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Edwards Robert, teacher of English, 41 Marchmont crescent
W. Peacock, S.S.C. & N.P. (Skene, Edwards & Bilton), 17
Belgrave crescent
William, boot closer, 5 Leith Street terrace [walk
William, surgeon dentht, 61 Queen at. & 13 Kirk st. Leith
Edwards William, accountant, agent for the Plate
Glass, the Caledonian, and the Scottish Accident
Insurance Companies, 1 Hanover st ; res. IS Leopold
place, Comely Green place
Edwards William, solicitor, 13 Hanover st ; res. 27 Nelson st
Egan John, butcher, 9 Home st
Stephen, general agent, Lavero kbank cottage, Trinity
Eggeling Julius, Ph.D. professor of Sanscrit & Comparative Philo-
logy, University ; res. Norwood Villa, Hatton place
Eggers J. C. ship chandler & provision merchant, 22 Shore, Leith ;
res. 13 Sunimerside place, Ferry rd
Eld T. W. hop & seed agent, 2 Ramsay gardens
Elder Alexander, sauce & ketchup manufacturer, 6 York lane ;
res. 5 St. Bernard's row
— — Brothers, joiners & cabinet makers, 395 Leith walk
Charles, baker, 209 Pleasance
D. & J. grocers, Polwarth gardens
â–  David, grocer (D. & J. Elder), 7 Newton sb
David, stone cutter, 7 St. Vincent st
Grace, householder, 5 St. Bernard's row
â–  James, grocer (D. & J. Elder), Kirkcaldy
James, keeper of Scott Monument, 39 Lady Menzies place
Janet, china dealer, 4 Union sfc ; res. 4 Montgomery st
Margaret, 64 Broughton st
Mary, shopkeeper, -12 Easter rd. Leith
Kobert, traveller, 7 East Preston st
Sarah, shopkeeper, 5 Earlston place
William B. clerk, 2 Union place, Trinity
William N. surgeon, 10 West Maitland st
Elder's Commercial Hotel (Mary Fletcher), 9 South St. David st
Elenovsky Mrs. — , dressmaker, 51 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Elgin Alexander, C.A. 122 George st ; res. 1 Melgund terrace
& M'Pake, rope & twine manufacturers, Gilmour place
George, wholesale stationer, 10, 12 & 13 St. Andrew st. North ;
res. 20 Haddington place
Thomas, cashier, 5 Argyle park terrace
Ellingsen M. J. ship broker & commission agent, 2 Commercial
at. Leith ; res. Lily Ville, Ferry rd
Elliot Andrew, bookseller «fc publisher, 17 Princes st ; res. 8
Rillbank terrace
George, cabinet maker, 20 Lauriston st
John, provision dealer, 276 Canongate ; res. 15 St. John st
John, builder, Drum House, Easter rd
Joseph, agent to the Tyne Plate Glass Co. 21 St. Andrew
square ; res. 23 Oxford st
Margaret, householder, 72 South Clerk st
Nenion, S.S.C, clerk of tiends, New Register House; res.
Callender Lodge, Sciennes gardens
Robert, grocer & spirit dealer, 14 Caledonian crescent [side
Robert & Alexander, grocers & spirit dealers, 252 Causeway-
W. Scott, surveyor (H.M. Customs), 3 Bonnington terrace
William, collector, Scottish Legal Society, 2 Lixmount ter
William, builder & house agent, Ferry rd ; res. 3 Bowhill ter
Elliott T. A. m.a. assistant master, Fettes College
William, milliner, Craighall rd. Trinity
Ellis Alexander, sea captain, 4 Rosslyn crescent
James, secretary to the New Zealand & Australian Land Com-
pany, Limited, 54 Castle st ; res 27 Rutland st
Jessie, apartments, 7 Gladstone terrace
Oswald W. engineer, 12 Eildon st
R. cabinet maker, upholsterer, undertaker, and appraiser, 47
Forrest rd
Stephen, slater & chimney sweep. 30 Deanhaugh st
Elmslie George W. accountant, 12 Hartington place
Elphinston William, baker & confectioner, 65 Main st. Newhaven
Elphinstone Colliery Offices, St. Leonard's Depot— John William-
son, agent
Isabella, apartments, 39 Albany st
Elston Mrs. — , lodgings, 12 Hope st
Emigration Home for Destitute Children, 6 Lauriston place-
Miss Tait, matron
Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation, Limited, 88 George
st— Archibald Langwell, agent
Liability and Workpeople's Provident & Accident Insurance
Co. 18 St. Andrew sq— Robert T. Naismith, district agent
Employment of Women Office, 27 Castle st— Mini Morrison.
Emslie Robert, S.S.C. 12 North St. David st
English and Scottish Boiler Insurance Co. Limited, 10 St. Andrew-
square — William Brown, district agent
English and Scottish Law Life Assurance Associa-
tion, 120 Princes street- William Smith, LL.D.
manager ; Walter A. Smith, F.F.A. secretary
English Thomas, steam ship owner, 53 Constitution st. Leith;
res. Claremont Cottage
Eno John, commercial traveller, 10 Leslie place
Entails (Record of) Office, New Register House, Princes st
Episcopal Church Representative Council, 92 George st— W. W.
Farqubarson, secretary and treasurer
Church Theological Hall. 9Sosebpry crescent
Equitable Loan Company, 6 Brunswick st
Loan Company of Scotland, 4 Milne square, 12 & 13 Hill
place, and 68 Shore, Leith— George Tait, manager
Erskine Archibald, grocer & spirit dealer,"l7 Jamaica st
Dougald, clerk, 21 Fettes row
George, pianoforte tuner, 20 Gillespie crescent
Jane, dressmaker, 2 Glen st
Janet, householder, 16 Marchmont rd
Jessie, householder, 22 Gillespie crescent
William, engraver, &c. (M'Farlane and Erskine), Oaklands
William, painter, 51 West Nicolson st
Erskine William, spirit dealer, Jock's Lodge
Eschle Nicholas, clock maker, 8 Gladstone terrace
Espinasse Fanny, French teacher, 27 Nelson st
Esson George, accountant, 11 Bruntsutld place [field pi
George A., jun. W.S. lu North St. David st; res. 14 Brunts-
Thomas Skene, W.B. II Eruntsfield place
Established Churches — See Places of Worship
Etty James, bootmaker, 116 Fountain bridge
Eunson Andrew, joiner, 22 Morton st. Leith
Helen, greengrocer, 48 Easter rd
Thomas B. confectioner, 9 Great Junction st [terrace
William, bootmaker, 11 St. Patrick square; res. 8 Rosehall
Evans & Co. hatters & clothiers, 16 Nicolson st
Elizabeth, householder, 16 Gillespie crescent
Thomas, wood carver, 166 West Rose Street lane
William, actuary, 2 Merehiston Bank terrace"
William W. clerk, 16 Gillespie crescent
Evening News Publishing Offices, 18 Market st. and 15 Great
Junction st. Leith— H. J. & J. Wilson, proprietors
Times (Glasgow), 16 St. Giles st— John Douglas, agent
Evrard Auguste, teacher of French. 35 Frederick st. &. 70 Queen st
Ewan Misses — , ladi-s' school, 28 Upper Gray st
Mrs. — , boarding house, 4 Bernard terrace
Ewart George, furniture broker, 2 Richmond lane
James, bootmaker, 56 Causewayside
James, builder (John Ewart & Sons), 1 Dundas st
James Cassar, professor of natural history, 13 Rothesay place
John A. assistant keeper at Register House, 6 Lome terrace,
Spring gardens
John & Son. builders & house carpenters, 4 Henderson row -
— -— Margaret, china dealer, 43 London st
Robert C. manager (Ardrossan Shipping Co.), 22 Bernard st ;
res. 7 North Fort st. Leith
Swing Isabella, victualler, 63 Causewayside
James, carver & gilder, 28 Salisbui-y st [place
James L. chemist (Duncan, Flockhart & Co.), 18 St. Catherine's
Louisa, newsagent, 31 Buccleuch st
M. B. grocer & coal agent, 113 Causewayside
William, student, 38 Danube st
William, cooper, Broughton mai'ket; res. 98 North Back
Exchange Loan Co. pawnbrokers, 2 West Richmond st — John G.
Robertson, manager
Reading Rooms, Exchange Buildings, Constitution st. L
(Royal), High st
Exchequer Chambers, Parliament square
Excise Department, 6 Waterloo place
Experimental Gardens, Inverleith row
Extractors' Chambers, 5 New Register House, Princes st — D. E. B.
Whyte, assistant extractor
FABIANI H. B. professor of singing, 25 Danube st
Fackney Mrs. — , lodgings, 25 Bridge st
Faed James, engraver, 7 Barnton terrace
Fagan Mary, broker, 50 St. Andrew st. Leith
Faichen Thomas, fruiterer, 5 Summers place
Faill Peter Salmon (Bank of Scotland), 8 Glenorchy terrace
Fair James, baker, 203 Great Junction st. Leith
Marion, newsagent, 76 Pleasance
Fairbairn A. Dodds, C.A. 5 Craigie terrace, Dalkeith rd
Alice, householder, 6 Warrender Park crescent
Andrew A. dining rooms, 42 Nicolson st
Ann, toy dealer, 1 Jamaica st [Park rd
David, leather merchant, 3Founta:nbridge ; res. 69 Warrender
Elizabeth, fruiterer, 10 Kirkgate, Leith
George, flesher, 93 Fountain bridge
George R. traveller, 24 Melville terrace
Henry, grocer & spirit dealer, 45 Buccleuch st ; res. 14 Glad-
stone terrace
Isabella & Maggie, boot & shoe makers, 6 Tobago st
James, clerk, 30 Dairy rd
James, spirit dealer, 5 Drammond st ; res. 71*aoutb Clerk st
Jane, dyer & cleaner, 1 Coburg st. Leith ;
John, plumber. 12 Melville place
M. & M. J. milliners, 81 Leith walk, Leith
Thomas, porter, 65 Warrender Park rd
Thomas, householder, 39 Marchmont rd
Thomas, surveyor (Lorimer & Fairbairn), 20 Kilmaur's rd
Fairfoul Archibald, manager, 10 West Preston st
William, traveller, 17 West Preston st
Fairgrieve Alexander, grocer &, spirit dealer, 33 William st
Andrew, smith, 7 Dock st. Leith
James, householder, 40 Marchmont crescent
John, gardener & greengrocer, 5 Chapel st
John B. bookseller & stationer, 7 & 9 Coekburn st ; res. 99
Warrendpr Park rd
Fairgrieve Thomas, pharmaceutical chemist, 46
Clerk st: res. 1 Sylvan place
Fairgrieve W. B. advertising agent, 3 Marchmont crescent
Fairley Mrs. — , householder, 9 Gilmore place
Alexander, dairyman, 3a Spence's place
Alexander, spirit dealer, 18 Calton st ; res. 7 Minto st
James, architect, 1 India buildings, Victoria st
Jane P. greengrocer. 8 Rosehall place
John, house agent, 23 Lauriston st
Mungo, coal merchant, 16 Port Hamilton ; res. 3 Brougham pi
Peter F. spirit merchant, 27 West port
William, dairvman, 1 Cambridge place, Leith
Fairlie James, manager, 17 Warriston crescent
Fairman Alice, boarding house, 5 Atholl place
Fairweather David, householder, 26 Cumberland st
George, grocer, 1 West Crospcauseway
James G., C.E. 8 Findhorn place
John, builder, 3 Westhall gardens
Mary A. apartments. 1 Rankeillor st
P. manufacturer of Shetland hosiery, 3 Hanover sfc
Peter, flesher, 4 Dean Bank place

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