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Ross William, advocate & notary, 20 Belmont st ; house, 14 Rose st
Routledge William J.mauulaotuier (W.Routleilge & Son),99 Crawu st
Roiitledge Whintou & Sou, rope & twine manulactui-ers & salmon
bag-net makers, 219 Gallow^ate
Rowell Benjamin, watch & clock maker, 161 George st: housa, 247
George st
Rowell John, musical instrument &, clock maker, 186 George sfc
Rowclljoseph, sen. blacissmith, 55 North Broadlord
Roy John, nursery & seedsman, 48 Union st ; nursery, Ferryhill;
house, 4 Kotuuda place
Roy John, schoolmaster, 3 Loanhead place
Roy William, hsbing tackle maker, 66 North Broadford
Royal Aberdeenshire Highlanders Jlililia Depot, Barracks, King st
Royal Bank of Scotland (Branch), 132 Union st— Oochran cSt Ander-
son & Alexander iM'Laggau, joint agents— Set; advertisement
Royal Engineers' Office, 8 Castle terrace
Royal Exchange Insurance Co. — Hunter, Gordon & Smith, 14
Adelphi, ^S; Jopp & Keid, 146 Union st. agents
Royal Horticultural Society of Aberdeen, 1j!5H Union st
Royal Infirmary, Woolmanhill ; offices, 27 Exchange st
Royal Insurance Company — William L. Reid, 146 Union fit; John
Cruickshank, 24 Belmont st ; & John Watt, 34 Castle st. agents
Royal Liver Friendly Society— D. M'Callum, 18 Marischal st. agent
Royal Lunatic Asylum, Mary place ; offices, 27 Exchange st
Royal Northern Agricultural Society, 89 Union st
Royal Northern Club, 2U4 Union st
Ruddiman Thomas, bookkeeper, Argyle place
Ruucie & Lyons, milliners, 150 Union st
Runcieman Helen, dressmaker, 133 Crown st
Runcy Charles F. advocate & depute procurator-fiscal ot the sheriff
com-t at Aberdeen, i depute procurator-hscal for the city of Aber-
deen, & secretary & treasurer of the Aberdeen Social Science
Congress, Court House buildings; houso. West Cults House
Russel George, sculptor, 4 Uee st
Russell Fraucis,agent, North BritishRailway,Guild st ; ho.27 Bank sr,
Russell James, printer (Leslie & Russell), 14 Caledonian place
Russell Thomas, shipbuilder (Hall, Russell & Co.), S3 Albyn place
Russell William, draper, 149 Union st; house, 6 -4nn place
Russell William, bookseller & stationer, 19 Broad st; house. Well-
bank Cottage, Woodside
Ruoaia Vice-Consulate, 30 King st— William Smitn, vice-consul
Rust Alexander, agent. Crown court, 41)-^ Union st
Rust Alexander, joiner & undertaker, 18 Bon-Accord lane ; hoase,
88 Union terrace
Rust James, lodging house, 84 Union st
Rust James, timber merchant (John Rust & Son), 26 Rose st
Rust John, timber merchant (John Rust & Son), 14 Thistle st
Rust John, jun. architect, 4 Bolmont st ; house, 26 Ferryhill place
Rust John & Sou, timber merchants, York st
Rutherford Alexander, grocer, &c. 10 East North st
Rutherford George D. advocate & notary, 124 Union st
Rutherford James, audit accountant ( tireat North of Scotland Rail-
wav). Argyle place
Rutherford Thomas, carver, 5 Donald's court, 20 SehoolhiU
Rutherford WiUiam, house painter, 6 Rosebauk ter ; ho.l72 Crown st
RuthviUe George traveller, 19 Springbank terrace
Ruxton Thomas, advocate, 84 Union st ; house, 22 Rubislaw ter
. Clair
SAILORS' Institute, 21 James st— George Harvey, secretary
Saint James, jun. warehouseman, silk mercer, hosier & outfitter,
171 & 173 U uion st ; wholesale department, 52 & 64 Windmill brae ;
house, Queen's road
Saint Nicholas Poor House, Nelson st
St. Margaret's Convalescent Home, B.ay View, Spittal, Old Aberdeen
St. Peter's Cemetery, limg Street road
Salmond Jolfu, confectioner (Lockhart & Salmond), 15 Back wynd
Salmond Stewart D. F. professor of theology, 4 Queen's road
Sandison Ludovic Grant, fishing tackle and golf club maker, 118
K-ing st ; house, 4 Knig Street place
Sang Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 50 Summer st
Sangster Agnes, shopkeeper, 127 Skene st
Sangster Alexander, sherifl' officer, 8 Frederick st
Sangster & Co. lemonade & aerated water manufacturers, St,
Saugster &■ jliunmingbata, w^oleaale nratcb
clock makers, 73 Union st
Sangster George, butcher, 198 Gallowgate
Sangster George, lemonade manufacturer (Sangster&Co.), St. Clair
Sangster J. & G. spirit dealers, 33 James st
Sangster Jane, lodging house, 170 Crown st
Sangster John, chemist & druggist, 46 Commerce st ; house, 17
Garden place
Sangster John, hosier, shirtmaker, and outfitter, 139 Union st;
house, 12 Westtield terrace
Sangster John, shipmaster. Back Cottage, Loanhead terrace
Sangster Margaret, milliner, 137 Union st
Sangster Robert, fiesher, 31 Market buildings
Sangster William, shipmaster, 15 Kintore place
Sangster WiUiam, cask collector, 37 Whitehouse "'"
Sangster William, watchmaker (Sangster &
High St. Old Aberdeen
Sasines Register, County buildings, Castle st-
Saunders Benjamin (North of Scotland Banking Co.), 60 John st
Saunders Elizabeth, broker, 15 East North st
Saunders Kemp, coal merchant, 41 Springbank terrace
Savings Bank (National Security), 27 Exchange st — Thomas
Riddell, actuary & cashier
Scatterty Alex, restaurant, 24 Stirling st ; ho. 10 Springbank ter
Soatterty George, grocer, 1 St. Andrew st
Schascke Gottlieb, tailor, 1 Correction wynd ; ho. 70 Roseraount pi '
School Board Offices : Aberdeen, 12 King st ; Old Machai', 4a King st
Scorgie John, egg ;S butter dealer, 46 Broad st
Scorgie WiUiam, shipmaster, 23 Cotton st
Scorgie William, grocer & innkeeper, Kuthrieston
Scott Alexander, traveller, 11 Margaret st
Scott & Malcolm, joiners, builders & blacksmiths, Cuparstone
Scott Andrew, shopkeeper, lie Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Scott Ann, lodging house, 14 Kintore place
Scott David, photographer, 246 Union st
Dunningham), 32
-Newall Burnett,
Scott David, slater, 14 School lane, Woodside
Scott David, bookkeeper, View terrace
Scott Elizabeth, gardener, Berryden, & 1 Market buildings
Scott Francis B. bookseUer, 52 George st; house, 8 Powispl
Scott George J. secretary to India General Co. 22 Osborne pi
Scott James, agent (Mutter, Howey & Co.), 24 Bank st. FeiTyhUl
Scott James, grain merchant, 13 James st
Scott James, joiner & builder (Scott 4c Malcolm), Cuparstone
Scott James ,& Andrew, slaters, 14 School lane, Woodside
Scott John, clerk, 25 Thistle st
Scott John, M.A. teacher of English and arithmetic (Gordon's
Hospital), 4 Albert st „ „ i
Scott John, naU & heel & too plate manufacturer, 74 West North at
Scott John] bank clerk, 4 Osborne place
Scott John, shoemaker, 4 Ahbotsford place
Scott William, agent, North ol Scotland Bank, 74 Rosemount pi
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Co.— James Edmond, 23
Adelphi, & John Rust, jun. 4 Belmont st. agents
Senttish Commercial Fire Insurance Ofiice — Alexander Edmond,
jun. 23 Adelphi, & George Allan, 56 Castle St. agents
Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Co.— Hunter, Gordon & Smith,
14 Adelphi, & Thomas Sbivas, 74 Union st. agents
Scottish Fire Insurance Office— Youngsoa cS Storie, 74 Union at. &
J. H. Bower, 34 Marischal st. agents
Scottish Heritable Securities Co. Limited {Ediniia-gh), 31 Adelphi
— Stronach, Duncan & Duguid, agents
Scottish Imperial Insurance Co.— Robert Sheret, 46 Marischal st. &
John Crombie, 74 Union st. agents — See advertisement
Scotttish Legal Life Assurance Society, 68 Broad st — A. H.
Watson, agent
Scottish Metropolitan Insurance Co. — Fraser & Duguid, 140
Union St. agents .
Scottish National Insurance Co.— Marquis, Hall & Milne, 147 Union
st; James Augustus Sinclair, 40 Union st ; & William MUne,
46 King st. agents
Scottish Provident Institution— Thomas Wilsone, 229 Union st;
Lauchlan M'Kinnon, jun. 239 Union st ;& Alexander Morrice,
Union place, agents
Scottisli Provincial Assurance Company (bead
oliice), 93 Union street-Thomas Yuille'Wardrop,
manager; Charles Gordon, secretary. Agents:
Alexander Morrice, 1 Union place ; John Sharp, 13 George st ;
James Henderson, Hadden St. Woodside; Hunter, Gordon &
Smith, 14 Adelphi ; James Moir, 67 Market at ; & D. M'Callum,
18 Marischal st
Scottish Trade Protection Society (Edinburgh), 31 Adelphi—
Charles Duncan, agent
Scottish Union Insurance Company— Alexander Stronach, jun. 20
Belmont st; George Milne, 9 King st ; J. & G. ColUe, 25 Union
st; & Henderson & Oattanach, 130 Union st. agents
Scottish Widows' Fund Assurance Co.— Stronach, Duncan & Duguid,
31 Adelphi, & Alexander Nicol, 39 Marischal st. agents
Scroggie William, grocer, 49 Barron St. Woodside
Seaton Brick Works Co. manufacturers of bricks, tiles, &c. depot,
Guild st; office, 39 Marischal st
Seay Samuel, bootmaker, 20 Crown st
Sedgwick Eliza, shopkeeper, 39 Skene st
Seivwright John, fancy repository, 85 Union st ; ho. 9 Watson at
Selbie James, smith, 3 Commerce lane
Selbie Joseph, clerk, 5 Welllield place
Selliy Elspet, lodging house, 205 George st
Selby, V^ood £l Co. Xiondon Pianoforte & nXuslo
Saloon, 191 Union st
Sellar William, confectioner, 60 Castle st
Session Clerk for District of St. Nicholas— Alexander Simpson,
advocate. Bank House, 35 Castle st
Session Clerk for Gilcomstoa- -A. J. W. Storie, 74 Union st
Session Clerk for parish of Old Jachar— William Dey, 14 Roslin ter
Shand David, slater (M'Gregor & Shandj, 1 Baker st
Shand Eliza, lodging house, 11 Nelson st
Shand John, master carter, 33 Regeut quay
Shand Smith, physician, 256 Union st
Shaud William S. cashier, 3 Mitchell place
Sharp & Murray, fish curers. Point law
Sharp Andrew, grain merchant, 37 James at
Sharp James, toy dealer, 248 George st
Sharp James, manager, 25 Mount st
Sharp John, bunk agent, Argyle place
Shaw Catherine, lodging house, 17 Kintore (ilace
Shaw George, tailor (W. G. Shaw), National I3ank court
Shaw John, shopkeeper, 54 Gallowgate
Shaw John Milue, advocate, 37 Market st ; house, 5 Springbank ter
Shaw S. K. W. auctioneer, 2 St. Nicholas lane; house, 37 Victoria
St. West
Shaw Thomas L. sheriff officer for the counties of Aberdeen and
Kincardine, 37 Market st
Shaw W. & G. tailors & clothiers. 57a Marischal st
Shaw William, tailor & clothier (W. & G. Shaw), 10 Crimen place
Shaw William J. agent to Midland Railway Co. 37 Union st ; house,
10 Rose st
Shaw's Hospital, Rosebauk House, £kene square
Sheach David, writer (Ogston & Sheach), 1 Albert place
Shearer George, superintendent, Aberdeen Industrial School,
Rosemount place
Sheed John&c o. wine, spirit&liqueur merchants, &c. 44 Marischal at
Shepherd Agnes, shopkeeper, 1 Wales st
Sliepberd Alexander, auctioneer & valuator, 1
Union lane ; bouse, 26 Jasmine terrace
Shepherd Alexander, grocer, 13 North Broadford
Shepherd Alexander, grocer, 71 Ship row
Shepherd Charles, manager, 1 Wellington st
Shepherd Charles, manager, 3 Elm Bank terrace, Canal rd
Shepherd licorge, agent, 20 Broad st
Shepherd George J. druggist (Souter & Shepherd) 23 Bon- Accord ter
Shepherd J. tailor, 77 Queen st [head terrace
Shepherd James, box maker, &c. Spring garden ; house, 54 Loan.
1 Shepherd James, earthenware dealer, 13 Skene st

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