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Anderson James, Aitkendean
Core Rev. William &., M.A. (Estab.), The
Dundas Col. Robert J.P. Kirkhill
Fisher Thomas, Thornton (postal address
Rosewell R.S.O. Midlothian)
Brunton Robert B. clerk to school board,
inspector of poor, collector of rates &
Core Rev. William G., M.A. registrar of
births, deaths & marriages
Fisher Thomas, factor for Major R. G. Ward-
law Ramsay, Thornton
Grieve Adam, joiner, & post office
Kirkwood William, general blacksmith
Brown Mrs. Christina, Carrington Barns
Crichton William, Parduvine
Dykes John Dykes, Redside
Ferguson Dav:d, Stonefieldhill
Hunter James, jun. Cauldha'.l
Hutchinson James, Edgelaw
Inch Adam, Carrington Mains
Plenderleith Alex. Broachrigg, Rosewell
Wilson Stewart, Shewington, Rosewell
Wilson Thomas, Capielaw
COCKPEN is a parish, in Dalkeith poor
combination and small debt court district,
2£ miles south from Dalkeith, and about 4J
long by 2 in breadth; there are three rail-
way stations in the parish, at Bonnyrigg
(which see), Broomieknowe and Dalhousie
on the North British line; and there is a
bowling green and a large public park.
Dalhousie Castle, in this parish, formerly
the residence of the late Marquess of Dal-
housie, lord clerk registrar of Scotland and
gov. gen, of India, 1847-56, is now the
residence of Charles William Cowan esq. ;
the grounds include those of the famous
41 Laird o' Cockpen," well known in Scot-
tish song. The Esk Valley, which is ad-
mired by all who visit It, can be seen from
here to great advantage, and the view iB
open for miles around. The Earl of Dal-
housie K.T., P.C. is the principal land-
owner. The area comprises 2,950 acres ;
rateable value, £28,760; population in 1891,
4,495, and in 1901, 4,805, including 2,476
in the town of Bonnyrigg and 273 in
Lasswade. The population of the ecclesias-
tical parish in 1901 was 3,720.
Hunterfield and Armiston Green form
a village in the parish; the population in
1901 was 728.
Polton Hall and Dalhousie Colliery form
nnother village; population in 1901, 699.
Letters received through Lasswade
Chairman, William Stewart
Clerk & Collector & Inspector of Poor,
John Muir, Bonnyrigg
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages,
James Grant Forbes, Bonnyrigg
Cottage Hospital, Newtonloan, Robert Inch
M.B., CM. medical officer
Established Church, Cockpen, Rev. Robert
Montgomery Hardie
United Free Church, Cockpen, Rev. Robert
T. Loudon M.A., B.D
School Board, Cockpen, D. B. Tod, clerk &
School, Cockpen, Mi3s Catherine Graham,
Esk Valley section of the Nth. British line,
Station, Broomieknowe, Allan Tweddle,
station master
Station, Bonnyrigg, Andrew Wylie, sta-
tion master
Edinburgh &. Carlisle section of the North
British line.
Station, Dalhousie, James Dingwall, station
Cowan Charles William, Daihousie castle
Hardie Rev. Robert Montgomery (Estab.),
Cockpen manse
Loudon Rev.RobertT., M.A., B.D. (United
Free Church), Cockpen manse
Pendreigh George, Upper Dalhousie; T N
4 Gorebridge
Stewart William, Cockpen Old manse
Beveridge Jas. & Jn. grocers, Newtonloan
Cottage Hospital (Robert Inch M.B., CM.
medical officer), Newtonloan
Skelton Christopher.blksmth. Dalhousie bdg
Stewart William, factor for the Earl of Dal-
housie, Dalhousie estate, Cockpen Old
Graham Robert, Dalhousie Mains
Morton Thomas, Bedheughs
Pendreigh James & Son, Upper Dalhnusie
Pendreigh George, Upper Da'.housie farm
Snodgrass Peter, Hopefield
Turnbull James, Cockpen
Tnrnbii'l Mrs. Jessie & Geore-e, Gowkshill
Wilson William, Dalhousie Chesters
COLINTON, or Collington, is a village
and parish about 4 miles south-west from
Edinburgh, with a station on the Balerno
branch of the Caledonian railway, and in
the Edinburgh small debt court district;
the parish lies at the base of the Pentiand
hills, part of which it includes, and is
traversed by the water of Leith, the scenery
on the banks of which is delightfully
wooded. There are two Established
churches and the Episcopal church of St.
Cuthbert. The Established church at Craig-
lockhart was originally built in 1890 as a
Chapel of Ease to Colinton parish, but in
1897 the chapel with certain lands in the
parishes of Colinton and St. Cuthberts was
erected by the Court of Teinds into the
church and quoad sacra parish of Craig-
lockhart. The building was completed in
1898, and a handsome tower, erected by
Alexander Oliver Riddeil esq. of Craig-
lockhart and his wife. The new parish
includes the villages of Slateford, Inglis
Green, Angle Park and Longstone (near
Slateford road), and also the villages of
Gorgie and Delhaig (near Gorgie road).
Within the parish are the Edinburgh Hy-
dropathic, the Edinburgh City Poorhouse,
A. & J. McNab's dyeing and bleaching
works, Cox's glue and gelatine factory
(Gorgie mills), and Saughton Hall Asylum
for the insane (Sir JohnBatty Tuke M.D.).
The population of the parish is about 3,500.
The late R. L. Stevenson, the well-known
novelist, spent many years of his youth at
the manse here, which was the birth-place
of his mother. Eastwards, on the lands of
Coniston, are vestiges of an extensive en-
campment, near which is a rude and
massive block of whinstone, called " Camus-
stone," said to indicate the burial place of a
Danish chieftain. Logan House Hill is a
considerable eminence, rising upwards of
1,500 feet above the level of the sea. Bon-
aliy Tower is now the residence of Mrs.
E. J. Simson, and Dreghorn Castle of
Mrs. Ford. The manufacture of paper is
carried on extensively, and the district
abounds with limestone and freestone.
Sir Thomas David Gibson Carmichael bart.
M.P. of Castlecraig and Skirling, is the
principal landowner. The area comprises
5,605 acres; rateable value, £31,389; the
population of the civil parish in 1891 was
4,549, and in 1901, 5,499, and 782 in the
village and 3,331 in the ecclesiastical
By the Secretary for Scotland's Order, No.
34, dated Dec. 17, 1895, that part of Edin-
burgh, landward, adoining Colinton,
was annexed to it May 15. 1898.
Longstone or Angle Park form a village
in the parish ; the population in 1901 was
Post, T. & M. O. O. & S. B. (Railway
Sub-Office. Letters should have R.S.O.
Midlothian added). — Miss Jane Johnston,
postmistress. Letters from all parts arrive
(from Edinburgh) at 6.15 a.m. & 12.45,
4.30 & 6.30 p.m. & are dispatched there-
, to at 8.45 & 10.45 a.m. & 3, 6.30, 7.45
& 9.20 p.m
Parish Council, Andrew Shankie, clerk, in-
spector of poor &. registrar of births,
deaths & marriages
Governor, William Bennett
Matron, Elizabeth F. Lawrie
Surgeon, J. Legertwood Green
Chaplain, Rev. James H. W. Johnston
Labour Mistress, Miss M. Walker
Police Station, Colinton, Henry McKenzie,
Cottage Homes for the Aged Christian
Friend Society of Scotland. Hnch Miller
W.S. treasurer, 2 York place, Edinburgh
Craiglockbart Safety Pond, Hy. Snow, propr
Church of Scotland :
Colinton, Rev. Norman Maclean
Craiglockbart, Rev. Alfred W. Anderson
M.A., B.D. Slateford
Episcopal Church, Colinton, Rev. Xavier
Peel Massy B.A. (T.C.D)
School Board, Andrew Shankie, clerk
Board Schools': —
Colinton, Andrew H. Taylor, master
Longstone, Miss Sutherland, mistress
Railway Station, Colintor, John Kerr, star-
tion master
Slateford, Adam Paterson, master
Marked thus f postal address is Slateford
Marked thus * postal address is Juniper
Green R.S.O.
Aikm^tn Andrew, West Colinton house
Allan Thomas Cranstoun, Redlac
Anderson Sir Robert Roward LL.D. Aller-
muir house
Anderson Miss, Rose cottage
Anderson Misses, West Colinton cottaga
Beatson Robert, Firhill house
Brodie Miss, Fairhaven
Brownlee Robert, Sunnybrae housa
Brunton Mrs. The Loan
Burn John J.P. The Beeches
Byrne Mrs. Pentland view
Cormack James, St. Helena
Dott Peter McOmish, The Nest
Dougal J. Roney, Glen May
Downie Lieut.-Col. Kenneth, Pentland vB
Dull Alexander, Benoran
Duke Mrs. Boyle cottage
Dumbreck Miss, Craigholm
Fairgreive Alexander J.P. Glenview
Farmer Mrs. Rowailan cottage
Ford Mrs. Dreghorn castle
Forrest Sir William Charles bart. Comi-
ston house
Forrester Heury, Woodfield
Gall Alexander, Allandale
Galletly John James S.S.C. Inchdrewer ho»
Geddes Peter Roy, Park neuk
Graham Miss, Spylaw bank
Gregorson Agnus M. Ardtorni-sh
Griffin Mrs. Campbell cottage
Guthrie Patrick, Almora
fHearne James Anderson, Craiglockhart.
Johnston Misses
Lamb Charles W. Dell villa
Lister John, Grass Valley cottage
Logan Alex. Spylaw house
Lyall Mrs. Moira cottage
M'Clure Lady, Bedford house
M'Cudden Mrs. Torwood
MacDonald William M.A. Dunfion
MacLean Rev. Norman (Estab.), The Manse
M'Millan Malcolm, Beulah
Macnish Miss, Rawdon cottage
Macrae Colin J. Glenflora
Marshall David, Bellamcna
Massy Rev. Xavier Peel B.A. (Episcopal!,
Meldrum W. Firbank
Mitchell Mrs. Rogarth
Moncur James, West Garth
tNisbet Robert, Kingsknowes
Ogilvie Joseph A. S. Eildonholm
Plummer John, West mill
tRiddell Alex. Oliver, Craiglockhctt hous*
Riddeil James, Caerketton
Sandeman George, The Croft
Sarolea Professor Chas.LL.D.TheHermitag*
Simson Mrs. E. J. Bonallv tower
Simson Robert W.S. Bonally
Somerviile David, Woodhall road
Somerville Mrs. Ashlea
Sprengle Richard, Belvedere
Sturrock James S. Torduff house
Thomson David, Sunnybrae cottage
Thomson James, Bellevue
Traquair William W.S. The Farm
Trotter Col. John M., J.P. Colinton house-
Turner Mrs. Londoun cottage
Wheatley Benjamin, Hope cottage
Wright Miss Guthrie, Colinton cottar*
Allan Thomas, cab proprietor
Allan Thomas, coal merchant
Baillie James, chemist
Blyth Harry, butcher
Brown James, refreshment rooms
Ofirmack Brothers, grocers & tea dealers
Cottage Homes for the Aged ChristianFrienJ
Societv of Scotland (Hugh Miller. treas>
FairirrieVe Alex, paper manfr. Spylaw mill*
Fraill Peter, dairyman
Gow Peter D. fruit grower
tHailes Quarry (Malcolm Sinclair, mngr)
Hardie Thomas, builder
Hastie David, contractor
Hutcheson Alexander, stationer
Johnstone Jane (Miss), news agent & post
Kedslev Alexander, baker
King Thos. & Jas. millers, West Neal mill*
Law John, grocer

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