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Browns James (Mrs.), china, glass & earthenware dlr.l21Princes st
Brace A. & Son, manufacturing joiners, Clepington road
Bruce David & Co. merchants, ship & insurance brokers &
ship owners, 31 Albert square; TNI; TA" Bruce,Dundee "
Bmc8 John & Son, architects, 45 Commercial street; T N 755
Bruce Mary A. & Lizzie (Misses), dress makers & milliners,
101 & 103 Hawkhill
Bruce Archibald, grocer, 11 Kinnaird street
Bruce B. M. (Miss), dress maker, 37 Nethergate
Bruce David, fishmonger, 84 Dura street
Bruce David A. coach & cab proprietor, McGill street
Bruce Elizabeth (Mrs.), fishmonger, 86 Albert street
Bruce George, dairy, 146 High street, Lochee
Bruce George, grocer, & sub"-postmaster, 27 Strathmartine road
Bruce Geo. hardware dlr. 45 Main st. & cycle agt.106 Caldrum st
Bruce Graham, cloth manufacturer & merchant, Eegent works,
Milne's East wynd ; Tel. ''Brattice"
Bruce James, cab proprietor, 28 Ferry road
Bruce James, confectioner, The Pillars, 13 High street
Bruce James P. architect (John Bruce&Son), Highfield, Carnoustie
Bruce Jane Ann (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 57 Lochee road
Bruoe John, builder & stone mason, Burnside street & quarry
owner, Charleston quarry, Lochee
Bruce John, confectioner, 27 Wilkies lane
Bruce John B. grocer & general dealer, 93 LifE road, Lochee
Bruce John D., S.S.C. solicitor & notary public, 69 Keform street;
T it 560; res. Sunnybank, 61 Magdalen green
Bruce John Pickard, ship manager, 6 Whitehall crest
Bruce Margaret (Miss), shopkeeper, 10 Scouringburn
Bruce Mary (Miss), shopkeeper, 36 Annfield row
Bruce Robert, baker, 108 Princes street
Bruce Robert, tobacconist, 18 Crichton street
Bruce Rt. S. ship agt. 17 Dock st. ; T N 1073; T A " Gangway "
Bruce Thomas W. ironmonger, 23 Strathmartine road
Bruce William, agent for Fairbairn, Lawson, Coombe, Barbour
Ltd. (Fairbairn Macpherson branch), engineers (Leeds), 10
Panmure street
Bruce William, engineer, Victoria dock; res. Inverlee, Wormit
Bruce William, grocer & provision dealer, 55 Mid street, Lochee
Bruce William, spirit dealer, 45 Caldrum street
Bruce William F.R.P.S. teacher of shorthand, typewriting,
book keeping &o. Business Training: college, 79
Commercial street; res. Oxford drive, Downfield
Bruist Isabella (Missl. draper, 99 South, road, Lochee
Brush Sanil. manufr. (Marshall & Brush), Muircote, Clepington rd
Bryan Margaret (Mrs.), confectioner, 37 Church street
Bryden John & Sons, bellhangers, brass founders & window blind
manfrs.17 Albert sq. ; TN 791 ; & at Glasgow,Edinbrgh.&Lndn
Brydie David, draper, 107 High street, Lochee
Brymer Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 13 Baldovan terrace
Bryson David S. oil & color merchant, 43 & 45 Trades lane ; T N.
76 ; res. 5 Strathview terrace, Forfar road
Buchan M. & A. butchers, 27 Dundonald street
Buchan T. & J. auctioneers & house agents, 17 & 19 Barrack
street; T N 714
Buchan William & Co. jute mers. 2 Baltic bldgs. Meadowside
Buchan Alexander, reporter, 15 Blackness avenue
Buchan David (Mrs.), baker, 85 Perth road
Buchan Edward, butcher, 79 Blackscroft
Buchan James, solicitor, see Brodie & Buchan
Buchan John S. auctioneer (T. & J. Buchan), 12 Strawberry bank ;
& Balhousie, Largo, Fife
Buchan Wm. merchant (Wm.Buchan & Co.),KiImaron vil.Dwnfld
Buchanan Donald, dairyman, 23 North Lindsay street
Buchanan James R. laundrv proprietor, 13 Westfield lane
Buckley Patrick, news agent, 23 Mid street, Lochee
Bucklish Henry, butcher, 6 Bank street, Lochee
Buglass Alex. Hardie, solicitor, 3 Seagate; res. 105 Ferry road
Buick Jean (Mrs.), confectioner, 43 William street
Buick Mary Ann (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 14 Dundonald street
Buick Thomas, solicitor & notary public (Gowans & Buick),
Kerbat cottage, Monifieth road, Broughty Ferry
Buick Thomas, watch maker, 3S Dura street
Buik W. & H. rope & sail makers, 23 Dock st. & 72 Annfield rd
Buik Agnes (Mrs.), dress maker, 20 Panmure street
Buik Chas. rope manfr. (W.& H.Buik),Braeknowe,Wesfc Newport
Buik Chas.W.ship brokr.(Pettersen&Buik),Braeknowe,We.Newprt
Buik Thomas, spirit dealer, 75 Seagate; res. 42 King's road
Buist Richard & Sons, cabinet makers &c. 16 Castle street; 100
Commercial street & 15 Bell street; TN 170
Buist Spinning Co. Limited (Andrew Buist, managing direc-
tor), Stobswell works, Dura street
Buist Andrew, managing director, Buist Spinning Co. Lim.
Stobswell works, Dura street; res. 5 Roxburgh terrace
Buist John Charles, merchant (Don Brothers, Buist & Co.),
Balgillo house, Broughty Ferry
Buist John H. cabinet maker (E. Buist & Sons), 7 Blackness av
Buist Robert Cochrane M.A., M.B., M.D. physician & surgeon,
166 Nethergate
Ruist Thos. cabinet ma. (R. Buist & Sons), 101 Magdalen green
Dulloch Archibald, 1st class examining officer H.M. Customs,
Custom house, Dock street
Burden Duncan Macnab M.A., LL.B. solicitor, 20 Whitehall st. ;
res. 2 Windsor terrace
Burdon Annie (Mrs.), Bpirit dealer, 47 Union street
Burgess Mary (Miss), shopkeeper, 11 Peddie street
Burgess Michael, dining rooms, 11£ Bank street, Lochee
Burgh Public Baths & Washhouses (Walter M'Gregor, supt.),
Guthrie street; West Protection wall, Constable street; Cal-
drum street, Lochee & Meadow
BurghSurveyor'sOnice(Wm.MackisonC.E.engnr.),91Commercial st
Burko Alexander Fordyce, solicitor, 32 "Union street; res. Hugh-
enden, Forfar road
Burke William, coal dealer, 7 St. Mary's street
Burness Helen (Miss), news agent, 4 LifE road, Lochee
Burnet Miss, householder, 21 West Albany terrace
Burnett John & Sons, bakers, 25 Lochee road & 11 Scouringburn
Burnett Andrew, baker, 13 Bank street, Lochee
Burnett James, baker, 119 Overgate; 4 Strathmartine road &
117 Hilltown
Burns Club (John Purves, curator), 36 Nethergate
Burns & Harris, booksellers, manufacturing stationers, printers,
lithographers, bookbinders &c. 112 Nethergate & Tayside
works, Long wynd; T N 108; Telegrams, " Tayside, Dundee "
Burns Homes Limited, model lodging house proprietors (William
James Rose, supt.), 55 Commercial street
Burns Alex. B. Vulcin P.H. 118 Victoria road
Burns Annie (Miss), confectioner & pastrycook, 164 Albert st
Burns Fred, furniture broker, 122 Overgate
Burns John S. grocer & spirit dealer, 55 Watson street; res. IS
Erskine terrace, Clepington road
Burns William, stationer (Burns & Harris), Roxdene, West
Park road
Burns William (Mrs.), dairy keeper, 47 Eing street
Burridge George, carting agent Caledonian Railway Co. South-
Union street; res. 40 Perth road
Burrows John, organist, 79 Commercial street
Butchart Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 92 High street, Lochea
Butchart David S. toy & general dealer, 38 King street
Butchart James H. grocer & spirit dealer, 15 Milnbank road
Butchart John, commission agent, 9 Blackness avenue
Butchart John (Mrs.), hardware dealer, 60 William street
Butchart John Edwin, litho artist, 104 Commercial street & 9-
Blackness avenue
Butchart Mary (Miss), furniture dealer, 74 Church st.Maxwelltown
Butchart Wm. P. mill furnisher, 81 Murraygate ; res.6Somerville pi
Butler Thomas C, H.M. inspector of factories, 13 Ward road;
res. 3 Briarwood terrace, West park
Butt Jane (Miss), confectioner, 88 King street
Buttar & McRitchie, solicitors & notaries, 45 Commercial street
Buttar Andrew, slater, 31 Hawkhill
Buttar David, solicitor (Buttar & McRitchie), 10 Roxburgh ter
Butters William, boot repairer, 40 City road
Cable Thomas, joiner, 69 High street, Lochee
Cable Thomas, undertaker, UOJ High street, Lochee
Cables James, furniture broker, 33 Hunter street
Cabrelli Clement, fried fish dealer, 109 & 252 Hilltown & 53
Forebank road
Caesar William, solicitor & notary, & town clerk of Carnoustie,
clerk to Panbride Parish Council, clerk & treasurer Panbnde-
School Board, district agent at Carnoustie for Forfarshire
Constitutional Association & J. P. clerk depute for Forfarshire-,
62 Seagate & Lochty, Carnoustie
CafEery Sarah (Miss), tobacconist, 61 High street, Lochee
Cain John, temperance hotel, 7 Crichton street
Caira & Rossi, confectioners, 34 Main street
Caira Alfonso, confectioner, 11 Dura street & 65 Hilltown
Caira Relf, confectioner, 9 South road, Lochee
Caira Relf, fried fish dealer, 86 South, road, Lochee
Caird Alexander, tailor, 9 Lynnewood place, Maryfield
Caird Andrew K. plumber, 131 High street, Lochee
Caird George, master of Hawkhill Publio schools, 20 Springfield
Caird James K. manufacturer of canvas, hessian &c. Asliton
works, Hawkhill ; res. 8 Magdalen Yard road
Caird William, draper, 11 North Wellington street
Cairnie Charlotte (Miss), draper, 31 Lochee road
Cairns Margaret (Mrs.), draper, 114 Victoria road
Calder & Johnston, commission merchants, 4 India bldgs. ; T N 82
Calder John, grocer & spirit dealer, 225 Hilltown
Calder John Gray, house agt. 20 Castle st. ; res. 21 Blackness av
Calder William, merchant (Calder & Johnston), 4 India buildings
Calderwood William J. teacher of music, 10 Whitehall street
Caldwell Alexander, rag merchant, 5 & 7 East Henderson's wynd
CaEedon Shipbuilding: &. Engineering; Co. Limited!
(The), engineers, iron founders & iron ship builders (W. B.
Thompson & Grant Barclay, managing directors), Caledou yard,
& Lilybank Foundry ; TIM Shipyard 558; Lilybank foundry
270; T A "Caledox, Dundee"
Caledonian Insurance Co. (Jame3 Lindsay C. Bartlet, resident
sec), 35 Albert square; T N 579
Caledonian & London & North Western Railway Companies (West;
Coast Railways) (William Gibson, traffic agent) ; town office,
2 India buildings ; T N 33
Caledonian Portland Cement Co. Limited
(James Jolty, sec), 3 9 Dock street
Caledonian Property Investment Co. Limited (Daniel M'Intyre,
manager & sec), 13 Albert square
Caledonian Railway Co. (carting department) (George Burridge,
agent), South Union street
Caledonian Railway Co. Goods Station (Maryfield)(WilliamRobert-
son, agent), Maryfield station (goods)
Callaghan Francis, shopkeeper, 26 Union street, Maxwelltown
Callaghan James W. cutler, 10 Whitehall crest
Callan Maggie (Miss), confectioner, 58 Ferry road
Calvert Arthur, draper, 73 Wellgate & 72 Blackscroft
Cameron Aug. S. & Son, property agents, 31 Reform street
Cameron J. & P. general carriers & agrents for
the North British Railway Co. (John Wallace,
manager), 17 & 18 South Union street
Cameron & McFarlane, fish salesmen, auctioneers & steam
trawler owners, Fish dock; TA "Haddock"; TN 13D0
Cameron A. Stephen, jun. wholesale fish merchant & curer, Fish
dock; Tel. No. 1608
Cameron Ales, householder, Oak bank, Rankine street
Cameron Alexander, manager Mutter, Howey & Co. railway
carriers &c. ; office, Esplanade buildings
Cameron Alex. David, property agent (Aug. S. Cameron &
Son), 2 Hermitage terrace, Broughty Ferry
Cameron Andrew Carter, fish salesman &c. '(Cameron & M'Far-
lane), Fish dock; res. Ferry road
Cameron Aug. S. property ag'ent (Aug. S. Cameron & Son), Bay
house, West Ferry
Cameron Barbara (Miss), milliner, 132 Princes street
Cameron J. D. dental consulting rooms, 3 7
Union street
Cameron James, station master, Lochee West
Cameron John, coal dealer, 22 Church street, Maxwelltown
Cameron Eobina (Miss), dairy, 7 St. Andrew street
Cameron William, dairy, 20 Arbroath road
Cammell Charles & Co. Limited, Cyclops steel works (Sheffield)
(George M. Crichton, agent), 37 Exchange street
Campbell P. & P. (Perth), dyers, 33 Nethergate

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