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BANKS— coniinued. I *Esplin James, 158 East High st
EoTAi, Bank op Scotland (Branch), 20 East Findlay William, Kingston by Forfar
High st; head office, Glasgow— draws on Liddell David, 26 West High st
Coutts & Co. &Bank o fEngland, London— Milne Thomas, 70 West High st
David Steele, agent; John Turnbull,
accountant — See adverthement
Union Bank of Scotland (Branch), 9 West
High at; head oiSce, Crlasgow— draws on
Glyn & Co. London— William Lowson,
agent; George Jenkins, accountant
National Seccbitv Savings Bank, 9 West
High st— open on Friday evenings, from 6
to 8; Saturdays, 10 to 13 ; & Mondays, from
9 to 12 in the morning- William Lowson,
actuary & cashier
Anderson James, West High st
Balharry William, Ingliston, Kinnettles
Constable James, Academy st
Dean John, Blackgate, Kescobie
Forsyth Alexander, 27 Back wynd
Gleig Sylvester, Hassou, Ihverarity
Guthrie William, 22 Castle st
Keay James, Burnside, Rescobie
M'Culloch Robert, Whig st, Ihverarity
Mackintosh William, 115 East High st
Mylcs James, Pitscandly, Rescobie
Ritchie James, Gateside, Inverarity
Stewart William, 10 Back wynd
Thomson \Vm. Douglas Town, KintietUeS
Wilson James, Blackgate, Pitscandly
Wilson James, Drums of Pitscandly
Wilson John, Ward of Turin, Rescobie
♦Webster & Farquharson, The Vennel
Wbamond David. 116 East High st
Ramsay John, 55 West High at
Tyrie George, Couttie's wynd
Browm David, 4 Sparrowcroft
Deuchar John, Glamis road
Fyfe John, 17 New road
Lindsay David, Halfpenny burn
Lindsay William, 12 Little Causeway
MichieWilliam,93 West High st
Milne James, 1(5 Victoj-ia st
NicoU James, Easlerbank
Steele David & Andrew, 7 St. James's road
Thomson David, The Vennel
Abel John, The Cross, High st
Anderson David S. 12M West High st
Ranken James Anderson, 19 East High st
Lowson John, jun. Victoria Works
Lowson John & Son, Haugh Works
Norrie Charles & Sons, Forfar Works, and
Meadowside, Dundee
Heath William & Co. 37 East High st
Laing Charles, 26 & 28 East High st
M'Pherson Oliver, 78 East Higli st
Shepherd William, 39 & 71 Castle st
Walker Alexander, 75 East High st
Dick David, 153 East High st
Laing Charles, 26 & 28 East High st
M'Pherson Oliver, 78 East High st
Shepherd William, 89 & 71 Castle st
Thomson William S. 20 Castle st
Balfour Alex, (leather cutter), 13 Back wynd
Bruce George, 6 Span-owcroft
Christie David, 111 East High st
Clarks John, 44 Castle st
Deuchar Alexander. 2 East High st
Doig Alexander, 60 East High st
Dorward David, Kinnettles
Dunn John & Co. 70 Castle st
Edwards John, 98 East High st
Esplin William, 49 Easi High st
Fairweather A. & S. (manufacturers), 61
Castle St. & at .4?i)roa(;i— William Piiir-
weather, manager
Finlay James, 10 The Cross
Glenday John, Rescobie
Hebington William, 34 West High st
Herald William, 11 West High st
Hood David, 94 Castle st
Irvine James, Gateside, Inverarity
James Peter, 189 East High st
M'Dougall James, Canmore st
M'Walter James, 50 East High st
Martm James, Burnside, Rescobie
Ogilvie James, 113 East High at
Petrie John, 47 West High st
Petrie Thomas, 20 Castle st
Stewart James, 9 & 10 Osnabnrgh st
Tarbat David, 1 East High st
Thomson John, Hatton, Inverarity
Thornton Thomas, 84 West High st
Fotheringham William, 52 West High st
Glen James, 3 Green st
Hill Alexander, 89 South st
Lawson Andrew, 95 West High st
nioncur Andrew, 16 Castle st
Stewart Thomas & Co. 100 West High st
Waddel Bernard, 2 Little Causeway
Edward William, 97 West High st
Ewen James, Victoria st
Forfar Co-opei-ative Coal Society Limited,
59 East High st — Andi-ew L. Feuton, sec.
Iiakie Tobn, Railway station
Lowson A. & A. Victoria st
Martin Robei-t, 8 Canmore st
Maxwell & Hampton, Auld Bar Road station
by Forfar, and Market place
Muir Thomas, Railway station— William
Webster, agent
Og^ilvie John, Victoria st
Patullo David, Victoria st
Sharp William W. Victoria st
Whyte David 11 Market place, &1 The Cross
Wood James, 63 West High st
Anderson James, 9 The Cross
Butlers John, 10 Castle st
Byars John, 62 Castle st
Kerr John, 78 Castle st
Reid Peter, 61 Castle st
Saddler James (and refreshment rooms), 81
East High st
Scott James (and potato), East High st. and
Railway station
Whyte David (and potato). Market place
GUI James, 12« E&st ttigltst
ItaXng tJeorge, 'We&t Hifeh st
See Stonemasons, rfT. and also Joinei's.
Dnndoo Loan, Forfftr—Diuid Clarke, chair
man; David Scott, secretary
Marked thus * are also Upholsterers.
Allan William, 94 West High at
Ferguson John (and belt and picker maker),
Academy st
Whyte John (and tanner, boot top, picker,
m'achine, strapping, & belt manufacturer).
Castle st
CampbcU A. & Co. (Perlh), 158 East High st—
Henry H. Fenton, agent
Henderson John (Broufihty Feri-y), 20 Castle
^t — William H. Thomson, agent
M'N.al) k.& J.IEiliu.b,iiyh),ail West High st—
Elizabeth Littlejohu, agent
PeflFers John, 4 Canmore st
Pullar L& Sons ( Perth), B East HiBli st— John
Roberts, JNU. agent
Stevenson Brothers (Dxnrtee), 34 East High
st — A. & E. Dai-gie, agents
Munro & Co. (and manufacturers of Munro
& Co.'s patent stone and slate cutting, &c,
machineryi, Forfar Founch'y, and Arbroath
and DuTUiee
Adam William & Robert, Ladenford
Alexander David, Muii-ton mill
Allan William, jun. Grange
Anderson Andrew, Loan end
Bell David, Loclilanda
Bovack James, Denside
Cable Charles, Bm-nside
Cant Alexander, Grange croft [Tnrin
Carnesy Patrick A. W. Home Farm, Lour &
Carruthers — , Craignathro
Christie Andrew, Bankhead of Carse
Cooke Charles. Canmore
Cowie David, Bitterwell
Cuthiils David, Orchard bank
Dalgettv Alexander, Blid Caldhame
Dalgetty John, East Caldhame
Dargie John G. Myreside
Davidson Alex. East Mains o^ R^steMietti
Dickson David (trustees of), ClocJcfe'brT^S
Edgar William, East Grdiea
Eggo Jatnes, Ladlewell
Farmer Alexander, South Kingston
Fyffe John, Kingston
Gibson David, Halkevton
Grant David, Moss side
Grant James, Restenneth
Grant Wiiliara, Kingston
Hossie David, Clocksbriggfl
Hunter James, East Mains
Kinnear Joseph, Woodlands
Liveston David, Priory House aBdt*ftrk
Low James, Whitewells
Luckie George, Newlandfi
Mann John, Carseburn
Martin William, Bumsido mill
Mitchell Alexander, Carseburn
Mitchell Charles, West Caldhame
Murray David, Suttieside
NicoU George, South Mains
NicoU Thomas, North Mains
NicoU WiUiam, Inchgarth and Cambleton
Norrie David, South bank
Robbie Jamt-s, Lawnhead
Robbie John, Caldhame Farm
Rough Thomas, Bitterwell
Shepherd James, Kingsmuir
Simpson James, Hatton of Carse
Simpson Thomas, Gowan bank
Smith John, Eankhead of Lour
Steele David, Slatefield
Taylor James, Hillhead Farm
Thom George, Mid & West Dod
Thom WiUiiim, Auchter Forfar
Walker WiUiam, Burnside Farm
Webster Patrick, Weattield
Welsh Andrew B. Auchterforfar
Adams William, Wester Meathie
Baxter Andrew & James, Washingd&iefi
Dargie David, Tarhi-ax
Duncan W^iUiam, Newton
Ewart Andrew & David, Eastei- "SL&k hi'Q
Grant James, Ovenston«
Kydd David, Bonn>i;on
M'Gilchrist — , Kierton
M'Laren David, Fotheringham
M'Laren David, MiU of Inverfei'Siy
M'Laren Thomas. Seggiden
MUlar Robert, East Grange
MUlar WilliatQ, Bi-actuUo
Milne WiUiam. Kincreifh
Moir Peter, Kincreich miil
Nicoll James, West Mains of Krncaldrattk
PaterBon James, Grange miU
Ramsay Robert. Labothie
Roberts Joseph, Govals
Robertson Thomas, Hatton ■
Salmon Peter, Little Lour
Samson James, Carrot
Winter George, Eott^'mixe
IN t'h:e parish of rescobie.
Absolon Misses — , Wemyss
Annat John. Hareburn
Brown Alexander, West Mains of Tntin
Cable Chas. Home Farm, Mains of BurnSlda
Cameron Alexander, Mill dens
Chaltnera Jumes, North ■Quilkoe
Cobb Alex. Home Fajm, Mains of Pitsoanaiy
Fairweather Patrick, West Carse Bank
Gibson Ellen, BaldaTdo
Grant Da%id, Clochton
Grant David, jun. Finnieston
Grant James, & James Wishart, SatetlflU 4
Kerr A. O. North Mains of Turin
Kyd George, Forester's seat
Lakie David, Drumonie
Mitchell James, Qnilkoft
MitcheU Robert, Chapelton :{wae
Ostlei- Heirs of Andrew, East Mains ot BOfn-
Ramsay David, Fonnali
Ramsay Peter, Cotton of Turin
Robertson Jamos, Ne^vmiU & Woodfentt
Rough George, Wardmill
Scott Robert, Milldens
Simpson James, Haltton of Glf^
Smith Peter, GreOTrhead

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