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Renny Samuel, manufacturer (Corsar Brothers), Jock's Lodge
William N. photographer, 52 High st
Rew James, farmer, Arbirlot
Reynolds James, grocer, 43 Lordburn
Richardson Ann, newsagent, 52 Guthrie port
Riddle John, baker, 236 High st
Rifle Volunteer Orderly Room, Haricot gate — Edward Ford,
sergeant instructor
Ritchie Alexander, master mariner, 30 Gowau st
Mrs. Elizabeth, 50 High st
Miss Isabella, 11 Keptie st
James, grocer, Collision
— — John, master mariner, 23 Ponderlaw st
John, bootmaker, 6 Shore
William, bootmaker, 24 Leonard st
William, shopkeeper, 1 Lillies wynd
Robb George W. tailor, 13 Queen st
James, cart owner, 22 Ponderlaw st
William, firewood dealer, Brechin rd
Robbie Alexander, market gardener, Forfar rd
Roberts George, fish dealer, 32 Barn green
Joseph, hatter, 215 High sr. [Lochlands st
Robertson George, auctioneer & sheriff officer, 1 Hill st ; res. 16
George, confectioner, 114 High st; res. 9 Alexandra pi
â–  Islay Burns, general draper, 20 Keptie st; res. 30 Addison pi
James, refreshment rooms, 1 Church st
John, druggist, 19 West port,; res. 31 Hannah st
Miss Margaret, 10 Hill place
Mrs. Margaret, 34 Addison pi
Mary Ann, baby linen repository, 282 High st
William, confectioner, 65 Guthrio port
Robie David, farmer, Annfielrl
Robinson John, tool dealer, 27 Guthrie port
Rodger William, clothes dealer, Lordburn
William, spirit dealer, 7 School wynd
Rodgers John, bookseller, 23 Commerce st ; res. 3 Hay's Wellrd
Rolland Ann, shopkeeper, 4h Keptie st
Rollo William, agent for the Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), 119 High st
Roney James, spirit dealer, 13 Old Shore head
Ross & Marshall, lath splitter, West Newgate st
Isabella, shopkeeper, 52 Helen st
James C. grocer, 29 Lilies wynd
John, m.a. rector of the Arbroath High School, 18 Addison pi
Robert, spirit dealer, lb' Robert st [Itet pi
Roy Adam .£ Son, painters, paperhaugers, & coal merchants, Mar*
â–  John S. painter (Adam Roy & Son), 82 High st
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), 71 High st— Alex. Hutton, agent
Rusk Rev. Alexander, 107 High st
Ruxton Mrs. — , tailor & clothier, 21 Commerce st
David, shopkeeper, Lady loan
David B. linen, Ac. draper, 60 Helen st
George, flesher, 53 Lochlands st
ST. THOMAS'S Hall, Lordburn
Salmon Fisheries — Joseph Johnston & Sons (of Montrose), lessees
Salmond & Donaldson, general, &c. drapers, 145 High st
â–  â–  George, grocer & baker, 19 Allan st
James, farmer, St. Vigeans
James, farmer, Cairnie [audra pi
Joseph, coal & lime agent (William Salmond & Son), 8 Alex-
Miss Mary, 22 Ogilvie place
Robert, manufacturer (William Salmond & Sons), Fernlea
William, manufacturer (Win, Salmond & Sons), Ashbrook
William & Son, coal & lime agents, 10 Shore
William & Sons, flax spinners & manufacturers, Nether Ward
Works, Guthrie port
Samson George, farmer, Arbirlot
Sandiman David D. yarn merchant (Yule & Sandiman), 27 Cairnie st
Sangster George R. draper, 45 Lordburn [Abbey st
Savage Thomson, painter & paperhsnger, 246 High st; res. 5 East
Savings Bank, 119 High st — William Rollo, treasurer
Sawtell James Henrv, inland revenue officer ; office, 10 Shore ; res.
6 Gayfield
Schollay David & Son, flax dressers, Long row
School Board of Arbroath — William Alexander, clerk & treasurer
Scotland Rev. William, E. C. Manse, Arbirlot
Scott Alexander, shipmaster, 17 Market gate
Alexander, joiner, 6 Helen st
â–  Alexander, watchmaker, 15 Hamilton green
Betsy, confeclioner, 53 Kepiie st
Brothers, jute & flax spinners, John st. West
â–  Elizabeth, dressmaker, 8 Colvill pi
J. & W. coal merchants, West Shore
Rev. J. Moffat, 52 Dishlandtown st
James, coal merchant (J. & W. Scott), 11 Victoria st
James, flax spinner (Scott Brothers), Lochlands st
â–  John, sanitary inspector, St. VigeanB
John, joiner, St. Vigeans
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 195 High 6t
Richard, baker, 41 Barn green
Robert, butcher, 71 Guthrie port
— William, grocer, 8 Guthrie port
William, joiuer, Arbirlot
William, builder & stonemason, 34 John st
William, coal merchant (J. & W. Scott), West Keptie st
â–  William, flax spinner (Scott Brothers), Lochlands st
Seaton James, manager, Arbroath Equitable Co-operative Society,
Limited, 4 Guthrie port
Selby F. & J. tailors & clothiers, 123 High st
Forbes, tailor (F. & J. Selby), Farnell, Brechin
â–  JameB, tailor (F. & J. Selby), Farnell, Brechin
Shanks Alexander & Son, engineers, millwrights, & machinists &
iron & brass founders, Dens Irou Works, & at 27 Leadenhall
st. London
James, engineer (Alexander Shanks & Son), Roaely
Shepherd James, monumental mason, Arrott st
Johu, shopkeeper, 45 St, Mary st
Shepherd Robert, spirit dealer, 266 High st
William, clerk, 18 Hay's Well rd
Sheret James, dining rooms, 10 West port
Sheriff Clerk's Office, Kirk wynd— A. D. Anderson, depute [depute
Sheriff's Court, Town Hall, High st— A. D. Anderson, Bheriff clerk
Shield Alexander, farmer, Arbirlot
& Mill, chemists & druggists, 102 High st
James S. shipmaster, 5 Princes st
Shipwrecked Mariners' Society. 9 Shore— David M'Konzie, sec
Shore Dues Office, Shore— William Cargill, collector
Signal Tower (Bell Rock), Lady loan— James Jack, keeper
Sim John, architect, 198 High st. & at Montrose
William, Vine Tavern, 22 Keptie st
Simpson Alex, flax merchant (John Simpson & Son), Mayfield House
David, newsagent & confectioner, 6 Panmure st
John, flax merchant (John Simpsou & Son), 121 High st
John & Son, flax merchants, 1 Hill st
Simson David, shipmaster, Rosemount
Sinclair Alexander, farmer, St. Vigeans
Singer Manufacturing Co. sewing machine makers, 8 Market pi—
Alexander M'Laivn, manager
Sivewright John, general broker, Arrott st
• Thos. shopkeeper & cartwright & blacksmith, 12 & 18 Lordburn
William, grocer (William Sivewright & Son), 4 Princes st
William & Son, grocers, 86 High st
Smart. A. & P. fruiterers & game dealers. 24 Market pi
- — ■ Alexander, manufacturer (Smart & O jg), 14 Hill pi
Smart & Ogg, sail cloth manufacturers. Abbot Works,
Abbot st
Smart Charles Ramsay, teacher of music, 14 Hill pi
John, stonemason, Arrotr, Bt
William, joiuer & cartwright, Seaton
Smith Alexander, solicitor, 81 High st ; res. 41 Ponderlaw st
Andrew, shopkeeper, St. Vigeans rd
Andrew, umbivlla maker, 192 High at
â–  Andrew, confectioner, 10 Keptie st
Catherine, grocer, II34 Ponderlaw st
Charles, cabinet maker, 59 West Abbey st
D. & W. & Bennct, solicitors & notaries, 81 High st
David, Bulicitor, notary, & clerk to the Commissioners of Police
for the burgh of Arbroath, & to the justices of the peace for
Arbroath district of the county, 25 Hill st; res. 67 Mill-
gate loan
David, manager, 59 High st
David, shopkeeper, 7 Barn green
David, sen. stationer & remnant dealer, 14% Lochlands st
George, tailor, 27 Leonard st
Helen, dressmaker, 198 High st
Isabella, tinsmith, 21 Guthrie port
â–  J. & J. grain merchants, East Grimsby ; office, Perth
â–  J. P. & Sons, tailors it clothiers, 165 High st. & at Dundee
James, brewer, Elliot st ; res. 45 Cairnie st
James, farmer, St. Vigeans
James, confectioner, 61 Barn green
James, rope maker, East Links
Mr. James, Woodlands, St. Vigeans
Mrs. Jessie, 54 Addison pi
Major-General John, Kelly Castle, Arbirlot [st
John S. ironmonger & Beed merchant, 140 High st ; res. 54 High
M. & M. booksellers, 271 High st
Robert, furniture dealer, Hamilton green
William, wood carver & turner, 36 Lordburn
William, manufacturer, 12 Hill ter
William, shipowner, 24 Victoria st
William B. rag & waste merchant, 12 North Grimsby
Soutar Mrs. Flora, 56 Addison pi
James, woollen manufacturer (Logan & Soutar), 106 High st
Miss Grace, West Keptie st
Peter, farmer, St. VigeanB
Souter Margaret, spirit dealer, Catherine at
Soutter & Co. shopkeepers, 5 Lordburn
Spaldiug John, shipowner. Catherine st
Spark Christina, newsagent, 6S& Lochlands st
Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Rossie st
Nellie, dressmaker, 6 Rossie st
Spink Stephen, machinist, 221 High st
William, teacher of navigation, 2 West Newgate st
Stamp Office, Town Hall, High st— William K. Macdonald, Bub-
Steel John, baker, Spink st
Steele David B. registrar & inspector of poor, Arbirlot
Joseph, smallware dealer, 228 High Bt
Stephen Henry W. hairdresser, Brothock bridge
Jessie, boarding school, 2 Hill st
Johanna, milliner, 23 Guthrie rd
John, spirit dealer, 247 High st; res. Ivy Cottage
Stevenson Brothers, dyers (Dundee), 50 Keptie st — Elizabeth A.
Archer, agent
Stewart James, butcher, 14 Commerce st
James, Market Place Inn, Market pi
John, tailor, 18 Commerce st
' John, manager, St. Vigeans
John, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 Park st
Margaret, spirit aealer, 5 Ponderlaw st
William, clerk, 13 Howard st
Stirling Rev. Alexander, 51 Rossie st
fetiven William, joiuer, Grange of Conon
Storrer Andrew, butcher, 63 Market gate
Strachan Alex, grocer (Strachan, Wallace & Wbyte),14 Addison pi
Alexander & Son, tailors A clothiers, 128 High ^t
Alexander J. spirit dealer, 10 Panmure st
James, shopkeeper, 54 Leonard st
Joseph, grocer & spirit dealer, 288 High st ; res. Millbank
Lawrence, china, Ac. dealer, '6% Keptie Bt
Robert & Sons, tailors & clothiers, 146 High st
.Wallace & Whyte, grueeia & spirit dealers, 13 Spink st
Strauton Mrs. Ann, 4 Dalhoutie pi
Strang Robert & Son, watchmakers, &c. 147 High st
Stuart Robt. inspector for St. Vigeans Parochial Board, 11 Queen at

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