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Wooo Robert & Co. clock makers, 9 Leith street terr
Wood Thomas, dairyman, Hill place
Wood Thomas, spirit merchant, 30 Quality
Wood Thomas, shoe maker, 14 Duncan st
WoodWilhermina,spirit dealer, 9 Kerr st, Stockbridge
Wood William, flesher, 2 Bristo st
Wood William, accountant, 7 North St. Andrew st
Woodburn Margaret, milliner, 101 Fountain bridge
Woodford Edward, l.l.d. inspector of established
church schools, for Scotland, 59 Great King st
Woolerd Elizabeth, lodging hou^e, 6Calton st
Workhouse, Forrest road
Working Man's Church (Greyfriars), Grassmarket
Wormald Joseph D. W. S. 17 Scotland st
Wort ham Henri, dyer, 1b Queen st, & 50 London st
Wotherspoon & Morrison, VV. S. 18 Great Stuart st
Wotherspoon John, coal agent, St. Leonard st
Wren George, corn factor, 119 Constitution st, Leith
Wright Alexander tif Son, seed & hop merchants, 2
Greenside place
Wright& Braid wood,brush manfacturers,3Grassmarket
Wright Ann, lodging house, 38 Earl Grey st
Wright George, commission merchant, 13 Bernard st,L
Wright George, grocer, 5 Northumberland place
Wright J. & W. japanners, 104 High st
Wright James, secretary of Royal Bank, St. Andrew sq
Wright James, victual dealer, 142 Kirkgate, Leith
Wriglit James, letterpress printers, 96 High st
Wright James, grocer & wine„merchant, 53 Tolbooth
wynd, Leith
Wright James & John, W. S. 28 Forth st
Wright John, tailor, 32 Westport
Wright John, victual dealer & grocer, 143 Kirkgate, L
Wright John, spirit dealer, 302 Lawnmarket
Wright Peter, boot & shoe maker, 44 Jamaica st
Wright Peter provision dealer, 57 Giles st, Leith
Wright Peter & Robert, linen merchants & manufac-
turers and drapers, 16 & 20 George st
Wright Robert, architect, 12 Pitt st
Wright Robert, baker, 21 Sandport st
Wright Thomas, grocer & wine merchant, 1 North
Junction st, Leith
Wright Thomas, victualler, 23 Carnegie st
Wright Thomas S. m.d. 1 Duncan st
Wright Walter, miller, Canonmills
Wright Walter, tailor, Pleasance
Wsight Walter, tailor, 96 High st
"vVybber Mary, lodging house, 2 Hope st
Wyber Agnes & Sister, French staymakers, 76 Queen st
Wylie Alexander, W.S., 4 North St. Andrew st
Wylie & Peddie, civil engineers, 1 Thistle st
Wylie Andrew, wine merchant. 33a St. Andrew square
Wylie Ann, lodging house, 85 Great King st
Wylie David, circuit clerk of justiciary, 5 Bellevue ter.
Wylie Hamilton, diaper, 46 West Richmond st
Wylie Henry J,, civil engineer (Wylie & Peddie), 5
Bellevue terrace
Wylie John, piano-forte tuner, 38 Dublin st
Wyndham Robert Henry, lessee of Queen's Theatre,
95 Princes st
YARROLL Samuel, ostrich-feather manufacturer and
furrier, 13 North St. Andrew st
Yates Janet, lodging house, Esplin place, Morningside
Yates John, draper, 78 Kirkgate, Leith
Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Offices
68 Great King st, and 1 George st
Yorston Andrew G., W.S., 7 York place
Young Alexander, painter and glazier, 73 South Clerk st
Young Amelia, embroiderer, 73 George st
Young & Mackay, nurserymen, gardeners and florist?,
Newington gardens
Young Andrew, English teacher, 22 Elm row
Young Andrew, eating house, 63 Buccleuch st ;?N
Young Ann, lodging house, 14 Barony st
Young Ann, shoe maker, 18 William st
Young Archibald, cutler and surgical instrumen
maker, 79 Princes st
Young Archibald, advocate, 22 Royal circus
'Young Barbara, toy dealer, 76a Princes st
Young Catherine, watch-glass maker, 6 Milne square,
High st
Young Charlotte, dressmaker, 16 Charlotte st
Young David, revenue officer, 5 Howe at
Young David, painter and glazier, 7 Church st
Young David, merchant (George Young & Co.), Bank
house. North Leith
Young G., undertaker, 1 Richmond place
Young Gavin, lapidary, Logie cottage, Canonmills, and
5 Hose st [Moray place
Young George, advocate and sheiiffof Inverness, 47'
Young George, boot tnal;er, 4 Dublin st
Young George, merchant (G. Young & Co.), Fillyside, L
\oung George, clerk, 2 Windsor st
Young George & Co., rice millers, bone crushers and
wine and spirit merchants, 4 Constitution st, Leith
Young J. & D., ironmongers and coach-lamp makers,
22 Greenside st
Young Jas., steel & copper-plate maker^ 31 Leith walk
Young James, woollen diaper, 126 High st
Young James, victual dealer, 88 Grassmarket
Young James, contractor and shopkeeper, 5 West
Adam st
Young James, baker, 12 West Preston st
Young James, tailor and clothier, 37 North bridge
Young James, S.S.C., 24 Gi oige st
Young James, m.d. surgeon, 36 North Castle st
Young James & Co., slaters, 50 Constitution st, Coat-
field lane, Leith; and 5 Antigua place, Edinburgh
Young Jane, lodging h'>n*e, 10 Baker's nlace
Young John, plumber, f'S Clerk at
Young John, S.S.C., 48 India st
Young John, flesher, 8 Stock brings market
Young John, offi -er in customs, 17 Cannon st, Leith
Young John, umbrella and parasol manufacturer, 27
Broughtou st
Young J.ihn, coal master, St. Leonard st
Young John, grocer, 7 St. Patrick st
Young John, umbrella maker, Howe st
Young John G., grocer and spirit dealer, 31 Nelson s
Young Maigarei, draper, 25a Bread st
Young Margaret, grocer & spirit dealer, 24 Simon sq
Young Margaret, china dealer, 23 Brunswick st
Young Miss — , boarding and day school, 19 Aber-'
cromby place
Young, Peddie & Co. manufacturing ironmongers, and
makers of iron and wire fences, iron gates & bridges,
iron conservatories ann agricultural implements, &c.,
77a George st ; works, 119 Fountain bridge; branch
oflke,24 West Hill st, Glasgow
Young Peter, surgeon. 1 Dean terrace
Young Robert, confectioner, 67 Pleasance
Young Robert, lea merchant, 30 St. James's square
Young Robert, house factor, Uainheld house, Foun-
tain bridge
Young Robert, spiiit vaults, 1 High st
Young Robert & Co. tailors and Clothiers, 55 and
67 St. Mary's wynd [High st
Young Thomas, watch glass maker, 6 Milne square,
Young Thomas, refreshment rooms, 56 Kirkgate, Leith
Young Thomas Sf Son, tailors and clothiers, 54 North
Bridge st
Young Walter, slater, 4 Jamaica st
Young Walter D. accountaut and house factor, 2j
St. Patiick square
Young William, coal agent, Tobago place
Young William, physician, 60 George square
Young William Sf Co. colour merchants, Silverfield, L
Young William & David & Co., wine merchants, 17.
Cowgate head
Young William D. manufacturing ironmonger (Young,
Peddie & Co.), 85 Great King st
Younger Henry, victual dealer, 157 Rose st
Younger John, master mariner, 2 South Forth st, L
Younger Robert, brewer and maltster, St. Ann's
Brewery, Abbey hill
Younger William & Co. brewers, Abbey Brewery
Yule David, W.S. Greenhill bank, Morningside
Yule James L. B., Danish vice-consul, 26 Consti-
tution st, Leith
Yule John, W.S. 4 North St. David st
Yule T. B. & Co., corkwood merchants, and wine
merchants, 129 Constitution st, Leith
Yule Thomas, traveller, 3 Malta Green place
Yule William juu. skinner, Water of Leith
ZIEGLER Alexander, m d. surgeon, 47 George square
Ziegler Willi un, M d 47 George square

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