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Young Rev. John B., M.A. (IT. F. C),
Manse, 3 Lochies place
Young Andrew, 1 Bentlield villas
Young John, 2 Craigholm crescent
Addison Henry, shipping & coal agent &
stevedore, Harbour place
Anderson Mary (Mrs.), grocer & spirit
dealer, 12 Kirkgate
Anderson William, plasterer, Bentfield
ArcherElizabeth (Mrs.),fruiterer,32 High st
Archer Lizzie (Mrs.), fishmonger,21High st
Arnott Robert, spirit dealer, 37 High st
Arnott William, railway superintendent,
4 Craigkenochie terrace
Atkinson Thomas, tailor,, 63 High street
Baird & Stevenson (Glasgow), quarry
owners, Grange
Baird Margaret (Mrs.), toy dealer & tobac-
conist, 8 High street
Balfour George, spirit dlr. Harbour place
Barclay James, missionary, West Brae ho
Barclay William, painter & decorator, 108
High street
Begg Jas. refresh, rms. 41 Sommerville st
Bell James, butcher, 58 High street
Bell James, hardware dealer, 76 High st
Bett Marjory (iMrs.), gardener & dairy,
West Leven street
Beveridge Alison (Mrs.), toy dlr,112High st
Bisseto John & James, millers', Geds mill,
Bisset Jarces. chemist, 67 High street
Blyth John, brewer, Grange
Bonnar Barney, greengrocer, Harbour place
Boswell John, boot maker, 72 High street
Boultwood Jessie (Miss), china & glass &c.
dealer, 39 High street
Bowie & Fraser, tailors, Kirkgate
Bread Society Lim. bakers, 75 High street
British Oil & Cake Mills Limited (The),
seed crushers, oil refiners & merchants
& oil cake manufacturers, Seaforth place
Brown Robert, solicitor & notary, clerk to
the Heritors of Burntisland, see Mcintosh
& Brown, High street
Brown William, butcher, 47 High street
Brunton James, carting contractor &
carrier, Sommerville street
Burntisland Co-operative Savings Bank
("Malcolm McSwan, hon. treasurer; John
Patterson, hon. sec), 99 High street;
open every friday, from 7 to 7.45 p.m
Burntisland Co-operative Society Limited
(William Lawton, manager), 99 High st
. Burntisland Golf Club (William Duncan-
son, hon. sec), High Bents course
Burntisland Golf Co. Limited (Alexander
Mcintosh, sec). High street
Cameron Archibald, schoolmaster, 5 Glad-
stone terrace
Campbell Alexander, teacher of music,
Rockville, Kirkton
Campbell Isabella (Mrs.), apartments, I
Craigholm crescent
Carlstrom Hermann, apartmts. James pk
Carron Co. quarry owners, Newbiggin
limestone mine
Carstairs Martha (Miss), photographer,
High street
Cemetery (Thomas K. Nicol, superinten-
dent), Kinghnrn road
Chalmers William, quarry owner, builder &
contractor. Newbiggin quarries
Charles Thomas, boot & shoe ma.59 High &t
Clifton Jane (Miss), news agent, Port build-
ings, High street
Commercial Bank of Scotland Limited
(branch) (Thomas A. Wallace, agent ;
John P. McCallum, accountant), 96 High
street; draw on London office, 62 Lom-
bard street E C & Coutts & Co. W C,
Connel John & Son, shipping, insurance &
coal asrents, Harbour place
Connel James W. vice-consul for Germany
& the Netherlands, Harbour place
Connel John, vice-consul for the Danish,
Norwegian & Swedish, Harbour place
Cook Janet (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dealer,
Hampden place
Craig Samuel, china & glass dealer, 54
Sommerville street
Crerar Alexander, baker & confectioner,
104a, High street
Crow William, plumber & ga?fitter.65High st
Cunningham John G. oil cake,
seed & grain merchant, Lothian
Dallas Charles W. grocer, 68 High street
Dempster Jas. baker & confctnr.34 High st
Dick Alexander, painter &c. 104 High 6t
Dick James, apartments, Lammerlaws
Dick Jas. grocer & spirit dealer, 45 High st
Donaldson Elizh. (Mrs.), aparts. James pk
Donibristle Colliery Co. coal proprietors
(JamesMitchell. shipping agont),2Forth pi
Dover & Cuthbert. ship chandlers, plumb-
ers &c. 9 & 112a, High street
grocer & spirit dealer,
tailors & clothiers, 118
sewing machine
Dow William M.
Rose street
Duff & Wallace,
High street
Duff William, draper &
agent, 122 High street
Duucanson John, tailor, milliner & draper
62 High street
Earl of Rosslyn'3 Collieries Limited (The)
(John Connel, shipping agent), Harbour pi
Edine Alexander, fruiterer, 94 High street
Elder A. & J.(Misses), drapers,106 High st
Elder William, master mariner, Forth place
Elgin & Wellwood Coal Co. coal proprietors
(Henry Addison, shipping agent), Har-
bour place
Ellis David T. insurance agent, 13 Craig-
ho'm crescent
Erskine William, watch ma. &c. 102 High st
Farmer Christina & Agnes (The Misses) ;
fancy repository, 55 High 6treet
FentonAlexander, insurance agt.Ferguson pi
Ferguson Duncan, joiner & house agent,
The Port
Ferguson Geo. joiner & builder,128 High st
Fife Coal Co. Limited, coal proprietors
(James Mitchell, shipping agent), 2
Forth place
Fife & Clackmannan Coal [Masters' Asso
ciation (John Connel, sec), Harbour pi
Flanders Euphemia (Mrs.), apartments,
James park
FolkardeHrbt. grocer & spirit dlr.80High st
Foot James F. supervisor of inland revenue,
3 Heriot pardens
Ford John, painter &. decorator, 83 High et
Freemasons' Hall, Kirkgate
Galloway Thomas, harbour master, Lam-
Garrie Robert, boot &c. maker, 66 High st.
Gas Works* (Alex. Ross, mngr.), Thistle st
Germany Vice-Consulate (James W. Connel,
vice-consul), Harbour place
Gjertsen Hans & Co. ship chandlers, 1
High street
Gilinour Robert, Pacific tavern, & spirit
dealer, Harbour place
Gilmour James P. solicitor & notary, clerk
& treasurer Gas Commission, 88 High st
Gordon Thomas, boot maker, 52 High st
Gracie Charles Batten M.R.C.S.Eng.,
L.R.C.P.Edin. physician & surgeon, Buc-
cleuch house
Gray James, draper & milliner, 46 High st
Gunn Jane (Mrs.), fruiterer, 56 High street
Harbour William, coast guard officer in
charge, East Leven street
Harrow Andrew, spirit dealer, Links place
Harrow James, spirit dealer, Links place
Harrow Eichard, hair dresser & tobacco-
nist, 1 Harbour place
Harrow Wm. apartments, 20 West Leven st
Hay Martha (Mrs.), aparts. Buccleuch cot
Henderson Ann (Miss), apartments, 4 Craig-
holm crescent
Henderson Eliza (Mrs.), apartments, 5 Bent-
field villas
Henderson John, saddler, 15a, High street
Henderson Robert M.Inst. C.E. civil
gineer & architect &, harbour engineer, 5
High street
Henderson Robert, draper & tailor, 2High st
Henderson Thomas, house agent, auc
tioneer & cabinet maker, 13 Cromwell rd
Hislop Charles, bookseller, news agent &
stationer, 78 High street
Howatt Helen (Miss), fancy repository,
68 High street
Howie William, boot maker, 44 High street
Hunter Chas. grocer & spirit dlr. 81 High st
Hutton Robert, ironmonger, 84 High street
Innes Geo. master mariner, 1 Craigholm ter
Irvine William, boot ma. 13a, Cromwell rd
Isles John, collector of harbour dues, Fair-
view, Cromwell road
Jackson Anderson, builder, Kirton
Kelso Peter, baker, 57 High street
Kerr John M. grocer & spirit dlr. Kirkton
Kinnell Margaret (Mrs.), spirit dlr.lRose st
Kirkaldy Mrs. apartments, 36 Ferguson pi
Lassodie Coal Co. coal proprietors (Henry
Addison, agent), Harbour place
Law William, com. trav. 7 Craigholm cres
Lawson Robert, coal dealer, Hampden place
Leitch John, butcher, 40 High street
Liddell James, apartments, 19 Kirkgate
Lochgelly Iron & Coal Co. Limited, coal
proprietors (John Connel, shipping agent),
Harbour place
Logan Thos. dpty. harbour master, Leven st
Lonie Brothers, butchers, 120a, High street
Lonie Agnes (Mrs.), boot ma. 95 High st
Lord Charles ' L. collector of customs, 8
Craigkenochie terrace
Louden James, Forth hotel. Forth place &
refreshmest rooms, Railway station
Low William & Co. grocers & spirit dlrs.
74 High street
M'AUister Joseph, traveller, 3 Links view
McArthur William N. spirit dlr. Harbour pi
McBain Isabella (Mrs.), fruitr. 82 High st
McCall Charles, Green Tree tavern, &
spirit dealer, High street
Macdonald Peter, blacksmith, Kirkton
Mcintosh & Brown, solicitors & notaries,
law agents to the Society for the Pro-
tection of German Shipowners, High st
Mcintosh & Thomson, grocers & spirit
dealers, 6 High street
Mcintosh Alex, solicitor & notary & burgh
prosecutor, clerk & treasurer to Burnt-
island cemetery board & sec to Goli
Co. Limited, High street
Mcintosh David, china &c. dlr. 7 High st
Macintyre Andrew, draper, Kirkgate
McKee Robert, confectioner, 63 High street
Mackie Margaret (Miss), aparts. James pk
McLauchlan Jas. George htl. Harbour pi
McNiven Peter, Auld Hoose tavern, &
spirit dealer, Kirkton
Massarella Saverio, ice cream dealer, 10,
41 & 114 High street
Middlemas Archibald, jeweller & tobac-
conist, 50 High street
Mitchell Beatrice (Mrs.), spirit dealer,
Mitchell James, head master of Board
school, Grange road
Mitchell James, ship broker & forwarding
agent, & vice-consul for Russia,2 Forth pi
Moir Thos. master mariner, 6 Gladstone ter
Morrison John, deputy harbour master,
Sommerville street
Mosses Catherine (Miss), apartments, S
Bentfield villas
Murray Robert, spirit dealer, Kirkton
Music Hall (for concerts, public meetings,
theatres &c) (William Kinnell, keeper).
Thistle street
National Bank of Scotland Limited(branch)
(John Connel, jun. agent ; H. H. D. Mac-
kenzie, teller), 38 High street ; draw on
London office, 37 Nicholas lane E C,
Bank of England E C, Glyn, Mills, Cur-
rie & Co. E C, Coutts & Co. W C,& Union
Bank of London Limited E C, London
Ness Wm. cab proprietor, 31 Sommerville st
New Golf Club (Alexander Mcintosh, sec)
Nicol Thomas K. superintendent of ceme-
tery, Kinghorn road
Nisbet William, tailor & draper, 4 High st
Paton Thos. shopkeeper, 42 Sommerville et
Patterson James, cabinet maker & up-
holsterer, 77 High street
Pearson & Jackson, ship chandlers, Har-
bour place
Pearson Geo. grocer & spirit dlr.71 High st
Peggie James, dairyman, 20 High street
Philip Jane (Mrs.), fruiterer, Port build-
ings, High street
Pittiie The Misses, ladies' school, 3 Craig-
holm terraoe
Pitketihly David, builder. West Leven street
Pittilo Robert, ironmonger, seedsman &
assessor for the burgh &, session clerk for
the parish of Burntisland, 92 High street
Potter John, apartments, 15 Ferguson place-
Quarton Francos, grain mer. East Leven stj
Reekie Andrew,grocer & spirit dlr.95High si
Rennie William J. grocer & spirit dealer,
56 Sommerville street
Ritchie David, apartments, 23 Kirkgate
Robb James G. station master. Railwy. stQ
Robertson David, boot &c. ma. 89 High st
Robertson George, ship chandler, black-
smith & ironmonger, 2 Harbour place
Robertson Ja§. grocer &, spirit dlr.Kirktorj
Robertson Mary (Mrs.), berlin wool &Cv
dealer, 85 High street
Robertson William E. agent British Legaj)
Life & Loan Co. Limited, 3 Ferguson pi
Romanes John, ale & porter bottler & mer-
chant, mineral water manufacturer &
wine & spirit merchant, Kirkgate
Ross Alexander, gas manager, Thistle st
Ross James, tailor, 16 High street
Roy James, cycle agent & dlr. 33 High st
Sellars Wm. & Co. bonded wareho. Castle st
Simpson George, accountant North British
Railway, 7 Craigkenochie terrace
Slimmon Mary (Mrs.),apartmts.l9 Kirkgate
Smart Isabella (Mrs.), Royal hotel, Sea-
forth place
Smith Archibald, coal merchant, Kirkton-
Smith William, baker & confectioner, 39a,
High street, Kirkcaldy
Speed Margaret (Mrs.), grocer & spirit dlr:
Links place, Kirkcaldy
Spence Robert M.B..C.M. physician &, medi-
cal officer of health to the burgh, &
certifying factory surgeon, St. Ninian's,
'Craigkenochie terrace
Stewart Janet (Miss), schoolmstrss. Links pi
Stirling Mary (Miss), shopkpr. Thistle Bfc
Stocks Archibald, spirit dealer. 76 High st
Thomson Geo. china & glass dlr. 35 High s%
Todd Alexander, boot maker, 14 High st
Toshnck David, grocer & spirit dealer, 15
Town Hill Coal Co. (John Connel, agent>,
coal proprietors, Harbour place

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