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Sheplierd James, wholesale druggist (Souter & Slaepliercl), 23 Boa-
Accord terrace
Shepherd Jane, lodging house, 107 Rosemounfc place
Shepherd Johu, bootmaker it draper, 21 Spring garden
Shepherd Simpsou, wine & spirit merchant, 52 King at
Shepherd William, confectioner, 'Al & 23, Gueafc row; house, 39 Dee St
Shepherd Wiliuim, druggist (Souter & Shepherd), 23 Bon-Accord ter
Sherar Miss — , reatauraut & dlniug rooms, C Bridge st
Sherat Rohert, grocer & ship chandler, 67 Ship row ; ho. 95 Wales st
SheritF Clerk's Ohice, County buUdiugs, Castle st
SheriU' Court, County buildings. Castle st
Sherilf Watson's Female School of Industry, Skene st. West
yherili"s Othce, Court House buildings, Castle st
Sherilis Alexander, fancy goods dealer, 36 Shiu row [at
Sherifls A: Ogilvie,cab proprietors S: hvery stable keepers,17 Gordon
Sherili' Authouy, flesher, 71 Park st; house, 7'J Parkst
Sherilis John, cab proprietor (Sherifls & Ogilvie), 17 Gordon st
Sheriffs Kenneth, grain merchant, 8 James st
Shtach iliargaret, shopkeeper, 2y Mount Hooley
Shinuie Ferguson, writer, 1 Belmont terrace
Shiunie James, coach builder (R. &, J. Shinnie), 16 Langstane place
Shiunie R. & J. coach builders, &c. 2U, Langstane place
Shinnie Robert, coach builder (11. & J. Shinnie), 11 Huutly st
Shipmasters' Society's Hall, 11 t^uay — James Archibald, treasuj'er
Shipping Oflice,2S Regent quay
Shirras Alexander, tinsmith, 2 Flour Mill brae ; bouBQ, 5 Huutly st
Shu-ras Elizabeth, draper, 271 George st
Shirras William, ironmonger (\V. Shirras & Son), 108 Union st
Shirras William & Son, ironmongers & manufacturers of lamps and
lanterns, 44 Schoolhill
Shirrefl's Alexander, painter, 89 Gallowgato
Shirruffs Charles, secretary (Young Men's Christian Association), 19&
Union st
Shiriefl's James, confectioner and fruiterer, 344 George st; house,
North Albert st
ShirrelTs Kenneth, storekeeper, 44 Hardgale
Shirres Alexander, advocate, I'M Union st
Sbirres 1>. L. <Si, Co. warehousemen and manufacturers, 76 George st
Shirres David Logan, warehouseman (D. L. Shirres & Co.), Sii-
Uuion st [Albert st
Shirres James, warehouseman (Sbirres, Webster & Mackenzie), 15
ShirrtS, Webster & Mackenzie, warehoudemaii, 42 Market st
Shivas George, butcher, 42 Skene siiuare; ho. 39 Rosemount place
Shivas William, boot closer, 75 George st
Shivas Thomas, advocate, 74 Union st ; house, 5 Marine place
Shore Dues^t Harbour Otiice, Foot of Marischal st
Shore Porter's Ohice, 5 James st
Silver George, spirit dealer, 92 Ship row
Silver Wilham, tailor, Gilcomston Park
Sim — , grocer &. spirit dealer, 74 Ship row
Sim Alexander, carter, 232 Hurdgate
Sim Amelia, fm'uiture dealer, 33 Woolmanhill
Sim George, naturalist, & bird & animal preserver, 20 King st;
house, lu Constitution st
Sim James, wholesale druggist (J. Sim & Co.)) Cornhill
Sim James, bootmaker, 19 Skene square
Sim James, gardener, 38 Short loaumgs
Sim James, wholesale grocer (Davidson & Sim), 77 Dee st
Sim James & Co, manufacturing chemists, 76 King st
Sim John, bank accountant, 76 Rosemouut place
Sim John, surgeon, h.e.i.c.s. Howburn Cottage, Holburn st
Sim Margaret, shopkeeper, 24 Maberley st
Sim Pennuel, shopkeeper, 3uKiutore place
Sim Willi am, icurrier & tanner, Newbridge, Hardgate
Sim William, mason, 19 Kidd lane
Sime George, traveher, 176 Crown st
Sime Isabella, milliner, 5 Moupt Huoly ; bouse, 67 Causewayeud
Simpson Alexander, advocate (Simpson & Cruden), 8 Golden sq
Simpsou Alexander, bookseller & stationer, 59 Broad st
Simpson Alexander, jun. advocate (Simpson li Cadenhead), procu-
rator fiscal of the Sheriff Court at Aberdeen, and of Justice oi
Peace Court of Aberdeen, Court House buildings, Castle st ;
house. The Firs, by ilurtle
Simpson Alexander, shopkeeper, 5 North Broadford
Simpson Alexander, agent for Commercial Union Assurance Co
View terrace
Simpsou & Cadenhead, advocates. Court House, Castle st
Simpson & Cruden, advocates, 35 Castle st
Simpson & Rae, plasterers, Aideck st
Simpson & VVhyte, tailors & drapers, 21 Union buildings
Simpson Andi-ew, joiner & picture frame malier, 33 Skene square;
house, 17 Richmond terrace
Simpsou Archibald, grocer, 146 Barron st. Woodside
Simpson Charles, tailor, 9 Craigie st
Simpson George, baker, 56 Park st
Simpson George, spirit dealer, 27 Guest row
Simpson James, physician, 114 King st
Simpaon James, cabinet maker, 3U9 Gallowgate
Simpson James, tailor, 12 South Mount st
Simpson John, physician, 2 East Craibstone st
Simpson John, custom house officer, 13 Fish st
Simpson John B. collector (gas department), 275 George et
Simpson Margarot, restaurant keeper, 1 Kintore place
Simpson Mary, lodging house, 14 North Silvur st [Aberdeen
Simpsou Robert, governor, Old Mill Reformatorv Schools, near
Simpsou Robert, stonecutter, 67 Gerrard st; house j 19 Mount st
Sinclair Alexander, shipmaster, 23 Caledouiau place
Sinclair & Mann, bootmakers, 33 Castle st
Sinclair Christiana, draper, 40 East North st
Sinclair Donald, manager, 1 Skene place
Sinclair George, shipowner, 18 Marischal st
Sinclair George, grocer (Porter & Sinclair), 72 Gerrard st
Sinclair James, keeper & resident manager, Mechanics' Institution.
17 Market st
Sinclair James Augustus, C. A. & agent for the Bank of Scotland,
40 Union st ; house, 20 Bon-Accord terrace
Sinclair John, grocer & spirit dealer, 50 Virginia st
Sinclair John, gardener, 50 Don et. Old Aberdeen
Sinclair Mary, lodging hcuse, 7 High st. Old Aberdeen
Sinclair William, wholesale di'uggist & oh. merchant, 84 & 86
Upper Kirkgate [Banchory
Sinclair Spark T. S. advocate, 129 Union st ; house, Fernbank,
Singer Adam, greengrocer, Hutcheon st
Singer Forbes, shopkeeper, 69 Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Singer Janet, eating house keeper, 25 Netiier Kirkgate
Singer Manufacturing Company, sewing machine makers, 2B5 Union
st — James M'Gavin, agent
Singer Patrick, bookseller (D. Wyllie & Son), 3 Dee place
Sivowright Mrs. — , flesher, 28 Market buildings
Skaltle George, cashier & accouutaut (goodR department G. N, of
S. R.), Froghall Cottage
Skakle John, jeweller (Morrison & Skakle), Froghall Cottage,Canalrd
Skating Rink ^v Recreation Grounds, North St. Burthin st. Queen's
Skene Alexander, tailor, 74 North Broadford
Skene Alexander, wholesale tea & cohee merchant, 31 Regent quay
Skene AUan, liesber, 191 George st ; house, 37 North Broadford
Skene it Guodbrand, rope & twine mauufacturers, Mount Hooley
Rope Works
Skene John, road contractor, Seafield Cottage, Cuparstone
Skene John, wholesale flesher, 17 North Broadford
Skene John D. commission agent, 23 Marischal st ; house, 77
Garden place
Skene Mary, grain & flour merchant, 10 & 12 Wellington place
Skene Peter, grocer, -iti Summer st ; house. 5 Affleck st
Skene Peter, rope, itc. maker (Skene & Goodbrand), Hutcheon st
Skene Peter A. flesher, 25a Thistle st
Skene Thomas, inspector of poor, Old Machar; office, 9 Diamond
st ; house, Victoria Cuttage, Asliley place
Skene William, lithographer, engraver & ornamental printer, 213-j
schoolhill; house, 51 North Charlotte st
Skene William, physieiau, Marine terrace, Ferryhill
Skinner & WilSoue, advocates, 2i;9 Union st
Skinner Christiana, lodging bouse, 25 Frederick st
.^ikinuer D. ^: Son, boat builders, \Vellington at
Skinner James, flesher, 1 Barron st. Woodaide
--kinner James, jun. broker, 82 King st
Skinner Jane, shopkeeper, 77 Green [place
Skinner John, granite polisher, Victoria st. South ; house, I Affleck
Skinner John, shopkeeper. Loch st
Skimier William, tailor, 4 M'Combie's court, Union st
Slaker William, painter, 9 Stirling st ; house, 4 South Mount st
Siasber Alexander, assistant superintendent of gas works, 7 Ship row
Slater John, flsh curer, Point law ; house, 45 York st
Sleigh Charles, teacher of mathematics, 159 King st
aiessor Robert, builder (Pringle & Slessor), 5 Thistle lano
Siorach Wilham, spint dealer, 16 Ship row
Slorach ^Viiliam, spirit dealer, 15 Castle st
Smart & Ogg (Arbroath), canvas maiiulactui-ers, 69 Marischal st —
H. liansou, agent
Smart Archibald S. grocer, 56 Upper Denburn [place
Smart Arthur Alexander, grocer (Farqubarsou & Co.), 1 Langstauo
Smart Catherine, lodging house, 1U3 Luion st [Castle hill
Smart George, provision merchant &. curer, 39 James st ; house, 4
Smart J. »S; J. cartwrit;iiLs ifc smitns, WeUiugton rd
Smart J. C. Deeside railway carrier, 48 Dee st
Smart James, plasterer, 12 Grandholm st. Woodside
Smart John, cartwright (J. & J. Smart), 48 Dee tt
Smart John, jun. cartwright (J. it J. Smart), 43 Dee st
.Smart Peter S. linen inauufacturer, b6 King stj house, 50 Watson st
Smart Robert, butcher, fci3 Vhgiuia st
Smart Wilham, assistant inspector of poor, 11 Holburn place
Smart William, grocer, &c. (Jb'arquharson & Co.), 1 Langstane place
Smith Miss — , confectioner. Market buildings
Smith Mrs. — , lodging house, 69 Crown st
Smith Mrs. — , flshmonger, 12 Market buildings
Smith A. & J. stonecutters, Lrilcomistou Park
smith A. li J. jewellers, 25 Nicholas st
Smith Agues, lodging nouse, 45 Nelson Su
Smith Alexander, grocer, 76 St. Andrew st
Smith Alexander, bootmaker, Mealmarket st
Smith Alexander, hairdi-esser, 2 Park st
Smith Alexander, plumber, *!cc. (Smith ti M*Konzie),5 Crimen place
Smith Alexander, jowLller (A. &, J. Smith), Gladstone place
Smith Alexander, larmer, Liuksfleld, Old Aberdeen
Smith Alexander, conieetioner, 27 ^ 29 Park at
Smith Alexander, gardener, 136 Market hall ik. Burnside, Stocket
Smith Alexander, draper, 58 & 59 High st. uld Aberdeen
Smith Alexander, superintendent, gasworks, 7 Constitution st
Smith Alexander E. advocate, 130 Union st; house, SummerhiU
Smith Alexander, shopkeeper, 104 Causewayend
Smith Alexander, coal dealer, 80 John st
Smith &. Co. drapers, 7 Hadden st. Woodside
Smitii £l M intosii, Xiixuited, card and paste board
makers, paper colourers and enameliters, Spring-
Garden W^orks, Z^Qch. St. and 33 St. Briue at,
Smith & M'Kenzie, plumbers, 83-^ Schoolhill
Smith & Menzies, bootmakers, 13 Thistle st
Smith Andrew, hairdresser, 136J^ Gallowgate
Smith Ann, newsagent, Mealmarket st
Smith Anne, dressmaker, Itib Union st
Smith Arthur, artist (S painter, 30 Regent quay
Smith Catherine, smallware dealer, in Upper Kii'kgate
Smith Charles, grocer, tic. (Gordon & Smith), (i7 i>ee st
Smith Charles, goods superintendent, Caledonian Railwav 85
Victoria st '
Smith Charles, draper (Anderson & Thomson), 1 Mackie place
Smith Christian, smaUware dealer, 194 GaUuwgate
Smith Christiana, fancy repository, Al^.j, Chapel st
Smith David, stock broker (Home & Smith), 20 Garden place
Smith David, manager, 12 Fen-yliiU terrace

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