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PERTH, 1159
Speirs James, chimney sweeper, 125 South street
Spence Isabel (Mrs.), dress maker, 54 High street
Spence Thomas, tailors' cutter, St. Margarets, Craigie road
Spiers William, chimney sweeper, 6 Paul street
Sprunt Thomas, news agent & tobacconist, & sub-po6t office,
59 Princes street
Sprunt Willina (Mrs.), fruiterer, 224 South street
Stalker & Boyd, painterB & paperhangers, 27 & 29 South street
Standard Property Investment Co. Lim. (Edinburgh) (Skeete,
Chalmers & Mackenzie, district agents), 42 Tay street
Starforth William, coal merchant, St. Leonard's bank
Stark Fraser (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 6 Victoria street
Station hotel (Arthur Foster, manager), General station; TN 161
Stead & Simpson Limited, boot makers, 195 High street
Steele Alice & Jessie (Misses), ladies' school, 1 Hose terrace
Steele Annie (Miss), teacher of music, 1 Rose terrace
Stephenson & Scott, measurers, 38 Tay street
Stephenson Andw. Jn. agt. East Coast rlwy. 16 Marshall place
Stephenson Sydney C. measurer fStephenson&Scott),16Marshall pi
Stevenson Hugrh & Sons Lim. metal edged &
fanes-* cardboard box makers, Feus road & 24
Mill street; T N 198
Stewart Daniel & Catherine (Mrs.), boot makers, fishmongers &
fruiterers, St. Leonard's bridge
Stewart & Dick, general merchants, King Edward street
Stewart & Macfarlane, joiners, 23 Mill street
Stewart & Mackenzie, drapers, 193 High street
Stewart Robert & Sons, artists' color men & frame makers, 39
St. John street & 18 Princes street
Stewart Agnes (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 4 Victoria street
Stewart Alexander, cabinet maker, 5 Princes street
Stewart Alexander, hair dresser, 2 County place
Stewart Alexander, shopkeeper, 31 Castle gable
Stewart Alexander, solicitor, 31 George street; res. Mount grange,
Glasgow road
Stewart Chas. auctioneer, 49 South Methven st. ; res. 18 Queen st
Stewart Charles Parker M.B., CM., B.Sc.Edin. surgeon, medical
officer of health to the burgh & police surgeon, 21 Marshall pi
Stewart Charlotte (Miss), milliner, 148 High street
Stewart David, grocer, Cherry bank
Stewart Duncan, merchant (Stewart & Dick); res.18 Kincarrathie
crescent, Bridgend
Stewart Harriett (Miss), dress maker, 6 Main street, Bridgend
Stewart James L.D.S.Edin. dentist, 19 Princes street
Stewart James, grocer & spirit dealer, 7 Kinnoull street; res.
Holly bank, Newlands terrace
Stewart James, joiner (Stewart & Macfarlane), Jeanfield
Stewart James, Stormont Arms P.H. 43 South street
Stewart James, tailor, 7 North William street
Stewart John, dyers' & laundry engineer, St.
Andrew street; res. Woodend cottage, Barnhill
Stewart John, fruiterer, 2 North Methven street
Stewart John, hair dresser, 38 Caledonian road
Stewart John, horse dealer, 57 Princes street
Stewart John, solicitor & notary public, sec. & law agent to the
Perthshire Chamber of Commerce & Trade Protection Society,
68 St. John street; res. 13 Marshall place
Stewart John, tailor, Watergate
Stewart John A. solicitor, Victoria buildings, 36 Tay street;
res. Brafassi, Barnhill
Stewart John B. shopkeeper, 63 Pomarium street
Stewart Peter (Mrs,), Einnoull Arms P.H. 33 Sth. Methven st
Stewart Peter P. boot maker, 32 Skinnergate
Stewart Robert, clerk to Perth parish council & inspector of
poor, 22 York place; res. 33 Balhousie street
Stewart Robert, painter, 19 Hospital street; res. 17 Milne street
Stewart Robert, solicitor, 68 St. John street; reB. Ardbennie,
Craigie road
Stewart Robert, timekeeper, 19 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend
Stewart Susan (Mrs.), shopkeeper. 16 Bridge lane
Stewart Thomas, butcher, Caledonian road
Stewart William G. grocer, Einnoull st. ; 5 Rosemount place
Stirling Alexander, supervisor, inland revenue, 40 Tay street &
17 Kincarrathie crescent
Stirlins David H-, M.D. surgeon, Biversdale, Main st. ; TN SG
Stirling Robert M.A., M.D. surgeon, 4 Attaoll place; T N 53
Stirton S. & Son, saddlers, 7 High street
Stobie Isabella (Mrs.), fruiterer & game dlr. 187 High st. ;T N 137
Stobie Joseph, dentist, 14 St. Jolin street
Storey Ralph A. draper, 55 South Methven street ; res. Strath-
view terrace, Bridgend
Strachan David, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 29 King street
Strachan George, confectioner, 76 Canal street
Strang & M'Lagan, joiners & undertakers, 248 High street
Strang Alex, joiner (Strang & M'Lagan") ; res. 36 Scott street
Strang Peter, chemist & druggist, 166 High st. ; res. 22 King st
Strang Peter, solicitor & notary, 28 South Methven street;
res. 22 King street
Strange Kate (Miss), dairy keeper. 31 Hospital street
Stratton Alexander, confectioner, 203 South street
Stuart Charles C. & Sons, grocers & wine merchants, 43 South
Methven street; T N 27
Stuart Walt, wine & spirit mer. (J. & T. Currie), 16 Balhousie st
Stubbs Mercantile Offices (Stubbs Ltd.), 16 Tay st
Sturrock Alex. lath splitter, 77 Scott st. ; res. 6 County place
Sutherland David, joiner, Craigie place
Swan John & Sons Lim. live stock salesmen & auctioneers,
Northern Central auction mart; TA "Swans, Perth"
Syme Andrew, ironmonger (Garvie & Syme), Muirton bank
Tainsh James, grocer & spirit dealer, 90 High street; res.
Hawthorn bank, Dunkeld road
Tannahill David I. printer (Milne, Tannahill & Methven), 20
Campbells buildings, DunkeM road
Tay Salmon Fisheries Co. Limited, St. Leonard's bank
Taylor D. & R, builders & contractors, Balhousie street
Taylor Jas. & Hugh, brush & basket makers, 131 High street
Taylor William & Co. printers, 25 High street; T N 85
Taylor Allen, cycle agent, 43, 45 & 63 Princes street
Taylor Catherine (Mrs.), feather dresser. 58 South Methven st
Taylor Daniel, hatter & hosier, 93 High street
Taylor David, boot repairer, 85 Pomarium street
Taylor Elizabeth (Miss), market gardener, Cherry bank
Taylor Jane (Miss), fruiterer, 9 Princes street
Taylor John, french. polisher, 80 High street
Taylor John, railway timekeeper, Amulree, Wilson st. Craigie
Taylor John K. tobacconist & stationer, 221 High street & sta-
tioner & sub-post office, St. Leonard's bridge, Craigie
Taylor Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 48 Atholl street
Taylor Peter, tobacconist & news agent, 263 High street
Taylor Peter, tobacconist & news agent, 19 South street
Taylor Thomas, butcher, 127 High street
Taylor Thomas, slater, Victoria street
Taylor Wm. printer (Wm. Taylor & Co.), Fold villa, Gannochy
Taylor William A., M.B. surgeon, 10 Marshall place
Telford Peter & James, joiners *fc undertakers, 22 Leonard street
& Alexandra street
Templeton James, ladies' outfitter & berlin wool repository, 16
George street ; res. Glencairn villa, Kinnoull
Thomas & MacLeish, solicitors & notaries, County buildings &
52 Tay street
Thomas Benjamin, postmaster, High street
Thomas John, solicitor (Thomas & Macleish) & sheriff's clerk,
clerk to the Guildry Incorporation & joint agent to the
National Bank of Scotland Limited, County buildings; reB.
25 Barossa place
Thomas John Hill, solicitor & notary (Thomas & Macleish),
session clerk of Perth, County buildings & 52 Tay street ; res.
Northfieid, Muirton bank
Thompson & Son, picture frame makers, 20 Meal vennel
Thompson Charles, jobmaster, 10 North William street; & at 6
Gowrie street, Bridgend; TN 77
Thompson Francis Charles William, cab propr. 6 Nth. William st
Thompson George, picture frame maker (Thompson & Son);
res. 156 High street
Thompson Jane (Miss), shopkeeper, 33 Hospital street
Thomson A. & Sons, grocers & spirit dealers, 271 High street
Thomson Limited, dyers & cleaners (John Thomson, mngr.);
T N 0431
Thomson & Nicol, painters & paperhangers, 11 High street
Thomson W. B. Limited, brewers, wine & spirit merchants &
mineral water manufacturers, Canal street ; T N 72 ; T A
"Whisky, Perth"; brewery, Blackford
Thomson William & Co. coach builders, Canal street
Thomson Alexander, cooper, 24 Mill street
Thomson Alexander, dairyman, 11 Watergate
Thomson Andrew, dairyman, Craigie haugh
Thomson Andrew M.A., D.Sc. rector, Perth Academy; rest
Ardenlea, Kinnoull
Thomson David, baker, 289 High street
Thomson James L. monumental mason, 64 Princes street; res.
Glenardle, Wilson street, Craigie. See advert
Thomson John, grocer & spirit dealer, 26 Caledonian road; res.
35 Princes street
Thomson John, manager, Thompson Limited,Maybank, Craigie rd
Thomson John Joseph, traveller, Elibank villa, Glasgow road
Thomson Martin, boot maker, 96 South street
Thomson William, bookkeeper, 10 Spens crescent
Thorburn Jas. commission agent, 32 Watergate; res. 2 Marshall pi
Thorburn William, solicitor & notary, 22 St. John street; res.
Elibank, Glasgow road
Thornton John, hair dresser, 10 Meal Vermel
Tingtong Tea Co. (The), 22 Scott street
Todd John & Co. writing ink manufactrs. St. Catherine's road
Tomey & Sons, mamwfacturers & ooEe makers of
the Eureka gau^e glass, Tav g:Sa.ss works,
Shore; TA "'Tomey, Perth"; TN 0450. See advert
Tomey. William, gauge glass manufacturer (Tomey & Sons),
Balformo house. New Scone
Torrance Alexander, hosier & hatter, 36 South Methven street
Town & County Bank Limited (branch) (Bobertson & Dempster,
agents), South Methven street; draw on London Joint Stock
Bank Limited
Trade Protection Society (John Stewart, sec. & law agent), 68
St. John street
Trotter Alexander M.B., Ch.M.Edin. opthalmic surgeon, Tay-
side house, Tav street
Trotter Robert de Bruce L.F.P.S.G. & L.R.C.P.E. physician,
Tayside house, Tay street
Turnbull Mary Ann (Miss), confectioner, 11 North Methven st
Turpie James, deputy town clerk, City chambers, 3 High st. ;
res. Balvaira, Wilson street, Craigie
Tyler H. P. boot & shoe maker, 220" & 222 High street
Union Bank of Scotland Limited ("branch) â– ( Albert Butter, cashier),
24 Georce street; draw on London office, 62 Cornhill EC;
Bank of~England & Coutts & Co
Valentine & Sons, cutlers, 77 High street; res. Craigie
Valentine George, cutler (Valentine & Sons); res. Craigie
Valentine George P. tailor & outfitter, 133 & 135 High street;
res. 6 Queen street, Craigie
Veitch, Moir & Erskine, wholesale fruit mers. Caledonian road
Veitch George, spirit dealer, 69 & 71 Main street, Bridgend
Victoria Institute ("Alex. Wright sec), Dovecotland
Waddel Janet (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 292 High Btreet
Waddell James, pork butcher, 262 High street
Walker Alexander, pianoforte tuner, Allanton vil.Friar st.Craigie
Walker Robert, bookseller, 19 Kinnoull street; res. 32 North
Methven street, Glasgow road
Walker William, saddler (Ferguson &. Walker), 49 Scott street
Walker William, teller, National Bank of Scotland Limited, West
End bnnch; res. G Charlotte street
Wallace John & Sons Lim. (Glasgow), agricultural implement
manufacturers, Victoria street
Wallace James, coal merchant, N. B. R. coal depot, Glasgow
road.; res. Spens crescent
Wallace Robt. B. brewer (John Wright & Co.), 31 Barossa place
Wallace William, boot maker, 23 High street
Wallace Wm. draper, 24 County pi. ; res. Young street, Craigie
Wallace Wm. F. D. cashier, Osborne terrace, Wilson st. Craigie
Watson James, dairy, 3 Market street
Watson Margaret (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 1 Milne street
Watson R. R. Eoog, stationer & printer (D. Leslie), 11 Pit-
cullen crescent

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