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Lockhart John, dairyman & cowkeeper,
Colinton mains
il'Donald John, butcher
Matthew John J. architect
Montgomery James, dairyman
Neil Bessie (Miss), refreshment rooms
Nurses' Convalescent Home (Edinburgh
Hoyal Infirmary) (Miss Nutchey, matron)
*Parker Henry, paper manfr. Woodhall mill
Hummer John, paper manufr. West m.U
Hidden James, artist, Caerketton
Scott Andrew & Co. paper manufacturer,
Mcssie mill
â– Shankie Andrew, registrar of births, deaths
& marriages, inspector of poor & clerk
to school board
.'Swanston William, contractor
Tait E. It. cycle agent
Thomson Alexander, joiner
'Thomson Catherine (Miss), draper
Turnbul! Robert, Colinton inn
Waddell Brothers, blacksmiths
"Walker Archibald, miller
"Watt Robert, snuff maker, Woodhall bank
Anderson George, Hillend
<Gow Peter I). Bonally
Inch James Gibson, Commiston
IhcIi Thomas, Morton mains
Jack Gavin, Swanston farm
Lockhart John, Colinton mains
Nisbet Robert, Kingsknowes
INisbefc Thomas, Buckstone
Scott George R. Oxgangs
Swan Andrew E. Craiglockhart road
Wallace Richard, Dreghorn mains
CORSTORPHINE is a village and
.parish in the poor combination and small
debt court district of Edinburgh ; the parish,
which begins about 2 miles to the west of
Edinburgh, is generally level, the only emi-
nences being the Corstorphine hills, whxh
>have an altitude of 470 feet above the level
of the sea. The whole parish consists of
rich arable land, part of which is cultivated
<by market gardeners, and there are also
many dairy farms. The village of Corstor-
phine is 3 miles west from Edinburgh, on
'the high road to Glasgow, and has a station
•on the North British railway. The church,
attached in 1429 to a provostry or college,
â– was founded and endowed by Sir Adam
-Forrester, his widow and their son, Sir
John Forrester : it bears their arms on the
outer wall in several places, and within
are. several life-size stone effigies of mem-
bers of this family, occupying niches â–  in
the chancel. At the Public Hall is a good
subscription library of over 2,000 volumes.
Jlillburn Tower is the seat of Sir William
iListon-Foulis bart. J. P. John H. Dickson
and W. Traquair Dickson, who are lords
of the manor, the Earl of Morton and Miss
Ramsay Gibson Maitland, of Barnton, are
the principal landowners. The area com-
prises 3,6.54 acres; rateable value, £18,257;
â– the population in 1831 was 2,332, and in
1901, 2,725, including 1,327 in the village;
population of the ecclesiastical parish.
Gogar, formerly an independent parish, is
a pleasant hamlet in this parish, on the banks
of the Gogar burn, a tributary of the water
of Leith, and 5 miles south-west from Edin-
burgh, with a station, three-quarters of a
mile distant, on the North British railway.
The present church occupies the site of a
â– church existing here previous to the Reform-
Post, T. & M. O. O. & S. B. Corstorphine
(Railway Sub-Office. Letters should have
E.S.O. Midlothian added). — Margaret
Thomson, postmistress. Deliveries, 7.15
a.m. & 12.5 p.m. & 5.30 p.m.; dis-
patches, 6.15 & 11 a.m. & 1 & 7.20 p.m
Chairman, Benjamin Buchanan
Clerk, James E. Cowan, agent, Bank of
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
James Matthew
Inspector of Poor, James E. Cowan
Police Station, Corstorphine.William Nicoll,
Corstorphine Gas Co. Limited, now incor-
porated with Edinburgh & Leith Corpora-
tions Gas Commissioners
Corstorphine Public Hall Co. L'mited, Hugh
Paterson, 6ec
Royal High School Cricket & Lawn Tennis
Grounds, Saughton road
Children's Home (Scottish National Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children),
Miss M. L. Sutter, lady superintendent
Convalescent Home, Miss Emma Nutchey,
Established Church, Rev. James Dodds D.D
United Free Church, He v. James Morrison
Chairman, Rev. James Morrison
Clerk, James E. Cowan
Public School, High street, Corstorphine,
James Matthew, master
On the North British Line.
Station, Corstorphine, James Crawford, sta-
tion master
Station, Gogar, John Binnie, station master
Adam Robert, Garleton, Belgrave road
Adams Mrs. Grosvenor, Belgrave road
Allan Thomas, Newland, Belgrave road
Allan William, Redheughs
Anderson Rev. John (Established), Pent-
land view east, St. John's road
Asher James, St. Colmes, Forrester road
Boyd Miss, Gairneyfield, Dovecot road
Brown Mrs. Douglas, Inverallan
Buchanan Benjamin J.P. Spring bank,
Saughton road
Cairns Misses, Ellerslie, St. John's road
Carlile Thomas, Gogar park
Chalmers Lady, Foxcovert
Christie Rev. Peter, Strathview
Christie Henry R. The Retreat
Clark Alexander, Roselea
Cook Miss, Pentland view, St. John's road
Cormack John,. Mossett cottage, Hope street
Cossar Mrs. East Craigs
Craig David, Craigielea, Dovecot road
Craven Miss, Brunnington, St. John's road
Cross John, Corley grange
Davidson James I. Saughton mains
Davidson Mrs. Mossgiel
Davies George, Zetland house
Dickson W. Traquair W.S. Saughton house
Dixon William, Three Mile ho.St.Jnhn's rd
Dodds Rev. James D.D. (Established), The
Manse. St. John's road
Douglas Thomas, Fairy Knowe
Downie Hay, Corstorphine villa
Duncan John, 3 Castle park, Saughton road
Falconer Robert, Roydon, St. John's road
Ferguson Rev. James, Saughton road
Forsyth Robert, Glythna
Foulds James- L. Linden cottage,Forrester rd
Foulis Sir William Liston- bart.- J.P. Mil-
burn tower
Gillespie Mrs. Oakby house
Girdwood Misses, Fixby, St. John's road
Harper Henry, Hill view, Forrester road
Harrower R. S. Walker, Harrowden
Henderson Miss, Oakleigh
Jack Gavin, North Gyle
Jack Miss,, North Gyle
Johnston Miss, Verulam, Dnvecofr road
Johnston Thomas, Corstorphine house, St.
John's road
Kerr John, Sunnybrae, Dovecot road
Kerr Miss, Helensville
Lawson John, Clnremount
Leai'month Alexander, Burnlea,, Dovecot rd
Leebody H. A., M.B. Rose villa
Leslie Peter W. Fernlea. Clermiston road
Lindsay Mrs. St. Helen's, Belgrave road
Livingstone Murray, Braeside, Manse road
UcDuugallAndrew.Willow bank.Saughton rd
McGeachy James, Foxville
M'Gibbon Miss, Ellangowan, Belgrave road
McKendrick John M.B., CM. Allanbank
Macnaughtnn Joseph, Belgrave road
Martin Andrew, St. Martin's, St John's rd
Matthew Alexander M.A. Hillside house,
St. John's road
Mitchell John Campbell, Duncree, Cler-
miston road
Mitchell Mrs. Sycamore bank
Morrison Alexander, Carolside, Belgrave rd
Morrison Donald, The Birches
Morrison Rev. James, "U. F. C. manse
Muirhead John, The Retreat, Dovecot rd
Murray William R. Inglewood, St. John's rd
Nisbet Robert C. Maybank viKas
Oliphant James R. Clermiston road
Orr James L. Rosyth, Clermiston road
Paterson David Anderson, Clermiston
Paterson Hugh, Castle park
Peat James, Linwoorl, Forrester mad
Pelly Colonel Octavius J.P. Ardantealla
Clermiston road
Poole Alexander W. Dorlin. St. John's road
Pring T. H. Ratcliffe, 3 Belgrave road
Ralph William, Lisnacree, Forrester road
Renwick William. Meadowfield
Richardson Wm. 1 Castle pk. Saughton rd
Robertson Alexander, Fernlea
Robertson Rev. J. A. St. Leonard's
Robertson James C. Belgrave road
Robertson Miss, Struan cot. Clermiston rd
Robertson William, Walton, St. John's rd
Royce William, Belgrave road
Sandilands Jame3 B. Rosanna.St.John's rd
Shoolbread Adam (Fleet engineer R.N.),
Clifton villa, Forrester road.
Shoolbread James A., M.B., CM. For-
rester road
Sinclair Miss, St, John's
Stenhouse John R. South Gyle
Stewart John, Auldearn, Belgrave road
Strath James C. Melville villa
Sutherland William, Allandale, Saughton rd
Taylor James Pringle, Dunsmure
Tod Thomas, Clerewood, Clermiston road
Walker The Hon. Mrs. Hanley lodge
Walker Mrs. Augustine house
Walker William James, Avon bank, Cler-
miston road
Wallace William B. Bronmhouse
Watson William M.D. The Lea
White James M. Kellerstain
Whitford Mrs. Lenny park
Wiliamson James, Holmwood, St. John's rd
Wilson Miss, Carberry, Clermiston road
Allan William, saddler &, boot & shoe maker,
12 Ormiston terrace
Baird Robert, dairyman
Bank of Scotland (branch) (James E.
Cowan, agent) ; draw on London office,
19 Bishopsgate street within E C, Coutts
& Co.W C &Bank of England E C,London
Beach Thomas W. plumber
Bird James, joiner
Blackhall John, grocer, 6 Ormiston terrace
Boyd Alexander, dairyman, Broompark
Boyd D. C. grocer, 4 Maybank villas
Brown John, grocer, St. John's road
Charleston Thomas, grocer, High street
Children's Home (Scottish National Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Chil-
dren) (Miss M. L. Sutter, lady supt.)
(postal^ address, Murrayfield)
Convalescent Home (Miss Emma Nutchey,
matron) (postal address, Murrayfield
Cook Isabella (Mrs.), laundress, Gowrie cot-
tage, Roull road
Cormack John, chemist, St. John's road
Corstorphine Public Hall Co. Lim. (Hugh
Paterson, sec) .
Cowan James E. clerk to Parish Council,
inspector of poor, clerk to the school
board, insurance agent & agent for Bank
of Scotland, Collingwood, Saughton road
Cowie Alex, dairyman, Claycoats, High st
Croal Henry, painter, St. John's road
Cumming Matthew, blacksmith
Darge E. & A. drapers, St. John's road
Dey John M. stationer & news agent, St.
John's road
Dick James,, dairyman, Medwyn bank,
Gylemurr road
Dick Rt. slater & chimney sweeper, Manse
Dixon Robert, coach proprietor^St. John's rd
Downie Hay, insurance agent
Duff E. (Miss), dress maker, Crossbank
Duncan Archibald, draper, St. John's road
Duncan David, builder, Belgrave road
Dyce Peter, Harp hotel
Flemington William, coal merchant, Bel-
grave place
Fraser J. Robert, spirit merchant
Hunter John, joiner
Kerr Hugh C. blacksmith, St. John's road
Leebody H. A., M.B., CM.Edin. surgeon.
Rose villa
Liddle Alexander, joiner, St. John's road
Linton Andrew, cork manfr. Belgrave pi
Lister Alexander, plumber. Manse road
MacArthur James, house decorator
McKendrick John M.B., CM. physician &
surgeon, Allanbank
Matthew Alex. M.A., F.R.C.S. & L.R.C.P.
Edin. surgeon &, parochial medical officer
& public vaccinator for Corstorphine, Hill-
side house, St. John'3 road
Matthew James,, registrar of births, deaths
& marriages, High street
Meikle Rt. dairy man, Be 11 field, Gylemurr rd
Mollison Geo. market gardeuer.Saughton rd
Nisbet Robert, draper, 5 Ormiston terrace
Niven William, cycle agent
Paterson John, builder. High street
Ramage John, baker, 1 &2 Ormiston tec
Uodger John, saddler, St. John's road
St. Cuthbert's Co-operative Association Ltd.
(branch), Belgrave place
Salmon Sidney Chas. photographer.Manse rd
Samuel William, joiner 6c builder, Strath
cottage, Manse road
Scott Jemima (Mrs.), grocer & tea dealer,
St. John's road
Scott Thomas, market gardnr. Ferrybank
Simpson Marion (Miss), grocer & tea dealer,
St. John's road
Smith Charles S. insurance agent
Smith Charles S. joiner & builder,
St. John's road
Snow H. (Miss), butcher, St. John's road
Syme Nathaniel Wilson, boot maker

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