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For Officials attached to the Public Buildings, Offices, dec. see list at end of Classification of Trades.
ABBOTSHALL Parochial Board Office, Links st— William Jackson,
inspector & collector
Accident Insurance Co. — Henry M. Barnet, 184 & 186 High st. &
Donald M'Naughton, Harbour head, agents
Adam Ann, Bhopkeeper, 80 Charlotte st
Robert, confectioner, 53 Links st
Adaroson George P. solicitor, 242a High st
â–  James, shopkeeper, 12 Charlotte st
— Peter, grocer, &c. 10 Cross st. Gallatown
Agnew Rev. William, Dysart rd. Gallatown
Aiken Jane, Berlin 'wool repository, Back st. Pathhead
Aitken Mrs. — , farmer, Easter Tough
. Andrew, watchmaker, 64a High st ; res. 14 Nicol st
. George Lewis, solicitor (Beveridge & Aitken), Boglily
Henry, linen manufacturer (T. & J. Kay), 80 St. Clair st.
John, fancy goods merchant, 64b High st; res. 14 Nicol st
John, tailor & draper, 198 High st
liobert, spirit dealer, 355 High st ; & coal agent, Railway station
Alison Mary, saddler & harness maker, 165 High st
Allan Isabella, dressmaker, 65 Back st. Pathhead [Victoria rd
Allen George, chemist & druggist, 134 Midst. Pathhead; res. 113
Alliance Insurance Co. (fire)— Andrew Hogg, 152 High st. agent
Anderson Andrew, tailor, 17 Birrell st. Pathhead
. Brothers, yarn merchants, 257a High, st
. Christina, grocer, &c. 8 Bridge st
. David, spirit dealer, 3 Tolbooth st
. George, manager, School wynd
Henry, hardware dealer, 170 St. Clair st
Isabella, shopkeeper, 39 Back st. Pathhead
James, yarn merchant (Anderson Brothers), Terrace Bank
James, grocer, 19 Links st
Anderson James, joiner & picture frame maker, Back
St. Pathhead
Anderson James, tailor & clothier, 44 St. Clair st
Anderson John, coal agent, Railway station
John, manager, 50 High st
Mr. John, 121 Back st. Pathhead
â–  Robert D. yarn merchant (Anderson Bros.), 439 High st
â–  Thomas, blacksmith, 37 Bridge st
— — William, joiner, Invertiel st
William, Fifeshire Tavern, 435 High st
. William, shopkeeper, S3 Nicol st
Andrew George O. mineral water manufacturer, 20 Glasswork st
Angles Hannah, grocer, &c. 15 Nicol st [pi
Henry, wholesale grocer, 20 & 28 Higlist; res. G West Fergus
Thomas, spirit dealer, 25 Nicol st
Archibald David, grocer, 383 High st
Arneil John, hairdresser, 52 Mid st. Pathhead
Arnot Mrs. — , Loughborough rd
Arnott David Dundas, registrar of births, deaths & marriages, *&
collector of police, &c. rates, 15 Tolbooth st ; res. Si Hill st
John, fishmonger, 20 High st
Margaret, Berlin wool repository, 89 Mid st. Pathhead
Arthur Jane, shopkeeper, 56 St. Clair st •
William F. schoolmaster, 6 West Fergus place
Assembly Rooms, 125 High st
Atlas Insurance Co. Michael Nicol, 5 Kirk wynd
Aytoun Mr. John P. 4 East Fergus pi
BAILIE Court, Town Hall, High st— William Roy Spears, clerk
Bain David, grocer & spirit dealer, 174 Rosslyn st
Eliza, shopkeeper, 19 High st
— Mr. Thomas, Bennocby ter
Balfour Alexander, bleacher (A. Balfour & Co.), 160 High st
Alexander & Co. bleachers & yarn merchants, 17 Rose st ;
works, Markinch
— Andrew, veterinary surgeon, Balwearie
Robert, farmer, Mutton Hall
Bank of Scotland (Branch), 226 High st— David J. Wilson, agent;
Alexander Campbell, teller
Barclay Alexander, baker, 67 Rosslyn st
Alexander, newsagent, 91 Mid st. Pathhead
Janet, dressmaker, 221 St. Clair st
Barker James, pawnbroker, Oswald's wynd & 254 High st ; res. 4
Hill place
Barn George, saddler & harness maker, 173 & 174
High St ; res. 2 Murraytield, Milton rd
Barnet Alexander, ironmonger, &c. (Barnet & Morton), 184 High st
& Morton, iron merchants & ironmongers, &c. 184 & 186
High st
David, cabinet maker, 122 High st
David & Son, cabinet makers, 131 High st. & 13 Rose st
â–  Henry M. ironmonger, &c. (Barnet & Morton), 17 Townsend pi
James, cabinet maker (David Barnet & Son), 11 Rose st
John, ironmonger, &c. (Barnet & Morton), 17 Townsend pi
Samuel, Son & Co. cabinet makers, auctioneers, &.c. 16 Rose st
Barnie D. & A. butchers, 84 Mid st. Pathhead
Barry John, Ostlere & Co. Limited, floor cloth & linoleum manu-
facturers, Forth Works
John, Esq. m.p. floor cloth manufacturer (John Barry, Ostlere
& Co. Limited), 6 Townsend cres
Bartholomew Alexander, grocer & post master, Auchtertool
Walter, distiller, Auchtertool ; res. 243 High st
Baxter Rev. John C. d.d. 15 Albert rd
Beaton Peter & Co. grocers, 17 Mitchell st
Beatson Mrs. Catherine, 259 High st
David, grocer, &c. 199 & 244 High st ; res. Bennochy park
Beattie Alexander, draper, 230 Links st
William, draper, 154 High st
Begg Rev. Brace B. m.a. Milton rd
Bell Miss Helen, Wemyssfield
â–  Rev. John C. Pathhead Manse, Loughborough rd
Bett David, tailor & clothier, 10 Links st
Beveridge Alexander, tailor, 71 Dunnikier rd [gus pi
Alexander, solicitor & notary (Beveridge & Aitken), 3 East Fer-
& Aitken, solicitors, 220 High st [head
& Robertson, ironmongers & machine makers, Nether st. Path-
Andrew, tailor, 14 High st [borough rd
Andrew, ironmonger, &c. (Beveridge & Robertson), Lough-
Beveridge Archibald, wholesale stationer & account
book manufacturer, engraver, lithographer and
printer, 30 Townsend place ; res. 23 Townsend cres
Beveridge David, baker, 311 High st
G. & W. yarn merchants, 248 High st. & flax spinners, Haugh
Mill, Windigates
George, yarn merchant, &c. (G. & W. Beveridge), 243 High st
Mr. George, Wemyssfield
George James, yarn merchant, &c. (G. & W. Beveridge), 259
High st
John, clerk, St. Clair st
Mr. John, 29 Hill st
â–  â–  Joseph, grocer, &c. 125 Back st. Pathhead
Michael, Esq. j.p. floor cloth manufacturer (Shepherd &
Beveridge), Boechwood
William & G. farmers, Kiikton, Auchtertool
Binning George, shopkeeper, 27 Nicol st
Birrell William, butcher, 271.Links st
Bissett Rev. Alexander, Albert rd
Black & Reuton, rope& sail manufacturers, Forth & Clyde Ropery
Grace, ladies' school, 24 High st
J. & T. watchmakers, 97 High st
James, watchmaker (J. & T. Black), Viewforth Tower, Links st
Janet, confectioner & tobacconist, 3 High st
John, watchmaker (J. & T. Black), Milton rd [grove
John, rope & sail manufacturer (Black & Ronton), James
Roger, solicitor & notary & procurator fiscal for Kirkcaldy, 53
Hill st; res. Ben Dhu
Thomas, watchmaker (J. & T. Black), 68 High st
Blackett Mr. John Stephens, Southerton House
Blackstock William S. schoolmaster, 29 Townsend place [Pathhead
Blair Andrew & Co. linen manufacturers, Birrell Street Factory,
John L. linen manufacturer (A. Blair & Co.), Mid st. Pathhead
William & Co. boot & shoe makers^ 139 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
Blyth A. & Co. linen manufacturers, Hawklymuir Factory, Sinclair-
Alexander, linen manufacturer (A. Blyth & Co.), Hiawatha
Villa, Loughborough rd

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