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1158 PERTH.
Eobb James, tobacconist, 37 High street
Bobb Peter, grocer & news ngent, & sub-post office, 354 High st
Eobb William, stockbroker (Robb & Finlay), 15 Pitcullen cres
Roberts William, inspector Scottish Society for the Prevention
of Cruelty to Animals, 58 South Methven street
Eobertson, Dempster & Co. solicitors, Town & County Bank
buildings, South Methven street; TN 163
Eobertson & McNab, ham curers, Mill wynd; T N 2 Y 1
Eobertson Robert & Co. grocers & spirit dealers, 21 George st
Robertson & Robertson, iron founders, Paul street
Robertson William D. & Co. carvers & gilders, 130 South street
Robertson Alexander, accountant, Union Bank of Scotland Lim.
22 George street
Robertson Alexander, iron founder (Robertson & Eobertson),
20 Mew row
Eobertson Alexander (Mrs.), dress maker, 11 Leonard street
Robertson Alexander C. ironmonger &c. 53 North Methven st
Eobertson Ann (Miss), dress maker, Barnhill
Eobertson Catherine (Miss), milliner, 62 High street; res. Lome
villa, Dunkeld road
Robertson Charles, grocer & 6pirit dealer, 43 High street
Eobertson David, bookseller, stationer & news agent, 94 High
street; res. 2 Blackfriars street
Eobertson David, dairyman, 13 Bridge lane
Robertson David, ironfounder (Robertson & Robertson), 1 Spens
crescent, Jeanfield
Robertson David, undertaker, 35 Watergate
Robertson Davina (Miss), tobacconist & news agent, 35 County pi
Robertson Elizabeth (Mrs.), confectioner, 62 George street
Robertson James, plumber, 40 North Methven street
Robertson James, solicitor & notary (Robertson, Dempster &
Co.)i & agent for the Town & County Bank Limited, 4 Mans-
field place
Robertson John, blacksmith, 129 High street
Robertson Jn. cake & manure mer.l3James st. ; res.TBalhousie av
Robertson Jn. ham curer (Robertson & McNab), Friar st.Craigie
Robertson John Alexander, solicitor & Police treasurer to the
Town Council, Liberal agent for West Perthshire & agent for
Perth Working Men's Building Society, 16 Tay street; TA
"Solicitor, Perth"; res. Inveranaty, Scone"
Robertson John M. architect & surveyor, 68 St. John street
Robertson Lizzie (Miss), fruiterer, 7 King street
Robertson Margt. (Mrs.), fish & game dealer, GO Princes street
Robertson Robert, insurance agent, 23 Balhousie street
Robertson Robert, news agent, 3 West Bridge street, Bridgend;
res. Struan bank, Kinnoull
Robertson Robert Hay, grooer & wine dealer, 22 High street;
T N 149 ; res. View bank, Kinnoull
Robertson William, engineer & machine maker, 40 Canal street
Robertson William, forage contractor, St. Catherine's road
Robertson Wm. hay & straw dealer & dairyman, 6 Barrack st
Eobertson William, potato merchant, 11 St. Paul's square
Eobertson William D. carver & gilder (W. D. Eobertson & Co.) ;
res. Ill South street
Eodgie Charles, hair dresser, 215 High street
Eoger & Barclay, painters & paperhangers, 56 Scott street
Eoger John, painter (Roger & Barclay), 54 Scott street
Rorie George C. A. (Moir, Wood & Rorie) ; res. Brompton ter-
race, Kinnoull
Ross & Malcolm, coach builders, Murray st. ; T N 0445. See advt
Ross Adam, engineer, Ivy bank, Craigie road
Boss Annie (Mrs.), refreshment rooms, 1 St. Paul's square
Ross David A. corn merchant, 14 Scott Btreet ; T N 0413
Ross John, coach builder (Ross & Malcolm), 17 Kinnoull street
Ross Robert, builder, Caledonian road; res. Alexandra street
Roy Thomas & Co. butchers, 47 South Methven st. ; T N 28
Roy Agnes (Miss), dress ma. Bank bldgs. South Methven street
Roy Thomas, butcher (Thomas Roy & Co.), Craigclowan
Royal Bank of Scotland (branch) (Robert B. Langwill, agent),
213 High street; draw on London office, 123 Bishopsgate st,
within E C ; Bank of England & Coutts & Co
Royal British Hotel (Miss C. Black, manageress), Leonard street
Royal Engineers' Office (Lieut. -Col. Henry Edward Tyler E.E.
commanding; Capt. George Dick E.E. division officer; C. D.
Rutter, surveyor), 18 Barossa place
Royal Perth Golfing Society & County & City Club (Rt. Kinloch,
sec. & treasurer), 1 Atholl crescent; TN 65; TA "Club"
Russell John, baker, I Melvsille street
Russell Mary Ann (Miss), dress maker, 41 St. John street
Rutherford William, joiner, 8 Main street, Bridgend
Ruthven David, butcher, 27 Kirkgate
St. Andrew's Ambulance Association (Thomas Logan, hon. sec),
37 South Methven street
St. Joseph's Convent (Mary Clare, mother superioress), 10 &
12 Stormont street
Sadler Sergt.-Major Benjamin, drill inst. A, B, G, K & L Co.'s
4th (Perthsh.) Vol. Batt. The Black Watch (Roval High-
landers), Tay street
Sandeman Public Library (James Craigie, librarian), Kinnoull
street ; T N 2S9
Sang Catherine (Mrs.), dairy & cowkpr.6 Strathmore st. Bridgend
Saunders & Mitchell, tinsmiths & gaslitters, 144 South street;
60 High street & 1 Xork place
Savings Bank of the County & City of Perth (William A. Bar-
clay, actuary & cashier; George C. Roy, accountant), Tay st
Scobie James, Red Lion P.H.26 High street
Scotch Girls' Friendly Society (Miss Dickson, president, Green
bank, Perth; Miss J. M. Boss, superintendent), South Tay st
Scotland Isabella (Miss), grocer & sub-post office, Cherry bank
Scott & Grant, booksellers & stationers, 37 County place
Scott Alexander, measurer (Stephenson & Scott), Bellwood cot-
tage. Dundee road
Scott Alexander, teller Bank of Scotland, St. John street; res
Scott Charles, bookseller (Scott & Grant), 9 Main st. Bridgend
Scott David, inland revenue officer, Isla villa, Craigie road
Scotfc Jane (Miss), milliner, 21 County place
Scott John, governor of His Majesty's Prison, Edinburgh road
Scott John, inspector city police, 18 Tay street; res. 13 Readdies
buildings, Dunkeld road
Scott John, road surveyor, 28 High street
Scott Robert, agent for Wordie & Co. railway carriers, 10 Mill'
street; res. Viewfield, South Esk bank, Craigie
Scott William, inspector of weights & measures, Connty build-
ings, South street; res. 12 Barossa place
Scottish Live Stock Insurance Co. Limited (Arthur G. Bull,
manager), General buildings
Scottish Railway Servants' Friendly Society (Thomas Duncan,
sec), St. Leonards bank
Scottisli Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Wm.
Roberts, inspector), 58 South Methven street
Scrimgeour David, grocer, 17 South Methven street; res. 2 Rose-
crescent, Glasgow road
Scrimger Robert, hair dresser, 223 South street
Scrimger William (Mrs.), confectioner, 218 South street
Sellar James T., W.S. (R. H. Moncrieffi & Co.), The Den.KinnoulP
Sharp John, plasterer, St. Catherine's road
Sharp Kate (Miss), milliner, Stormont street
Sharp William, grain merchant, James street
Sharp's Institution (John Alexander M.A. head master), South
Methven street. For full list of teachers, see Official, p. 114&
Shaw Andrew, timber merchant (Henderson & Shaw), Ivy
bank, Victoria street
Shaw Malcolm, cycle maker, 137 High street; res. Sunnybower,
Needless road
Shaw Peter, shopkeeper, 3 Pomarium street
Shaw Rt. baker, 26 St. John st. ; T N 0463 ; res. 24 King Btreetr
Shelton John, house steward, 15 Pitcullen terrace, Bridgend
Shepherd John, butcher, 36£ Atholl street
Shields John & Co. Lim. table linen &c. manufacturers, Wallace
works, Dunkeld road ; T N 25
Shilland John, manager, 3 Rose crescent
Short Eobert, teller & accountant Eoyal Bank of Scotland, 213.
High street; res. 6 Eose crescent
Silver John, tailor, 13 South Methven street
Sim David, clerk, Birse villa, Needless road
Sime John B. draper & milliner, 225, 227 & 229 High street;,
res. Edendale, Isla road
Simpson James, manure manufacturer (W. S. Ferguson & Co.)*
7 Comely bank
Sims William, joiner (Hay & Sims), 2 Belhelvie tec. Glasgow rcfe
Sinclairs & Co. Lim. wood merchants, St. Catherine's road
Singer Manufacturing Co. sewing machine manufacturers (John.
Morton, agent), 18" Scott street
Skeete, Chalmers & Mackenzie, solicitors & notaries public,,
district agents to the Standard Property Investment Co. Lim.
(Edinburgh) & the Wholesale Traders' Association, 42 Tay st. ;
TN 0468
Skinner John & Son, coal, liine &. brcck mer-
chants, office, 9 South Methven st. &. K. B. R D
coal depot, Glasgow road
Skinner John, coal merchant (John Skinner &, Son), Halbeath
cottage, Scone
Smail James & Robert, ironmongers, 34 South Methven street
Small David Cuthbert M.R.C.V.S. veterinary surgeon, 76 Vic-
toria street
Smail James, ironmonger (J. & R. Smail), Knoweside, Craigie
Smail James, watch maker, 16 George street
Smail James C. chemist, 10 North Methven st. ; res. 76 Victoria sfr
Smail Joseph, watch maker, 249 High street
Smail William, printer (Miller & Smail), 76 Victoria street
Small & Welsh, tailors. S G-owrie street & 67 George street
Small Alexander, hardware & fancv dealer, 230 High street
Small William, tailor (Small & Welsh), Gowan brae. Scone
Smallpox Hospital (Charles Parker Stewart M.B.. CM. medical
officer; Mrs. John Thompson, keeper), Shore, Friarton
Smart Colin McDonald, joint proprietor Perthshire Courier &
Farmers' Journal); res. Squire villa, Craigie
Smart David, architect & surveyor, 8 High street; res. Rock
bank, Kinnoull
Smart Edward B.A., B.Sc. teacher of mathematics, Perth Aca-
demy; res. Craigie
Smart James, architect, 28 York place
Smart James, cashier, Alla'nton villa, Friar street, Craigie
Smith J. & D. & Co. drapers, 4, 13 & 24 Charlotte street
Smith J. & J. grain mers. Sth. Methven st. ; TA" Smith, Perth"
Smith R. B. & Son, wine merchants, 70 St. John street; TF
121; T A "Moorland, Perth"
Smith Alex, grain mer. (J. & J. Smith), Mount Tabor, Kinnoull'
Smith Alexander, manager, Cathkin villa, Wilson street, Craigie-
Smith Charles Matthew, wine merchant (R. B. Smith & Son),
Ellangowan, Methven
Smith David, grocer & spirit dealer, 23 Hospital street; res.
Wilson street, Craigie
Smith James, shonkecper & boot repairer, 319 High street
Smith James C, H.M. inspector of schools for Perthshire, Mount
grange, Glasgow road
Smith Joseph, "grain mer. (J. & J. Smith), 1 Balhousie bank
Smith Peter, grocer. 191 South street
Smith Robert B. wine merchant (R. B. Smith & Son), The-
Grove. Craigie
Smith Thomas, ham curer <fc wholesale egg merchant, 372 High-
street. Perth; T N 0461 ; TA " Ham "
Smith Thomas, Thistle tavern, 257 High street
Smith William R. painter, 22 G-owrie street, Bridgend
Smyth John, railway clerk, Fernlea. Needless road
Sneddon Andrew M. solicitor (Pinkerton & Sneddon) & town-
clerk, Newbnrgh Fife, Bellwood
Society of Procurators & Solicitors (John A. Stewart, sec. ; Patfc,
Martin, hon. librarian). County buildings, Tay street
Soutar Robert, baker, 73 South Methven street •
Spalding Robert & Son, skinners, wool mer-
chants, dyers & dressers of aEE sorts of skins,
St. Catherine's road
Spaldiag Eliza (Miss), skinner (Robert Spalding & Son); res.
Atholi house, Stanley
Spark John, photographer, 49 York place
Speedie Alexander, fishmonger & dealer in game & lessee of
"salmon fisheries, 17 St. John street; T N 148; T A " Speedie,
Perth;" res. Gowrie house, Tay street

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