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Mathers David, Baddlor, 89 High st
Mathewsou Alexander, gardener, 3 Gayfield [Dalhousie tor
- — Alexander S. painter and paperhanger, Brothock bridge ; res. 6
. David, spirit dealer, Gayfield
Matthew Agnes, groeer, 11 Dnke st
i Alexander, tobacco pipe maker, 51 Guthrie port
J. G. lias spinner, Militate loan ; res. Rosemount
Micab, clothier (M. Matthew & Son), 37 Cairnie st
Micah & Son, tailors & clothiers, 203 High st
Matthews Mrs. Agnes, 26% Keptie st
â–  C. spirit dealer, 5 & 7 West port
Maxwell David, householder, 33 Victoria st [Sivewright, sec
Mechanics' Institute, News & Heading Room, Market place— W; M.
Meekison James, agent for James Lawson, tailor and clothier, 138
High st
Meldrum Andrew, grocer, & tea, wine, & spirit merchant, 85 High
st ; res. 9 Cairnie st
Melvin & Son, carriage builders, Union st.East
- — ■ Robert, carriage builder, &o. (Melvin & Son), Kinloch tor
Michael Mary, milliner & dressmaker, 3 Guthrie port
Michie Duncan, cooper, 2 Stobcross lane
Middleton i: Donald, plasterers, 41 Lindsay st
â–  â–  William, cabinet maker, 18 West Abbey st
Mill Mrs. — , grocer & spirit dealer, 54 Guthrie port
â–  â–  Charles C. waste merchant, East Abbey st; res. S2 Rossie st
James, insurance agent, 12 Market gate
John, waste merchant, 11 St. Mary st
â–  William A. druggist (Shield & Mill), Hill side
Millen Edward, soda water, &e. manufacturer, 12 Brechin rd
Miller Grace, toy dealer, 8 West port
â–  James, cart owner, Fisher acre
Margaret, confectioner, 27 Millgate
Mrs. Mary, Rosemount
Mills Rev. Alexander, E. C. Manse, Colliston
& Co. engineers & machine makers, Lordburn
David, engineer (Mills & Co.), 9 Elliot pi
Miln George, solicitor and notary and secretary to Arbroath Public
Building Co. Limited, and to Arbroath Steel Yard Co. and
agent for Stubbs' Trade Protection Society, &c. 15 Hill st;
res. 4 Springfield ter
Milne Miss — , music teacher, 53 High st
Blrs. Agnes, 12 Addison pi
Rev. Alexander R. Queen st
Frederick, china & rag dealer, 18 Guthrie port
Georgo, grocer, 87 Helen st
Isabella, shopkeeper, 46 John st
James, photographer, 28 Hamilton green
James, grocer, &c. 10 Fergus Bt
John & Son (Montrose), corn merchants, East Grimsby
Robert, painter, 68 High st ; res. 57 High st
Robert, tow dealer, Lillies wynd
Minto Farquharson, road surveyor, Hill End rd
Mitchell Charles, slater, Hill st
Elizabeth, spirit dealer, 7 Shore
â–  James, tailor, 39 Guthrie port
James, tailor, Colliston
John, dairyman, 82 Keptie st
John, George Hotel, 30 Commerce st
â–  â–  John & Son, slaters & slate merchants, 85 Park st. & Lindsay st
Mollison Robert, tailor & clothier, 25 Market pi
Moncur David, rerated water manufacturer, 10 Helen st
David S. grocer & spirit dealer, 242 High st
George, greengrocer, 77 Keptie st
Monro Mr. Robert, Harynold, St. Vigeans
William, ui.d. surgeon, 9 Millgate
Moonlight Alexander, cart owner, 14 Glover st
Moore James, grocer, &c. 21 Hamilton green
Robert, surgeon, 1 Hay's Well rd
Morgan James, farmer, St. Vigeans
James, agent for Wordie & Co. goods and forwarding agents,
16 Millgate ; res. 23 West port
Morris Rev. Andrew, F. C. Manse, Colliston [St. Vigoans
Muckart David, preserver (J no. Muckart & Son), Tarryburn House,
John, preserver (Jno. Muckart & Son), 15>£ West port ( Works
John and Son, potato and vegetable preservers, St. Vigeans
Mudie Rev. Frank, Millgate loan
John, linen draper, 129 High st ; res. 16 Hill pi
Ito'iert, teacher, Si Victoria st [Bank
Muir James, Esq. J.p. agent, Bank of Scotland (Branch). Abbey
Thomas, Sou & Patton, coal merchants; depots, Railway sta-
tion & Shore — Edwin A. Watson, agent
Munrn James, architect, Brothock bank [House
John, hide and tallow merchant, 23 Millgate; res. Abbey
Murdoch John C. grocer & spirit dealer, 5 Guthrie port
Murphy Margaret, pawnbroker, 1, 3& 5 James st
Murray Edward, bookseller, 29 Lordburn
George, grocer & spirit dealer, 82 Cairnie st
â–  Rev. Gordon J. Kirk wynd
Rev. James, 84 Gowan st
Murty Henry, general draper, 86^ Guthrie port [curator
Museum and Antiquarian Society, Public Hall— John ogilvie,
Myles Charles Young, tailor, 21 James st; res. 19 Hay's Well rd
Robert, confectioner, 223 High st
NAIRN George, farmer, St. Vigeans
Napier Alexander, clothes broker, 49 West Abbey st
D. & J. plumbers. &e. 34 Maule st
John, grocer & spit it dealer, 40 East Abbey st
Mr. John, 15 West Abbey st
National Lifelioat Institution, 7 Shore — William Cargill, sec
Telephone Co. Limited, 14 Millgate— D. S. Napier, manager
Naughtou Ann, fish dealer, 288 High st
Naysmith Andrew, druggist, 211 High st ; res. 4 West Abbey st
John, householder, 1 Victoria st
Neish David, manager, 53 Dishlandtown st
New Club, Guildhall, High st— P, W. Smith, secretary; Edward
Hayes, club master
res. 1
Nicol Alexander & Co. flax spinners aud manufacturers, Chalmers
Street Works ; Liverpoool office, 28 Brunswick st
-6t Riddock, bootmakers, 25 Guthrie port
David, bootmaker, 19 Dishlandtown st
David, shopkeeper, 48 Guthrie p^rt [Cottage, Leysmill
Henry M. manufacturer (Alexander Nicol and Co.), View Bank
• Mary Ann, grocer, 4 Jamieson st
Robert, confectioner, 255 High Bt
Nicoll Edward, grocer, 20 Market gate
â–  â–  James, flesher, 24 Keptie st. & 3 Rossie st
John, ironmonger, 241 High st ; res. 210 High st
William, blacksmith, Woodville
Noble Andrew, bookseller, 80 Keptie st
Norrie Eliza, dressmaker, 85 West Keptie st [agent
North British Railway Co.'s Goods Office, Station yard— Wm. Kettle,
Northern Agricultural Co. East Grimsby— J. & J. Smith, agents
ODDFELLOWS' Hall, John st .._..,._., . ,
Ogg William A. manufacturer (Smart oj Ogg), 5 Alexandra pi
William S. hairdresser, 1 Hamilton green
Ogilvie & Philp, rope makers, Lady loan
David, farmer, Arbirlot
â– â–  â–  David, farmer, St. Vigeans
David, jun, farmer, St. Vigeans
David, farmer, Berryiield
. William, blacksmith, 7 West Mill wynd
Oswald Walter, solicitor, Brothock bank
PANTON John (Blairgowrie), corn merchant, Sboro
Parochial Board and Rate Office (St. Vigeans parish), Spink street-
Robert Stuart, inspector ft collector
Pai-r James, shopkeeper, 48 Ladybridge st
Patent Slip, The Harbour
Paterson Agnes, shopkeeper, 3 Princes Bt
David, harbour master, 12 Shore
Henry, grocer & spirit dealer, 127 High st . _
Henry spirit dealer, Market pi [Cairnie st
j g assistant regiBtrar of births, deaths and marriages, 15
James A. potato merchant, Shore ; res. 81 Cairnie st
James S. merchant, 1 Shore ; res. lo Cairnie st
Mary, milliner, 56 High st
Thomas, schoolmaster, Auchmithie
Patterson Robert, bleacher, The Greens, Panmure st
Pattullo Ann, shopkeeper, SO Guthrie port
David, pawnbrokers' salesman, 16 Lordburn
George, farmer, St. Figeans
Peacock Mr. John H. 5 Albert st
Penn William, coast guard officer, Auchmithie
Peter Alexander, blacksmith, Leatham grange, St. Vigeans
William, grocer & spirit dealer, IBM Rossie st
Peters James, stone and monumental mason, Panmure st;
Albert st
John, spirit dealer, 15 Lady loan .
Petrie Alexander, grocer, 6 West port ; res. 1 Dalhousie p
Alexander & Son, bakers & confectioners, 122 High st
, George, grocer, &c. 66 Keptie st
J. & A. fish curers, Lady loan
James, blacksmith, Gravesend
. James, grocer & spirit dealer, 12 Millgate loan
Jane, shopkeeper, Hannah st
John, Royal Hotel, High st
Philip Alexander, joiner, Colliston
Pilot Office, Shore
Pirie John, boot & shoe maker, 286 High st
Pitcairn David, newsagent, 45 Guthiie port
Places of Worship— See end of Classification
Police Office, Market place— Duncan M'Neili, superintendent
Porter Allan, master mariner, 7 Princes st
Proiidfoot Rev. William, Lochvillo, Keptie st
Public Hall 62 High st— John Ogilvie, keeper
Subscription Library, 66 High st— William Alexander, sec ;
John Ogilvie, librarian [agent
Pullar J. & Sons, dyers (Peith), S22 High st— Elizabeth Christie,
Pyrie Alexander, mauager, 8 Addison pi
RAE George, market gardener, Montrose rd
Raitt David, farmer, St. Vigeans
John, boot & shoe maker & tea dealer, 11 Panmure st
Jonathan, master mariner, 13 Cairnie st
Ramsay Alexander, farmer, St. Vigeans
Allan, boot & shoo maker, 65 St. Mary st
& Gordon, stonemasons, Fergus square -.,.,'...
Brothers wholesale manufacturing eoufectioners & makers of
marmalade, jams, jellies, &c. James st. & at Dundee
Charles, reed maker, Lindsay st ; res. 7 Lochshade
Miss Christina, Tower Bank House
James, tailor, 43 High st
James, station master, Keptie et _•,■*»
James, confectioner (Ramsay Bros.), Tower Bank House
James, bout & shoe maker, 9 West port
Margaret, confectioner, 188 High st
Margery, milliner, 3 Ponderlaw st
Rankin James M. tailor, 12 Bog lane
Rayne David, plumber, Allan st ; res. 17 Smithy croft
Rea Walter, botcher, 171 High st ; res. 7 George st
Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages Office, Market place— Alex.
Webster, registrar ; J. S. Palersnn, assistant registrar
Reid Alexauder & Son, tobacco manufacturers, 214 High st
George, bank accountant, 4 Alexandra place
James, joiner & fish curer, Auchinitllie
John, dyer, 243 High st
William, chemist & druggist, 57 Guthrie port
William, hosier, 72 Market gate
Rennie Miss Agnes, Annesley
Mrs. Ann, 46 Ro9sie st .
John, farmer, St. Vigeans, & potato merchant, East Gumsby
Renny David, oonfeetioner, 280 High st
NIool, watohmaker, 202 High st

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