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Morcan James, registrar (Great North North of Scotland Railway,
225 King st
Morgan Jessie, china, &c. dealer, 218 Woolmanhill
Morgan John, builder, contractor & architect (A. Mitchell & Co.),
21 Broadfnrd place
Morgan William, hair dresser, 22 Woolmanhill
BInrgan William, jun.hair dresser, SOO George st
Morice Arthur D. advocate (Duncan & Morice), 34 Marischal st
alorison Alexander, bookseller, 28 Marischal st
Morison & Harvey, managers, Aberdeen Lime Co. Provost Blaikie's
quay — See n/Jvertisement
Morison & Leslie, and agents for Curt.is's & Harvey, gunpowder
manufacturers, ft Hadden st
Morison George, physician, 24 Albyn place
Morison George, brush maker, 22^j Georgo et; house. Waterside
Cottage, Durris
Morison James, merchant (Morison & Leslie), Holly bank
Morison John, auctioneer & appraiser, 28da Union st; ho. SHuntly st
Morison Peter, manager (Aberdeen Lime Co.), 157 Crown st
Morison Thomas G. china, glass, &c. dealer, 40 Wellington st.
Wood side
Morison William O. tea merchant, 28 Blarket st
Morrau James, blacksmith, Barron st. Woodside
Morrice Alexander, shipmaster, 10 Prospect terrace, Ferryhill
Morrice Alexander, agent for the Aberdeen Town & County Bank
(Western Branch), tbo Scottish Provincial Assurance Co. and the
National Provident Institution, Union place, 262 Union st
Morrice Arthur, advocate (Duncan & Morrice), 46 Don st. Old
Morrice Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 72 Guest row
Morrice Thomas, boat builder, Nigg
Morris Ann, shopkeeper. 12^ Kidd lane
Morris Ann, lodging house, 27 Jasmine terrace
Morris George, bookseller, 21 Upper Kirkgate
Morris Jnhn, eating house, 97 Gallowgate
Morris William, veterinai-y surgeon, 5 Langston place, &'8 Schoolhill
Morrison Alexander, preserved provision works, Wellington rd
Morrison Alexander, tailor & outfitter, 25 Market st ; house, 1
Leslie place
Morrison & Anderson, bakers, 6 Ship row
Morrison & Shackle, jewellers, opticians, &c. (>3 Nether Kirkgate
Morrison Cliarles. manager, 10 Caledonian place
Morrison Daniel, china, glass, &c. dealer. 26 Barron st. Woodside
Morrison David, china & earthen wai'c dealer. 41 Hadden st. Woodside
Morrison Eliza, shopkeeper, 7 Upper Kirkgate
Morrison Forbes, teacher of dancing. Thistle at
Morrisuh I^orbes, passenger supex'intendent (Great Northern of
Sroianl Railway), 59 Dee st
Morrison James, jeweller (Morrison & Shackle), 7 North Broadford
Morrison James, gardener, 36 Kintore place
Morrison James, commission agent, 23 Holburn st
Morrison .James, grocer, 40 Skene st ; house, 24 John st
Moi'rison James, market gardener, Belvidere place ; house, 36
Kinton place
Morrison James, baker (Morrison & Anderson), Rotunda Cottage
Morrison James, manager, 18 Bank st. Ferrytiill
Morrison John, contractor, WiUowdale place
Morrison John, cabinet maker, Loch st
Morrison John, cashier, 2 Richmond terrace
Morrison John, station master, Kittybrewster Station; bo. Erskine st
Morrison Malcolmson, nurseryman, Forbesfiell, Cuparstone
Moi'rison Thomas. =toneware dealer, 40 Wellington st. Woodside
Morrison Willi^im, shipmaster, 39 Bon-Accord st
Morrison William, fiesher,22 Craigie st ; houa6,2 Mount place
Morrison William, draper (W. Morrison & Co.), 4 Belmont terrace
Morrison William, fiesher, 37 Woolmanhill
Morrison William, shopkeeper, 140 Skene st
Morrison William & Co. drapers, 1, 2 & 3 Black's hnildings
Mortimer Alexander, gardener, Rubislaw, & dS Market buildings
Mortimer Arthur, hosier & girth manufacturer, 11 St. Nicholas st
Mortimer Arthur F. grocer, ship chandler & dealer in fishing tackle,
5 Carmelite st. & 15 Hadden st ; house, 73 J^'hn st
Moi'timer David A. chemist, 1 Exchequer row
Mortimer James, grocer, 12 Harriet st
Mortimer James, gardener, 25 Market hall & Rubislaw
Moi'timer John, traveller, 8 Caledonian place
Morton David.liroumonger (James Laing & Co.), 121 Union st
Morton J. T. preserved provision manufacturer, Rosemount—
William Clark, manager
Mowat James, tailor & draper, 37 St. Nicholas st. & renovator of
gentlemen's wearing apparel, 8 Flour Mill >'rae ; house, 62 Rose-
mount place
Mowat James, gardener, 11 Huntly st
Mowlem .John & Co. stoue merchants, Provost Blaikie's quay— E.J.
Chamberlain, agent
Muil Francis, baker (Mitchell & Muil), 66 Dee st
MuiU Jchn, advocate & secretary & law ag^nt to the Aberdeen
Heritable Securities Investment Co. Limited, City buildings,
tfnion st ; house, 65 Bon-Accord st
Muir Robert, currier, &c. 38 George st ; house. 67 Chapel st
Mullett Isabella, temperance hotel. 73 Union st
Mnnro Andrew, shoemaker, 1 Charles st
Munro Andrew, bootmaker (Milne & Munro), 16 Holburu st
Munro Andrew, grocer, 12 Justice st
Munro Christian, seamstress, 16?) George st
Munro Donald, shipmaster, 23 North Broadford
Mnnro George, spirit dealer. 23 Regent quay
Munro Georcre, bootmaker. 81 Barron st. Woodside
Munro George W. jeweller, 5 Woolmanhill
Mnnro Gordon, boot top manufacturer, 38 George st
Munro James, currier, 23 Gerrard st
Munro John, fish curcr, 13 Prospect terrace, Ferryhill
Munro Kenneth, baker, 60 George st
Munro I\IalcoJm, [jeweller, 25 Woolmanhill
Munro Simon, spirit dealer, 49 Guest row
Mnnro Susan, embroidery stamper, 64 George st
Murdoch Alexander, furniture dealer, 47 George st
Murducii Alexander violin maker, 9 Minister's lane|
I Mnrdoch Alexander & Son, grain merchants, 47 Marischal st
Murdoch Elizabeth, merchant (A. Murdoch & Soul,39 Victoria st.W
! :\turdoch Jane, merchant (A. Murdoch & Sou), 39 Victoria at. West
IMurgan John, broker, 83 Green
Murison .Tames, dentist, 50 Dee st
Murphy Margaret, bookseller, 6 South Silver at
Murray Misses — , teachers of music, 7 Craibston et. West
Murray I\nsses — . mantle makers, 9 Henry st
Murray Alex, advocate (Mmray & M'Combie), 35 Belmont at
Murray Alexander, bookseller,' 68 Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Murray Alexander S. agent for Northern Branch of Aberdeen Town
& County Bank, 196 George st
Murray A "M'Combie, advocates & secretaries to the local board
of the North British & Mercantile Insurance Co. 103 Union st
Murray & Urquhart, contractors, 35 Union tei-race
Murray Andrew, advocate (Murray & M'Combie), 35 Belmont st
IMnrray Andrew, jun. advocate (Murray & M'Combie), Albyn Cot
Murray Oatheriue, shopkeeper. 19 Kintore place
Murray Catherine, lodging house, 34 Park st
Murray Charles B. coach builder, 8 South Constitution st
Murray David B. teacher of Englisli, Sunnybank Cot. Broomhlll rd
Murray Elizabeth, lodging house, 6 Watson st
?ilurray George, commercial traveller, 31 Victoria at. West
Murray Helen, lodging house, 20 Craigie st
Murray James, bookseller & stationer, 28 St. Nicholas st ; house,
Balmoral place
Murray James, shipmaster, 29 Cotton st
Murray James, physicinu, 80 Chapel st
^lurray James, draper, 71 Hadden st. Woodside
Murray James, manager, 5 Rosemount terrace
Murray James, wholesale butcher (W. Murray & Son), 183 King at
Murray James A. chari.ered accoimtant & stockbroker, 19 Union
buildings; house, 11 Uubislaw terrace
Murray JoHn, general merchant, 74 Union st
Murray John, boot & shoe maker, 15 Park st
Murray John, bootmakci-, 36 Schoolhill
Murray John, baker, 2' Justice sfc
Murray M. milliner, 35 West North st
Murray P. & Co. builders, Stevenson st
Murray Robert, shipm:-.ster, Belvidere st
^lurray Robert, draper, 143 Hadden st. Woodside
Murray Thomas, draper, 40 Market gallery
Murray Walter, shopkeeper, 92 Green
Murray William, hide & tallow factor, 291 to 295 George st ;
house, 20 King et
Murray William, contractor (Urquhart & Murray), 21 Thistle st
^lurray William, saddlfr, 303 George st; hoiise,"22 Loch si
Murray William, basket maker, 82 & 33 Market buildings
Music Hall Buildings, Union st— William Clark, keeper— Set?
Mustard Robert, tailor <^ draper, 192 George at
Mutch George, shopkeeper, 11 Loch st
Mutch John, draper (Brtbner & Mutch), 28 Loanhead terrace
Mutch William, cattle dealer, 6 South Mount st
Mutch William, fiesher, 16 Queen st
Muterer Alexander, broker, 9 Justice et
Mutter, Howey & Co. agents, carriers & contractors, 6 King st —
James Scott, manager
NAPIER Alexander, assistant inspector of poor, 12 Holburn st
Napier Charles, manure manufacturer & horse slaughterer, 115
^ West North st
Napier Joseph, broker, 54 Ship row
Napier William, clerk, 178 Skene st. West [agent
National Bank of Scotland (Branch), 42 Castle at — Thomas Adam,
National Bible Society of Scotland (Aberdeen Auxiliary), 13 St.
Nicholas st
National Boiler Insurance Office — J. & A. Davidson, Provost
Blaikie's quay, & James Allan, 44 Upper Kirkgate, agents
National Gunrantoo & Suretyship Association Limited— Home &
Smith, City buildings, Union st. agents — See advertisement
National Proi^' t't Investment Co. (Edinburgh), 63 Union st— R. B,
NicoU, agent
National Provident Institution, Union st— Geo. Carmichael, agent
National Security Savings Bank, 29 Exchange st— Thomas Kiddell,
Natural History Society, 8 Loanhead place
Navigation School, 21 James st — James R. Jones, p.b.a.s. master
Neil — , lodging house, 23 Crown st
Neil Alexander, grocer, 16 Rose st
Neil James, silk mercer & genei'al draper, 183 Union st ; house, 165
Crown st
Neil William, shopkeer, GS Guest row
Neilson George, assistant secretary, Great North of Scotland Rail
way Co. 72 Carden place
Noilson John, china, &c. dealer, 98 Green
Neilson William, boat builder, 10 Canal terrace
Ness Robert, sen. carriage and harness maker, 7 & 8 Union row;
house, 211 Union st [consul
Netherlands Vice-Consulate, 17 Regent quay — Charles LudwigjVice-
New Club, 181a Union st — David Paterson. secretary
Newham Jessie, lodging house. Newham Cottage, Old Aberdeen
Newsam Fanny, teacher of music, 63 Union st
Nihlock Jessie, broker, -12 Skene row
Nicol — , provision dealer, 56 Summer st
Nicol Alexander, bookseller, 56 Park st
Nicol Alexaudi-r, shipowner (.Uex.Nicol & Co.).Murtle House,Murtl6
Nicol Alexander &. Co. sliipowuers, ship and insurance brokers and
merchants, 39 Marischal st
Nicol Charles, boot & shoe maker, SI Park st
Nicol James, grocer, &c. IG High st. Old Aberdeen
Nicol James, professor of natural history, University of Aberdeen
15 Bon-Accord square
Nicol Jane, lodging hou^e, 176 Crown st
Nicol John, grocer, 69 Commerce st
Nicol John, tin-plate worker, 52 Regent quay
:['l-o1 Leslie, gardener, 57 Don st. Old Aberdeen
" ioolMary, spirit dealer, 18 Wellington stj

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