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Blyfch Andrew, linen manufacturer (A. Blyth & Co.), Rosslyn Bt
Janet, grocer, &c. 28 Mid at. Pathhead
John, Hugh manufacturer (A. Blyth & Co.), Forth Villa,
Loughborough rd
— John, draper, 65 Links Bt
Boak H. & W. tanners, curriers, leather merchants, machine belting
& green leather manufacturers, Harbour Head Tan Works,
471 High st
Henry, tanner, &c. (H. & W. Boak), Harbour head
William, tanner, &c. (H. & W. Boak), 417 High Bt
Boiler Insurance & Steam Power Co. Limited (Manchester)— Andrew
Hogg, 152 High st. agent
Bonded Warehouses, Harbour head
Bonthorn John, builder, Thistle st. & 43 High st
Boon Rev. James E. E. W. Back st. Pathhead
Borthwick Robert, traveller, 44 Dunnikier rd
Bower William, butcher, 51 Links st
Braid & Murray, nurserymen, &c. 259a High st
David, wood turner, 178 High st
Bread Andrew, upholsterer, Gow's square, Glasswork st
Breckenridge Robert, bricklayer, Gow's sq. Glasswork st
Briggs William, manufacturing chemist, Ravenscraig Chemical
Works, Pathhead, & at Arbroath
Brill Sophia, ladies' school, Kirk wynd ; res. Bennochy ter
British Linen Company Bank (Branch), 120 High st— Thomas &
William M. Dow, agents ; John S. Hogg, accountant
Brodie Hugh, bootmaker, 99 Links st
John, jun. draper, 60 St. Clair st. Sinclairtown
Brown Mr. Agnes, 5 Mitchell sfc
Andrew, grocer & spirit dealer, 108 Mid st. Pathhead
Henry, farmer, Hayfield
James, engineer, &c. (James Brown & Co.), 32 Rose st
James, Rrocer,&c. 333 High st
James & Co. engineers, machine makerSj &c. Park Foundry
Margaret, lodgings, 14 James grove
Margery, spirit dealer, 21 Glasswork st
Rohert, tallow chandler, 59 Nether st. Pathhead
Robert, engineer, 71 Nicol st
Robert, draper, 70 High st
— Thomas, farmer, Lockhead, Auchtertool
Thomas B. engineer, millwright, machine maker & hrass-
fonnder, Tiel Engine Works; res. 44 High st— See advert
Brownlow Archibald, joiner (William Pringlo & Co.), Overton rd
Bruce Robert, tobacconist, 9 High st
Brunton George, butcher, 17 Links st
Bryee Mr. Andrew, Munro Cottage, Alexandra st
John, boiler maker, ironfounder & engineer, 28 Dunnikier rd
Bryson Alexander, stationer, 82 Townsend pi
George S. agent to the National Bank of Scotland (Branch),
Limited, High st
John, bookseller, stationer, lithographic & letterpress printer,
& publisher & proprietor of the Fifeshire Advertiser, 130 and
182 High st
Robert, post master, 130 High st
Buchan Andrew, umbrella maker, 105 High st
Rev. John, F. C. Manse, Sinclairtown
Buchanan Andrew, junr. bootmaker, 178 High st
Mr. Andrew, 156 High st
Burgh Surveyor's Office, Town Hall— John Johnston, surveyor and
superintendent of water works
Burns James, lathsplitter, Linktown
Burt James, plumber & tinplate worker, 404 High st
James, bookseller, stationer & printer, 203 High st
John, fishmonger, 235 High at
John, spirit dealer, 73 St. Clair st
Thomas, grocer, 71 St. Clair st
CAIRNS James, shopkeeper, 219 Links st
Mr. John, Bennochy ter
. Robert, butcher, 1 Glebe park
William T. floor cloth manufacturer (Tait, Cairns and Co.
Limited), 8 Townsend crescent
Caledonian Insurance Co. — For list of Agents, see Fire, rf-c. Office
Agents, in Classification of Trades
Campbell Alexander, bank teller, 160 High st
Duncan, Harbour Head Hotel, Harbour head
Rev. John, b.d. The Manse, Kirk wynd
Robert, blacksmith, 124 Mid st. Pathhead
Carmichael Henry, joiner, &c. 44 Nether St. Pathhead
Henry, hairdresser, 58 High st
Thomas, bootmaker, 859 High st
Carron George, joiner, &c. Invertiel
Carse Robert, dairyman, Park rd. Sinclairtown
Cavson Alexander, butcher, 850 High st
Carstairs David, farmer, Sauchenbush
— James L. farmer, Balwearie
Cemetery, Bennochy rd— Oliver Melville, superintendent
Chalmers Mrs. — , 156 High st
â–  Alexander, inland revenue officer, 57 Dunnikier rd
. â–  Andrew, farmer, Temple Hall
. George, draper, 123 Links st
. James, carting & coal agent, Tolbooth st [Nicol st
William, superintendent of Burgh police, Town Hall ; res. 8
Chisholm James, baker, 405 High st
Christie David, joiner & cartwright, Kilrie .
. John, baker, 61 Dunnikier rd [chell st. agent
City of London Fire Insurance Co. Limited— John Harley, 18 Mit-
Chirk James, bootmaker, Auchtertool
. James, coal merchant, Railway station ; res. Rose Bank Cottage
Rev. John, m.a. 25 Townsend pi
. Richard, grocer & spirit dealer, Auchtertool
Clement Thomas, shopkeeper, 196 HighBt
William, shopkeeper, 285 Links st
Clephane David, joiner, Nicol st
Collector of Rates Office (police, water, & other rates), 15 Tolbooth
st — David D. Arnott, collector
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch), 152 High street-
Andrew Hogg, agent
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited (Branch), 50 St. Clair st.
Sinclairtown— William Williamson, agent; John Kintrea,
Union Insurance Co.— R. & J. Herriot, 100 & 150 High st ;
Thomas Jackson, 247 Highst; and J. 15. Murray, 135 High
st. agents
Condie George, joiner & cabinet maker, 23 High st
John, spirit dealer, 475 High st
Connell Henry, auctioneer, 14 Thistle st
Conservative Agency for the Kirkcaldy District of Burghs, 242a
High st — Archibald Pearson Honeyman, agent
Constable Alexander, watch & clock maker, 171 High st
Consular Agency of United States, 200 High st — Andrew Innos,
consular agent [Hutchison, vice-consul
Consulate of Denmark, 172 High st. & East Bridge Mills— Alexander
Cooper Andrew, traveller, 69 Dnnnikeir rd
Corn Exchange, Cowan st
Cornfoot James, shipowner, Loughborough rd [agent
County Fire Insurance Co.— Henry M. Barnet, 184 & 106 High st
Coutts Alexander, chemist, 46 Back st. Pathhead
Ciamb John, printer, 203 High st
Crichton James, grocer, 6 Links st
Thomas, commission agent, 22 Townsend pi
Crombie George, grocer, &c. 217 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
James, clerk, 17 Drysart rd
Gumming John, joiner, Coal wynd
John, blacksmith, Malcolm's wynd
Cunningham Andrew, spirit dealer, 19 Rose st [Salmond, agent
J. & J. oil, &c. merchants (Edinburgh), 102 High st— Robert
Currie A. & Son, wine, spirit & tea merchants, & agents for Cameron
Bridge and other distilleries, 431 High st
David, hairdresser & tobacconist, &c. 80a High st
John, spirit dealer, 33 Bridge st
Curror Alexander Leslie, m.d. surgeon, 1 Charlotte st
Brothers, maltsters, Victoria rd
John, traveller, 20 Townsend cres
Custom House, 489 High st— James Hutchison, deputy supt
DALE J. & T. engineers, boiler makers and iron-
founders, Townsend Foundry ; and 195 Upper Thames st.
Dale Thomas, engineer, &c. (J. & T. Dale), 4 Townsend cres
Dall John, china & glaBS dealer, 95 High st
Dand John, grocer & spirit dealer, 275 Links st
Danish Consulate, 172 High st. and East Bridge Mills— Alexander
Hutchison, vice-consul
Darling Alexander, plumber, 19 & 21 St. Clair sfc
Davidson Alexander, flax spinner (Swan Bros.), 3 West Fergus pi
James, bootmaker & ironmonger, 208 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
John & Son, booksellers, stationers & newsagents, 111 High st
â–  Robert, junr. farmer, Wester Bogie
Davie James, blacksmith, Kilrie
John, watchmaker, 192 High st
John, grocer, &c. 483 High st
Robert, grocer, &c. 102 Links Bt
Deas William, music seller & teacher of music, 242 High st; res.
Victoria Villa, Victoria rd
Dempster George, blacksmith & machinist, 71 Nether
st. Pathhead
Dempston George, butcher, 100 Mid st. Pathhead
Derrick Robert, butcher, 71 Mid st. Pathhead
Dewar Catherine, grocer, &c. 22 Mid st. Pathhead
Christina D. dressmaker, 14 St. Clair st
. William H. surgeon, 220 High st
Dick George, grocer & spirit dealer, 273 High at. & 85 Links st
Jane, bootmaker, 249 High st
Dickson & Co. tallow merchants, Volunteer green
Robert, fruiterer & coal agent, 8 High st
Robert, agent for Mutter, Howey & Co. carriers, 10 High st
Robert, junr. game dealer, 10 High st
Dingwall John, grocer & spirit dealer, 76 Nether st. Pathhead
Robert, grocer, 10 St. Clair st
Dishart David, draper, &c. 86, 90 & 101 High st ; res. 65 Dunnikier rd
Dixon Patrick, clothes dealer, 414 High st. & 10 Charlotte st
Dodds Miss — , dressmaker, 244a High st [80 High st
Thomas H. dentist, & session clerk of the parish of Kirkcaldy,
Dods Andrew, blacksmith & farrier, 2 Carlyle rd
Doig David, blacksmith, Rosslyn st. Gallatown
J. W. hardware dealer, 80 Rosslyn st. Gallatown
John, rope manufacturer, West Mills, & 141 Links st
John, painter & decorator, 204 High Bt
Dorrat William, tailor, 12 Strathearn rd. Sinclairtown
Dougall George, plumber & ironmonger, 77 Back st. Fathead
Douglas & Grant, engineers, millwrights, & iroufounders, Dunnikier
Mias Janet, 48 Townsend pi
Robert, tobacconist & hairdresser, 177 High st
Robert, Esq. j.p. engineer, &c. (Douglas & Grant), Frankfield
â–  Robert, junr. soda water manufacturer, Mount Pleasant, Vic-
toria rd
Dow Thomas, solicitor, town clerk of Dysart, and honorary sheriff
substitute (Thomas Dow & Son), Dysart
â–  Thomas & Son, solicitors & agents for the British Linen Co.
(Branch) Bank, 120 High st [Son), 120 High st
William M. solicitor & town clerk of Kinghorn (Thomas Dow &
Dowie Archibald & Sons, coach builders, 34 Townsend pi
George, coach builder (A. Dowie & Sons), Oswald's wynd
Robert, coach builder (A. Dowie & Sons); Oswald's wynd
Thomas, coach builder (A. Dowie & Sons), 28 Townsend pi
â–  William, basket maker, 140 High st
Dowling Rev. George, Talbert pi. Dunnikier rd
Drummond David, tailor (Wilkie & Drummond), Rosebank
Dryburgh Archibald, jun. spirit dealer, Great Easternj 461 High sfc
Archibald, senr. spirit dealer, 29 Rose st
Walter, draper, &c. 123 Back st. Pathhead
— — William, grocer, &c. 31 Links at
Drysdale Mrs. Ann, Kilrie

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