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NOBILITY, GENTRY, &c— continued.
Ironside Mrs. Emma, 15 Hope Bt
Irvine Rev. James B. m.a. Strathkinness
Jack Mrs. Morton, 1 Kinbnrn pi
Jackson Captain George H. 12 Howard pi
Jackson Mrs. M. A. 75 South st
JackRou Major Handle, .t.p. Tho Priory
Jamleann Mr. James, 9 Gibson pi
Jamieson Mr. James A. The Links
Johnstone Hev. Robert, Leuchars
Kerr Mr. William J. 67 North st
Kiikl Rev. James, b.d. 1 Howard pi
King Miss Kdith, 64 North st
King Mr. James \V. 2 Queen st
Kirk Miss Charlotte, 6 Alfred pi
Knight Mr. William, ll.d. Edge Clifle, The
Kyle Mr. Hamilton, m.b., CM. 140 Market st
Laing Mr. Francis, 3 Kilburn pi
Lamb Mr. David J. The Hirsel, The Scores
Lainoml Mrs. E. 4 Alexandra pi
Lang Mr. P..R. S) ott, m.a., b.sc 8 Alexandra pi
Lawrence Mrs. H. South Bell st [chars
Lawsou Miss Margaret M. Pitletliie, Leu-
Lees George, Esq. J. p., ll.d. 58 South st
Leighton Mrs. Mary, 3 Dempster ter
Lennox Mr. John B. 78 South st
Lindosay The Misses — , 44 South 8t
Liudesay William F. 3£sq. J p, 21 Queen st
Lonie Mr. William O. m.a., ll.d. 5 North
Bell st
Low Lady — , Clatto House
Lowndes Major James, 14 Hope st
Luke Major John, j.p. 10 Abhotsford cres
Maccallan Mr. Allan B. 12 Hopo st
M'Bean Mr. George, 11 Golf pi
M'Crae Hev. John Parker, Tho Manse,
Macdonald Mr. Charles M'Allister, Clayton
House, Leuchars
M'Gregor Mr. Gregor, Sonth Villa
M'Gregor Mr. Jolin, New Park
M'lutosh Mr. William, 2 Abbotsford crea
M'Intyre Mrs. Janet. Westport House
M'Kay Mr. John, m.d. Strathkinnosa
M'Lean Mr. Charles S. 8 Playfalr ter
M'Leod Misa Mary, 77 North st
M'Noe Hev. James, Guard Bridge
M'Pherson Mrs. J. 99 North st
M'Pherson Mr. John, View Mount, Rathelpie
M'Tear Mr. William F. m.d. Kiuuisburn,
Meiklejohu Mr. John, m.d. Castlegate, North
Castle st
Meldrum David Bayne.Esq. j.p. 142 North st
Meldrum Mrs. Euphemia, 4 Hope st
Meldrum Miss Hay, South Dron, Leuchars
Meldrum Mr. John (of Pittorrnie), North
Dron, Leuchars
Melville John Balfour, Esq. Mount Melville,
Middleton Captain John A. Strathlyram
Miller Mrr, Hopnia, G North Bell st
Milne Mr. John, 34 Argyle st
Milton Walter Thomas, Esq. j.p. 1 South Bt
Mitchell Rev. Alex. F. m.a., d.d. 5b' South st
Mitchell Mr. James, 16 Queen st
Mitchell Robert, Esq. j.p. 54 South st
Moir Mr. J< ha W. m.d. 127 South st
Moil- Mr. Robert, m.d. 46 North st [mellie
Moneypenny Colonel James R. B. j.p. Pit-
Morrison Miss Anuie, 6 Dempster pi
Newlaud Mrs. Jane, 9 Alexandra pi
Nisbet Mr. Ralph Paterson, 4 Dempster pi
Oliphant Mr. Thomas T. Queeu Mary's,
South st
Paterson Mr. Alexander, 13* Market st
Patersun John, Esq. j.p. Kinburn House
Paterson Mr. John, ll.d. Clilton bank, The
Paterson Mrs. W. M. 1 Lockhart pi
Paton Miss P. Castlemnunt, North Castle st
Patton Major Robert Malcolm, Scores park,
Tho Scorea
Pettigrew Mr. J. Bell, m.d., f.r.s. Bay View,
The Scores
Pitcairu Mrs.— , Pitcollo, Leuchars
Pherson Miss Elizabeth, 17 Market st
Pirie Mrs. Ague?, 79 North st
Pitcairn Mr. John, 9 Abbotsford cros
Procter Miss Jane, 6 Queen st
Purdie Mr.Thomas, Ph.D., b.sc, Castle Cliff,
The Scores
Purvis John, Esq. j.p. Kinaldy, Cameron
Reid Mrs.—, 83 South st
Reid Mr. David, m.a. 2 Kinburn pi
Richard Miss Martha, 15 South st
Riddle Mr. James, 13 Howard pi
Riddle Mr. William, Chatein House, 1 Abbots-
ford crea
Ritchie Mr. James, 3 Queen st
Ritchie Mr. James R. W. Belmont, Rathelpie
Roberts Mr. Alexander, d.d. Pilmour Links
Robertson Mr. Henry, Eden Grove, LeucuarB
Robertson Mr. Tuoimis, 2 Glcucoo villas,
Rodger Rev. Matthew, 42 South st
Roso Mrs. Eliza, Cunninghame House, 10
Gibson pi
Russell A. W. Esq, j.p. (of Kenley green),
City Park House
Russell Mrs. Hannah, 14 Queen st
Russell Mrs. Helen, 11 Hope st
Salter Mrs. Mary Ann, 2 Alexandra pi
Schaefer Henry Frederick Francis, Eaq.rh.D.
Seaton House, The Scores
Scott Mrs. Isabella, 5 Grecusido pi
Scott James Addison, Esq. (of Wooden),
Abbey Park Villa
Shairp John Campbell, Esq. j.p., m.a., ll.d,
2 Murray park
Simpson Mr. Henry, St. Gatien, The Links
Skene Mrs. Jessie, 1 Gillespie ter. The
Small Miss Marv A. 7 Lockhart pi
Smith Mr. William, Seggie, Guard Bridge
Speedie Mr. Alexander, Kiushaldy, Leuchars
Spence Miss — , Craigsanquhar, Leuchars
Stark Mrs. M. C. 5 Alexandra pi
Stewart Captain D. S. West Park House
Stirling Mr. Thomas M. Dean's Court
Stobie Mrs. Clementina, 8 Queeu at
Stuart Mr. Morris, 7 nope st
Syme Mr. Andrew, South st
Tait Rev. Andrew D. Stratbkinness
Taylor Mr. Frederick H. 1 Glencoo villas,
Thumpson Rev. Robert, Boarhills
Thorns Mr. Alexander. 7 Playfair ter
Thorns Mr. John, Sea View, The Scores
Thorns Mr. Wedderhurn, Sea View, The
Thomson Mrs, G. 2 Playfair ter
Thomson Mrs. Jane, Gregory pi
Trail Mr. William, m D. 83 North st
Troup Rev. Rob.-rt, 15 North Bell st
Tulloch V.Ty Rev. Johu, j.p., ll.d. St.
Mary's College
Turner Captain Francis C. 10 Hupp st
Tuttielt Rev. Laurence, 17 Queeu st
Walker Misses Euphemia & Agnes, Weston
Villa, Rathelpie [Scores
Walkiushaw Mrs. Eliza, 2 Gillespie ter. Tho
Webster Miss R. 3 Plavfair ter
Webster Mr. Riddle, P'norsgate, South st
Webster Miss Elizn, 9 Queen st
Weir Mr. Francis, 52 North st
Welch Mr. James R. 81 North st
Wemyss Mr. David Watson; 143 Market st
White Mr. James Lo^an, The Links
Whitehead Mrs. Anne H. 2 South Bell st
Wilsou Mr. David M. 6 South Bell st
Woodcock Mr. William, Rose Park House,
City rd
Wordsworth Right Rev. Charles, D.D.. d.c.l.
Bishop of St. Andrews. Bishop's Hall
Wright Mr. Daniel, m.d. Wesclaiids, RaLhelpk
Wright Mrs. Mary, 5 Howard pi
Young Major Archibald, 8 Abbotsford cres
M'Gregor John (bouse), 71 Market at
Mitchell Robert (for A. & J. M'Nab, dyers,
Edinburgh), 65 South st
More J. A D. (for VV. * A. Gilbev, London,
wine merchants), 89 South st ;
Murray George (photographers' & marine in-
surance), South st
Stenhouse David (for J. Pullar & Sons, dvcrs.
Perth), College st
Wilson John (for Singer's sewing machines).
169 & 171 South st
Wilaou William (for P. & P. Campbell, dyers.
Perth), 131 Market st -
Younger Elsie (for Wemysa Castle art
needlework), College st
See Mineral Water Manufacturers.
Gillespie Jamea (& surveyor), 4 Queen at
Henry David (& ordained surveyor), Church
Milne John (& inventor & patentee
of Milne's pyro -pneumatic room
gratel, 115 South st
{See also Photographers.)
Graham James, 65 North st
Jack Patti (landscape), 1 Kinburn pi
Paterson Alexander (miniature painter), 134
Market st
Fletcher M. & Son & artists' repository) 121
South st '
M'Bean Alex, (appraiser), 7 North Bell st
M'Gregor John, 71 Market st
Blunt Gerald, e.a. Camh. (boarding), St.
Salvator's School, The Scorea
Board Scrools:—
Boarhilis — David Scott, master
Cameron — Johu Robertson, master [ter
Cameron (Radornie 1 — James Wiikie, mas-
Denhead — David Fiulay, master
Denino— Thomas Simpson, master
Leuchars — Peter Proudfoot, master
Strathkinness (North Public)— David Wal-
ker, master
Strathkinness (South Public)— John Find-
lay, master
Browning James, m.a., ll.d. (boarding),
Abbey Park House [master
District School, Gregory pi — Edward King,
Infants' School, Market st — Jeanie Ruther-
ford, mistress
Madras College, South st — See Public
Paierson John (boarding), Clifton Bank, The
Robb William, 42 South st
St. Andrew's School for Girls, Limited,
Queen at— J. F. Dove, head mistress
St. Mary's College— See Public Buildings
Stark Mrs. — , (boarding & day school for
girls), 5 Alexandra pi — See advertisement
United College of St. Salvatok, and St.
Leonards— Sec Public Buildings
University of St. Andkews— See Public
Findlay Thomas (commission), 123 North st
Fletcher M. & Sou (photographers'), 121
South at
Henderson William C. & Son (for Cheque
Bank cbenn^s, & Sutton's Parcel Express),
5 i. hnrch st
"""'itlon James (housel, 125 South st
M'Bean Alex, (house), 7 North Bell st
Brown William, 116 South st
Craig David, 8 College at
Dutch William, Guard Bridgo
M'Donald Archibald, 179 South st
Mar r Thomas (& ships' biscuits), 27
North Castle st
Marshall George, 5 south Boll st
Morris Jane, 9 Union at
Pirie Andre-", 6 Castle st
Rait James. Leuchars
Scott Alex, n ler K. Leuchars
Taylor Jain^s, Strathkinness
Thompson Charles, 34 South st
Wheaten Bread Society, 107 Market st
Wilson Andrew, 23 North st
Bank of Scotland (Branch), Queen st. &
South st; head office, Edinburgh— draws
on London branch. Contts & Co. & "on
Smith, Payne & Smiths, London— Andrew
Syme, agent
Cheque Bank, Limited, 4 Church st— W. C.
Henderson & Son, amenta
Clydesdale Bank, Limited (Branch), 7fi
South st ; head offico, Glasgow— draws ou
London office— John B. Lennox, agent
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), Queen st; head office, Edin-
burgh—draws on the London and West-
minster Bank, London— Jamea W. Kiuu
agent °'
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), 88
Market Bt ; head office, Edinburgh— draws
on London branch, Coutts & Co. & Bank
of England, London— Stuart Grace, agent
National Security Savings Bank, 95
South st— open daily from ten till eight —
David C. Smith, actuary
See Fancy Repositories.
See Smiths.
Cook J. & Son (booksellers, station-
ers, bookbinders and printers ', SO
Market st
Fletcher M. & Son i& bookbinders
to the University, & newsagents-
Established 60 years), 121 South st
Henderson W. C. & Son, 4 Church st
Mackintosh Jane, 13 South Bell st
Murray George (St. Andrews Citizen Office),
1U7 South at

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