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White Thomas, clerk, 45 Montague st
White Thomas, shoe maker, 58 Lauristnn st
Whi!e Thomas & Co. tobacco-pipe manufactnrers,pipe-
clay an'l bath brick dealers, 225 Canongate — See
While William, woollen draper, clothier, men's mercer
and "natter, and agent to the Atlas Insurance
Company, 12 South Frederick st
White William, Cowan's close, East Crosscauseway
Whiteford John B. painter & glazier, Salisbury place
Whitehead John, boot & •■hoe maker, 6 Catherine st
Whitehead John, juu. S S.C. 15 St. Andrew square
Whitehead Margaret, hoot maker, 144 Kirkgate, Leith
Whitehead Robert, shopman, 1 Jordau lane
Whitehead William, hoot aud shoe warehouse, 62
Princes street
Whitehead William & Son, hosiers, New Buildings,
63 North bridge
Whitelaw James, clock & watch maker, and jeweller,
28 VVest Register st ; house, 30 S>. James's square
Whitelaw Janet, lodging house, 139 George st
Whitelaw M. sen. com factor (M. & W. Whitelaw),
8 James's place, Leith
Whiielaw Matthew iV William, corn factors, 19 Ber-
nard street, Leith
Whitsmi Geoige, livery stable keeper, Young St. lane
Whitson Isabella, shopkeeper, Dalkeith road
Whitson John, tailor, 115 Rose st
Whitson Thomas, agent, 164 Canongate
Whitten & Sime, masoi'S, Lothian road
Whitten John C. sheriff's clerk depute, 13 London st
Whitten Robert, auctioneer, 4 North Bank st
Whittet Ellen, lodging house, 16 Keir st
Whittet John, commercial traveller, 26 Bucclench pi
Whyte Andrew stationer (A. Whyte & Son), 21
Buccleuch place [South St. David st
Whyte Andrew & Son, wholesale stationers, 6 & 8
Whyte David, grain merchaut, 30 Lothian st
Whyte James, smith, Spittai st
Whyte Johu, clerk, 9 Graham st
Whyte John, victual dealer, 515 Lawnmarket
Whyte Thos., grocer ^spirit dealer, 328 Lawnmarket
Whyte William, painter, glazier aud paper hanger,
255 Canongate
Whyte William, wholesale hardware merchant, aud
ironmonger, 213 High st — See advertisement.
Whytock Alexander,manufacturer(R. Whytock & Co.),
the Grange, Easter Dudriingston
Whytock James, manufacturer (R. Whytock & Co.),
9 George st
Whytock John, ironmonger & tinplate worker, 3 South
east Circus place
Whytock Richard & Co. carpet warehouse, fringe and
cabinet manufacturers, and general furnishing Ware-
housemen, 9 & 11 George st. ; manufactory, Saint
Leonard's, Pie-ton st and Thistle st — See advert
Wick and Leith Shipping Company, Wet docks, L.
Wick Aim, tavern keeper, 12 Snore, Leith
Wickham Captain Richard, barrack master (Castle)
Raukeillor st
Wicks Elizabeth, furrier, 47 Thistle st
Wicks John, surgeon dentist, 55 North Frederick St
Wight & Macnaughton, writers, 11 Yeung st
Wight & Scott, wholesale provision merchants, 36
Elbe st, Leith
Wight Andrew, spirit dealer, 50 Shore, Leith fst
Wight David, W.S. ( Wight & Macnaughton), 11 Young
Wigtit George, fiVher, 3a Albany st
Wight John, coach proprietor, Northumberland place
Wight Joint, coal merchant, 95 Causewavside
Wight Mary, matron of Trades' Maiden Hospital,
Argyle square
Wight" Robert, flesh er, 6 High market
Wight William, flesher, 3 West Richmond st
Wightman James, flesher, 17 Caltori st
Wightman Janet, lodging house, 10 North St. David st
Wightman John, piano-forte dealer aud music ware-
house. 46 North Frederick st
Wightman W r illi<im, wright, trunk and packing-box
maker, and toy dealer, 44 Whitfield place
Wighton & Son, jewellers, silvei smiths aM. watch
makers, 17 Queen st [Vincent st
Wighton Robert, jeweller (Wighton & Sou), 6 St.
Wighton William, watch maker, 27 Rose bank
Wilkie Alexander, cab and coach hirer, 23 Bristo st
Wil kie Christina, grocer & spirit dealer, 33 Buccleuch st
Wilkie David, clerk, 7 India place
Wilkie James, S.S.C. 29 Dundas st
Wilkie James, accountant, agent to the Guardian As-
surance Company, and treasurer to the Architectural
Institute of Scotland, 25 Queen st
Wilkie James, wright, Gorgie
Wilkie Jas. builder & pavement dealer, 43Couperst,L
Wilkie John, mason, 21 Rose bank
Wilkie John, silvrisiuith, 8 East Rose st lane
Wilkie Margaret, dairy keeper, 473 Lawnmarket
Wilkie Thomas, book binder, 243 High st
Wilkie Thos. & Alex, drapers, 75 & 76 Tolbooth wynd L
Wilkie W. P. advocate, 3 Forces si
Wilkinson Agnes, milliner, 33 William st lane
Wilkinson Ann, dress maker, Dean Bank cottage
Wilkinson James, baker, 103 Giassmarket
Wilkinson Jane, dress maker, 58 North Hanover st
Wilkinson John, toy dealer and news vendor, 1
North Newington place
Wilkinson Joseph, furniture broker, 39 Pieasance
Wilkinson Margaret, lodging house, 20 Elder st
Wilkinson William, surgeon and private lecturer on
medical science, 17 Archibald place
Williams & Norgate, foreign booksellers, 20 South
Frederick st [20 Tim tier hush, Leith
Williams Edward, wool, rag and general merchant,
Williams John, pocket-book and jewel case manu-
facturer, 8 Noith Bridge st
Williams Patiick, greengrocer, 6 Fleshmarket close
Williams Robert, inspector of mines for Scotland,
37 Queen st
Williams William, lodging house, 6 Elm row
Williamson A., (Meek & Williamson), 3 Smith's
place, Leithwalk
Williamson Adam, bookseller, 1 Spittal'st
Williamson Adam, cattle agent, 13 Portland place
Williamson & Stark, merchants, 19 Bernard st, Leith
WilliamsonAnrirevv, tinsmith, 2Gibb's entry.NicoIsou st
Williamson Cath. shopkeeper, 64 East Crosscauseway
Williamson Geoige, book maker, 305 High st
Williamson Geoige, tobacco and snuff manufacturer,
22 Giassmarket
Williamson George, bank clerk, 49 Brunswick st
Williamson Isaac, tinsmith, 38 Pieasance
Williamson Isabella, confectioner and pastry cook, 35
Dundas st
Williamson James, grocer & spirit dealer, 54 West port
Williamson James, tailor, 40 Tolbooth wynd, Leith
Williamson James, pawnbroker, 44 Rose st
Williamson James & Co., warehousemen, 377 High st
Williamson John, engineer, 4 Fingal place
Williamson Johu, coal dealer, 64 St. Andiew st, Leith
Williamson John, grocer 8c spirit dealer, 84 Westport
Williamson Peter, assistant astronomer at the Obser-
vatory, Calton hill, 21a South Ca-t'e st
Williamson Thomas, m d. surgeon 40 Quality st, Leith
Williamson William, clerk, 13 North-west Circus pi
Williamson William, shopkeeper, Newhaven
Wilshere Michael, gutta percha, London floorcloth
and paper hangings depot, 14 South St. David st
Wilson A. & W. R , printers, 135 High st
Wilson Adam, victual dealer, 24 Water lane, Leith
W' on Alexander, couractor, Granton pier
Wilson Alexander, corn merchant, Swanfield Mills, L
Wilson Alexander, W.S., 4 Royal terrace
Wilso;: & Co. confectioners and fruiterers, 52a George
Wilson & Co. dressing case and fancy pocket book
makers, &c.. 71 George st
Wilson A. & G. fishing rod and tackle makers to H.R,
H. Piince Albert, and bird stuffers,34 Princes st
Wilson Andrew, dentist, 18 Youngst
Wil-ou Andiew, wiight, 18 Leven street
Wilson Andrew, coal merchant, 36 Wiight's houses
Wilson Andrew, corn merchant, Laurel bank
Wil-on Andrew H , agent, Royal Ha k of Scotland,
30 Bernard st ; house 10 Constitution st
Wilson Ann greengrocer, 45 Whitfield place
Wilson Anne, linen draper, 10 Union place
Wil-on B confectioner, 68 Causewayside
Wilson Barbara, milliner and dressmaker, 12 Elm row
Wilson Barbara, temperance hotel, 166 High st

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