
Kerr George, Hawarden
Kerr Mrs. Craigard
Kydd David A. Forbes M.B., CM. 28 King sij
Laird Mrs. Marchmont
Lambie Alexander, Ravenshall
Leitch Archibald, Ardnaleish
McArthur William Forrest M.B., CM. 65
Princes street
McBride Charles M.B., CM. Bellhaven st:
M'Bride Peter, Ravenswood
M Coll Rev. Philip (R. C), Chapel house.
Shore street
M'Creath James, Alderlee
Macfarlane Alexander, Holmfield
Macfarlane Peter, Glenclune
Macfarlane Peter J.P. Holmfield
M'Geoch David, Lily bank
Mackay Rev. James (Baptist), Alderwood.
Mackie William, Lilybank
M'Larty Miss, Clune park
McMaster Hugh, 2 Octavia street
M'Naughton James, Ivy bank
Main Donald, William street
Miller William, Beechwood
Moir John, Glenclune
Mullins Rev. Anthony (R. C), The Pres-
Murray Henry, Westfield
Nesmith Mrs. Glencairn
Ness Wm. Findlay M.A.,M.D.5Bellhaven st
Newham Rev. Walter Guy (Episcopal)
Orr Mrs. Hugh. Lomond view
O'Shea Rev. Thomas (Roman Catholic),.
The Presbytery
Paton Andrew, Glen Huntly terrace
Patterson Andrew, Ivy bank
Ptolomey Miss, Rosemount
Purdon Mrs. WondHqnk-
Reid Rev. John M.A. (Estab.), The Mimse-
Reid Miss Mary, Glen Huntly
Rodger Anderson. Glen park
Ross John Hood, Miramichi
Russell Rev. John N., B.A. (United Free
Sharp Samuel, Springwell
Smith Robert, Ivy bank
Sommerville R. G., J.P. Aldergrove
Stirling Andrew M. Glenbank
Welch Archibald, Clune Bank villa
Wingate David, Lilybank
Wingate William, Clydevale
Early closing day, Thursday.
Adair Alexander, butcher, 21 Fore street
Adair William, butcher, 2 Newark street
Adair William, jun. butcher, 53 Fore st
Adam Alexander & Son, mineral water
manufacturers, 10 Water street
Adamson Andrew, tailor, see Purdon &
Addison James, grocer & spirit dealer,
10 & 12 Fore street
Alexander Janet (Miss), dairy keeper, 65
Ai'dgowan street
Allan Rachael (Miss), grocer, 1 Argyle st
Allison Margaret (Mrs.), boot & shoe mkr.
41 Fore street
Anderson J. & J. M. solicitors & notaries
public, Princes street
Anderson James Moffatt, solicitor (firm, J.
& J. M. Anderson), Princes street
Anderson John, solicitor, borough prosecu-
tor, agent to Bank of Scotland, insurance
agent & vice-consul for Sweden & Nor-
way, Princes street
Anderson Samuel, eating house, see Auld
& Anderson
Andrews John, dairy. Mount Pleasant
Auld & Anderson, eating house, 15 Clyde st
Ballantyne Thomas, greengrocer & tobac-
conist, 1 Ardgowan street
Bank of Scotland (branch) (John Anderson,
agent), Princes street; draw on London
office, 19 Bishopsgate street within E C,
Coutts & Co. W C & Bank of England
E C, London
Barbour Richard, pawnbroker, 25 Scott's la
Barclay John, blacksmith. 24 Scott's lane
Barr John, shopkeeper, 15 Chapel lane

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