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Macbean Lachlan, 130 High street
Oswald John, 210 High street
Page Alexander, 190 High street
Strachan & Livingston, Kirk wynd
See Teachers.
Property & Investment Societies.
Kirkcaldy & District Economic Building So-
ciety (Thomas Scott, sec), 27 Kirk wynd
Kirkcaldy Property Investment Society
(Arthur Turnbull, treasurer & manager),
17 Pose street
Standard Property Investment Co. (Alex-
ander Thomson, agent), 23S High street
Provision Merchants & Dealers.
Cumming George, 16 Balsusney road
Danish Butter Co. 255 High street
Garnock William & Son, 26 & 28 High st
Harper & Pearson, 150 High street
Lipton Lim. 235 High street
Maypole Dairy Co. Limited, 85 High street
Simpson Alex. 127 Commercial Bt.Pathhead
Public Company.
Kirkcaldy Feu Duties Co. Limited (Michael
Nicol, sec), 5 Kirk wynd
Public Halls.
See Official.
Public Houses.
See Spirit Dealers.
Q,uarry Masters.
Fraser Alexander & Sons, Den & Gallatown
quarries; office, Nairn st. Pathhead
Smith George, Southerton
Bag- Merchants.
See also Waste Merchants.
Campbell James & Sons, Cowan street
Keddie George, 28 Rosslyn street, Gallatown
Steedman Jas. 21 Commercial st. Pathhead
Railway Contractor.
Gilmour David, Hollybank, Munro street
Reading: Rooms.
Dunnikier Heading Boom (Hendry Geddes,
chairman), Dunnikier row
Kirkcaldy Pottery ReadingRoom,146Links st
Pathhead & Sinclairtown Beading Boom
(John Clark, sec), Commercial street,
Reed Maker.
Gordon George, 19 Church street, Pathhead
Refreshment Rooms.
Kirkcaldy Cafe Co. Limited (M. Nicol,
see. ; Henry Thomas Sahvay, manager).
. High street
"Public Becreation &. Refreshment Booms
Limited (Thomas Scott, sec), 248 High st
Registrar of Births, Deaths &
See Official.
Rope & Twine Manufacturers.
Doig John, 28 Ramsay road & Pratt street
Forth & Clvde Boperie Co. See advert
Hendry J. & W. West Bridge spinning mills
Lockhart N. & N. Bennochv works
North British (The) Kope-Work Co. Den
burn rope works. Pee advertisement
Stark Bobert, 155 High street
Williamson Jas. 20 Pottery st. Gallatown
Saddlers & Harness Makers.
Barn Brothers. 165 High street
Blake John. 78 Balsusney street
Mitchell Andrew, 45 High street
Salt Manufacturer.
Beilly Mrs. Annie, Dunnikier salt works,
360 High street
Sausage Maker.
Waddell Bobert Davidson, 79 High street
Saw Makers.
Drummond John, Bell Inn wynd
McKenzie George, US Mid st. Pathhead
Saw Mill Owners.
Lindsay Henry & Co. George Burn saw
mills, Tolbooth street
Simpson Geor.ge & Co. Overton rd.Pathhd
Wishart David & Son, Denfield sawing &
moulding mills, Smeaton road
Ireland Miss Grace, South bank (ladies'),
Whytehouse avenue
Henderson Bobt.Bennochy rd. & Station rd
Murdoch Andrew, Sang road
Seed Merchants.
Braid Andrew, 259a, High street
Hutchison Bt. & Co. Lim. East Bridge mills
Sang Edward & Sons, 182 High street;
West Fergus place & Southerton
Sewing Machine Agents &Dealrs.
The Singer Manufacturing Co. 77 High st
Servants' Registry Office.
Fulton Miss Janet, 13 Tolbooth street
Ship Owners.
Cornfoot James, 45 Loughborough road,
Kirkcaldy, Lelth & Glasgow Steam Packet
Co. Lim. (Thos. Saunders, mgr.), High st
London & Kirkcaldy Steam Shipping Co.
(John Harcus, manager), 475 High st
Adie John, 184 Rosslyn street, Gallatown
Anderson Charles, 161 Links street
Anderson Miss Susan, 30 Charlotte street
Arthur Mrs. Jane, 112 St. Qlair street
Barclay Mrs. Margaret, 20 Institution st.
Barnes George, 271 Links street
Bernard James, 58 East Smeaton street
Brown Miss Janet, 148 Links street
Brown Mrs. Mary, 75 Links street
Clark Mrs. Isabella, 18 Nairn st. Pathhead
Cousin George, Gl Overton rd. Sinclairtown
Cowie Mrs. Mercer, 238 Bosslyn street,
Davidson William, 66 Lmks street
Dewar Mrs. Janet, 127 Mid st. Pathhead
Dobson Miss Margaret, 32 Nether street,
Dodds Alexander, 389 High street
Graham John, 95 Nether street, Pathhead
Greine John, 10 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
Grierson Alex. 87 Overton rd. Sinclairtown
Henderson Miss Ann, 69 Mid st. Pathhead
Hepburn Mrs. Elizabeth, 243 Links street
Hutchison Mrs. Catherine, 24 Bridtreton
Inglis Miss Ann P. 483 High street
Irvine Mrs. Elizabeth, 256 Links street
Johnston David, 395 Hich street
Johnson Mrs. Mary, 21 Nicol street
Leitch Mrs. Christina, 263 Links street
Lennie Mrs. Catherine, 9 Thistle street
McDonald Alexander, 155 Links street
McKenzie Miss Ann, 33 East Smeaton st
Milne Miss Helen, 32a, Nicol street
Muir Miss Annie, 24 Bose street
Neill Mrs. Jessie, 91 Victoria road
Nichol Mrs. Christina. 38 Hill street
Oman Mrs. Isabel, 420 High street
Orlando & Fontano, 183 St. Clair street,
Owler Mrs. Margaret, 235 Links street
Page Miss Lizzie, 17 Mitchell street
Pearson Mrs. Mary, 244 Links street
Preece Thomas, 285 Links road
Ramage Mrs. Ann, 144 Mid st. Pathhead
Reed Mrs. Margaret, 61 Links lane
Reid John, 30 Nicol street
Rennie Thomas, 248 Links street
Rentoul Richd. 256 Bosslyn st. Gallatown
Richardson Mrs. Margaret, 173 Links street
Ritchie James, 96 Links street
Ross William, 45 Bridgeton
Saunders Mrs. Janet, 292 High street
Sharp Mrs. Ann, 90 Nether street, Parkhead
Shields Matthew, 110 Links street
Shieis David, 116 Links street
Simpson Mrs. Janet, 25 Links street
Smith Mrs. Janet, 33 Mid st. Pathhead
Taylor Mrs. Margt. 90 Mid st. Pathhead
Thomson Mrs. Elizabeth, 47 Market street
Walker Miss Isabella, 236 Links street
Walker Mrs. Mary, 185 Links street
Wardlaw Bobert, 53 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Watt Mrs. Isabella, 73 Victoria road
Wiederhold Mrs. Margaret, 280 High street
Wilson Thomas, 304 Links street
Young Mrs. Elizabeth, 59 Victoria road
Slate Merchant.
Lawson John, Oswald's wynd
Currie & Cant, 97 Dunnikier road
Lawson John, 44 Alexandra street
Page Robert, Factory road, Pathhead
Page William, Sands road
Stark David, 26 Whytehouse mansions,
High street
Young Simon, 88 & 90 Links street
Smallware Dealer.
Condie Miss Jessie, 320 Links street
Charity Organisation Society (George Gour-
lay, hon. sec), 27 Kirk wynd
East of Scotland Union of Naturalists' Socie-
ties (William Young, hon. sec), Fair
view, Milton road
Kirkcaldy Burghs Unionist Association (Jn.
W. Laurie, organising sec), Unionist
club, Thistle street
Kirkcaldy & District Deaf & Dumb Christian
Association, 27 Kirk wynd
Kirkcaldy & District Working Men's Union-
ist District Association (George Halley,
sec), 27 Kirk wynd
Kirkcaldy Liberal & Radical Association
(George Halley, sec), 8 Burleigh street
Kirkcaldy Naturalists' Society (Wm. Young,
hon. sec), Fair view, Milton road
Kirkcaldy Photographic Society (S. Stewart
F.I.C. hon. sec), 2 Salisbury street
National Bible Society (Alex. Davidson,
hon. sec), 3 Fergus place
National Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Children (John Shaw, in-
spector), 27 Kirk wynd
Queen Victoria Jubilee Nursing Association
(Lady Helen Munro Ferguson, hon. sec),
Raith house
Young Men's Christian Association (W. G.
Robertson, sec), Swan Memorial hall,
Kirk wynd
Solicitors & "Writers.
Marked thus * are Notaries.
Adamson George P., M.A. 68 High street
*Aitken Geo. Lewis (Beveridge & Aitken),
220 High street
Beveridge & Aitken, 220 High street
*BeveridgeAlexander(Beveridge & Aitken),
220 High street
Beveridge David (Beveridge. & Aitken), 220
High street
Blvth Robert, 86 St. Clair st. Sinplairtown
Dow Thomas & Son, 114 & 116 High street
Dow William Millie (Thomas Dow & Son),
114 & 116 High street
Duncan George, 200 High street
Gibson &, Spears, 170 High street
*Guthrie James Pye, 196 High street
*Herd J. & J. L.'l49 High street
*Inglis James (Thomas Dow & Son), 114
& 116 High street
Innes A. & J. L. 126 High street
*Innes John Lockhart (A. & J. L. Innes),
126 High street
Johnston T. & T. 180 High street
^Johnston Thomas (T. & T. Johnston), 180
High street
Johnston Thomas, jun. M.A., LL.B. (John-
ston T. & T.), 180 High street
*Macindoe William Lowson M.A., LL.B.
(Gibson & Spears). 170 High street
*Mason John Rae, 247 High street
*Nicol Michael, 5 Kirk wynd
Renton George Wemyss, 148 High street
^Thomson Afexander, 236 High street
Thomson James, 51 High street
Wallace Alexander, 233^High street
Whyte George James, 253 High street
Williamson David, 15 Tolbooth street
Spirit Dealers.
See also Hotels; also Grocers.
Anderson James, 5 Tolbooth street
Baird David, 181 High street
Baxter Alexander L. 373 High street
Burgess William, 7 Mid street, Pathhead
Cairns Thomas Dryburgh, 31 Rose street
Deas James, 33 High street
Forker Robert, Bridgeton
Forsyth Michael, 2 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
Gibb Mrs. James 200 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Gibson Robert, 375 High street
Gillespie Donald, 152 Links street
Henderson Andrew, 73 St. Clair street,
Ketterick Francis, 461 High street
Kinnear Andrew, 127 High street
Leadbetter Mrs. Mary, 1S3 High street
Maokay Andrew, 157 Links street
Mcllroy Mrs. Elizabeth, 141 St. Clair st.
Macmaster Angus, 297 (Victoria) High st
Martin James, 22 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Moon Alexander, 27 St. Clair street
Muir Andrew, 399 High street
Noval John, Chapel
Peggie William, 25 Nicol street
Philip Charles, 84 High street
Pocklington William, 19 Kirk wynd
Proudfoot David C. H. 2 Thistle street &
21 Glasswork street
Ralley William. 435 High street
Ritchie William Chalmers, 355 High street
Robertson John, 19 Rose st. & 39 Market st
Rodger David, 250 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
Smlith Adam, 1 Hieh street
Stark Robert, 326 & 328 Links street
Stewart Andrew.68 Commercial st. Pathhead
Thain William, 52 High street
Todd Andrew, 51 Nether street, Pathhead
Todd George, 473 High street
Turner Thomas, 86 Links street
Warrender John, 135 Rosslvn st. Gallatown
Watt William, 267 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Shirt Manufacturer — "Wholesale.
Irvine Peter, 210 High street
Stationer — Manufacturing 1 .
Duncan James W. 282 & 284 High street

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