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Smith David, grocer. i?~ Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Smitla Elizabeth, shoij.ieeper, 54 Causewayend
Smith Ferguson, writer, 811 George st
Smith Francis W. carpenter, 15 Hanover st; house, 13 Castle brae
Smith Franli, traveller, 33 Victoria st. West
Smith George, boot and shoe maker, 62 Bi-oad st
Smith George, cartwright, 21 Mount Hooly; house, 5 Causey place
Smith George, newsagent, 25 Skene st
Smith George, shipmaster, 24 Constitution st
Smith George, confectioner, 133 King st
Smith George, paper ruler, 20 Castle st [Cottage
Smith George B. photographer, (G. W. Wilson & Co.), Springbank
Smith Helen, dressmaker, 15 Kintore place
Smith James, draper, 202 Gallowgate
Smith James, boot & shoe maker, 42 Holburn st
Smith James, gardener, 21 ^ Bank st
Smith James, publisher of "the "Aberdeen Weekly News," 28
Smith James, cashier, 15 Osborne place
Smith James, bootmaker, 71 Upper Deuburn
Smith James, wright, 3 Well of Spa
Smitli Tames, watcb &. clock maker, &. dealer in
^^atcli &, clock tools &. materials, 20 Belmont st;
house, 3 Rubislaw place
Smith James, shopkeeper, 302 George st
Smith James, gardener, Cau-nfield, Stocket, & 26 Market buildings
Smith James, colporteur, 4 Orchard place. Old Aberdeen
Smith James, road surveyor, 1 WestUeld x^lace
Smith James, tailor & grocer, 25 College bounds. Old Aberdeen
Smith James Collie, advocate (Hunter, Gordon & Smith), Garden pi
Smith Jane, shopkeeper, ]33 King st
Hmith John, bootmaker, 26 Woohnanhill
Smitli John, advocate & notarj% 265 Union st
Smith John, gardener, Bairnshall, Woodside
Smith Johu, grocer & spirit dealer, Hyton road, Woodsido
Smith Johu, tailor & clothier, 13 Union buildings; bouse, 34
Chapel street
Smith John, grocer (Brown & Smith), 25 Justice st
Smith John, shipmaster, 2 Hawthorn terrace
Smith John, firewood cutter, 80 West North st
Smith John, manufacturing chemist, 10 Littlejohn st; house,
6 Alford placo
Smith John, jeweller (A. & J. Smith), 30 Albert st
Smith John, fish & game dealer, 26^^ St. Andrew st ; house, 20
South Mount st
Smith John, architect, 142 King st
Smith John, cork cuUer, 12 Castle terrace
Smith John & Co. iron merchants, 5 Shoe lane, &30 Long acre
Smith John Rae, booksellsr & stationer, 57 Union st; house,
18 Adelphi court
Smith Joseph, bootmaker (Smith &Monzios), Newbridge
Smith L. sick nnrse, 14 Kidd lane
Smith Lewis, wholesale bookseller & stationer,' Bl'Combies court,
Union st; house, 17 Union place, <k Mnyhimk, Martjcultsr
Smith Margaret, clothes dealer, 42 St. Paul's st
Smith Margaret, midwife, 7 Margaret st
Smith Neil, jun. & Co. shipowners, timber merchants & ship insur-
ance brokers, 46 Marisclial st
Smith P. Blaikie, m.d. physician, 193 Union st
Smith Peter & Son, masons, 5 Richmond st
Smith Richard, boot top manfctr. 3 Donald's court, 20 Schoolhill
Smith Robert, bookseller, 70^2 Gallowgate
Smith Robert, mason, 10 Jasmine terrace
Smith Robert (of Glenmillan), advo-ate & notary, 152 Union st
Smith Robert S. surveyor of taxes, Kingst; ho. Rotunda pi. South
Smith William, tobacconist & importer of cigars,tobacco, snuffs and
meerschaum pipes, 7 Union buildings. & 181b Union st ; wholesale
warehouse, Crown court; house, 26 Victoria st. West— See
Smith William, gardener, Oakbauk & 40 Market buildings
Smith William, blacksmith, 8 Minister's lane
Smith William, corn factor and commission merchant, 38 King
st; house, Rosebank
Smith William, grocer, &c, 70 East North st
Smith William, accountant, 32 North Albert st
Smith William, billposter, jopp's court, Broad st
Smith William, architect & superintendent of town's works
148 King st
Smith William, gardener, Mile end, Stocket
Smith William, gardener, Westmoro, Stocket
Smith William, advocate, S3 Union st; ho. .33 Victoria st. West
Smith William, flesher, 15 Summer lane; ho. 44 North Broadford
Smith William, shopkeeper, 11 Bon-Accord lane
Smith William, hairdresser, 7 Bridge st
Sznith 'William &. Son, nursery <&. seedsmen, 35
market st; nurseries, S^intore
Smith William R. professor of Hebrew, Free Church College, 83
Crown st [Union st
Society of Accountants— Jamps Preston, secretary & treasurer, 75
Society of Advocates' Hall & Library, Broad st
Sorley Robert, blacksmith, Queeu's road
Sorrie Alexander, baker, 45 St. Nicholas st
Souper Hugh R. warehouseman (E. Chadwick & Co.), 178 Crown st
Souter Alexander, fleslier, 10 & 11 Market buildings
Sonter & Shepherd, wholesale druggists & drysalters, 22 Broad st
Souter Barbara, lodging house, 3 Skene st
Souter David, bank teller, Bank House, coruer of Castlfi st. & King st
Souter James, shipmaster, Lower Middlefield House, Woodside
Souter Jessie, tract depot, 8 Crown st
Souter Robert, clothier, 58 Broad st; house, 20 Kintore place
Souter William, painter, paperlianger & glazier, 24 Green
Souttar James, architect, 48 Schoolhill; house. Beech Lodge,
Rosemount place
Spanish Vice-Consulate— Charles Ludwig & Co. 17 Regent quay
Spark Benjamin, writer. 50 Castle st
Spark James, stationer (J. & J. P. Edraond & Spark), 50 Castle st
Spark T. 3. Sinolair, advocate, 129 Union st ; ho.Fei'nbaak,fla?ic/ior//
Spark William, teacher of music, 51 f^ Eon-Accord st
Speid James, potato merchant, 3 Thistle place, Thistle st
Spence Arthur R. shipmaster, 27 Rose st
Stables Alexander, grocer & wine merchant (A. Stables & Son), 112
High st. Old Aberdeen
Stables Alexander & Son, grocers & wiuo & spirit merchants, 112
High st. Old Aberdeen
Stables George, jun. grocers, &c. (A. Stables & Son), 112 High st.
Old Aberdeen
Staffordshire Fire Insurance Co.~A.T. M'Connochie,74 Union st.agt
Stamn & Tax Office, Inland Revenue Office buildings, King st—
Andrew Jopp, distributor for Aberdeenshire
Standard Bank of British South Africa, 55 Marischal st— Alexander
D. Milne, agent — See advertisement
Standard Fire Office, Limited, 55 Marischal at — Alexander D. Blilne,
agent — See advertisement
Standard Life Assurance Office — Cochran & Anderson, 152 Union st.
& J. T. Rennie, 48 Marischal st, agents — See advertisement
Standard Property Investment Co. 7 Union terrace — Davidson
& Gardner, agents
Stark A. & W. fieshers, 45 Market buildings
Staveley & Co. Parcel Express Office, 56 Marischal et
Steam Power Carrying Co. Limited, 10 Guild st
Steedman George, traveller, Broomhill road
Steedman George, manager, (Paraffin Light Co.), Lome bank,
Old Deeside road
Steel Francis, slater, Craigie st. Rosemount place
Steele &. Go. hatters, 20 &. 2.Z Union st
Steele William L. bootmaker, 35 Upper Kirkgate
Stephen Alexander, painter & glazier, 52 Nether Kirkgate; houae,
13 Devanha terrace, Ferryhili
Stephen Alex, share broker (James Black & Co.), 11 Ferryhili place
Stephen Alexander, gi'ocer & spirit dealer, 99 Skene st
Stephen Alexander, grocer, 6 Union place ; house, 12 Market st
Stephen Alexander, rope, »S:c. maker (J. & A. Stephen), 22 Skene st
Stephen & Co. plasterers, 2 Henry place
Stephen Elsie, lodging house, 24 Huntly st
Stephen George, draper, 46 George st ; house, 3 Mount st
Stephen George, hairdresser, 7 Guild st ; house, 82 Chapel st
Stephen George F. draper, 44 George st
Stephen Isabella, shopkeeper, 22 Skene st
Stpphen J. & A. rope & twine manufacturers, Barkmill rd
Stephen James, shopkeeper, 37>2 Frederick st
Stephen James, ironmonger, 34 Broad st ; ho. 35 Mount st
Stephen James, rope, &c. maker (J. & A. Stephen), 8 John st
Stephen James, shopkeer, 21 Hutcheon st
Stephen James, gardener, 1 King Street rd. Old Aberdeen
Stephen James tft Co. pl.isterers, Middle Deuburn ; ho. 50 Chapel st
Stephen John, gardener, Hosefield
Stephen John H. engraver & printer, 3 Correction wynd ; house,
59 Huntly st
Stephen Lessel, advocate, S3 Union st; house. 11 Albyn terrace
Stephen Mary Ann, lodging house, 21 Kintore place
Stephen Rubert, shipmaster, 3 Caledonian jilace
Stei^hen William, grocer, 65 Upper Deuburn
Stephen William, draper. Boa Vista place, Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Stepheuson William, ai.D. ai.n.c.s.s, professor of midwifery, Uni-
versity of Aberdeen, 261 Union st
Stevens Robert, grocer, 214 George st ; house, Rosemount House,
Rosemount place
Stevenson Alexandei-, bootmaker, 100 Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Stevenson Amelia, lotlgmg house, 20 South Mount st
Stevenson Hilkiah, grocer, &c. 63 Park st
Stevenson Jessie, lodging house, 176 Crown st
Stevenson John & Co. tea merchants, 12 Correction wynd
Stevenson William, tea &. wine merchant, 5 Belmont stj
Stevenson William, bookseller, 33 George st ; house, 2 Milbnrn st
Stewart A. flesher, 23 Market buildings
Stewart A. R. dyer, 7 Leadside
Stewart Dr. Alexander, resident superintendent, Deeside "Hydro-
pathic Establishment, Heatheot, near Aberdeen — See advt
Stewart Alexander, agent to the People's Universal Assurance
Society, 4 Queen st
Stewart Alexander, flesher, 15 Little Chapel st [st
Stewart Alexander, draper, &c. 4U St. Nic'-iolas st ; house, 16 Crown
Stewart Andrew, clothes dealer, 39 Longacre
Stewart Barbara, grocer, 1 Gi'.comston brae
Stewart C. & Co. bedding manufacturers, S Union wynd
Stewart Charles, wine merchant (C & VV. Stewart), 8 West Craib-
stone st
Stewart Charles & Walter, wine merchants, 23 Adelphi
Stewart David, advocate t^ joint clerk to the Incorporated Trades,
8:3 Union st; house, 23 Ferryhili place [Union st
Stewart David, comb manufacturer (S. R. Stewart & Co.), 259
Stewart Duncan, draper, 70 Commerce st
Stewart George I\I. stone cutter, Thistle lane ; house, 44 Chapel st
Stewart Isabella, lodging house, Rose Bank terrace
Stewart Isabella, dressmaker, 14Lt Rosemount place
Stewart Isabella, lodging house, 166 Crown st
Stewart James, flesher, Little Chapel st; house, 13 Cragie st
Stewart James, householder, 29 Huntly st
Stewart John, flesher, 22 Market buildings
Stewart John, comb manufacturer (R. C. Stewart & JCo.), Banchory
House, Kincardineshire
Stewart John, architect & inspector of poor for the parish of Ban-
chory, Da^enick, Balgair Cottage. Ruthrieston
Stewart Magdelina, dressmaker, 93 Skene st
Stewart Mungo P. traveller, 5 Abbotsford place
Stewart Peter, plumber & gasfitter, 2 *S: 4 Blackfriars st
Stewart Robert, rag merchant, 42 Virginia st [Hutcheon st
Stewart S. R. & Co. comb manufacturers, Aberdeen Comb Works,
Stewart Waiter R. wine merchant (C. & W. Stewart), 56 Victoria st.
Stuwart William, bootmaker, 9 Broad st ; house, 85 Bon- Accord st
Stewart William, spirit dealer, 65?-^; Guest row
Stewart William, merchant {George Milne & Co.), 8 Affleck st
Stewart William K. manager, 11 Summer st
Still Jessie, grocer, 55 Park st

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