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Edinburgh & Leith Cemetery, Knsebank, Pilrig st
& Leith Chililren'a Aid & Refuge ; day nursery branch, In
Mackenzie place ; infants' home branch, 11 Mackenzie
place, Stockbridge; the shelter from cruelty branch, 15
High st
& Leith Flint Glass Co. Norton park, London rd [treasurer
& Leith Gas Light Co. 22 St. Andrew square— J. S. Gibb,
& Leirh Licensed Grocers' Association, 65 Frederick st —
James Purves, S.S.C. secretary
& Leith Loan Co. 16 Calton st— Andrew Rutherford, manager
& Leith Trade Protection Association, 76 Constitution st. Leith
— Angus Mackay, manager
& Leith Warehousing Co. Limited, Bowling Green st. Leith—
Richard Brown, C.A. secretary
Edinburgh & London Steam Shipping Company's
Offices, 8 & 9 Commercial st. Leith— Thomas Aitken,
manager — See advertisement
Edinburgh & Northern District Grocery & Provision Co-operative
Store, 34 to 44 Brunswick st
Edinburgh & Provincial Plate Glass Insurance Co.
Limited, S York buildings, Queen st— Alexander
Clapperton, manager
Edinburgh Angus Club— William Reid, W.S. 21 Charlotte square,
treasurer ; A. S. Logan, W.S. 7 North St. David st. sec.
Architectural Association, 20 George st [Hanover st
Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor, 69 North
Association for the University Education of "Women, 15
Shandwick place — Miss Louisa Stevenson, lion, secretary
Association of Science & Arts, 117 George st— J. C. Lennie, 25
Gay field square, secretary
Band of Hope Union, 5 St. Andrew square — T. Nicol, secretary
Barm Co. York lane — William Nicolson, manager [chairman
Booksellers' Society, Limited, 24 St. Giles st — Francis Black,
Bread Society, Limited, 1 Bryson rd
Cafe" Co. Limited, confectioners & restaurateurs, 88 Princes st
Caledonian Youths' Friendly Society — James Davie, 19 March-
mont crescent, secretary [president
Catholic Young Men's Society, 28 St. Mary st.— John Adair,
Cemetery Co. Warriston, Newington & Dairy
Chess Club, 4 Queen st— James Pringle, 31 George st. secretary
Choral Union, 20 George st— R. Marshall, secretary, 1 Lome
terrace [superintendent
City Mission, 5 St. Andrew square— Rev. William Turner,
Coffee House Co. Limited, 1 Blair st [3a Pitt st
(The) Coffee House Co. Limited — James Brown, C.A. secretary,
Collegiate School, 27 & 28 Charlotte square— Archibald H.
Bryce, rector [Francis Dickson, manager
Conservative Friendly Building Society, 2(3 Frederick st —
Co-operative Building Company, Limited, 29 Frederick st —
James Colville, manager [Common, manager
Co-operative Printing Co. Limited, 6a Bristo place— John S.
Copper Works, Simpson court, Greenside row
Courant Newspaper (daily), S & 22 St. Giles st— The Scottish
Newspaper Company, Limited, publishers
(The) Craiglochhart Hydropathic and Pension, 3 Frederick st ;
official manager & secretary, James Drummond, C.A. —
office, 9 North St. David st— D. N. Cotton, secretary
Dairy Supply Co. Limited ; shops. 24 South Clerk st, 3 Mait-
land st. 30 Marchmont rd. 26 Greenside place, & 78
Morningside rd
Day Home for Destitute Children, 10 St. John st
(The) Deaf & Dumb Benevolent Society— W. J. Hanaell, 11
York buildings, secretary
Deaf & Dumb Institution, Henderson row
Dental Hospital & School, 30 Chambers st — Lindsay Mackersy,
W.S. secretary; W. Bowman Macleod, l.d.s. Ed. lion.
Diocesan Young Men's Friendly Society, 57 Hanover st—
Arthur Giles, lion, secretary
Discharged Prisoners' Aid Society, 63 Hanover st — J. E.
Dovey, C.A. treasurer and secretary [S.S.C. secretary
East Lothian Association, 65 Frederick st — James Purves,
Eastern Cemetery Co. Limited, 137 Princes st — Alexander
Matheson, secretary [W.S. secretary & agent
Ecclesiastical Commissioners, 8lA George st— John Gillespie,
■ Evening Club, 90a George st—H. M'Leod, club master
Evening Express, 8 & 12 St. Giles st— The Scottish Newspaper
Company, Limited, publishers
Evening News, 12 Market st : branch. Great Junction st. Leith
— H. J. & J. Wilson, publishers
Eye Dispensary, 54 Cockburn st
Eye, Ear, and Throat Infirmary, 6 Cambridge st. Lothian rd
Fencing & Gymnastic Club, 54 George st
Football Association ; Committee Rooms, SO Potter row
Free Normal School, Moray House, 174 Canongate
Edinburgh Gas-Light Company, head office, 25 Water-
loo place, and at 65 Constitution st. Leith— J. K.
Watson, treasurer and manager
Edinburgh Gazette Printing Office, 11 Queen st
Good Templars' Hall Co. Limited, 142 High st [sec.
Grocers' Early Closing Association— John Scott, 25 Forest rd.
Health Society— Hon. sec. Walter A. Smith, Falcon Lodge,
Murray field
Heritable Security Co. Limited, 16 Charlotte square— Scott-
Moncrieff & Thomson, C.A. managers & secretaries
Edinburgh Hide, Skin & Tallow Market Company,
Limited, 119 Fountain bridge, & at Slaughter houses,
Dundee— William Cooper, manager; R. A. Smith.
S.S.C. secretary
Edinburgh High School. Calton hill
Hospital & Dispensary for Women &Children,6 Grove st
Industrial Brigade Home & School, 72 Grove st— J. E. Dovey,
C.A. sec. & treasurer, 63 Hanover st
Institution Club— J. M. Milligan, 13 George st. hon secretary
Institution for Classical, Mathematical, Commercial and
Scientific .Education, S Queen st— Robert M. Ferguson,
Ph.D., f.h.s.e. head master
4 — A-B
Edinburgh Institution for the Deaf & Dumb, Henderson row
ladies' College, 70 & 72 Queen st— David Pryde, M.A. ll.d.
head master — Miss Key, lady superintendent
Lawn Tennis Co. Limited, Hall, St. Bernard's row — Hugh
Patten. W.S. secretary
Edinburgh Life Assurance Company's Office (es-
tablished 1823, incorporated by special Act of
Parliament), 22 George street— George M. Low,
manager; Archibald Hewat. sec— See advertisement
Edinburgh Literary Institute, Limited, 26 South Clerk st —
Alexander Greig, secretary and librarian
Edinburgh Meal Market Company, Limited, 58
Fountain bridge— William Donald, manager
Edinburgh Mechanics' Subscription Library, Victoria terrace-
James Smith, librarian [superintendent
Medical Missionary Society, 56 George sq— Eev. John Lowe,
Merchants' Company Hall & Offices, 14 Hanover st— A.
Kirk Mackie, S.S.C. secretary [director ,
— - Museum of Science & Art, Chambers st— Col. Murdoch Smith,
Normal School, Johnston terrace [Cook, A. C.A. secretary
Northern Tramway Company ; office .37 George st— John M.
Obstetrical Society, 5 St. Andrew square
Oddfellows' Hall Company. Limited, 14 Forrest rd— Robert
Dodds, secretary, 13 Frederick st
Parliamentary Society, 30 Hanover st— Robert A. Mair, seo.
Parochial Board Offices, 2Forrestrd. & 11 Bristo plaoe— George
Greig, irtspector
Provident Dispensary, 20 Marshall st
Railway Access & Property Co. Limited, 122 George st— Alex.
T. Niven, C.A. secretary & manager
Edinburgh Roperie and Sail Cloth Company, sail
cloth manufacturers^ & 11 Bathst. & 3 Commercial
st. Leith, and 3 Oswald St. Glasgow— James Pringle,
Edinburgh Roperie Co-operative Society, Limited, 47Fox st. Leith
Royal Society, Royal Institution
Sabbath Morning Fellowship Union— J. Pairman S.S.C. secre-
tary, SO George st
Sabbath School Teachers' Union, 5 St. Andrew square
School Board Offices, 25 Castle st— James Ai-not, M.A. clerk
School of Arts Friendly Society, Chambers st— James Kemp,
79 Clerk st. secretary
Edinburgh School of Cookery & Domestic Economy,
6 Shandwick place— Miss Guthrie Wright, hon. sec.
Edinburgh School of Pharmacy & Chemistry, 20 Marshall st. & 9
Nicolson square
School of Shorthand, 6 Shandwick place
Select Choir— Henry Hartley, conductor ; David Taylor, (i
Leslie place, secretary
Slaughter House, Fountain bridge
Society for Relief of the Destitute Sick, 29 St. Andrew square
— Andrew Scott, treasurer
Southern Cemetery Co. Grange rd— William H Riddell,
superintendent ; office, 37 George st— Peter Couper, secry
Southern District Conservative Asso-iation, 5 West Newington
Edinburgh Southern Institution for the Board and
Education of Young Ladies. 10 & 11 Stratheam rd
— Richard D. Graham, principal
Edinburgh Steam Laundry Co. 213 Causewayside— Thomas C.
Jack, managing director
Stock Exchange, 16 South St. David st— John Sullivan, see.
Street Tramways Co. 54 North bridge— treasurer & registrar,
James S. Adam ; secretary & traffic superintendent, John
E. Pitcairn [librarian
(The) Subscription Library. 26 George st— George M'Whea,
Supply Stores. 7 Hope st— Alexander Graham, manager
Theatre Royal, Limited, 21 Castle st— William Officer, S.S.C.
secretary [secretary
Total Abstinence Society, 62 Nicolson st— William Reid,
Turkish & other Baths, 90 Princes st— Thomas Fleming, pro-
prietor [Watson, keeper
Typographical Hall, 9S High st. & 5 Blackfriars st— John
University Conservative Association, 1 Drummond st
Water Trust Office, 11 Royal Exohange, High st
Western Cemetery Co. Dean
Edinburgh Western Tanning. Currying & Japanning
Company, Limited, 133 West port — A. Purdie,
manager â€ΕΎ _
Edinburgh Working Girls' & Boys' Religious Society, 29 St.
Andrew square — Andrew Scott, secretary
Working Men's Club & Institute, 7 Royal Exchange— Robert
Maelaren, secretary
Young Men's Christian Association, 14 South St. Andrew st—
William Brown, secretary [Cole, secretary
Young Women's Christian Association, 19 Young st— Miss
Ediogton Adam C. turner, 41 Circus place
Alexander & Son, tailors & clothiers, 1 Clarence st
Edmond John, inland revenue officer, 19 Warrender Park crescent
Edmondston Annie B. D. artist, 136 George st
Samuel, artist, 136 George st [graston rd
Thomas, iron merchant (Thomas Edmonston & Son), 3 Kil-
Thomas & Son, iron & seed merchants & ironmongers, 110
West bow ; Leith warehouse, 35 Commercial st
Edmunds Edmund, professor of singing, 9 Fettes st
Ednie Andrew, baker & confectioner, 33 & 34 Grindlay st
Educational Endowment Commission (Scotland Act, 1S82), 46
George st — Alexander Gibson, secretary
Edwards & Glass, painters, 20 Brougham place
David, painter, 31 Morrison st
Elizabeth, newsagent & dairy, 515 Lawnmarket
George, householder, 44 East Preston st
Henry, cabinet maker, 212 & 216 Canongate
James, tailor, 4 Rankeillor st
James F., S.S.C & N.P. 11a Hanover st
John, chimney sweep, 48 Dundas st
John, fancy box maker, 26 St. James's square
Joseph, painter, 20 Brougham place ; res. 1 Panmure place

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