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Blair William B. jute merchant (Harder, Blair & Co.), 8 Douglas
terrace, West Ferry
Blair William C. grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Church st.Maxwelltwn
Bloch E. & Son, furniture dealers, 9 & 11 Alexander street
Blumenreich Elizh. (Miss), teacher of german music, S Airlie ter
Blyth William, grocer & spirit dealer, 4 Hospital wynd
Board of Trade Office (Adam Watt, surveyor & examiner of engi-
neers ; George Faithful, messenger), Custom House buildings
Boase Henry & Co. Limited, jute spinners & manufacturers ot"
hessians, tarpaulins, grain bags &c. Wellfield works, Keniback
street; pay day, tuesday.; TN 289; TA "Boase, Dundee"
Boase Spinning Co. Limited (The), flax, hemp & jute spinners
&c. 39 St. Andrew street & Jamaica works & Kockwell works
& Hawkshaw works, Leven; TA "Limited, Dundee"
Boase William L., J.P. general manager Boase Spinning Co.
Limited, Binrock
Boath Allan, decorator, 1-11 Nethergate
Boath Andrew, confectioner, 43 North Church street
Boath James, butcher, 158 Lochee road
Boath Jane (Miss), dress maker, 86 Dura street
Boath John, butcher, 27 Park avenue
Boath John, confectioner, 53 Mid street, Loche & 4 Wilson street
Bodega (The) Co. Limited, spirit dealers (D. A. Hanson, man-
ager), 3 Murray gate
Bogue Davidson, spirit dealer, 28 Scouringburn
Bogus John, butcher, 189 Hilltown
Bogue Rebecca (Mrs.), wardrobe dealer, 2 & 4 St. Salvador st
Bonar Agnes (Miss), fancy dealer, 226 Hilltown
Bonar Betsy (Miss), shopkeeper, 228 Hilltown
Bonar George, jun. merchant (Low & Bonar); res. 4 Argyle st
Bonar Lilly (Miss), china, glass & earthenware dlr.125 Albert st
Boot & Shoe Operatives' Union (Kilgour, McCrae & Strachan,
sec), 11 Murraygate
Boothroyde John, shopkeeper, 11 Lochee road
Borrie Robert, news agent, 183 Perth road
Borzoni Brothers, fried fish dealers, 24 Dens brae
Boswell David Limited, brass founders & mechanical appliance
makers ; every description of fittings for steam & water, Tay
brass works, East Dock street; pay day, last friday of each
month; TN 562; TA "Brass, Dundee." See advert
Bowden Frederick, grocer & spirit dealer, 97 Hawkhill & 2
Kincardine street
Bowen John, chimney sweep. 111 Logie street
Bowes & Co. printers, 61 Nethergate
Bowes Ann S. (Miss), grocer & spirit dealer, 100 Blackness rd
Bowman George, grocer & spirit dealer, 173 & 175 Scouringbrn
Bowman John G. grocer, 117 St rath mar tine road
Boyack, Barclay & Co. merchants & manufacturers of hessians,
tarpaulins &c. Pearl Assurance buildings, Meadowside
Boyack Lizzie (Miss), fruiterer, 146a, Hilltown
Boyack R. plumber, 37 King street
Boyack Susan (Mrs.), draper, 163 Hawkhill
Boyd Frank, editor " Weekly Welcome," Logiebank, Downfield
Boyd James Thomas, news agent, 173 Albert street
Boyd John, hair dresser, 99 Nethergate
Boyd John D. hair dresser, 102 Annfield road
Boyd Thomas C. solicitor, 91 Commercial street; res. Auburn ter-
race, Invergowrie
Boyd William, managing director (James Keiller & Son Llm.),
Claremont, B rough ty Ferry
Eoyes Auguste (Miss) M.B., Ch.B. resident surgeon, East Poor-
house, Molison street. Mains loan
Boyle John, dyer & cleaner, 214 & 218 Lochee road
Bradford John S. & Co. rag, rope & waste merchants, 18 to 30
Baltic street; office, Baltic bldgs. ; T A " Bradford, Dundee"
Bradford James M. merchant (John S. Bradford & Co.), 3 Os-
borne terrace, Magdalene green
Bradley Lizzie (Miss), shopkeeper, 77 Wilkie's lane
Brady Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, 23 North Ellen street
Brady Mary (Miss), shopkeeper. 9 South Mid street, Lochee
Brady Owen, confectioner, 30 Hawkhill
Braid WilHain & Co. coach builders, 77 Annfield road
Braid Charles D. oil, paJnt, color &c. merchant,
3 4 Commercial street; T N 66; res. Whinbrae,
Braid Tom. conch builder (Wm. Braid & Co.), 62 Walton street
Braithwaite James Allan, tea merchant, 15 High street
Brand Charles, slater & plasterer, 146 Overgate ; TN 1014
Brand David, agent British Linen Co. Bank, 35 Murraygate;
res. Bay house, Newport
Brand J. S. teacher of music, 86 Nethergate
Brand Maggie (Mrs.), laundry, 236 Perth road
Brand Margaret (Miss), draper, 56 & 58 Polepark road
Brazilian Consulate (David Small, iun. vice-consul). 31 Albert sq
Brebner James M.A. rector Harris Academy, Park place; res.
2 Scotswood terrace
Bremner & Co. oil & color merchants, 229 Overgate
Bremner David, plumher, 12 East Dock street
BTemner David A. (Mrs.), spirit dlr. 1 Glamis st. Mxawelltown
Bremner Dick (Mrs.), butcher, 47 Constitution road
Bremner Donald, commercial traveller, 4 Airlie terrace
Bremner Mary (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 1 Glamis street, Maxwell-
town; res. Balgonie cottage, Balgray street
Bremner William, agent Clydesdale Bank Limited, High street
res. Fort William, Brouchty Ferry
Brickman John Otto, stock broker, 54 Bell street; T N 535
res. 1 Windsor street
Briggs W. & Sons Limited, chemical & asphalte manufacturers
13 Panmure street (T N 1164) & Elliot, Arbroath (T N 1712) &
Lady bunk
Briggs Thomas (Manchester) (J. & R. Lindsay, agents), tar-
paulin &c. manufacturer, 6 Panmure street
British & Colonial Meat Stores, butchers, 233 Overgate
British (Thel & Colonial Steam Navigation Co. Limited (London)
CW. N. Machan, aeent), King William dock
British <$• Foreign Marine Tnsm-Rpcp Co. Limited (Liverpool)
(Dnvid Bruce & Co. agents), 31 Albert square
British & Poi-pfgn Metaline Co metaline & engine packing manu-
facturers, 62 Murraygate; TN 978
British Legal Life Assurance Co. Limited (James & David Gal-
loway, district managers), 19 King street
British Linen Co. Bank (David Brand, agent; Robert Shepherd,
accountant), 35 Murraygate; 3S Nethergate (Peter Kerr,
agent); 23 Victoria road (J. A. Edward, agent) & Westport
(James Ireland, agent); draw on London office, Threadneedle
street E C & Bank of England
British Workman's & General Assurance Co. Lim. (John Harper,
district supt.), 23 Panmure street
Brodie &, Buchan, solicitors, Bank buildings, 3 King's road
Brodie Catherine (Miss), grocer, 228 Blackness road
Brodie James, boot repairer, 19 Church Maxwelltown
Brodie James, Eagle inn, & coach owner, 42 Murraygate
Brodie Peter, stationer, 8 Court street
Brodie Robert, cab proprietor, 100 Dura street
Brodie Robert M. solicitor (Brodie & Buchan), & agent Royal Bank
of Scotland, King street; res. Grange terrace, Broughty Ferry
Brogan John, shopkeeper, 5 Annfield road
Brooks Charles, hair dresser, 41b, Hawkhill
Erough A. J. & Co. flax & jute spinners & manufacturers, Tay-
bank works, Arbroath road & South mill, Guthrie street;
T.N' 283 Dundee
Brough James & Son, fruit & potato merchants, 4 Commercial
street & 33 Dock street
Brough Peter, coal merchant, Railway wharf & Park pi. Lochee
Brough Robt. J. rnanufr. (A. J. Brough & Co.), 4 Grosvenor ter
Brown Charles & Co. Lim. lath renders, Soapwork lane
Brown & Gow, decorators, 31 Cowgate
Brown Robert Lim. (Glasgow), wine & spirit merchants (Geo.
F. Murray, representative), 16 West Dock street
Brown & Tawse, iron, steel & metal merchants;
a Barge & carefully selected warehouse stock
of bars, sheets, plates, hoops, chains, iron
tutoes & fittings, wire fencing &c. &c ; agents
for John Brown <& Co. Lim. s Atlas steel & iron
works, Shef?ie3ci ; Caledonian Tube Co. Coat-
bridge; the Broughton Copper Co. Lim. EVian-
chester & the Tharsis Sulphur & Copper Co.
Lim. Glasgow; offices, 49 ftfleariowsidi'3 ; ware-
houses, 16 & 13 Exchange street &. 36 Castle
street; TN61; TA " Mercator, Dundee"
Brown Thomas & Co. ironmongers, 24 Dnion street
Brown Thomas & Son, painters & decorators, 47 & 49 Perth rd
Brown & Tyrie, coal merchants, 22 Barrack street; depot,
N. B. sidings
Brown Alexander, livery stable keeper, 164 High st. Lochee
Brown Alexander, watch maker & jeweller, 6 West port
Brown Andrew, dairyman, 19 North Wellington 6treet
Brown Andrew M.A., LL.B. solicitor & notary public, 30 Reform
street; res. 6 Howard place, St. Andrews
Brown Anne (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 8 Gellatly street
Brown Bella (Miss), draper, 93 Princes street
Brown Betsy (Miss), shopkeeper, 159 Victoria road
Brown C. Every L.D.S.E.C.S- dental surgeon, 27 Sth. Tay street
Brown Catherine (Mrs.), confectioner, 17 High street, Lochee
Brown Charlotte (Mrs.), grocer, 132 Overgate
Brown D. M. wholesale draper & warehouseman, Rankines court
Brown David, butcher, 302 Perth road
Brown David, confectioner, 25 City road
Brown David, plumber &c. 59 South Tay street; res. 8 Spring-
field, Perth road
Brown David Archer, teacher of music, 23 Elizabeth street
Brown David McGregor, butcher, 154 Strathmartine road
Brown G. Chace, surveyor of taxes, 29 Bank street; res. 5 Oak-
wood terrace, West Park road
Brown George, cashier at Messrs. Baxter Brothers & Co. Limited,
Tay cottage, Newport
Brown George, church officer. 11 Murraygate
Brown George, ironfounder (Grant & Brown), 62 Bell street;
res. 63 Constitution road
Brown George, watch & clock maker, 34 Barrack street; res.
18 Forest Park road
Brown James, builder. North Lindsay street; res. 3 Parker st
Brown James, confectioner, 2 Carmichael street
Brown JameB, confectioner, 43 Dens road
Brown Jane (Mrs.), fruiterer, 72 Strathmartine road
Brown Jas. plumber. 55 South Tay street; reB. 34 Taits lane
Brown John, clerk, 13 Osborne place
Brown John, coal merchant, South Ward road
Brown John, decorator (Brown & Gow), li Murraygate
Brown John, furniture dealer, 147 Hilltown
Brown John, grocer, 9 Dura street
Brown John Dawson, erocer, 132 Victoria rd. & 103 Princes st
Br^wn Lachlan, blacking manufacturer, King's Cross works.
West Clepington road
Brown Marguerite (Hrs.1, shopkeeper, 20 Arthur street
Brown Mrs. butcher, 120 Rosebank street
Brown P. S. iron merchant (Brown & Tawse), Craigmount,
Broughty Ferry West
Brown Peter, grocer & spirit dealer. 24 Carmichael street
Brown Robert, coal merchant, Maryfield station
Brown Robert J. draper, 39 Ann street
Brown Robsrt Jamieson, draper, 59 Hilltown
Brown Susan (Miss), confectioner, 97 Victoria road
Brown Thomas, china & glass dealer, 64 South road, Lochee
Brr>wn Thomas, ironmonger ("Brown Thomas tv. Co.); res. 3
Tay terrace, Magdalen Tard road
Brown Wilhelmina (Miss), milliner, 81 Hawkhill
Brown William, district manager National Telephone Co. Lim.
(London"). 13 Panmure etrpet ; res. 83 Albert street
Brown William, grocer, 49 Hill street
Brown William, householder, 83 Albert street
Brown William H. brewer & maltster, Craigie brewerv, 2 Lyon
street & 28 Albert street
Brn-wne David J. sec. to Dundee Gem Line Steam Shipping Co.
Lim. 39 Dock street: res. Elenlea. Seafield rd. Broughty Ferry
Brownlee W. & B. builders & manufacturing joiners, 52 Small's
wynd; T N 658
Brownlee Wm. J.P. builder (W. & R. Brownlee), 9 Clarendon ter
scot. 47

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