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Hogg Thomas, butcher, 58 High at
William, tailor & clothier, 273 High at
â– William, farmer, St. Vigeans
Hood James F. & Son, booksellers, 94 High st ; res. West Bank Cot-
tage, Lady Loan brae
, Robt. hosier & glover, 118 High st. & 18 West port ; res. 2 Hill pi
William, chimney sweeper, 17 Stobcross la
Howatt Rev. James, Viewfield rd
Howie William, linen draper, 26 Millgate ; res. 10 Addison pi
Hume Robert, accountant, 1 Alexandra pi
Hunter John, schoolmaster, 23 St. Vigeans rd
William, joiner, 29 Gravesend
Hutcheon William, farmer, St. Vigeans
Hutchison David, draper, 1 West port [High st
Hutton Alexander, agent to the Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch),71
INFIRMARY & Dispensary, High common— Frances E. Kay.niatron
Inland Revenue Office, Town Hall, High st— William K. Macdonald,
sub- distributor & collector
Insurance Companies— See Classification of Trades
Inverarity Mrs. J. IS East Abbey st
Inverwick Mrs. Margaret, Westbank, Millgate loan
Irons D. & A. carting contractors & potato merchants, Hannah st
Irvine James, shopkeeper, 47 Hill st
JACK George, fish dealer, 158 High st
James, farmer, Arbirlot
James David & Co. plumbers, tinsmiths, &c. 254 High st
Jamieson the Misses — , S West Aobey st
David, farmer, Auchrnithie
Miss Elizabeth, Wellbank House, Montrose rd
Francis, bootmaker, 6 Allan st
. - John, picture frame dealer, 4 Orchard st
John & Co. tailors & clothiers, 104 High st
Mary and Jessie, Berlin wool, baby linen, and ladies' outfitters,
141 High st
Robert, boot & shoo maker, 74 Market gate
Jarvis Brothers, flax & tow spinners, Union st
David t flax spinner, 19 Howard st
: James S. flax spinner (W. & J. S. Jarvis), 43 Jamieson st
Thomas, flax spinner (W. & J. S. Jarvis), 61 Rossie Bt
W. & J. S. flax & tow spinners, Lochland Works, Forgus sq
Jenkins Alexander, householder, 35 Cairnie st
i Ann, confectioner, 26 Keptie st
Johnston Mrs. — , shipowner, Shore
David, ironmonger, 35 Commerce st ; res. 59 High sfc
Elizabeth, confectioner, 262 High st
James, musical instrument dealer, 5 Brothock bridge
James, factor, 17 Dalhousie pi
Joseph & Sons (Montrose), fish carers, Seagate
KEITH Mr. George, Keith Lodge
James, gas, hydraulic, & hot water engineer (patentee). High
Street Foundry, & George st. Edinburgh, & Holborn viaduct,
--. — John, sailmaker, Brothock bridge
~ — Mary L. householder, 80 Ogilvie pi
Kenneth David, china dealer, 13 Barn green
Kenny John, grocer & postmaster, Collision
Kermath Ann, spirit dealer, 23 South Grimsby
Kerr David, butcher, 185 High st ; res. 19 Park at
James, boot & shoe maker, Dishlandtown st
Jessie, grocer & spirit dealer, 7 Fergus square
John, joiner, Seagate
Margaret, draper, 228^ High st
Kettle William, goods agent to the North British Railway Co.
Railway station
Kilgour Mrs. A. G. 10 Hay's Well rd
Marion, householder, 10 Hill st
Kinloch R. C. joint agent, Bank of Scotland, 78 High st
Kmnear Charles William, manager, 29Ponderlaw st
James, schoolmaster, 15 Hill pi
Kirkland Mrs. Helen, 16 Ponderlaw Bt
Knight James; boot & shoe maker, 66 Helen st
Knowles J. & R. cart owners, Lady loan
Kyd Mrs. Ann, 25 Hay's Well rd
Kydd Alexander, teacher, Hill End rd
Alexander, blacksmith, Ladybridge st
Andrew, farmer, Arbirlot
James, joiner & saw mills, 34 Dishlandtown et
James, dining rooms, 3 Applegate
Mrs. Jane Corsar, 17 Queen st
John, farmer, Arbirlot
William, blacksmith, West Grimsby
William, shipmaster, 81 Victoria st
Kynock Catherine, grocer & spirit dealer, 47 Keptie st
LAIRD George W. Esq. j.p. Denfield
William, market gardener, Bloomfield, Montrose rd
Lamb James, coal merchant, Lindsay st
William, farmer, Arbirlot
Langlands Alexander, clerk, 6 Hay's Well rd
— John, cart owner, 85 Union st
Larnach William, grocer, 29 Panmure Bt
Lawrence Margaret, confectioner, 6 High st
Lawson James, tailor & draper, 188 High st — James Meekison, agent
Lee George W. draughtsman, Nolt Loan rd
Leng John & Co. publishers of Dundee Advertiser, 85 High st i
head office, Dundee — See advertisement opposite the head
Newspapers in Dundee
Leslie Mr. David, 6 Princes st
Edward J. solicitor & notary, 1 Hill st res. Lochshade
Mrs. Margaret, 26 Victoria st
Mrs. Margaret A. Hill End rd
Mrs. Mary, 1 Dalhousie pi
Lewer Jane, milliner & dressmaker, ISO High st
Life Assurance Companies— See Classification of Trade
Boat Station, East Grimsby— William Cargill, hon. secretary
Lilley Rev. James P. Elliot pi
Liudsay A. & C. curriers and leather merchants, Applegate
- Charles, watchmaker, 183 High st; res. 272 High st
- James G. chimney sweeper, 9 Cross Mill wynd
- John C. tinsmith, 9 Applegate
- Robert, goods agent to the Caledonian and London and North
Western Railway Companies, Railway station
- Thomas, teacher of music, 272 High st
Littlejohn Betsy, tobacconist, 13 West port
David, solicitor (Webster & Littlejohn), 12 Market pi
Livio David, cabinet maker, 229 High st ; res. 199 High st
Logan & Soutar, woollen manufacturers, 8 Helen st
- Rev. George, b.d. 13 Dalhousie pi
- John, woollen manufacturer (Logan & Soutar), Viewfield rd
London & Newcastle Tea Co. 270 High st. & 17 West port
Lordburn Spinning Co. flax spinners, Lordb urn— David Wyllio,
manager [st
Lorimer Andrew, milliner & hatter, 14 & 16 Keptie st; res. 5 Cairnie
JJamesBC. bookseller, 25£Weat port; res. Hill rd
Low Alexander, watchmaKer, 4 West port
- Ann & Elizabeth, householders, 47 Market gate
- Charles, surgeon, 37 Hill st
- James, shopkeeper, 41 Panmure st
- James, Bell Rock Inn, 49 West Grimsby
- James L. clerk, Hill End rd
Lownie Isaac, bootmaker, 38 Millgate loan
Lowson Alexander, shopkeeper, 22 Millgate loan
Andrew, Esq. j.p. flax and tow spinner and manufacturer,
Green's Mills, Baltic Works, Lindsay Street Mill, Inch Mills'
& John Street Mill, & at 40 Mike st. Aldgate, London, E.C. j
res. Elm Bank, St. Vigeans
- George, farmer, St. Vigeans
- Henry, tobacconist, 67 Market st
- Robert, Abbey Inn, High st
Lyall Thomas W. dentist, 2 West Abbey st
William, shopkeeper, 41 East Abbey st
Lyon Miss Annie, 12 Commerce st
George, tanner, &e; (Thomas Lyon & Son), 7 Alexandra pi
â–  James G. manager, Ogilvie pi
Thomas & Son, tanners, curriers & leather merchants, Mill-
gate Tan Works
M* ALPINE Mary, fish dealer, 23 Lordburn [bridge
M'Bain John M. sub-agent, British Linen Co. Bank, Brothock
M'Bay William, farmer, St. Vigeans
M'Corquodale & Guthrie, manure manufacturers, South Grimsby ;
works, Carnoustie
James, farmer, Arbirlot [Culloden rd
M'Donald Alexander, -wood turner (John M'Donald & Co.), 22
Alexander, painter (Alexander M'Donald & Son), 31 Marketgate
Alexander & Son, painters, 27 Ladybridge st
Miss Alison, 33 High st
Macdonald F. F. solicitor (J. & W. Macdonald), Windmill House
M'Donald Frederick, grocer, &c, 18}£ Dishlandtown st
Macdonald J. & W. solicitors, Town House, High st
James, draper (Forbes & Macdonald), 143 High st
M'Donald John, wood turner (John M'Donald & Co.), 21 Culloden rd
John & Co. wood turners, Hayesfield, St. Vigeans
Macdonald Mitchell, baker, 6 Orchard st [House
Wm. K. Esq. j.p. solicitor (J. & W. Macdonald), Windmill
M'Dougall Rev. James Ewen, Springfield House
M'Farlane Alexander, blacksmith, Collision Mill
M'Gurk John, fishmonger, 5 Applegate
M'Hardy John, baker, 235 High st
Macintosh Agnes, grocer, 44 Fergus square
M'Intosh John, schoolmaster, 29 Market gate
William, draper, 196 High st
William F. solicitor, 27 Commerce st ; res. 10 John st
M'Intyre John, Lochnagar Vaults, 5 &7 Commerce st
Mackay James D. cabinet maker & upholsterer, 101 & 103 High st
M'Kay Jane D. confectioner, 32 Ksptie st
M'Konzie David, shipping agent and Vice-Consul for Sweden and
Norway, 9 Shore ; res. 16 East Grimsby
Mackenzie John, grocer & wine & spirit merchant, 146 & 175 High
Bt; res. 17 Bill pi
M'Kerchar Duncan, draper, 108 High Bt; res. Killin
Mackie William, shopkeeper, 32 Seagate
William, shipmaster, 2 Dalhousie pi
M'Laren & Nairn, stonemasons, Culloden rd
Brothers, boot manufacturers, Bank st. & 38 Guthrie port
James, confectioner, 30 Hamilton green
M'Lean Charles, spirit dealer, 5 East Mary st
M'Leish John, chemist & druggist, 136 Highst; res. 2 St.Vigoans rd
M'Lelland Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 3 South Grimsby
M'Lonnan Donald, grocer, 38 Barn green; res. 4 Hay's Well rd
William, grocer, 84 North port
M'Leod James, spirit dealer, 64 >2 Keptie st
M'Nab James, shipowner, Lady loan
M'Pherson John, jeweller, Brothock bank; res. 29 Rossie st [rd
John, commission merchant, 23 Dickfield st ; res. 9 Hay's Well
Kenneth, spirit dealer, Brothock bridge
Thomas, shopkeeper, 55 Barn green
M'Wattie James, tobacco manufacturer, 20 Commerce st
Main Amelia, grocer, &c. 1 Wallace st
Mann David, farmer, St. Vigeans
Robert, dairyman, Lady loan
Market House, Market pi— John M. Fothoringham, keeper
Marshall Alexander, bird & animal preserver, 17 Guthrie port
â–  David, shipmaster, 6 Academy st
Mrs. Elizabeth, 3 Queen st
Martin David, sheriff officer, 70 High st
John, blacksmith, Arbirlot
Margaret, shopkeeper, 2 Ladybridge st
Mason James S. architect, 10 y> Hill st; res. Carnonstio
Masonic Hall, 23 Hill st
Hall, Park st
Masson Robert, gardener, 6 Elliot pi
Mather Alexander, grocer, &c. 1 Ernest st
Frederick T. grocer & spirit dealer, 1 Maule s

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