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St. Andrews embraces 11,482 statute acres, and in 1871 had a popu-
lation of 7,851, and in 1881, 7,835, of which number the town con-
tained 6,458.
St. Leonards is a email parish so intersected by that of St.
Andrews that it is identical in all its interests. It consists of
detached portions in and around the city, and is surrounded by the
parishes of Kinpsbarns, Crail, and Dpniuo, and is connected both
historically imd politically with the city nnd parish of St. Andrews.
Its area is about 1,008 acres, and its population in 1881 was 769.
Cameron parish is situate about three railed south of St. Andrews.
It is bounded on the i»ortb by St. Andrews, on the south by Cam bee
and Kilconquhnr, on the east by Denino, and on the west by Ceres.
Its length is about sis miles, and its breadth four miles, comprising
an acrenge of 9,325. The greater portion of the land is well culti-
vated, the remainder being pasture, wtll drained by numerous small
streams. The nearest railway station is at Cupar, There is a parish
church find school at Cameron, and an tinned Presbyterian church
at Lathones, and a B«>aid school at Radernie, which are small
places in the parish. Denhead is a small villagp, a portion of which
is in this parish. Population of the parish in 18S1, 1,003.
Denino, or as it is sometimes spelt Dwnino, parish is situated
four mileB south of St. Andrews, bounded on the north by St.
Andrews, on the smith by Crail and Cam bee, on the oast by King-
horn, and on the west by Cameron. It is three miles long and
about the same iu breadth. The laud is highly cultivated, and is
intersected by woodlands and streams. The parish church is a
stone building in the Gothic style of architecture, erected in 1826.
The nearest railway statiun is at Cupar. Acreage, 2,737. Population
in 1881, 297.
I.edchars parish is nine miles in length by five in breath, and
contains an area of 13,354 acres. It is bounded on the east by the
German Ocean, by the parishes of St. Andrews and Kemback on the
south, by Dairsie and Logiu on the west, and by Forgan and Ferry-
Port-on-Craig on the north. The small rivulets or burns of Mobray
and Moonzie fall into the Aden near the small village of Segqie ; the
former of these streams divides the parish into two portions. The
surface is level and the soil tolerably fertile. The village of
Leuchars is pleasantly situated about "a mile from the coast and
six from St. Andrews, on the road from that town to Dundee. The
Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee branch of the North British Railway
passes through the parish, and there is a station iu the village. The
cuurih is very ancient, and considered OU3 of the most perfect
specimens of Saxon architecture in Scotland; it is supposed to have
been erected in the twelfth century. There is also a Free church
the parish. Guard Bridge is partly in this parish and partly in
that of St. Andrews. Seggie and Balmullo are small villages
also in this parish, which in 18S1 possessed a population numbering
ARRIVALS.— From England, Ireland, Abroad, and all parts of Scotland at 8 a.m. ; from London (direct) andFife towns at 10 20 a.m.
from Wes of England, Glasgow, Crail, and Austruther at 1 p.m. ; from all parts of Scotland at 7 50 p.m.
DESPATCHES.— To all parts of Srotland at 5 45 a.m. ; to Strathkinness, Denhead, Largoward and Denino at 9 50 a.m.; to An str other,
Crnil, Kings-barns and Boar-hills at 12 45 p.m. ; to London, Edinburgh and the South at 12 45 p.m.; to London, Edinburgh, Dundee,
Perth, &c. at 2 30 p.m. ; to Dundee and the North at 5 45 p.m. ; to London, Edinburgh, and the South at 6 40 p.m. Sunday.— Despatch at
6 a.m. Letters posted during Sunday are despatched at 6 a.m. on Monday. Telegrams are received and despatched between 9 and 10
a.m. and letters are delivered at the office from 12 to 1 o'clock mid-day. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Leucharp, Andrew Cornie, Post Master.— Letters arrive from Dundee and the North at 7 a.m.; from Edinburgh,
London and the South (R.S.O.) at 9 a.m. ; from Dundee and the North at 5 p.m.; aud from Edinburgh and the South at 6 35 p.m., and are
despatched to Dundee nnd the North at 7 a.m., and 3 and 5 p. in ; to Edinburgh, London and the South at 9 a.m. and 6 35 p.m. Money
Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Receiving House, Guard Bridge, Elizabeth Walker. Sub-Post Mistress.— Letters from all parts arrive (from St. Andrews), at
630 a.m., and from Cupar- Fife at 9 20 a.m. and 6 p.m., and from Fife at 7 p.m., and are despatched to Edinburgh and the South at 1 15 p.m. ;
to all parts (by Cupar Fife) at 3 10 p.m., and to all parts (by St. Andrews) at 6 p.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at Lecciiars, 2
miles distant.
Post Receiving House, Strathkinness, James Malcolm, Post M> aster.— Letters from all parts arrive (from St. Andrews) at 12 30
noon, are despatched thereto at 1 15 p.m. The nearest Money Order Ojjiee is at St. Andrews, 3 miles distant.
*** Letters for Denino, Cameron, Denhead, Strathkinnc ss, Guard Bridge, Boarhills, Seggie, and Kincaple should ho addressed " near
St. Andrews."
*** Letters for the villages of Leuchars and Balmnl'o shculd be addressed "nenr Cupar."
Adamson Mr. Andrew, 76 North st
Aifeman Mr. Andrew, Rathelpie Villa,
Aimer Mr. George, 9 Hope st
Aitken Mr. James, 2 Alfred pi
Aitken the Misses Jessie & Clara, 5 Gillespie
ter. The Scores
Allen Mrs. Rose E. Nortbcliffe, The Scores
Anderson Mr. J. Maitland, 33 Abbey st
Anderson Rev. Mark L. m.a.172 South st
Angus Rev. George, 23 Queen st
Anstrutber Mrs. P. R. 2 St. Mary's pi
Archibald Mr. David, m.d. 71 South st
Armit Mrs. — , 147 Market st
Armstrong Mr. Robert, ll.d. Madras College
Bairnsfather Peter, Esq. j.p. 8 Gibson pi
Barclay Mrs. Jane Hay. Westville, Rathelpie
Baxter John Henry, Esq. j.p. Eden View,
Baxter Rev. William L. m.a. Cameron
Bavnes Mr. Thos. S. ll.b., ll.d. 19 Queen st
Bell Mr. John, 18 Queen st
Bell the Misses L. & E. 32 Castle st
Bcnnet Mr. Lindsay, 6 Gillespie ter. The
Berwick Mrs. Elizabeth, 5 Queen st
Berwick Mr. John, 56 North st
Bethune Lieut.-Col. Robert, 11 Abbotsford
Bett Mr. John, 4 Howard pi
Birrell Rev. John, m.a.. d.d. 18 Queen st
Biscoe Major Vincent R. Law park
Black Mr. James Hay, 3 Gillespie ter. The
Blair Mrs. Jane, 35 Queen st [Cameron
Bonar Major Henry J. C. Graham, Greigston,
Boyd Mrs. Agnes, 8 Pilmour pi
Boyd Colonel Alexander, 15 Howard pi
Boyd Rev. Andrew K. H. d.d. 7 Abbotsford
Briggs Mr. Allan, 4 Playfair ter
Broom Rev. William. Leuchars
Broughton Miss — , 5 Playfair ter
Brown Mr. Charles, 11 Alexandra pi
Brown Mr. George, 6 Howard pi
Brown Mr. James W. Balmullo House
Browning Mr. James, M.A t| ll.d. Abbey
Park House
Bruce Mr. Alexander K. 109 South st
Burn Mr. David L. 91 North st
BnLler Mr. Arthur S. m.a. Oxon. Hope st
Cameron Miss Ada, Queen's ter
Cameron Mr. James, Balfour House, Shore st
Carmichael Mr. David, 8 Kirk pi
Campbell Rev. Lewis, m.a., lld. The Scores
Carnegie Major Donald, 6 Playfair ter [st
Carr Mrs. Charlotte, St. Leonard's, 14 South
Carstairs Mr. John, 109 South st
Cheape Alex. Esq. j.p. <<f Lathockar,Cameron
Christie Miss — , City Road House
Christie Miss Agnes, 3 Hope st
Christie Mr. Alexander, 43 South st
Christie General Hugh, 16 North Bell st
Christie Miss Jessie, Abbey Cottage
Cleghorn Hugh C. Esq. J.P., ll.d., m.d.
Stravithy House
Cleland Mr. Robert, 7 Alexandra pi
Cockburn Col. Henry Alexander,Tbe Cottage
Constable Mr. James Charles, Westoun,
Constable Mr. John. m.d. Leuchars
Cook Mrs. Isabella, 5 Pilmour pi
Cook Mrs. Rachael S. Mansefield
Corsane Mr. Charles B. 2 Gibson pi
Coul Miss Christian, Belle Vue
Crichton Mr. David Maitland M'Gill, 1 Pil-
Crombie Rev. Fred, m.a., d.d. The Scores
Crosthwaite Mrs. Mary, 2 Pilmour pi
Curwen Robert E. Esq. j.p. Westerlee,
Donald Miss Margaret. The Scores
Douglas Captain William, Si. Margaret's
Duncan Mrs. Elizabeth, 10 North Bell st
Dundas Mr. John, Newton Bank, Den brae
Erskine Sir Thomas, Bart. j.p. of Cambo, by
St. Andrews
Everard Mr. Harry Stirling Crawford, 1
Kinburn ter
Ewan Rev. James, b.d. Denino
Fairtield Mrs. — , 79 South st
Fairley Mr. Ogilvie, Easter Kincaple
Farmer Mr. A. F. Brownhills
Farmer Mr. Robert, of Kingask
Fergusson Mr. Samuel R. S Abbotsford cres
Ferine Mr. John Carmichael, 17 Golf pi
FischerWilliam Lewis Ferdinand, m.a., ll.d.,
f.r.s. Alton, Rathelpie
Fitzgerald Mr. Samuel, 8 Hope st
Fleming Mrs. Mary, 1 Dempster pi
Fleming Mr. Peter, Gordon Lodge
Fletcher Miss Agnes, 10 Queen st
Fogo Mr. David, ll.d. Madras College
Forgan Miss Catherine, Strathkinness
Fowler Captain Robert Dashwood, 14
Howard pi LBridge
Galloway Mr. John, Eden View, Guard
Gibson Mr. Henry, 13 North Bell st
Gibson Rfv. J. George, Southlield, Fleming pi
Gillespie Mr. James, 4 Queen st
Glass Mr. Charles, 122 North st
Glennie Mr. George, 7 South st
Gordon Mr. Huntley, 62 South st
Gourlay Bliss Marian, 10 Alexandra pi
Govan Mr. Alexander, Dhucraig, The Scores
Grace Stuart, Esq. St. Mary's pi
Grant Mr. William, 8 Alexandra pi
Gri^rsnn Mr. William, Dempster ter
Greig Miss Isabella, 5 Dempster ter
Gri ndlay Lieut.-Col. Henry R. 144 North st
HaigMiss Marjorv, Kincaple
Hall Mr. Jesse, 13*8 Market st
Harriott Captain George R. 12 Alexandra pi
Hector Mrs. A. 4 Kinburn pi
Heddle Mr. Matthew Foster, m.d. St. Leo-
nard's House [Cameron
Henderson Rev. Archibald, Lathones,
Henderson Mr. David, 21 South st
Henderson Major Wm. Maytield, Rathelpie
Henderson Mr. William C. 11 North Bell st
Henry Mr. David, 2 Loekhart pi
Herbert Captain Douglas, 6 Alexandra pi
Herriot Mrs. Martha, 4 Gillespie terrace,
The Scores
Higgs Mrs. — , 146 North st
Hill Mr. Alexander, of Stony wynd
Hill Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Pilmour pi [ter
Hodge The Misses Ann & Fanny, 2 Kinburn
Hodge Miss Catherine, 1 Pilmour pi
Hodge Mr. Thomas, West view
Hooey Mrs. M. 1 Hope st
Houston Mrs. Elizabeth, Queen's ter
Hull Mr. Arthur, Rockview, The Scores
Hunter Mrs: Alexa, 60 South st
Hunter Mr. Alexander, Belle Vue
Iuglia Mrs. Eleanor, 4 Abbotsford cres
Ireland Mr. David S. Aigylo st. & Donork

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