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Waddell Alexander, joiner, builder, house
agent & valuator, 43 Sommerville street
Waddell James A. Burgh surveyor & sani-
tary inspector, Furkton
Wallace Brothers, coal proprietors {James
Mitchell, shipping agent), 2 Forth place
"Wallace Thomas A. solicitor & notary, town
clerk & clerk to the Harbour Commission-
ers & to the burgh & landward school
boards. 96 High street
Watson Henry, collector & inspector of
poor & clerk to the Parish Council,
Grange road
Watt Duncan, traveller, 9 Gladstone terrace
Wemyss Coal Co. Limited (James Mitchell,
shipping agent), 2 Forth place
Whyte William S. insurance agent (Pearl),
69 High street
CAMEBON is a parish about 4 mileB
south of St. Andrews. It is bounded on
the north by St. Andrews, on the south by
Carnbee and Kilconquhar, on the east by
Denino, and on the west by Ceres. Its
length is about 6 miles, and its breadth 4;
it is in the small debt court district of St.
Andrews and contains the villages of
Lathones, Peat Inn and Eadernie and part
â– of the village of Denhead. The nearest
railway station is at Mount Melville (2
miles "distant), on the Thornton Junction
and St. Andrews section of the North
British railway. The greater portion of
the !and is well cultivated, the remainder
being pasture, well drained by numerous
small streams. There is a parish church
and school at Radernie. The kennels of the
Fifeshire foxhounds are at Halleswynd,
Ceres, Sir John Gilmour bart. of Montrave.
is master. Cupar and St. Andrews are
convenient places for hunting visitors.
Major Henry J. 0. G. Bonar, of Greig-
ston, James H. Eigg esq., of Drumcarm
James Cheape esq. of Strathtyrum, John
Purvis esq. of Kinaldy, James Younger
esq. of Moutt Melville and Denook, D
Wedderbum Thorns esq. of Feddinch and
Winthank, and the trustees of John Pater-
son esq. of Langraw, are the principal
landowners. The area comprises 9,325
acres; rateable value, £7,738; the popu-
lation in 1891 was 886, and in 1901, 738.
Post Office, Denhead; Hobert Swan, sub-
postmaster. Letters received through St.
Andrews. Delivery, 11.10 a.m. ; dis-
patched, 10.20 a.m. Strathkennis is the
nearest money order & telegraph office,
â–  2 miles distant
Wall Letter Box, Cameron School wall,
' cleared at 3.40 p.m. week days only
Chairman, John Purvis
Inspector of Poor. Collector of Bates &
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages
John Robertson
Established Church, Cameron, Bev. William
L. Baxter D.D
United Free, Lathones, Eev. Alex. Home
â– Chairman, James Cheape
Clerk. William Morton,
Board Schools: —
Cameron, John Robertson, master
Radernie, William Wilson, master
Denhead, Miss Macgilvery, mistress
Baxter Rev. William L., D.D. (Estab)
Cheape Hon. Mrs. Annie C. Lathockar
Home Rev. Alexander (TJ. F)
Purvis John, Kinaldy
Thorns David W. Feddinch
Bell Elizabeth (Mrs.), innkeeper, Lathones
Bremner Thomas, blacksmith, Peat Inn
Dunn John, blacksmith, Gilmerton
Ireland Thomas, innkeeper, Peat Inn
Laing David, grocer, Radernie
Xow" Matthew, blacksmith, Priorlatham
.Robertson John, registrar of births, deaths
.& marriages, heritors' & session clerk,
inspector & collector
^Stewart Robert, blacksmith, Lawhead
Wallace John, joiner, Hazleden
Carnegie David
Greive David, N. Lambulithan
Home David, Douncarro
Leslie James, Crangour
McNiven John, Langraw
Meldrum John, Wilkieston
Mitchell Alexander, Cassindonald
Morrison Alexander, Feddinch
Wilkia Alexander, hair dresser & tobac-
conist, 67a, High street
Williams Alexander, apartments,21Kirkgate
Williamson James, slater & plasterer, 114
High street
Wilson James, grocer & spirit dealer, 124
High street
Wilson Henry, apartments, Lily bank
Wilson John, "baker & confctnr. 93 High st
Wilson Martha C. (Mrs.), apartments, 4
Craigholm crescent
Wilson Robt. grocer & spirit dlr.28 High st
Wilson Thomas, chemist, 110 High street
Wishart Wm. cart owner, Kirkton gardens
Wood David, postmaster, bookseller, statio-
ner & registrar oi births, deaths & mar-
riages, 88 High street
Wright John, dairyman, 38 Sommerville st
Patterson Joseph
Smith William & David, S. Lambulithan
Thorns David, "Upper Feddinch
Weighton James, Priorlethan
Mitchell Jas. lime burner, Straithkinness
Swan Hobert, grocer & sub-postmaster
Webster David, public house keeper
Wilson James, lime burner
CARNBEE is a parish and village, the
latter aboub 3 miles north-east from Pitten-
weem ; the parish also contains the hamlets
of Arncroach and Ovenstone ; it extends 5
miles from east to west with a breadth of 3
and is bounded north by Cameron, east by
Crail and Kilrenny, south by Pittenweem,
south-west by St. Monance and west by Kil-
conquhar. The nearest railway station is at
Pittenweem, on the Thornton Junction and
St. Andrews section of the North British
rafilway. The parish is in the small debt
court district of Anstruther. The minerals
are limestone and freestone. The greater
part of the land is rfich and fertile, and well
cultivated, the rest being adapted for pas-
ture. Of late years dairy farming has been
carried on in the parish extensively. A ridge
of hills runs through the centre of the
parish, the highest of which is Kellie Law,
having an altitude of 800 feet above the
level of the sea. Kellie Castle, formerly
the seat of the Earls of Eellie, stands in
this parish, on the south side of Eellie
Law, and occupies a prominent and beau-
tiful situation; it is now the residence of
Mrs. Lorimer. Balcaskie House, the seat
of Sir Ralph W. Anstruther bart. D.L.,
J. P. principal landowner, stands on a
rising ground between St. Monance and
Pittenweem. The grounds are extensive
and thicklv wooded. The area comprises
8,396 acres; rateable value, £10,000. The
population in 1891 was 952, and in 1901,
Arncroach is a small village in this parish,
1J miles south-west from the kirktown of
Carnbee and 3 miles north-west from Pitten-
Young William & Co. Limited (John Wis-
hart, manager ; Ewen McLeod, sec),
Grange distillery, Grange; T A " Young,
Distillers, Burntisland"
Youug Andrew, photographer, 104 High st
Bisset John, Geds mill
Fouieringham John, Orrock, Hatton &
Glen James F. Stenhouse
Henderson James, Balbie
Middlemas William, Green mount
Mitchell John, Newbiggin & Glassliehead
Walls Robert, Grange
Wright John, Widowsland
Post & T. O. Arncroach; Mrs. Black, sub
postmistress. Letters received through
Pittenweem R.S.O. Fifeshire. Delivery,
11 a.m. ; dispatch, 1.20 p.m. Postal
Orders are issued here, and paid. Pit-
tenweem is the nearest money order
Chairman, Sir R. W. Anstruther bart
Clerk, John Pentland- Smith
Inspector & Collector & Registrar of
Births, Deaths & Marriages, John Pent-
Established Church, Carnbee, Rev. Thomaa
P. Johnston
United Free Church,
Robert H. Falconer
Arncroach, Rev.
Chairman, Sir Ralph W. Anstruther bart
Clerk & Treasurer, John Guthrie, Anstru-
Schools : —
Carnbee. John Pentland-Smith, master
Arncroath, James Donaldson, master
Anstruther Sir Ralph W. bart. D.L., J.P.
Campbell Sir Archibald Ava bart. J.P.
Gibliston house
Grant Andrew, Pitcorthie house (postal
address, Colinsburgh R.S.O)
Johnston Rev. Thomas P. (Established)
Lorimer Mrs. Kellie castle
Pitman James C. Gillingshill house
Balfour William, engineer & millwright,
Ovenstone works
Black Euphemia (Mrs.), gTocer
Carnbee Literary & Social Union (Sir R. W.
Anstruther bart. D.L., J.P. president;
Ed. E. Morrison, sec)
Dickson William, blacksmith
Pentland-Smith John, registrar of births,
deaths & marriages, clerk to parish coun-
cil, inspector & collector & heritors' clerk
Robertson Andrew, blacksmith
Water Works (David Laing, manager)
Wilson Thomas, brick & tile maker
Balfour William, Ovenstone
Bowman David William, Balcormo
Brown Andrew, Balmakin
Burns John, i^ibliston
Carnegie David, Easter Pitcorthie
Carstairs Alexander, Clephanton
Davidson James Scott, Mains of Pitcorthie
Dryburgh William, North Cassingray
Gilchrist Andrew, Carvenon
Gourlay Alexander, South Cassingray
Gray Mrs. Robert, Baldutho
Hoy Brothers, Comielaw
Johnston Alexander, Gordanhall
Kay Andrew & James, West Cassingray
Landale Robert, Over Kellie
MoKain James, Burnside of Lingo
Mackie James, East Cassingray
Mitchell Alexander & Wm. Over Carjibee
Morgan William. West Lingo
Morrison Edward E. Balmonth
Peebles David, Greensdde, Wester Eellie &
Pringle Alexander, Knightsward
Ramsay John, Inch
Robertson Thomas, Carnbee farm
Rodger Andrew, Kellie castle
Scott Alexander, Ealside & Bonerbo
Scott James, Langside
Tannock James, (repres. of), Ovenstone
Smith Charles, Easter Kellie
Young Robert, Blink Bonny
Falconer Rev. Robert H. (United Free)
Bennett James, blacksmith
Bissett Alexander, builder & mason
Carnbeel Parish Reading Room & Library
(Stuart Anderson, sec)
Finlay Thomas, grocer
Henderson Stuart, grocer & general dealer
Lindsay Thomas, jun. draper
Main Joseph, nurseryman
Nicholson John, boot maker
Thomson William, slater
Westwood James, blacksmith
Wheeler William, joiner
CARNOCK is a parish lying to the west
of Dunfermline, and bounded on the south
by Torryburn,, west and north by Saline ; it
extends 3 miles from east to west and 2£
from north to south, and is in the Parlia-
mentary division of West Fife poor _ com-
bination and email debt court district of
Dunfermline, from which town it lies
3£ miles west. There is a station at
Oaklev, on the Stirling and Dunfermline
section of the North British railway.
Inzievar is the seat of Archibald Dominic
Smith-Sligo esq. Alexander Mitchell esq.
J.P. Lawrence Dalgleish esq. and Archi-
bald D. Smith-Sligo esq. of Inzievar, are
the principal landowners. The area com-
prises 3,492 acres; rateable value, £6,500;
population in 1891, 987, and in 1901, 1,349
in the parish and 352 in the village.
Oakley is a village partly in this parish
and par'tlv in Perthshire, about a mile from
Cannock village-, and 5 miles from Dunferm-
line • it sprung into existence subsequent to
1846 on the establishment of the Forth
Iron Works, which have since been dis-
continued. Population in 1901 was 595, of
which 400 are in Carnock parish

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