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Campbell Agnes (Mrs.), draper, 160 Strathrnartine road
Campbell Alex, physician & surgeon, 1 Clarendon ter. Perth road
Campbell Ann (Miss), shopkeeper, 43 Union place, Lochee
Campbell Archibald, lithographic manager " Dundee Advertiser/'
4 Stewart terrace, Barnhill, Broughty Ferry
Campbell Archibald (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 49 West port
Campbell Charles, shopkeeper, 60 Polepark road
Campbell Elizabeth (Mrs.), milliner, 133 Victoria road
Campbell Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 32 Victoria street
Campbell George, boot maker, 4 Blackness road
Campbell Harry Garvie, cycle repairer, 110 Cowgate
Campbell Isabella (Miss), milliner, 50 Albert street
Campbell James, carting contractor, Constable street; office, 55
Trades lane ; res. 8 Wallace street
Campbell James, shopkeeper, 206 Overgate
Campbell Jane (Mrs.), draper, 53 Logic street
Campbell Rev. John, chaplain to the East Poor House, lONelson st
Campbell Kate (Miss), draper, 25 Victoria street
Campbell Peter, householder, 9 St, Mary's terrace
Campbell PeterM.B.,L.R.C.S.,L.R.C.P.surgn.29Springnd.Perth rd
Campbell Robert, clerk, 2 Thornley terrace, Madeira street
Campbell W. Graham M.B., CM. surgeon, 27 South Tay street
Campbell Walter, surgeon-dentist, 27 South Tay street
Campbell William, butcher, 191 Perth road
Campbell William, lodging house, 120 Overgate
Campbell William, secondhand, clothes dealer, 230 Overgate
Camperdown Masonic Hall (James McGlashan, hall keeper), 22
Barrack street
Campsie Charles, butcher, 147 South road, Lochee
Canale Antonio, confectioner, 58 King street
Canali Pietro, confectioner, 20 Scouringburn
Cane William, grocer, 13 Logie street, Lochee
Canning Ellen (Miss), confectioner, 15 Barrack street
Canning Kathleen (Miss), confectioner, 141b, Nethergate
Cant Jas.bookseller,& agt. forSutton's parcel express, 23Greeamkt
Cantrell George, fishmonger, 34 South Union street
Cappon Thomas M. architect & surveyor, 30 Reform street ; res.
6 Norwood crescent, East Newport
Caproni Pietro, confectioner, 49 Soouringburn
Caraway John, boot maker, 12 Daniel street
Caraway John, confectioner, 152 Scouringburn
Carey James, cabinet maker, 164 Overgate & 65 Nethergate
Cargill & Co. Ltd. bleachers, yarn millers, flax
yarn spinners & merchants, 23 Cowgatc ;
works, Dundee bleach works ; -& a.t 6 Bedford!
street, Belfast ; pay days, tuesdays &â–  fridays ; T N 205 ;
TA" Cargill. Dundee "
Cargill John, merchant, 32 Cowgate; pay day, tuesday; T N 225;
X A " Philgate, Dundee"; res. Hill view
Cargill William D, bleacher (Cargill & Co. Lim.), 2 Oaenlochan
terrace, Broughty Ferry
Carlin Hugh, coal dealer, Dempster street
Carlin Mary (Miss), shopkeeper, 43 Kincardine street
Carline Henry R.N. writer, 14£ P&ton's lane
Carlisle Alfred Watson, solicitor, 54 Commercial street; res. 4
Youngsdale place, East Newport
Carlton & Mclntyre, solicitors, 14 Union street
Carlton Hubert, solicitor (Carlton <Sc Mclntyre), 14 Union st. ;
res. 5 Blackness avenue
Carmiehael James & Co. Limited, engineers, millwrights, boiler
& machine makers & forgings manufacturers, Ward foundry,
Guthrie st. & Brown et.; TN 563; Ti "Corliss, Dundee"
Carmiehael James & Sons, curriers & leather merchants, 9 to
15 North Tay street & tanners, Cupnr, Fife; TN 668
Carmiehael Daniel, stationer, 253 Hilltown
Carmiehael George, engineer (James Carmiehael & Co. Lim.),
Taymount, West Ferry
Carmiehael George B. solicitor, 54 Commercial street; res. 12
West Albany terrace
Carmiehael James, currier (James Carmiehael & Sons), 39
Magdalen Yard road
Carmiehael Jas. S. merchant (Baxter Bros. & Co. Lim.), of Arthur-
stone, Meigle, Perthshire
Carmiehael James William, engineer (James Carmiehael & Co.
Limited), 2 Fintry place, Broughty Ferry
Carmiehael John, currier (James Carmiehael & Sons), West-
field, Cupar Fife
Carmiehael John, superintendent & deputy chief constable city
police, Police chambers, West Bell street
Carmiehael Margaret (Mrs.), spirit dealer, 18 & 22 St. Clement's
lane ; res. 3 Shore terrace
Carmiehael Stewart, artist, 65 Nethergate
Carnegie David, sculptor (David Carnegie & Son)
Carnegie David & Sonj monumental sculptors,
marble cutters, tile layers <& architectural
carvers, Ladywell place, Victoria road
Carnegie George, sculptor, 3 & 5 East Dock street & Meadow-
side ; res. Carnoustie
Carnegie Rt.K. officer in the Royal Exchange,RoyalExchange bldgs
Carnochan John, superintendent of Dundee parks & cemeteries,
93 Commercial street; res. Laburnum bank, Wormlt
Carr Anne & Mary (Misses), dress makers, 56 Dudhope street
Carr Robert & Alex, tin & coppersmiths, 59 Cotton road
Carr & Co. warehousemen, 56 Overgate & Tally street
Carrie George, watch maker, 13 Overgate
Carrie George, jun. watch maker, 13 Overgate
Carrie Jessie (Miss), tobacconist, 16 West Port
Carrol James S. furniture dealer, 119 Blackscroft
Carron Company (The), iron & coal masters, 4 India buildings
Carruthers Janet (Mrs.), furniture broker, 143 Overgate
Carry Jaue (Miss"), shopkeeper, 27 Small's wynd
Carse of Gowrie Dairy Co. Limited (Alex. Kidd, sec. & man-
ager), dairymen & bakers, Ward road; T N 371; T A
"Creamery, Dundee"
Carson Helen (Miss), draper & dres3 maker, 113 Logie street
Carswell D. & Sons, wholesale grocers, 9 to 19 Commercial
street; T N 1063; T A " Canister, Dundee"
Carswell David, grocer (D. Carswell & Sons), 5 Shamrock street
Carswell David, jun. grocer (D. Carswell & Sons), 48 Albert st
Carswell Thomas, hoot & shoe maker, 171 Hilltown
Carswell William, grocer (D. Carswell & Sons), Ascot, W.Newprt
Cartmill John, hair dresser, 36 Union street, Maxwelltown
Casey Jesse (Mrs.), furniture broker, 19 Scouringburn
Cash Clothing Co. clothiers, 20, 22 & 24 Hawkhill
Cassaday John, dentist, 43 Murraygate
Cassidy Joseph, grocer, 93 LifE road, Lochee
Castagnino Louis, confectioner, 8 South Union street
Catholic Beading Booms, Burnside street, Lochee
Cathro Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 144 Hilltown
Cathro Alexander, jun. grocer & spirit dealer, 104 Albert street
Cathro David Henry, spirit dealer, 133 Hawkhill
Cathro George McGibbon, grocer & spirit dealer, 238 Hilltown
Cathro Helen (Miss), dress maker, 73 Annfield road
CathroIsabella(Mis3),tobacconist & news agt. 10 Strathmartine rd
Cathro James G. shopkeeper, 19 Hospital wynd
Cathro John N. grocer, 76 Annfield road
Cathro Thomas (Mrs.), fruit & fish dealer, 126 Overgate
Cathro William E. bank messenger, 1 Albert square
Cattle Market (New) & Slaughter Houses (David Knight, super-
intendent), East Dock street; T N 561
Cavanagh William, shopkeeper, 13 Whorter bank, Lochee
Caw Charles, restaurateur, 25 Panmure street
Century Insurance Co. (George Smith, sec), 15 Castle street-
Chalmers E. & J. (Misses), dress makers, 119 Nethergate
Chalmers & Ormiston, pianoforte -warehouse, 101 Nethergate-
Chalmers & White, merchants, 9 Royal Exchange lane
Chalmers Bell, carting contractor, 4 Miln street
Chalmers Chas. butcher, 75 Perth road; res. 31 Seafield road
Chalmers David (Mrs.), confectioner, 82 South road, Lochee
Chalmers James, boot maker, 30 Alexander street
Chalmers James, clock repairer, 24 Scouringburn
Chalmers Jas. (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dlr. 158 South rd. Lochee
Chalmers John, grocer, 143 & 145 South road, Locbce
Chalmers John, rope & twine maker, Bellfleld, street
Chalmers William, boot maker, 40 High street; 111 Perth road
& 12 Overgate; res. Mabel bank, West Ferry
Chalmers Wm.F.mer.(Chalmers&White),4Kilburn ter.Ea.Newprt
Chapelton Joseph, draper, 161 Hilltown
Chapman & Gillies, upholsterers & cabinet makers, 5 Queen's.
Hotel buildings, Nethergate
Chapman James & Son, confectioners, 77 Murraygate
Chapman Alexander (Chapman & Gillies), upholsterer &c. 5-
Queen's Hotel buildings, Nethergate ; res. 1 Mount Pleasant
Chapman James, confectioner, 37 Reform street
Charity Organization Society (D. Clarke, hon. sec. ; John Dunlop,
hon. treasurer & investigating agent), 7 West Bell street
Children's Shelter (William Donald Williamson, officer), 1
Laurelbank, Constitution road
Chilian Consulate (George 0. Keiller, consul), 9 Panmure street
Chinnery Hugh, tobacconist, 90 Scouringburn
Chisholm James, cork manufacturer, 6 Arthur street
Chisholm John, governor of East poor ho. Molison st. Mains loan
Chisholm John, grocer & provision dealer, 16 Arthur streeft.
Chisholm Samuel, dairyman, 38 Dudhope street
Chivera Ann (Miss), grocer & spirit dealer, 4 Daniel street^
Chivers Margaret (Miss), grocer, 78 Blackness road
Christie Adam, china & glass dealer, 16 Bank street, Lochee-
Christie Alexander, butcher, 121 High street, Lochee
Christie Annie (Miss), draper, 125 Ann street
Christie David, jun. fishmonger & game dealer &c. 81 King st
Christie George, coal dealer, 3 Thistle street
Christie George (Mrs.), draper, 9 Bank street, Lochee
Christie James, milk seller, 17 Crescent lane
Christie John R. sack manufacturer (Forbes & Christie), 3 Alpha
terrace, Broughty Ferry
Christie Mary (Mrs.), news agent, 15 Polepark road
Christie Nimmo, teacher of music, 8 Panmure street & 6 Balgay
avenue, Blackness road
Christie Peter, cooper, 41 King street
Christie Robert, manager Johnston's Lim.lArgyle ter.Brghty.Frry
Christie Robert K. shipping agent & inspector of poor for Long-
forgan, 46 Castle street; T Nos. 1067 & 1104; TA "Coast-
ing, Dundee"; res. Longforgan
Christie Samuel, householder, 90 Victoria road
Christie Thomas, grocer & provision dealer, 10 Dallfield walk
Christie Thomas, shopkeeper, 28 Watson street
ChriBtie Thomas B. china & glass dealer, 38 High st. Lochee-
Christie Thomas, grocer & provision dealer, 10 Dallfield walk
Christie William, shopkeeper, 89 South road, Lochee
Christie's Temperance Hotel, Whitehall crescent
Church Establishment Association (Thomas Littlejohn, hon. seer-
& treasurer), 32 Bell street
City Assembly Rooms, Shore terrace
City of Dundee Co-operative Society Limited, groceries & pro--
visions, drapery, boots & shoes, bread, 111£ Hawkhill & 47 <fc
49 William street
City Engineer's Office (William Mackison C.E., F.R.I B A
F.S.A.Scot. city engineer; James Thornton, assistant; John
M'Dougall, inspector of works), 91 Commercial St.; T N 162'
City of Glasgow Friendly Society (John Thomson, agent), 27
Victoria road
Civil Service Clothing Co. clothiers (James Philp, manager),
26 West port
Clan Line of Steamers, Glasgow & Liverpool, to Bombay, Cal-
cutta, South African ports &c. (B. L. Nairn & Co. agents),
33 Commercial street
Clark D. R. & Son, printers, stationers & publishers of the
Dundee Railway Time Tables, 31 Castle street^
Clark & Sinclair, wholesale fruit mers. 9, 10 & 11 West Dock st
Clark Agnes (Mrs.), smallware dealer, 153 South road, Lochee
Clark Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 25 Hospital wynd
Clark Alexander, clerk, 2 Gowrie place, Hawkhill
Clark Alexander, stationer, 205 Perth road
Clark Alex. F. Chisholm M.B., CM. physician & srgn.81Albert st
Clark Andrew, general dealer, 10 Paterson street
Clark Betsy (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 33 Crescent street
SCOT. 47*

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