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Duncan John, m.d. surgeon, 8 Ainslie place
John, fishmonger, 234 Leith walk
John, apartments, 7 Manor place [Pilrig
John, wool merchant , 200- Bonnington rd ; res. 8 Eosslyn cres.
John, reporter, 22 Melville terrace
John, greengrocer, 89 Fountain bridge
John, W.S. 5 Dryden place
John, corn & flour dealer, 18 Montrose terrace ; res. 4S North
Junction st. Leith
Margaret, householder, 2 Union place, Trinity
Margaret, confectioner, 205 High st
Margaret, householder, 22 South Clerk st
Margaret, glass & china dealer, 4 Bangor rd. Leith
Mary, broker, 148 Pleasance
Peter, potato merchant, 34 Lutton place
Peter, grocer & fish curer, 153 Pleasance ; res. 16 Montague st
Samuel, bird dealer, 23a Haddington place
Samuel , tailor & clothier , 39 Frederick st ; res. 2 Morningside pi
Thomas, brush manufacturer (Thomas Duncan & Co.), 13
Annandale st
Thomas, bootmaker (Thomas Duncan & Co.), 25 Hope terrace
Thomas, dairyman, 94 Buccleuch st
Thomas, clerk (Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland),
3 Barnton terrace
Thomas & Co. bootmakers, 54 Princes st
Thomas & Co. brushmakers to the Queen; wholesale ware-
house & manufactory, 20 Picardy place_
Victor, bird dealer, 167 Constitution st. Leith [Leith
â–  William, baker, 31 Bridge st. Leith ; res. 5 North Fort st.
William, chemist, 74 Shore, Leith
William, S.S C. (Duncan & Archibald), 13 Abercromby place
William, newsagent, 257 Cowgate
. William, contractor, 4 North Fort st. Leith
William, gardener, Merchiston terrace
William, S.S.O. & N.P. 18 Tork place
William, accountant, Edinburgh Life Assurance Co. 22
George st; res. Ashgrove, Currie
William & Sons, sculptors and stone merchants, Dundee ter
Duncanson & Rait, millinery and fancy goods dealers, 39 South
Clerk st
Catherine, householder, 7 London row, Leith
J. J. K. m.d. 22 Drumsheugh gardens
J. & W. M. produce merchants & agents, 68 Constitution st
W . M. secretary Royal Forth Yacht Club, Boswell rd
Dundas & Wilson, clerks to the signet, 16 St. Andrew square
David, advocate, 46 Beriot row
Ralph, C.S. (Dundas & Wilson), 28 Drumsheugh gardens
William John, C.S. 16 St. Andrew sq ; res. 46 Heriot row
Dunedin Steamship Company, Limited, 36 Constitution st
Dunkel T. J spirit dealer, 44 Clerk st
Dunlop Agnes, householder, 27 G-ilmore place
David, whipmaker, 132 Rose st
David, householder, 54 South Clerk st [miliar park
David M. hatter, 44 & 64 North bridge ; res. Rowailan, Craig-
George, W.S. (Russell & Dunlop), 13 Great Stuart st
H. Melville, surgeon, Shrub place, Leith walk
John C. cabinetmaker & upholsterer, &c. 32 Clarence st
Malcolm M'G. law clerk, 1 Valley field st
Robert, commercial traveller, 8 Hall place
William W. head-master Stewart's Hospital, 8 Ravelston ter
Dunn Alexander, refreshment rooms, 94 Fountain bridge
â–  David, metal merchant & ironmonger, 13 Blair st; res, 40
Grange rd
David H. hairdresser, 20 Duke st. Leith
Euphemia, grocer & spirit dealer, 25 Hercules st
George, Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools, 11 Cobden cres
J. & Co. coal merchants, Newington station
â–  James, commission agent, 3 Jessfield ter. Newhaven rd
Jane H. A. dressmaker, 23 Broughton place
John, professor of law, 13 Glengyle terrace
John & Sons, paper stainers, 16 Picardy place, and 32 Clayton
st. West, Newcastle-on-Tyne
John, manager, 119 Marchmont rd
John H. paper stain er (John Dunn & Sons), 1 Melgund ter
Robert, dairyman, 239 Canongate
Thomas, tai ; or, 5 Brunswick st
â–  Thomas H. shopkeeper, 28 Carnegie st [ter
— — William, carver & gilder, 9 North Brunt sfield pi ; res. 2 Reid
Dunne Wil lough by, cabinet maker, 17 London st
Dunnet David, householder, 15 West Preston st
â–  William, ironmonger (Wilson & Dunnet), 5 Tarvit st [st
William, grocer & wine merchant, 61 Queen st; res. 22 India
Duns John, d.d. professor. New College, 14 Greenhill place
Dunse David, slater, 109 Kirkgate, Leith
William, lithographer, 10 Gladstone terrace
Dunsmore William, advocate, 42 India st
Dunsmure Andrew, greengrocer, 20 West Lauriston place
James, physician, 53 Queen st
James, jun. surgeon, 53 Queen st
William, fruiterer, 30 Home st ; res. 2 Glen st
Dupuy L. French consul, 8 Commercial st
Durand Agnes, apartments, 39 Marchmont crescent
Durham Aim, spirit dealer, 17 Wallis place
Dune Catherine, stationer & tobacconist, 1 Drevar place, Leith
D. potato merchant, 55 Prince Regent st
David, inspector of cleaning department for Leith, 89 Great
Junction st ; res. 4 Elm place
James, master mariner, 12 Madeira place, Leith
William, school teacher, 8 Car lung place
Durward J. Stewart, l.d.s. Edin. dentist, 16 George square
James, warehouseman, 23 Commercial st. Leith ; res. 47
Sandport street
Robert, dairy, 14 Bread st [ter
Dussel Carl Oswald, tailor & clothier, 3 Wemyss pi; res* 10 Dean
Dustan J. B. manager, 44 Howe st
Duthie Alexander, compositor, 23 Livingstone place
Duthio David, writer, 68 Haymarket terrace
George, foreman, The Square, Granton
Dutton James, boot Jfc shoe maker, 42 Fox st. Leith
Dwight Henry William (Legacy Duty Office), Oakland's, Hatton pi
Dyer John James, solicitor, 10 Hill st ; res. 1 Coltbvidge terrace
Peter, shopkeeper, 35 Pleasance
Dykes John, enameller, 4 Elder st [ p i
— — Robert, coal merchant, Leith Walk station ; ves. 25 Crichton
Thomas, jun. agent, 4 Elder st
William S-, W.S. 85 Great King st
Dymock & Guthrie, grocers & wine & spirit merchants, 16 Nicolson
st. & 135 George st * r.jj
James, grocer & spirit dealer, 77 Haymarket ter. & 1 Shandon
Thomas, C. A. 62 Frederick st ; res. 20 Dairy nrple crescent
EADIE & Son, aerated water manufacturers, Murano pi. Albert st
Andrew, watchmaker, 6 Moncrieff terrace
Mary, shopkeeper, 5 Trafalgar lane, Bonnington
Mary, dressmaker, 6 Crighton place, Leith walk
Eagle (Life) Assurance Office— Fyl'e, Ireland & Mackay, 43
North Hanover st. agents
Albert, engraver (White & Eagle), 9 Brunswick st. Hillside
H. drum manufacturer, 23 St. James's square
Henry M. artist in hah-, 23 St. James's square
James, bird dealer, 69 George st
Robert H. engraver (White & Eagle), 9 Brunswick st
Ear Dispensary of Edinburgh, 17 Thistle st
Earl William, grocer & spirit dealer, 14 Fountain bridge; res. S
Henderson row ' [Went
Early English Text Society, 22 Frederick st— T G. Stevenson
Early Terence, bootmaker, 363 High st
Eason John, baker, 4 Summerfield, Leith
John, baker, 37 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Easson Charles, butcher, 27 Abbey hill
Grace G. small ware dealer, 31 Marshall st
John P., N.P. (Macritchie, Bayley & Henderson), 4 Hill st
J. & C. cork manufacturers, 132 Constitution st. Leith
East Coast Railway Company's Office, 9 Princes st. and Stations,
Waverley, Leith walk, and South Leith— John Marsters',
superintendent; J. M. Hunter, goods agent
Easter David, poulterer (Johnson & Co.), 1 Howe st
James, bootmaker, 15 James st. Leith walk
Easton & Co. chemists, 5 Lothian st
Charles, bookbinder, 23 St. James's square
Halliday, chemist (Easton & Co.), 7 Brighton st
James, sheep-skin rug & mat manufacturer, Beaver Bank
Works, Canonmills
James, furniture dealer, 174 Cowgate [Hawthorn bank
James & Son, wool mat manufacturers, 8 Dean path ; res. 3
John, hairdresser, 77 Pleasance
John, dary, 1 Davie st
John, newsagent, 4 Carnegie st
R. & J. metal & machinery merchants, 34 Timber bush
William, plasterer, 17 Ingliston st
Ebbutt George, tailors' cutter, 30 Lutton place
Echo Bank Cemetery, Dalkeith rd
Eckford Mrs. — , householder. 33 Dublin sfc [tion st
James, veterinary surgeon, Pirrie st ; res. 22 Great Junc-
Janet, spirit dealer, Chain pier, Trinity
Janet, proprietor of Trinity Baths, Newhaven
John, apartments, 10 Trinity crescent. Trinity
Thomas, farmer, smith & cartwright, 89 Junction st. Leith;
res. 145 Constitution st
Economic Life Assurance Office, 7 York buildings— David Ander
son, district manager — See advertisement
Eddington Adam G. wood turner, 39 Circus lane
Alexander, reporter, 24 Melville terrace
Edelmann Adelheid, Kindergarten elementary classes & teacher
of German, 5 Atholl place
Edgar & Douglas, house carpenters, builders, valuators and house
agents, 14 North St. Andrew st. & Gayfield square
Archibald C. shopkeeper, 45 Bonnington rd. Leith
David, joiner (Edgar & Douglas), 10 East London st
James, watchmaker, 1 Chapel st
John, teacher, 4 Alfred place
John, cashier, 9 Kirk st. Leith
Richard, missionary, Hope Park square
Robert, seed merchant, 9 George IV. bridge; res. 11 Brunts-
field crescent
Robert, bootmaker, 21 Barony st
Robert, bootmaker, 315 High st
Robert E. clerk, 63 Warrender Park rd
Thomas, salesman, 23 Archibald place
William, clerk, 28 Royal crescent
Edictal Citations Office, 45 New Register House, Princes st
Edinburgh Academy, Henderson row— James Wallace, secretary
Agricultural Association, 7 St. Andrew square — Christopher
Veitch, secretary
Amateur Bicycle Club — A. M. H. Bryson, 7 Warrender Park
crescent, secretary
America Land'Morfgage Co. Limited, 28 Frederick st— W. A.
Wood, secretary
& Bathgate Railway Company's Office, 5 St. Andrew square-
Fred. W. Carter, C.A. secretary
& District Water Trust, 11 Royal Exchange— W. H. Cameron,
& Dublin Tea Co. 94 High st. 27 Tolbooth wynd, Leith, and IS
India place
& Le:th Aerated Water Co. 4 Annandale st
â–  & Leith Bill Posting and General Advertising Company, 23
St. James's square
& Leith Boy's Refuge & Home, 4 Bayton terrace, & 'Granton
rd, Wardie— James Walker, master
Edinburgh and Leith Brewing Company, 212 Canon-
gate, and South Back of Canongate— William
Stewart, managing partner

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