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Absolon the Misses — , Wemyss, Rescobie
Adams Mr Wm. Wester Meathie, luverurity
Anderson Mr. James, Chapel bank
Anderson Mr. John C. Muir House, Glamis
Anderson Mr. John P. 42 Castle at
Anderson Mr. Robt. Wm. Rose terrace
Arnot William, Esq. Ingleston
Baxter Edward A.Esq.j. p. Kincaldrum House
Baxter William E. Esq, n.p. Kincaldrum ■
House, Inverarity ;
Berry Mr. Thomas, Rose Bank House [
Binney Mr. David, Dovecot Cottage j
Black Miss Elij;abeth, 40 Castle st
Boath Mrs. Jane, Chapel Park House, I
Academy st :
Buist Mr. Alexander, Reres mount {
Burns Mrs. — , 3 The Vennel i
Burns Mr. James, 55 East High st |
Cable Miss Maggie, Kirton bank. Academy st
Caie Rev. George J. Shellcroft Cottage, '
Dundee loan j
Caird Mr. William, 3 West High st
Cargill Mr. James, Ferryton i
Cargill Mr. John, Ferryton Cottage ■
Carnegy Patrick Alexander W. Esq. ,t.p. |
Lour and Turin \
Carnegy -"^Irs. Sophia, Burn Cottage, Glamisrd
Clarke Mr. David, 53 East High st j
Coutts Mrs. Martha, New st
Cralk 3Ir. Alexander, Hill park
Craik Mrs. Catherine, Manor place
Craik Mr. David, U Manor st
Craik James, jun. Esq. j.p. Viowmont
Craik Mr. James fyounger), Manor place
Craik Mr. John F. Manor park
Craik Mr. William F. Manor place
Crighton Mr. — , New road
Cumming Rev. Alexander, First Freo Manse,
St. James's road
Dalgety Mrs. W. J. Ivy bank, South st
Don William G. Esq. j.p. Invereighty House,
Douglas Mr. William, Brighton, Kinnettles
Ewen Mr. James, Millbauk House,Victoriard
Freeman Mr. Alexander 17 East High st
Fyfe Mr. John, 17 New road
Fyffe Mr. John, Kingston by Forfar
Gordon Mr. William, Loch Side Cottage
Gowie Mr. David, Bitterwell
Grant Mr. James, Restennoth
Grant James, Esq. J.p. Pitscandly, Rescobie
Gray Mr. James Scott, jQstinhaigh
Guthrie James, Esq. Carse Gray, Rescobie
Guthrie Mr. Thomas, 24 Dundee road
Headrick Mrs. Mary, 5 New road
Hepburn Mr. William, (jlamis road
Hunter Mr. Geo.Burnside House, Rescobie
Huttou Miss Isabella, 36 South st
Johnstone Mr. David, Sparrow croft
Kiunear Mr. Alexander, White hills
Laird Mr. James, Marketplace
Laird Mr. John, Ochterlouy House, Rescobie
Laird Mr. John, jun. The Yeunel
Law Mrs. ftlary L. Belmont Cottage
Lowdon Mr. John, Laurel bank
Lowson Mr. Andrew, jun. Hill bank
Lowson Mr. George, Glaniis road
Lowson Mr. James (younger), Ferry ton House
Lowson Mr. James, jun. j.p. Hill bank
Lowson Mr. James, 9 Academy st
Lowson Mr. John, Beech hill, Lour road
Lowson Mr, John, jun. Beech hill
Lowson Mr. WilUam, 9 West High st
Lowson Mr. William, Hill bank
-Lyon George Esq. j.p. 63 East High st
M'Corkindale Rev. Donald, Cowie hill, Lour rd
MacHardy Mr. Donald, Caumore st
Meffan Miss Jane, 16 New road
Milne Mr. Alexander,Cherrybank,The Vennel
Moffatt Mr. Johu, 44 West High st
Murrav Mr. David, Suttie side
Myles Mr. John. j.p. Blythe hill
Napier Mrs. Isabella, 31 Manor st
Nicoll Mr. John, Easterbank, South st
Ormond Mr. Abram. Fern bank, Lour road
Ormond Mr. John, 12 East High st
Patterson James, Esq. j.p. Kinnettles House
Patterson Rev. Thomas J. Kinnettles Free
Powrie James, Esq. Reswallie
RltoUe Mrs. Elizabeth, 26 Dundee road
Ritchie Mr. George, St. James's road
Roberts Mrs. Jane, Westby House, 66 West
High Bt
Robertson Alexander, Esq. Benholm Lodge.
Glamis rujid
Rorison Rev. Vincent, the Piirsouage, Vennel
Rosa Rev. Robert, East Free Manse, Lour rd
Salmon Mrs. Ann, Kingston Cottage
Scott Mrs. — , 10 The Cross
Scott Mrs. Charlotte, East Port Cottage
Shaw Mr. Charles, Prior Cottage
yim Mr. James, Alpha Cottage, New st
Stark Mrs. Mary A. 73 Castle st
Steel Rev. Richard, 11 Sparrow croft
Steele Mr. David, 25 St. James road
Steele Miss Isabella, 6 New road
Steele Mr. James, 54 East High st
Steele Mr. Jolin, 54 East High st
Stevenson Rev. Patrick, Inverarity Manse
Stevenson Rev. Robert, m.a. The Manse, The
Taylor Mr. James. New road
Thorn Mr. James, New road
Thornton Mr. George, 83 Castle st
Trotter Rev- Alexander M. m.a. Inverarity
Turner Rev. Robert. Kinnettles Manse
Wallace Lewis, Esq. Fothoringham House,
Webster Mrs. Isabella, 118 East High st i
Webster Patrick, Esq. j.p. of Westfleld
Weir Rev. John, Lour road, St. James's i\Irtnse
Whitton Mrs. Elsie, Green st
Wiitton Mrs. Jane, 39 East High st
Williamson Mrs. — , Ward of Turin
Whyte John, Esq. j.p. Briar Cottage,
Glamis road
Whyte Mrs. Margaret, Manor
Whyte Mr. Robert, Eastbolurne House,
Little Causeway
Wright Rev. Peter, Rose bank
Yeaman Mrs. — , Manor House
Young Mr. James, the Cross, High st
Graham David M. (commission, and Charles
Teniiant & Co.'s manures, Carnoustie), 1
LittI" Causeway
Lntta .J.ine (for Singer & Co.'s machiuoB),
69 East High st [West High st
Litticjohn Elizabeth (to A &, J. M'Na'o), 38
Livingston William (to the Scottish Legal
Burial and Loan Society), 22 Glamis rd
M'Pherson Oliver (for the National Line of
Steamers), 78 East High st
Paton Robert (to the North British Railway
Co.), Railway station
Roberts John, jun. (to J. Pnllar & .=!ons.
Perth), 8 East High st
Scott James (for S. Langdale's manure;.
Railway station
Shepherd William (to the Art Union of
Glasgow), 89 Castle st
Tosh Robert (for Slilner's safes, and to W. 4
T. Jones, oil merchants, London, &c.), 16
West High st
Wordie & Co. (to the Caledonian Railway
Co.), Railway station
Stewart William, 10 Backwynd
Board School, St. James's road— John
Knox, master; Jane S. Rutherford,
Borough Schools: —
East — James Smith, master
West — John T. Cobb, master
North — John Smith, master
FoKFAS Academy, Academy st — George
Younger, classical master and rector;
Thomas Mackic, English master; James
Brodie, m.a. mathematical master
Industrial School (female). Lour road —
Margaret 31. M'Kay, teacher
KlNGSMUiR School— David Dundas, master
Latta Jane (sewing seminary), 59 East
High st
LuNANHEAD ScHOoL— Jtimos Hoss, master
Pako'jiiial Schools : —
Douglas Town, Kinnettl :s— Ueorge Martin
Inverarity— Rev. ."Ue.xauder M. Trotter,
M.A. master
Rescobie — "Walter Graham, master
St. James's road — John Knox, master
Smith Georgina (boarding). Academy st
Thoms WilUmino B. (& boarding). 6 Li
Burns Alexander, Rose bank
Guild & MekU-um, 26 West High st
Matthew George B.33 Back wynd
Johnston John A. 68 Castle st
Mitchell Charles, 17 Canmore st
Patrick Peter F. 6 East High st
Fotheringham William, 52 West High st
Graham David M. (agricultural), 1 Little
Mtoucur Andrew, ae Castle st
Scott James, 74 East High st
BeU Jessie, 85 West High st
Boath Jane, Market place
Patterson Jane, 88 East High st
Reuuio Ann, 92 Castle st
Roberts John. jun. 8 East High st
B. (& boarding), 6 Little
Anderson James. 9 The Cross
Butlers John, lu Castle st
K.vais John, G2 Castle st
Ireland Johu, 13 VVest Hir'h st
Jolly David, 6 West High st
Kerr John, jun. 78 Castle st
Mylea William, Little Causeway, and 43
West High st
Abel John (for the AUan and State lines of !
steamers), the Cross |
Barry David A. (commission to Runton '
Brothers, JffiiJI, to Anderson* Co. ^riroatt,
and the Farmers' Co. Limited, manures ■
andtoM. B. Brown's manures, Giasoom)!
56 East High st ' j n ^
Brymer Alexander (Cameron 4 Co. carriers) '
Railway station '
Cameron J. & p. (to the North British Rail-
way Co.), Railway station
Cook Andrew (Aberdeen Lime Co. bone and
guano, and Mustard & Shearer, lirechm).
Railway station
Dargie Ann & Elizabeth (to Stevenson
Brothers, dyers, JDimdee), 34 East High st
Fenton Henry H. (to A. CampbeU I Co
dyers, Perth), 168 East High st
Bank OF Scotland (Branch), 40 Castle st
head office, Edinburgh— draws on Coutts &
Co. & Smith, Payne * Smiths, & Bana of
England, London— Robert Whyte & David
Binny, agents
British Linen Company (Branch), 52 East
High st : head office, Edinburgh— draws on
Smith, Payne & Smiths, London— William
Gordon, agent; F. W. Moles, accountant—
See advertisement
Commercial Bank of Scotland (Branch)
63 East High st; head office, Edinburgh-
draws on Coutts & Co. & London & West-
minster Bank, London — George Lyon,
agent; Robert Bruce, accountant — .S'e«
National Bank of Scotland (Branch) The
Cross, High st ; head office, Edinburgh-
draws on Glyn & Co. Coutts & Co. and
Union Bank, Loudon— Jas. Yonng, agent:
James S, Gray, accountant

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