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EDINBURGH, &e. ' mivtoVLr$b*birt,
Wilson Benjamin D. (I. R.), Wardie
Wilson Chas., dairyman, 17 Brunswick st. Stockbridge
Wilson Charles, m.d., 43 Moray place
WiUon Charles, flesher, 298 Lawn market
Wilson Christina, hosier, 35 Leven 8t
Wilson David, butcher, 110 Rose st ,
Wilson David, physician, 12 Dean terrace
Wil,on David, slater, 1 Portland pl*ce
Wilson David, victualler, 85 South Back of Canongate
Wilson David, joiner, Sim's court, 8 Calron bill [st
Wilson David, wine and spirit merchant, 12 Catherine
Wilson David, flesher, 2 Riddle's close, Leith
Wilson Dove, advocate. 43 Moray place
Wilson Elizabeth, lodging house, 17 William st
Wilson Elizabeth, lodging house, 31a South Casile s
Wilson Ellen, remnant dealer, 3 Riddle's close, Leith
Wilson George, clerk in Stamp Office, 15 Gardner's
Wilson George, flesher, 245 Canongate
Wilson George, tailor and clothier, 22 Duke st
Wilson George, meal and flour dealer, 24 Bridge st. L.
Wilson George, inspector of weights and measures,
Writers' court, High st
Wilson George, m.d. professor of technology, Elm
cottage, East Backford road [ulace
Wilson George, S.S.C. (G. 8f G. Dunlpp), 9 Bnccleuch
Wilson George & Frederick, spii it dealers, 24 Drum-
mond st
Wilson Isabella, greengrocer, 9 Deauhaugh st
Wilson James, Guildford Arms Hotel and Tavern, 1
West Register st
Wilson James, flesher, 146 George st
Wilson James, spirit merchant, 58 Lothian st
Wilson James, fruiterer, 14 Catherine st
Wilson James, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Canongate
Wilson James, spirit dealer, 9 Adam st
Wilson James, clerk, 6 St. Vincent st
Wilson James, cattle agent, 7 West Preston st
Wilson James, W.S., 21 Maitland st
Wilson James, eating house keeper, 26 High st
Wilson James, chemist and dentist, 18 South Frede-
rick street [Leith
Wilson James, house agent, 48 Great Junction street,
Wilson James, chemist and druggist, 36 Howe st
Wilson James & Co. silk mercers and drapers, 3 Soutli
Bridge st [Riego st
Wilson James & Robert, wrights and undertakers, 23
Wilson Jane, lodging house, 30 Royal circus
Wilson John, fishmonger & poulterer, 8 Charlotte pi
Wilson John, coal merchant, 2 Port Hopetoun
Wilson John, lodging house, 7 Southeast Circus place
Wilson John, gardener, Easter road, Leith
Wilson John, hoot maker, 34 North Pitt st [st
Wilson John, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Middle Arthur
Wilson John, wright, 7 Morrison st
Wilson John, pie baker, 59 Nicolson st
Wilson John, shoe maker, 14 North Melville place
Wilson John (Hogg, Honeyman Si Wilson), Dial villa
Wilson John, furniture broker, 228 Cowgate
Wilson John, shoe maker, 533 LawnmarkeJ
Wilson John, victual dealer, 37 Cowgate
Wilson John, slater, 26 Earl Grey st
Wil-on John P. advocate, 20 Abercromby place
Wilson Margaret, fishmonger, Fish market
Wilson Margaret, lodging house, 23 Union place
Wilson Margaret & Jessie, booksellers and stationers,
1 William st
Wilson Mary Grieve, tobacconist, stationer, and post-
receiving iiouse, 1 Great Junction st. Leith
Wilson Matthew, clerk, 1 Jordan place
Wilson Mrs. lodging house, Salisbury st
Wilson Mrs. lodging house, 31 Leven st
Wilson Mrs. lodging house, 43 Lothian si
i Wilson Patrick (Newington Institution for Young La-
dies), 2 Amis ton place
Wilson Patrick, architect, 2 Queen st
Wilson Peter, tea, wine, and spirit dealer, Regent arch
Wilson Peter, grocerand spirit dealer, Gorgie
Wilson Richard, tobacco manufacturer, Jonn Knox's
house, 45 High st
Wilson Richaid, C.A., and secretary to the Edinburgh
Conservative As»ociation, 28 South Frederick st.
Wilson Robt. fishmonger, r'ish maiket, Queensferiy st
Wilson Robert, butcher, 29 Nelson st
Wilson Robert, plumber,! Portland nlace
Wilson Robert, painter and glazier, 66 Clerk st
Wilson Robert, pawnbroker, 20 Greenside row
WiNon Robert, fishmonger and poulterer, 4 South
Melville place
Wil-on Robert, plumber and gas fitter, 24 Earl Grey st
Wil-on R..bert, plumber, gas fitter and zinc worker,
169 West Rose st lane [George St
Wilson Robert & Son, family linen warehouse, 4
Wilson Sarah, worsted dealer, 23 South Ftederick st
Wilson Thomas, baker, Hillhousefield, Leith
Wilson Thomas, watch maker, 11 Leith St.
Wilson Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 18 Catherinest
Wil-on Thomas, botanist, 171 Fountain bridge
Wilson Thomas, brass casttr, Broughton place lane
Wilson William, W.S. (Duudas & Wilson), Broom-
field, Davidson's mains
Wilson William, coach builder, 64 Abbey hill
Wilson William, corn merchant & mill master, Swan-
field Mill?, Leith
Wilson William, wine and spirit merchant, 95 Nicol-
son st and 6 Ro>est
Wi^ott William, spirit dealer, 68 Causewayside
Wilson William, eating house, 24 Tnistle st
WinusohHotel,20 Moray place— F.Hornyik, proprietr
Wmklav Matthew, confectioner, 89 Kirkgate, Leith
Winter Thomas, hutcher. 1a Pi't st [Circus |>1
Winter Ulricli, watch and dock maker, 6 North we.-c
Wintotir John C. artist, I Lothian mad
Wintour William, painter, 2 Mait'and st
win wick James, spirit merchant, 97 Kirksate, Leith
Wishart 8f Ctappei ton, corn factors, l Baltic -r, Leith
Wishart Crichton S. corn melcbaut, 129 Constitution
street, Leith
Wishart David F. wholesale agents, 73 South Bridge' st.
Wishart Edward, corn factor ; ( Wishart & Clappcrton),
, 8 Hermitage place
Wishart James & Sons, merchants-, 2! Quern st, Leiih
Wishart James, jun. merchant (J. Wistiait if Sons),
33 Albany street, Leith
Wishart John, baker & confectioner, 495 Lawnmark- 1
Wishart John Kay, merchant (J. Wishart & SdrisJ,
Lochend road
Wishart William, S. S. C. and S. L. 11 York Mace
Wishart William merchant (J. Wishart & Sons),
Hermitage place, Leith
'Witness Newspapur' Office, 297 Hieb st— Aliller
and Fairly, puplisheri.— Sgf, advptUement
Wood Alexander, inland revenue officer, 23 London st
Wood Alexander, physician, 10 St. Coltne st
Wood Alexander, fruiterer, 2 Brist ■> place
Wood Alex, spirit dealer, 9 Stead's place, Leith Walk
Wood Alexander, eating hou-e keener, 20a Rose st,
Wood & Co. piano-forte & music warehouse, 12, 14 Si
16 Waterloo place, and 49 Geoig - st
Wood Andrew, M.D., f.r c.s. 9 Darnaway st
Wood Andrew, victual dealer, 45 Wnitlield place
WoodAndrew.manager, 47 Constitution st
WoodGeorge,piano-forte manufacturer (Wood &Co),
30 Great King st
Wood Isabella, stationer, 47 North Richmond St
Wood J. lodging house, 130 U.oig.- st
Wood James, physician, 19 Royal circus
Wood James, cabinet maker, l«i Nicolson st
Wood James, tailor, Dalkeith road
Wood James, clerk, 9 R u bum place
Wood James, depot for guide ly.mks, mans, plans, qc.
bookseller & stationer, 130a George st
Wood James & Co. importers of leeches, glass manu-
facturers, and fancy warehouse, 6 Broughton st
WoodJaneB. dress & bonnet maker, 98 Fountain nndg
Wood John, shoe maker, Salisbury st
Wood John, stockbroker, 5 South Hanover st
Wood John, dairyman, Springfield, Leith walk
Wood John, victual dealer, 1 Potter row
Wood John A. clerk, 2 West Latiiiston place
Wood John A. advocate, 1 Royal circus
Wood John & Co. wholesale grocers tif provision mer-
chants, 21 Commercial place, L> ith
Wood J«..hn G. (Dilmahov & Wood), 27 Charlotte sq
Wood Joseph, book-keeper, 7 Areyle place
Wood Peter, clothes broker, 321 Cowgate
Wood Peter&Chri-topher, niei chants, 41 Bernard st, L
Wood Robeit, victual dealer, 24 Water lane, Leith

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