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Linen Manufacturers.
Birrell & Son, 219 High street
Blyth A. & Co. Park road, Sinclairtown
Greig Peter & Co. Victoria linen works,
St. Clair street, Sinclairtown
Heggie K. B. & Pratt, West End power
loom works
Heggie Robert, Kirkcaldy power loom linen
works ; TN44
Ireland & Wishart Limited, St. Clair power
loom factory, Sinclairtown; & at Strat-
hearn power loom factory, Abernethy
Jeffrey John & Co. Balsusney works
Kay T. & J. 84 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
Lockharfc IN". & Sons, Link town power loom
Lornie John & Sons, Dunnikier factory
M'Laren Thomas & Sons, Park Head factory,
Bosslyn street, Sinclairtown ; London
warehouse, 13 Lawrence lane ; & at
Main John & Sons, Denfield power loom
& Pathhead factories
Stocks Robert & Co. Links street
Swan, Mackie & Co. 34 & 36 High street
Wemyss Robert & Co. (linens, ticks &c),
Caledonian Linen mills & Abbotshall
Westwater Andrew & Co. Church st.Pathhd
Linoleum Manufacturers.
See also Floor Cloth Manufacturers.
Barry, Ostlere & Shepherd Limited, offices
& works
Fife Linoleum & Floor Cloth Co. Limited
(The) (W. 11. Miller, sec), 23 Commer-
cial street, Pathhead
Nairn Michael & Co. Limited, Scottish lino-
leum works, Kirkcaldy; 131 Aldersgate
street, London E C ; 4 Canal street, Min-
shull street, Manchester; 113 Centre st.
Glasgow; & 21 Boulevard Haussmann,
Literary & Scientific Institution s
People's Club & Institute (Andrew Braid,
sec; Andrew Buchanan, superintendent),
3 Glasswork strecL
"Working Men's Institute (David Bonellie,
sec), Rosslyn street, Gallatown
Live ry£S table Keepers,
Anderson James, 255 Links street
Goodall & Co. Tolbooth street
Gray David & Co. 9 Dunnikier road
Miller William & Sons, Institution street
Looking: Glass Frame Makers.
Anderson James (wholesale), 108 Commer-
cial street & Factory road, Pathhead
Machine Makers.
Brown Thomas B. Tiel engine works
Dempster George, 71 Nether st. Pathhead
Douglas & Grant,. Dunnikier foundry
Melville William M. Sinclairtown foundry
Mitchell W. L. & Son, Abbotshall foundry
Philip William, Mount Pleasant works
Robertson D. R. & Son, Portbrae machine
works, High street
Machinery Merchants.
Dingwall William, Harbourhead
Mclntyre John, Den road
Hutchison Robert & Co. Limited
Kilgour Robert & Co. Dunnikier maltings
Leishman William T. West Bridge brewery
Manure Merchants.
Cunningham J. & J. Limited. Cowan street
Hutchison Robert & Co. Limited, East
Bridge mills
Master Mariners.
Baxter Alexander S. 16 Aitken street, Sin-
Chapman William, 3 George street
King William Thomas, 2 Harley terrace
Lowe Charles, 5 Douglas street
"Swinton William W. 94 Dunnikier road
Medical List.
Crichton William M.B. & C.M.Glas. 60
Dunnikier road
â– Curror Alexander Leslie M.B. & C.M.Edin.
Newton house, Nicol street
'Henderson William Elmslie M.A., M.B. &
Ch.Aberd. Redthorpe, Victoria road
I^ing Henry William M.D. & C.M.Edin.,
L.R.C.S.Edin. Lisaghmore.Whytehouse av
McGlashan Archibald M.B. & C.M.Glas.
Allanton, Balsusney road
Mcintosh George Wishart M.B., C.M.,B.Sc
Edin. 23 Townsend place
Mackav John Sutherland M.A.Edin., M.D.&
â– C.M.St.And., D.P.H.Edin. 10 Townsend
Nicholson John M.B. & C.M.Edin. 30 Bal-
susney road
Proudfoot (Robert Butter M.D. & CM.
Edin.) & Smith fJohn) M.A., M.D. &
C.M.Edin., L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng.
82 St. Clair street, Sinclairtown
Proudfoot Robert Butter M-D. & C.M.Edin.
82 St. Clair street, Sinclairtown
Smith John M.A., M.D. & C.M.Edin.,
L.R.C.P.Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng. Bryce hall,
Kirk wynd
Turner Ebenezer M.B., C.M.Glas. Lough-
borough road
Wallace William Thomas Merry M.B. &
C.M.Glas. 57 Loughborough rd. Sinclairtn
Garnock William & Son, 26 & 28 High street
Metal Merchants.
Earnet & Morton, 192 & 194 High street
Daly Peter (old). Volunteer green
Harley John, Fife forge, Overton road
Muir Mrs. Ann, 22 Rose street
Hogarth James,, Central flour mills, Ben-
nochy road
Hutchison Rt. & Co. Lim. East Bridge mills
Birth Miss Joan, 23 Links street
Bogie The Misses J. J. & A. 264 High
street & 41 Townsend place
Brown Robert, 70 High street
Campbell Miss Helen, 7b, High street
Economic Drapery Stores, 240 High street
Fernie Miss M. 131 High street
Kirk Miss Margaret, 145 Commercial st.
Leighton Mrs. Mary, 13 Bandon av.Gallatwn
Main & Co. 204 to 208 High street
May Misses R. & M. 94 High street
Mitchell John, 72 & 74 Mid st. Pathhead
Nelson Mrs. L. 60 High street
Page Mrs. Margaret, 9 Lady Helen street
Skinner Mrs. John, 1 Bank st. Sinclairtown
Swan. Mackie & Co. 34 & 36 High street
Turner Misses Mary & Isabella, 97 St.
Clair street, Sinclairtown
Venters Miss Mary, 136 St. Clair street
Brown Thomas B. 'Tiel engine works
Douglas & Grant, Dunnikier foundry
Mineral & AeratedWater Manfrs.
Andrew George O. 20 Glasswork street
Douglas Robt. Lothrie aerated water manu-
factory, wemyssfield; & Ladvbank
Jenkinson W. & J. 25 Thistle street
Marshall & Sons, Inverteil road
Pringle George, Overton road, Sinclairtown
Ramsay Henry, Redburn wynd
Tod James M. Sands road
Model Makers.
Wilson & Co. 41 Market street
Motor Car Repairers.
Dowie A. & Sons Limited, Townsend place
Moulding Importers.
Haxton John & Co. 92 High street
Music & Musical Instrument Dlrs.
Deas <s Hood, 263 High street
Greig John B. 81 High street
Mellor Hirst, 58 & 60 St. Clair street
Percival Ernest J. & Oo. 96 High street;
& 52 High street, Alloa
Net Manufacturers.
Lockhart N. & N. Bennochy works
News Agents.
Buisfc William. 91 Mid street, Pathhead
Burt James, 184 & 186 High street
Currie Robert, 2a, Octavia street
Davidson John & Son, 111 High street
Fyfe James, 3 & 4 Nicol street
Harley Mrs. Mary, 52 St. Clair street
Lums'den David M. 83 Links street
Malcolm Robert, 42 St. Clair st.Sinclairtwn
Martin David C. 51 Mid street, Pathhead
Menzies John & Co. Railway station
Page Misses May &, Lizzie, 393 High street
Ramsay Joseph M. 286 High street
Scott Miss Isabella, 183 Commercial st.
Wilson Alexander, 202 St. Clair street
Wood Miss Christina, 195 Commercial st.
Yule David, 28 Balsusney road
Fife Free Press (Saturday) (Strachan &
Livingston, proprietors), Kirk wynd
Fifeshire Advertiser (Saturday) (L.Macbean,
proprietor), 130 High street
Kirkcaldy Mail ftuesday) (L. Macbean, pro-
prietor). 130 High street
Kirkcaldy Times (Wednesday) (Strachan &
Livingston, proprietors), Kirk wynd
Nurserymen & Seedsmen.
Braid Andrew, 259a, High street
Martin James, 31 Ava street
Sang Edward & Sons, 182 High street;
West Fergus place & Southerton
Oil Merchants.
Barnet & Morton, 192 & 194 High street
Ireland William L. 115 High street
Kirkcaldy Oil Co. (Thomson Brothers), 236
& 238 High street & Station road
Oil Cake Merchants.
Cunningham J. & J. (Leith), Cowan street
Stavert Walter, 47 High street
Downie Miss Grace (ladies'), 13 High street
Mortley Frederick, 272 & 274 High street
Blewes David, 110 High street
Gourlay George, 41 High street
Grierson Thos.l9& 21St.Clair st.Sinclairtwn
Henderson James, 204 St. Clair street,
Heron Gilbert, 288 High street
Hitchin John, 161 Commercial st. Pathhead
Hume James C. 215 Links street
Kinlay James, 34 Nether street^ Pathhead
Lornie Andrew, 6 Links street
Louden David, 14 Cowan street
Martin Peter, 32 Mid street, Pathhead
Rennie Thomas, 248 Links street
Simpson Andrew, 261 High street
Stewart Isaac L. 359 High 6treet
Tait & Jerfryes, 36 Townsend place
Wedderspoon Wm. 21 Park rd. Sinclairtown
Mullan Alexander J. Oswald's wynd & 321
& 323 High street
Burnett G. & Co. Hunter street
Campbell Colin, 133 High street
Duncan William, 17 High street
Ferguson Robert B. N. 23 Salisbury street
Milliken Robert, 82 High street
Rettie Robert G. 1 Townsend place
Robertson Alex. Walker, 5 High street
Taylor A. & G. Church lane
Taylor Thomas & Sons, 481 High street
See Medical List.
Pianoforte Warehouse.
Chalmers & Ormiston, 3 Whyte's causeway
Picture Dealers.
Haxton John & Co. 92 High street
Picture Frame Makers.
Anderson James, 94 Back street & Factory
road, Pathhead
Fyfe James, 3 & 4 Nicol street
Haxton John & Co. 92 High street
Easton John, 16 Lina street, Balsusney rd
Grant William, Hunter street
Hutchison Alex. 14 Aitken st. Sinclairtown
Page Robert, Factory road, Pathhead
Page William, Sands road
Wright David, 12 Nicol street
Plumbers & Glaziers.
Blyth & Dougal, Institution street
Darling Alex. 163 Commercial st. Pathhead
Dougall Geo. 129 Commercial st. Pathhead
Grant Alexander, 309 High street
Haxton Jn.& Co. (glaziers only),92 High st
Henderson Miss Ann, 193 Links street
Hutchison Henry, 2 & 4 Bell Inn wynd
Johnston James, 404 High street
Kirk Andrew, 147 Commercial st.Pathhead
Laing Philip, 40a, Links street
M'Conochie Archibald & Son, 29 High st
Michie Alexander, 173 High street
Pye James, 207 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
Templeman Thomas, 7 Charlotte street
Torrance Andrew, 27 Dunnikier road
Wood James & Son, 334 High street
Pork Butcher.
Glauch Otto, 401 High street
Potato Merchants.
Baillie James, Abbotshall road
Banks James, Harbour head
Preserve Manufacturers.
Aiton & M'Connochie, Dunnikier road
Print Sellers.
Haxton John & Co. 92 High street
Allen Lithographic Co. Limited, 30 Town-
send place
Cramb John, 203 Hierh street
Davidson John & Son, 111 High street
Duncan James W. 2S2 & 284 High street

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