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1160 PERTH.
Watson T-homas, dairyman, 41 Main street, Bridgend
Watson William, plumber (Frew, Watson & Co. Limited); res.
Strathview, Glasgow road; IB 211
Watt William, nurseryman & seedsman, 24 St. John street
Weatherstone Andrew, agent, Bank of Scotland (West End
branch), 35 South Methven street; res. 5 Pitcullen crescent
Webster Andrew, manager, Andlen, Needless road
Webster James Alexander, agent, Commercial Bank of Scotland
Limited, 4 Princes street
Webster John, Moncrieff Arms, 61 Princes street
Weir James, lath splitter, Low street
Welsh John & Co. plumbers, 59 South street; res. Kinnoull st
Welsh James, tailor (Small & Welsh), Gowan brae, Scone
Welsh John, fishmonger, 140 South street
West Perthshire Liberal Association (John Alexander Robertson,
agent). 16 Tay street
Westwood A. & Son, window blind makers, bellhangers & brass
founders, 21 Princes street; & at Dundee; T A "West-
wood, Perth " ; T N 92
Westwood Alex, bellhanger (A. Westwood & Son) ; res. Bonita,
Whittet J. & T. tea., coffee, manure & seed
merchants, 5 7 High street; TK3Y1
Whittet Sydney H. merchant (J. & T. Whittet), Comely bank
Wholesale Traders' Association (Skeete, Chalmers & Mackenzie,
district agents), Tay street
Wightman Thomas S. cabinet maker, 17 Bridge lane
Wighton Mary (Mrs.), milliner, 18 Gowrie street, Bridgend
Wilkie & Co. boot makers, 327 High street
Wilkie David, Market hotel & horse dealer, Caledonian road
Wilkie James, commercial traveller, Denoon villa, Craigie road
Wilkie Mary (Mrs.), baby linen warehouse, 4 St. John street
Williamson John, boot & shoe ma. 2 West Bridge st. Bridgend
Wilson & Hood, joiners, St. Andrew street
Wilson Alexander, fruiterer, 139 High street
Wilson George, leather merchant & tallow chandler, 113 High
street; res. Craigard, Kinnoull
Wilson James H. joiner (Wilson & Hood), County place
Wilson Peter, butcher, 62 South street
Wilson William S. cashier, Annville, Craigie road
Wilson Robert & Andrew, boot & shoe makers, 110 High street
Wilson David Jobson, agent, Bank of Scotland, 50 St. John st. ;
res. Bank house, 48 St. John street
Wilsons & Clyde Coal Co. Limited (Patrick Matthew, agent),
C. R. coal depot, Glasgow road; TN 164
Winter John, hatter (A. barling & Co.) ; res. 6 Comely bank
Winton Catherine (Miss), laundry, Alexandra street
Wood James & Son, brick, tile & pottery makers, Friarton
Wood & Son, booksellers, stationers, book-
binders & printers, 52 High street; printing works A
bill posters, 27 Skinnergate; T N 99
Wood (Walter A.) Mowing & Reaping Machine Co. agricultural
machine manufacturers (George Barker, agent), Market street
Wood Charles, brick &c. maker (James Wood & Son), 1 Bruns-
wick terrace, Craigie
Wood David, stationer (Wood & Son), Balhousie terrace
Wood James, brick &c. maker (James Wood & Son), Friarton
Wood John, baker, 13 High street; res. Dupplin bank, Kinnoull
Wood John, boot maker, 24 High street; res. Dupplin bank
Wood Robert Alexander Harper, accountant, British Linen Bank
Caledonian road; res. 35 York place
Wood Robert Ledingham, railway inspector, Rose crescent
Wood William J., F.S.A.A. (Moir, Wood & Rorie) ; res. 4 Bal-
housie terrace
Wordie & Co. carriers' for the Caledonian & Highland Railway
Cos. (.Robert Scott, agent), 10 Mill street ; T N 61
Wotherspoon Archibald, hatter & hosier, 25 St. John street; res.
1 Victoria road
Wotherspoon William, County inn, 1 South, street
Wright James & Son, grocers & spirit dlrs. 2 South Methven st
Wright John & Co. brewers, maltsters & mineral water manu-
facturers, Perth brewery, 18 North Methven street • T N 220
Wright Alexander, property agent, 48 Scott street; res. South-
view, Jeanfield
Wright Hugh, blacksmith, Skinnergate
Wright Robert, brass founder, 4 South Methven street
Wylie John, music seller (Paterson, Sons & Co.), 26 Priory
place, Craigie
Wyllie James Walker, solicitor, Royal Bank buildings; res.
Pittendynie, Redgorton
Wynd Thomas & Son, coopers, 87 High street
Yeoman Benjamin, hair dresser, 12 Kirkgate
Young & Campbell, drapers, 38 South Methven street
Young James & Sons, general printers, bill posters & advertis.
ing contractors, 66 to 70 Watergate ; T N 82
Young Men's Christian Association (Jas. Milne, sec), Scott st
Young Women's Christian Association (Miss McFarlane, sec),
High street
Y'oung Andrew, dyer, Lyndoch villa, South Esk bank, Craigie
Young David, supt. of public slaughter house, Shore
Young David C. draper & clothier, 10 County place & 9, 11 & 13
Hospital street; res. Hawthorn bank, Diinkeld road
Young David R. dyers' manager, Lingneld, Craigie road
Young David S. contractor, Craigie
Young Ebenezer, painter, 305 High street
Young Eliza (Miss), watch makerr228 High street
Young George P. K. architect & civil engineer, 42 Tay street;
res. Union mount, Glasgow road
Young Isabella (Mrs.), temperance hotel, 45 York place
Young James M. printer (James Young & Sons), Yiewlands
terrace, Glasgow road
Young Janet (Mrs.), stationer, 43 North Methven street
Y^oung Jessie (Miss), smallware dealer, St. Leonard's bdg. Craigie
Young Jessie (Mrs.), hair dresser & tobacconist, 43 Scott street
Y r oung John, baker, 32 Priory place, Craigie
Young John, drysalter, 230 South street; res. Margaret villa,
Craigie road
Young John, painter, 4 North Methven st. ; res. 4 New row
Young Mary (Miss), dress maker, 14 St. John street
Young Thos. boot maker, 162 South st. ; res. 45 North Methven st
Ynung W. Cochrane, solicitor, treasurer to Perth school board, 9
St. John street; res. 14 Rose terrace
Young William, solicitor, 74 St. John street
Young William, upholsterer (J. Macintosh & Co.), 3 Bridge lane
Moir, Wood & Rorie, Royal Bank bldgs
Moncrieff Andrew, 2 Charlotte street
Morison J. & R. 4 Blackfriars street
Advertising Agents.
Northern Advertising Agency Ltd. (Geo.
Lonmer, sec. & manager), 38 Tay street
Young James & Sons, 66 to 70 Watergate
Aerated Water Manufacturers.
See Mineral Water Manufacturers.
Jameson & Mackay (for Glasgow Guardian
Trade Protection Society, Glasgow Trade
Protection Society, United Mercantile
Agency Co. & Kemp & Co.), 1 Char-
lotte street
Agents — Commission.
Allan Thomas. 44 St. John street
Cruickshank Richard, 17 Princes street
Reid Thomas, 253 High street
Thorburn James, 32 Watergate
Agents — Forwarding.
East Coast Railway (Andrew John Stephen-
son, agent), 16 Marshall place
Globe Express Lim. (Mrs. Anne Harris,
agent), 68 South Methven street
North British Railway (Wiliam Arnott,
agent). St. Leonard's hall
Wordie & Co. (to the Caledonian & High
land Railway Companies) (Robert cicott,
agent}. 10 Mill street
Agents— House, Land & Estate.
Cameron James A. & David, 2 & 16 Gow-
rie street, Bridgend. See advert
Condie, Mackenzie & Co. 75 George street
Forrester & Boyd, 66 George st. See advert
Reid Thomas, 253 High street
Wright Alexander, 48 Scott street
Agents — Live Stock.
See Live Stock Salesmen & Agents.
Agents — Sewing Machine.
See Sewing Machine Makers & Agents,
Agricultural Implement Agents
& Manufacturers.
Doe John Ltd. Caledonian road
Mathers n. W. & Sons, Victoria street
Wallace John & Sons Lim. Victoria street
Wood (Walter A.) Mowing & Reaping
Machine Co. (George Barker, agent),
Market street
Animal Preservers.
See Bird .t Animal Preservers.
Architects & Surveyors.
See also Land Surveyors.
Barker David M. 9 South Methven street
Campbell James Nairn, 40 South Methven st
Chalmers Alexander G. 9 High street
Heiton Andrew Granger, 72 George street
McKillop Robt.(& burgh survyr.),12 Tay st
Maclaren & Mackay. 56 George street
Marshall James, 28 Scott street
Robertson John M. 68 St. John street
Scott John (road surveyor), 28 High street
Smart David, 8 Heh street
Smart James, 28 York place
Young George P. K. 42 Tay street
Artificial Teeth Manufacturers.
Liebon Hugh Edmund L. 3 Princes street
Maegregor John C. National Bank build-
ings, South Methven street
Cameron Miss Jessie C.40 South Methven st
Cranstoun James H. 3 Atholl street
Grubb David S. 51 South Methven street
Mitchell Miss Ella Catherine, 2 Rose ter
Artists' Colormen.
Stewart Robert & Sons, 39 St. John street
it 13 Princes street
Asphalts Manufacturers.
Limmer Asphalte Paving Co.
Ltd. (The); estab. 1871 ; 2 Moor-
gate street, London EC & 144 St. Vincent
street, Glasgow. See "Asphalte
Manufrs." Glasgow Section
Brady & Sons, 74 High st. & Victoria st
Hay '& Co. Victoria street
Love Thomas & Sons, St. John's place
Macdonald, Fraser & Co. Limited, Perth
auction market, Caledonian road
Stewart Charles, 49 South Methven street
Swan John & Sons Limited, Northern Cen-
tral auction mart
Baby Linen "Warehouses.
Bisset James, 63 North Methven street
Wilkie Mrs. Mary, 4 St. John street
Au'd Thomas, 49 North Methven street A
14 County place
Brown Alexander, 19 Main st. Bridgend
Uitv of Perth Co-operative Society Limited
(John Clark, manager), 20 Scott street
Clark David, 152 & 154 High street
Dewar Alexander, 27 Hospital street &
Glasgow row
Duff Mrs. Jane, 101 South street
Fairweather Alexander, 17 Leonard street
Fenwick Andrew & Son, 27 St. John street
& 61 South Methven street
Fenwick A. & Son, 34 & 36 Commercial
street, Bridgend
Hopkirk James, 51 Leonard street
M'lntyre & Stewart. 32 High street
Milne James, 255 High street
Mitchell Robert, 2 Main street, Bridgend
Paton William, 17 North Methven street &
50 Scott street
Perth Baking Co.Lim.44 North Methven st
Russell John, 1 Melville street
Shaw Robert, 26 St. John street

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