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Edinburgh, and a new one was in con&oqnencti granted by James
IV., by which all its ancient privileges were renewed and confirmed.
It is governed by a chief magistrate, one bailie, a treasurer, and
seven councillors. The entire parish of Kilconquhar comprises an
area of 6,891 statute acres, and had a population in 1SS1
of 2,053, whilst the town contained 850 of that number; at the
same period Earlsferry contained 017, and Largo ward 338.
Colinsburgh is a village of some trade, situate one mile from Kil-
conquhar, having a branch of the Commercial Bank of Scocland,
Limited, a good inn, and several well-furnished shops. It was
originally built by Coliu, third Earl of Balearres, who died in 1722,
aud it is named after him. Besides tbo parish church at Kilconquhar
there is an United Presbyterian church at Colinsburgb, and a Board
school. In the village a weekly corn market is held on Thursdays.
Population in 1881, 366.
Elie is a small parish, containing the village of its own name. It
is bounded on the north by Kilconquhar, on the south by the Firth
of Forth, on the east by St. Monance, and on the west by Largo and
Newburu. Its length is about two miles, and breadth one mile, aud
it has an area of 2,020 acres. The whnlo, which is enclosed, is the
property of William Baird, Esq. whose elegant residence, Elie
House, is situated a little to the north of the village. The grounds
are beautifully wooded, and are laid out with great taste, and
deserve notice. The village of Elie is at the head of Elie bay, six
miles e. from Largo, one mile and a half from Kilconquhar, two
miles and a half from Colinsburgb., and the same distance from
St. Monance. It is a station on the East of Fife branch of tbe North
Jjiifcish Railway, which passes a little north of the village, which
stands so near tbe sea that the waves wash the walls of some of the
houses. Tbe beach is hero very fine and sandy, and on one portion
of it a species of garnet is found. Mauy persons resort here in the
summer from distant parts to enjoy the bathing, which is excellent ;
auother great source of attraction to visitors is the golfing links at
Earlsferry. An elegant club house has been built, and the links
are largely frequented by players from all quarters. At some earlier
period the village must have teen a place of more importance than
it is now, for in one of the streets near the sea there are some sub-
stantial ancient residences, evidently once the habitation of
families of distinction. The places of worship are the parish church,
a Free church, and an Independent chapel. A handsome and com-
modious Board school and master's residence are situated north of
the town. The trade of the place is confined to the export of grain
and potatoes ; the National Bank of Scotland, Limited, have a
brauch here. Population in 1881, 670.
POST OFFICE, Kilconquhar, Robert Dempster, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. and are despatched
at 6 20 a.m. and 1 and 4 20 p.m. The nearest Money Order Office is at Colinsburgh.
Post Office, Colinsburgh, Alexander Hutt, Post Master.— Letters from all parts arrive at 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. and are despatched at
4 and 10 p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
Post Office, Elie, George Bin-ell, Post Master.— Letters arrive from all parts at 9 a.m. 12 15 noon and 7 p.m. and are despatched at
1, 4 and 10 p.m. Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings Bank.
*^* Letters for the above places should be addressed " Fifeshire."
Babbington Lieut.-Colonel William ,Lathallan
Baird William, Esq. Elie House
Bennett the Misses — , Park pi. Elie
Berwick Mrs. Margaret M. Liberty pi. Earls-
Brown Miss Mary, South st. Elie
Chapman Miss Margaret, The Terrace, Elie
Cowan Mr. John, Liberty pi. Earlsferry
Gumming Mr. John, Toft, Elie
Cumming Mr. Robert, Toft, Elie
Curror Mr. John, Lochburn Bank, Elie
Davidson Walter, Esq. Cairnie House
Dawson Mr. Charles G. Colinsburgb
Dick Rev. Robert, Colinsburgb
Duff Mrs. Jane, Erlsneuk
Flockhart Mr. John, Colinsburgb
Fortune William, Esq. Muir Cambus
Fowler Mrs. — , Links pi. Elie [burgh
Galloway Mr. James, The Cottage, Colins-
Gentle Miss Isabella, Bank st. Elie
Gray Miss Isabella, High st. Elie
Hillhouse Rev. James. Park nl. Elie
Hunter Rev. P. Hay, The Manse, Elie
Irvine Rev. Walter, Kilconquhar Manse
Jamieson Mr. Allan, St. Ford House, Elie
Ketchen Mr. W. R. Bank st. Elie
Kidd Mr. James, Mayfields
Lindsay Sir Coutts, Bart. Balcarrea
Lindsay the Right Hon. Earl of, Kilconquhar
Luke Mrs. — , High st. Elie
M'Grogor Rev. D. C, F.C. Manse, Elie
M'Ruvie Mrs. Christina, Rockcliffe Villa, Elie
Morgan Mr. William, High st. Elie
Blorison Betbune George W. Esq. Falfield
Paterson James Erskine, Esq. Earlsferry
Patterson Mr. James, High st. Elie
Reid Miss Allison, Rankeillor st
Ronald Mrs. Catherine, Colinsburgh
Russell Mrs. — , South st. Elie
Russell Miss Elizabeth, 4 South st. Elie
Russell Mr. George, Elie Lodge
Thomson Col. John A. Charleton
Waddell Mr. James, Earlsferry
Wilson Mrs. — , Park pi. Elie
Wood Miss Hannah, Woodville House, Elie
Wood Miss Margaret, Colinsburgh
Board Schools :—
Kilconquhar— Thomas Sime, master
Colinburgh— James Robertson
Earlsferry — James Davidson, master
Largoward— Thomas Clark, master
Park pi. Elie— William M'Lees, master
Birrell George (for Pullar & Sons, dyers,
Perth), Links pi. Elie
Bonner Thomas W. (for W. & A. Gilbey).
Rankeillor st. Elie
Curror John (commission), High st. Elie
Melville Margaret (for Pullar & Sons, dyers,
Perth), Colinsburgh
Braid William, Colinsburgh
Brown Alexander, Kilconquhar
Morris John, High st. Elie & Earlsferry
Ross John, Kilconquhar
Commercial Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), Colinsburgh; bead office, Edin-
burgh—draws on own branch, 103 Bishops-
gate st. Within, London— John Flockhart,
& Chas. G. Dawson, joint agents
National Bank of Scotland, Limited
(Branch), Elie ; head office, Edinburgh-
draws on London office, 37 St. Nicholas
lane, & on Glyn, Mills & Co. London— W.
R. Ketchen, agent
Elie, Eaklsferry, and District Savings
Bank, Elie- open daily— W. R. Ketchen,
Crichton William, Balchristie
Currie George, Colinsburgh
Dobie Gilbert, Largoward
Edwards John, High st. Elie
Greig George, Kilconquhar
Heughan John, Elie
Swan Thomas, Colinsburgh
Gilchrist Wm. {& binder), High st. Elie
Symington Andrew, Colinsburgh
Bowers William, Bank st. Elie
Boyd Jessie, Bank st. Elie
Cook William, High st. Elie
Dick George, Park pi. Elie
Herd James, Kilconquhar
Hutt Alexander, Colinsburgh
Morris J. & J. Colinsburgh
Niven Andrew, Colinsburgh
Thomson Charles (dealer), High st. Elie
M'Gregor Andrew, Colinsbnrgb
Oliphant Mary, Stenton row, Elie -
Troup Alexander, Colinsburgh
Smith James, Colinsburgh
Young John, Colinsburgh
Anderson Elizabeth, Colinsburgh
Bogie Alexander, Kilconquhar
Forgan George, Park pi. Elie
Birrell Robert (merchant), Highst. Elie
Brown Alexander & William, Largoward
Givan John (merchant), High st. Elie
Braid William, Colinsburgh
Morris John, High st. Elie, & Earlsferry
Leitch George, South st. Elie
Smith William, Colinsburgh
Flockhart John (to the Right Hon. the Earl
of Lindsay, Sir Robert Anstruther, Bart,
of Balcaskie, Col. John Anstruther Thom-
son, of Carleton, John H. Baxter, Esq. of
Gilston, and Edward Gorrel Baxter, Esq.
of Teasses), Colinsburgh
Jamieson Allan (for the Elie estate), St. Ford
House, Elie
Brown A. & W. Largoward
Brown Alexander, Kilconquhar
Brown Andrew, Balboothie
Curror Peter, St. Ford
Fleming Stephen, Broomlees
Flockhart John, Colinsburgh
Fraser David, Grange
Gibson Alexander, Kilconquhar
Harley William, Largoward
Hutchison Thomas, Balcarresward
Jack John, South Falfield
Lindsay the Right Hon. the Earl of, Kil-
conquhar Mains [carres Mains
Lindsay Sir Coutts, Bart. Balearres, & Bal-
Lumsdaine — (trustees of the late), Stamford
RIackie Alexander, Kilconquhar
Mackie James, Kilbrackmont
Morgan William, Rises
Ramsay William, Barnyards
Russell George, Kincraig [hill
Scott George, North Bow hill & South Bow
Seth James, Reris
Thomson Andrew, Kilconquhar
Thomson John, Lathallan Mill
AllanAndrew, Elie
Bowman James, Bowhouse
Currie Thomas, Elie
Curror Peter, Muircambus Mill
Curror William, Ardross
Fortune William R. Muircambus
Robertson Thomas, Wadeslea
Caledonian— William Gilchrist, High Bt.
Elie [Links pi. Elie
City of Glasgow (life)— George Birrell,
Employers' Liability— Charles G. Dawsop,
Colinsburgh [hart, Colinsburgh
Insurance Co. of Scotland— John Flock-
North British & Mercantile— William
R. Ketchen, Elie ; John Flockhart, Colins-
burgh ; & James Waddell, Earlsferry
Royal— Charles G. Dawson, Colinsburgh
Scottish (fire)— Andrew Symington, Colins-
burgb [ton , Colinsburgh
Scottish Amicable (life)— Andrew Syming-
Scottish Provident (life)— W.R. Ketchen,
Bank st. Elie
Scottish Union & National— Alexander
Meldrum, Colinsburgh, & Thomas Currie,
South st. Elio [burgh
Standard (life)— John Flockhart, Colins-

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