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Nicol Robina, shopkeeper, 11 Chapel st
Nicol T. P. honkseller, 9 M.arket gallery
Nicoll T. & C. bootmakers, 31 Wnolmanhill
Nicoll Rnliert B. solicitor, 63 Union st ; house, 31 Eon-Accord st
Nicnlson Alexander, baker, 2 Wnverley place
Nicolson William, grocer & spirit dealer, 242 Union st
Nicolson William, coal broker. 125 Crown st
Nisff School Board Office, 48 Kinf? st'
Niven Alexander, writer, 61 Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Niven James, bootmaker. 47 Windmill brae
Noble — . milk dealer, 87 Market buildiiigB
Noble Alexander B. sewing machine agent & agent for Reith's Com-
municator, 32 Back wynd
Noble George, cooper, 14 Carmelite st
Noble James, bootmaker, 44 Virginia st
Noble William, assistant inspector of poor, 187 Hardgate
Noltie James, grocer, 74 Commerce st
Norie Thomas, shipmaster, 5 Ashley rd. Cuparstone
Norrie Alexander, jeweller, 13 Market gallery
Norrie Ann B. shopkeeper, 105 Skene st
Norrio George R. grocer, 196 Gallowf-Lte [st
Norrie Joscph,inspector,Great North of Scotland Railwfly,lG2 Crown
Worth BrUisb and Mercantile Insurance Company
— :Murray &. IHC^Combie, secretaries to the local
board, 103 Union st; William Paul, 177 Union st ; Newell
Bnrnett, County buildings, Castle st; George D. Rutherford, 124
Union st; J. Leith & Sons, Exchange st; & Davidson & Gardeu,
7 Union place, agents
North of Scotland & Orkney & Shetland Steam Navigation Co. 62
Marischal st — John Milne, manager
North of Scotland Association for the Education of the Blind at
their own Homes, Court House buildings. Castle st
North of Scotland Banking Co. (incorporated under Act of Parlia-
ment, 1862, established 1836), head office, corner of King st. and
Castle st— Robert Lumsden.manager; Edward Fiddes, secretary,
John Sim, accountant; C. A. Mollysou, inspecter of branches;
West End Branch, 226 Union st— George Carmichael, agent;
Market Branch, Exchange st— William Scott,agent ; George Street
Bi:!inch. 157 George st--Benjamin Saunders, agent — See advert
North of Scotland Bedding Manufactmlng Co.Union wynd— William
K. Stewart, manager
North of Scotland Canadian Mortgage Co. Limited, 89 Union st—
Lcssel Stephen, agent
North of Scotland Equitable Loan Comany,Flour Mill brae— William
Brebner, manager
North of Scotland Trade Protection Society, 137 Union st— James
Tytler, secretary
" Northern Advertiser " Office, 9 St. Catherine's wynd— John Avery,
publisher — See advertisement
N'orthern Ag^ricultural Company, manufacturers
of linseed cake, rape and composite cakes, lin-
seed oil, rape oil, and dealers in Hnseed, ^rain,
coals, lime, Fenivian and other guanos, g^round
and dissolved bones, hon« meal, super phos-
phates, sulphate of ami^aonia, nitrate of soda
&. other naanures, 30 ^JS7"aterloo quay— Alexander
A-iderson, nsanager See advertisement
ortbern Assurance Company (head office), 3 King st— Samuel
Anderson, secretary; James Bisset, assistant secretary; A. P.
Fletcher, general manager. Agents- L. M'Kinnon, jiui. 229 Union
st ; John Milne, Ifi Adelphi; Hunter, Gordon & Smith,14 Adelphi ;
W. Y. M'Donald, 203 Union fit; James Moir, 37 Market st ; and
George Allan, 50 Castle st— See adverlisement
Northern Co-operative Co. Limited, grocers, drapers & bakers, 50 to
66 Loch St. 58 Regent quay, 135 Skene st. 21 &. 23 Craigie st. & 32
' Marywell st— James Davidson, secretary
Northern Counties Fire Insurance Company— P. P. Wragg, 6
St. Nicholas st
Northern Marine Insurance Co.— D. M'Oallum, 18 Marischal st
Norwegian Consulate— J. F. White, 107 King st. consul
Norwich & London Accident & Casualty losuranco Co.— James
Barker, 13 Nether Kirkgate
OFFICER James, grocer, 8 Garvock st
Officer Margaret, china, Ac. dealer, 52 Park st
Ogg & Giles, granite workers, 36 Cotton st
Ogg David, basket maker, 43 Upper Kirkgate & 29 to 82 Market
gallery ; works, 14 Correction wynd
OggDavia,jim. basket maker, 25 & 26 Market gallt»ry ; house, 61
St. Nicholas st
OgTff Henry A. Co. distillers, Strathdee Bistillery,
Cutharstone place— >^ft^ <tfhpritse*Kent
Ogg J. gi-anite worker {J. & J. Ogg), 160 Crown st
O^g- JT. &. T. granite worl^ers and polisherSt Cale-
donian Granite Works, â– Welling on road
Ogg James, bottler, 109 John st
Ogg John, granite worker (J. & J. Ogg). Dee Cottage, Ashley tor
Ogg William, basket maker, 54 & 57 Green
Ogg William, granite worker (Ogg & Giles), 8^-a Nellfleld place
Ogg William F. advocate, 48 Market st ; house, 118 Crown st
Ogilvie Rev. A. bead master, Robert Gordon's Hospital, Schoolhill
Ogilvie Sc Campbell, milliners, 49 George st
Ogilvie Eisiu, lodging house, 76 Bon-Accord st
Ogilvie George, hatter, 43 George st
Ogilvie Jame.s, cabinet maker. 5 Crown st ; house, 29 Thistle st
Ogilvie Rev. Joseph, m.a. rector of Church of Scotland Training
College, 9 Bon-Accord sauare
Ogilvie T. & T. & Co. hatters. 30 Queen st
Ogilvie Thomas, manufacturer (Thomas Ogilvie ;<& Son). 9 West-
field terrace
Ogilvie Thomas, jun. manufacturer {Thomas Ogilvie & Son), 2
Westfield terrace
Ogilvie Thomas, hatter {T. & T. Ogilvie & Co.), 43 Frederick st
0§:Uvie Thomas ^ Son, manufacturers and wa r
housemen, 19 Carmelite st
Ogilvie William, cab proprietor (BheritTs & Ogilvie), 48 Schoolhill
Ogston.' Alexander, physician, 252 Union st
Ogston Alexander & Sons, soap & candle manufacturers, 92 Loch st
Ogston Francis, physician, 156 Union st
Ogstnn James, grocer & spirit dealer, SO Justice st
Old Machar Poor House, St. Machar place, Ferryhill
Old Machar Poor's Assessment Office, 13 Belmont st — Alexander
Diack, collector
Old Machar School Board Office, 48 King st
Old Mill Reformatory Schools, Old Mill, near Aberdeen
Oliver William, grocer & spirit dealer, 53 Gallowgate
O'Neil Margaret, seamstress, 70 West North st
Ophthalmic Institution for Diseases of the Eye, 61 Guestrow|
Orchard Thomas G. manager, 19 Justice Mill lane
Orphan & Destitute Female Hospital, 3(J Huntiy st
Osborne John, shipmaster, 12 Ferryhill terrace [agent
Otago & Southland Investment Co. 48 Marischal st — John T.Rennie,
PALMER William J. brewer, Holburn Brewery ; house, 16 Balmoral
Panton John, grocer, G7 Park st
Pape Helen, eating house keeper, 32 Windmill brae
Pargitar John, tailor, 22 Correction wyud
Park Alexander, manager, 28 Wellington place
Park George, spirit dealer, 13 Queen st
Park Road Foundry Co. ivonfounders. Park rd
Parker &, M'Combie, advocates, 129 Union st
Parker G.F. Hastings, coast guard inspector, 15 Union place
Parker John, advocate (Parker & M'Combie), 52 Skene terrace
Parker Septimus, teacher of music, 76 Bon- Accord st
Parochial Board of Old Machar, Ferryhill
Parochial Board of St. Nicholas (or City Parish Office), 88 Castle
st, Schoolhill
Paterson A. & G. wood merchants. Inches
Paterson Alexander, house carpenter, 76 Woolmanhill
Paterson. David, secretary New Club, ISlA Union st ; ho. 26 Dee st
Paterson David, agent, 34 Marischal st
faterson George, carter, 98 Commerce st
Paterson James, wholesale druggist(Wm.Pat6rBon&;Sons),194King st
Paterson James, linen draper, 63 Gallowgate
Paterson John, boot & shoe maker, 194 VVest North st
Paterson John, surgeon, 21 Albert terrace
Paterson Margaret, lodging house. 31 Spittal, Old Aberdeen
Paterson Samuel, railway accountant, 3 Garden place
Paterson William, grain merchant, 40 Chapel st
Paterson William, cow keeper, Stoneyton
Paterson William & Sous, wholesale druggists, 133 Gallowgate
Paterson William T. warehouseman (Leith & Paterson), Konfield,
Paton Isabella, lodging house, 26 Kintore place
Pattison James, bill poster, 24^ Broad st
Paul Alexander, plasteier, 4ti Hardgate
Paul Alexander, shopkeeper, 36 High st. Old Aberdeen
Paul George, gardener, 16 Market buildings, Fountainhal
Paul James, watchmaker, 15 Hadden st. Woodbide
Paul John, shopkeeper, 66 Woolmanhill
Paul John, boot & shoo maker, 13 Kiug Street rd
Paul William, advocate, factor for the trustees under Dr. Milne's
bequest, 177 Union St ; house, 46 Bon-Accord st
PauU James, advocate, factor for Synod of Aberdeen as managers of
Burnett's mortification, clerk to society in Aberdeen for the
benefit of indigent children of ministers and professors in
universities of Scotland, 22 Belmont st; house, 141 Crown st
Paxtou Alexander, broker, 33 East North st
Faxtou Andrew, eating house keeper, 15 Marischal st
Pearce Mary L. teacher of music & singing, 51 Bon-Accord et
Pearson Isabella, teacher of music, 25 Castle at
Pearson Mark, furniture dealer, 25 Castle st
Peggie David, shipmaster, 33 Mount st
Pegler George, fruit merchant, 7 Regent quay; house, Kepplestone
House, Rubislaw
Pelican Life Assurance Co. — David Mitchell, 24 Adelphi, agent
Penny William, shipmaster, 22 Springbank terrace
Pensioa Office, 71 King st — James Doig, staff sergeant
People's Reading Room, 38 Market st
People's Universal Assurance Society, 4 Queen st— A.Stewart,agent
Peterkin Grace, academy, 2 Affleck st
Peterkin Heniy, solicitor, 55 Victoria st. West
Peterkin James, builder, 1 Henry place
Peters Ann, draper, 280 George st
Peters George, cabinet maker, 10 Whitehouse st ; ho. 5 Holburn st
Peters William, shoemaker, 50 St. Nicholas st; works, Rodger's
walk; house, Albury rd. Ferryhill
Petrie — , fishmonger, 4 Basement, Market buildings
Putrie Alexander, grocer &, spirit dealer, 4 Mealmarket st
Petrie Alexander, Bon-i^ccord Granite Polisliin^
&u Sculpture v;^&rks, 71 Constitution st
Petrie James, granite worker (J. Petrie & Co.), 163 Crown st
Petrie JTames &, Co. tiie Clayhills Crranite Polisli^^
ing VTorkg. 'Wellington v6.^iSee aui-ertisement
Petrie James R. & Sons, jobbing gardeners, Hardgate
Petrie William, boot maker, 48 Regent quay
Philip Agnes, teacher of music, 17B Crown st
PhiUp Alaxander, dyer ^t cleaner, 3 North Broadford
Philip & Cooper, tailoi'S & clothiers, 32 Uuiou st
Philip Ghi-istian, lodging house. 111 Rosemount place
Philip Christian C. lodging house, 5 Canal st
Philip George, traveller, 5 Huntiy st
Philip James, grocer, &c. 07 East North st
Pliilip James L. merchant (Morisou &. Leslie), 33 Constitution
Pljilip Jane, lodging house, 21 Summer st
Philip John, grocer, &c. (John Machattie & Co.), 12 Langstane pi
Philip Richard, tailor *& draper, 31 Adelphi
PhiUp Robert C. traveller, Walnut Cottage, Ruthrieston
Pltilip William, jun. clothier (Philip & Cooper), 2 Strawberry bar.k
i'iiilip William, shipmaster, Ashley place

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