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Bell George, Easter Flemington
Brodie Thomas, Chester bank
Brown James, Highlaws
Brown James, Acredale, Eyemouth
Deaus William, Ayton mains
Fulton James, Whitfield
Gibson James, Gunsgreen hill
Gray C. & D. Eyemouth
Gray W. & E. Eyemouth
Johnston John, Greystonelees
Johnstone John, Lin thill, Eyemouth
Leitch Alexander, Fairneyside
Leitch William, Bedhall
Logan Robert, Flemington
Middleton William, Cocklaw
Paterson Archibald, Eyemouth Mill
Paxton John, Acredale, Eyemouth
Purves Alexander, Little Dean
Purves Robert, Acredale, Eyemouth
Purves Stewart, Acredale, Eyemouth
Scott Peter, White rigg
Smith Alexander, Prenderguest
White E. C. Aytonlaw
Whitelaw Peter, Acredale, Eyemouth
Wood Thomas, Bastleridge
Henderson Alexander, Ayton & Eyemouth
Marshall Robert, Ayton
Robertson John A. Market pi
Scott James & William (& agents for J. Pnllar &
Sons, dyers, Perth), Ayton
Caledonian — John Donaldson, Town Hall,
and James S. Wood, Ayton
City op Glasgow— James Dougall & Co. Eye-
mouth, & Alexander Henderson, Ayton
Insurance Company oe Scotland (fire) —
Bowhill & Doughty, Ayton, & James L. Rae,
Commercial Bank
Life Association of Scotland— Alexander
Thomson, Ayton & John A. Robertson,
Market pi
Liverpool and London and Globe— John
Wood, Royal Bank
Royal London (fire, life & marine)— James
Collins, JEyemouth
Scottish Equitable { life ) — Bowhill and
Doughty, Ayton— See advertisement
Scottish Provident Institution — Ales.
Glen, Eyemouth
Scottish Union and National (fire)— Alex.
Thomson, Ayton
Aitchison David & George, Eyemouth
Aitchison Robert, Burnmouth
Comiack Daniel, Eyemouth
Cormack Thomas & Sons (& cod liver oil manu-
facturers), Eyemouth & Burnmouth
Crawford James (& salesman), Eyemouth
Dickson Peter, Eyemouth
Dickson Robert &John, Eyemouth
Dickson William, Eyemouth
Dougall David, Eyemouth
Dougall Thomas (& salesman), Eyemouth
Downie John C. Eyemouth
Glen Alexander, Commerce st
Johnston Alexander, Eyemouth
Johnston John, Eyemouth
Meek David, Eyemouth
Patterson James & John, Eyemouth
Purves John, Eyemouth
Rosie John, Eyemouth
(See also Shopkeepers, <£'c.)
Carter Andrew, Church st
Crawford David S. George st
Dougall James & Co. (& agents for J. Pullar &
Sons, dyers, Perth), Eyemouth
Edington Lucy, Ayton
Forsyth James & George, Eyemouth
Graden Thomas (& general dealer), High st
Greig Margaret, Ayton
Knox Isaac H. Ayton
Lothian M. Ayton
Parker Benjamin, Market pi
Paterson James {& spirit dealer), Ayton
Robertson Alexander (& spirit merchant), High
st. Eyemouth
Robertson John A. Market pi
Sinclair David {& spirit merchant), Ayton
Spratt Andrew, Ayton
Waddell Robert, Yard's Head rd
Home Arms, Thomas Logan, High st
Red Lion (family, commercial & posting), James
Simpson, Ayton
Burgon George, Eyemouth
Collins James, High st. Eyemouth
Dougall James & Co. Eyemouth
Edgar James, Ayton
Forsyth James & George Evemouth
Bell Robert, Netherbyres Mill
Gibson Peter, Eyemouth Mill
Nisbet William, Ayton Corn Mill
Aitchison Jane, Eyemouth
Aitchison Margaret, Bridgend
Cleghorn Jane, Ayton
Forrest William, Eyemouth
Foster Agnes, Eyemouth
Fraser Agnes, Church st
Henderson Alexander, Ayton & Eyemouth
Mack Jane, Ayton
Neill Jane, Yard's head
Scott James & William, Ayton
Scougal Elizabeth, Eyemouth
Bruce John, St. Ella's pi
Hume Robert, Ayton
Nisbet William, Ayton
Paterson Archibald, Eyemouth Mill
(See also Grocers.)
Aitchison Ann, Eyemouth
Allan William, Ayton
Boig R. A. Yard's bead
Brack Andrew, Eyemouth
Brack Mary, Eyemouth
Brooks Charles, Commerce st
Bruce John, St. Ella's pi
Burgon Agnes, Eyemouth
Dayet Margaret, Ayton
Dickson William, High st
Forsyth Margaret (druggist), Marke
Gibson Mrs. — , Church st
Gray Archibald, Market pi
Gray Jane, High st
Grieve George, Chapel st
Grieve Robert, Church st
Hume George, George sq
Mack Isabella, Salt Greens
M' Vicar Alice, Ayton
Martin Peter, Burnmontli
Mortin Robert, Ross, Burnmouth
Nisbet Ann, Church st
Nisbet Mary, High st
Patterson John, Commerce st
Robertson Sarah, St. Ella's pi
Rule William, Market pi
Young Robert, Eyemouth
M'Crow James, Ayton
Neilands Alexander, Eyemouth
Whitelaw & Young, Ayton
Edgar Robert, Eyemouth
Gibsoa Joseph, Eyemouth
Paterson William, Ayton
Wood George, Ayton
Wood Joseph, Ayton
Forsyth James, Eyemouth
Gatley H. R. Ayton
Jeffrey James Duncan, Summerhill, Ayton
Marked thus * are also Drapers.
*Aitchison John, Eyemouth
Aitchison Peter, George st
Black William, Church st
Buglass George, Ayton
^Henderson Alexander, Ayton & Eyemouth
Marshall Robert, Ayton
Miller Adam, High st
Purves Joseph, St. Ella's pi
Purves Robert N. Eyemouth
*Whitlie James & John, Ayton
Black Bull, Robert Scott, Ayton
Cross Keys, Thomas Erskine, Eyemouth
Flemington Inn, Richard Dean, Burnmouth
Home Arms, Thomas Logan, High st
Red Lion, James Simpson, Ayton
Royal, Alexander Anderson, Eyemonth
Ship, George Purves, Eyemouth
Whale, Joseph Stott, Eyemouth
White Swan, Alexander Miller, Ayton
Yawl, Emma Jerdan, Eyemouth
Burnett John, St. Ella's pi. Eyemouth
M'Kenzie Duncan (Royal), Ayton
See Carpenters & Gartivrights.
Bowhill & Doughty {& clerks & treasurers to
the East District Road Trust of Berwick-
shire), Ayton
Bowhill James (Bowhill & Doughty, justice of
peace fiscal for Ayton district, & treasurer to
the Ayton Gas Co.), Ayton
Doughty James Thomas S. (Bowhill and
Doughty, justice of peace clerk for district
of Ayton, and collector of poor rates for the
parish of Ayton), Ayton
Wood John (& notary public & agent for the
Shipwrecked Mariners' Society), Royal Bank
of Scotland
Allan William & Co. slate & timber merchants,
Eyemouth [Ella's pi
Burnett John, refreshment house keeper, St.
Christie Alexander, plumber, Ayton
Connachie James, veterinary surgeon, Ayton
Cox James, heritors & session clerk & registrar,
Eyemouth [mouth
Currie John, cod liver oil manufacturer, Eye-
Davidson Adam, saddler, Ayton
Donaldson John, inspector of poor for the
parish of Eyemouth, clerk to the Eyemouth
School Board, clerk to the Eyemouth
Cemetery Committee, & local secretary &
treasurer for the East Coast Disaster Fund,
Town Hall
Ellis Charles, coast guard, Burnmouth
Martin William, mill board manufacturer,
Bleachfield Mills, Ayton
Miller Adam R. printer & stationer, Eyemouth
Morison Thomas, watchmaker, Ayton
Paterson James, harbour master, Eyemouth
Paterson James & Co. rope, &c. makers, Eye-
Rae James Luke, clerk to the Harbour Trustees
& secretary pro tcm . to the Eyemouth
Railway Co. Commercial Bank
Ramsay Hugh, plumber, gasfitter & tinsmith,
Spence Archibald, market gardener, Ayton
Swiney Peter, plumber, Eyemouth
Tait Alice, ironmonger, &c. Ayton
Tait James, block maker, Eyemouth
Thompson Thomas, inspector of poor & regis-
trar of births, deaths & marriages, Ayton
Weston — , watchmaker, Eyemouth
Wood James S. concrete manufacturer, Ayton
Public Buildings, Offices, &c.
and their ministers.
Established Church, Eyemouth — Rev. J. D
Established Church, Ayton— Rev. James
John Marshall Lang Aiken
Free Church, Eyemouth — Rev. Jas. Miller
Evangelical Union Church, Eyemouth—
Rev. Robert Jackson
Presbyterian (United) Churches: —
Ayton— Rev. William Wilson
Ayton — Rev. John Duncan
Eyemouth — Rev. James Harrower & Rev.
David K. Miller
Methodist (Primitive) Chapel, Eyemouth —
Rev. J. Featherstone
Cemetery, Eyemouth — James Scott, sexton
Coast Guard Station, Burnmouth — Charles
Ellis, chief officer
Coast Guard Station, Eyemouth— Henry Fen-
ton, chief officer
Gas Works, Eyemouth — Alexander Mitchell,
manager ; Ayton — John Swanston, manager
Head Quarters First Berwickshire Artillery
Volunteers, Eyemouth— Captain John John-
ston, in command
Head Quarters (C Company) First Berwick-
shire Rifle Volunteers — Captain T. S.
Doughty, in command
Inland Revenue Office, Red Lion Inn, Ayton
Police Station, Eyemouth— James Fairbairn,
officer in charge
Public Library & Reading Room, Eyemouth—
Adam PriDgle, librarian

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