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Millar Jane, dressmaker, 29 Huntly st [place
Miller George, mnnufactiiriiig chemist (John Miller & Co.), 2a Union
Miller John, mauufacturing chemist (John Bliller & Co.), 9 Rubis-
law terrace
IWlller Jobn &, Co. Euanufacturin^ cliexuists, tar
distillers, paraffin wax refiners, and manufac-
turers of vitriol and artificial manures, Sandl-
lands Cbemical "Works, ^inks
Miller Margaret, dressmaker, 14 Northfield
Miller Margaret, dressmaker, 158 Crown st
Miller Robert, tailor, 4:1^ Union st; house, SO Holburn st
Milligan "William, professor of divinity and biblical criticism,
and secretary, University of Aberdeen, 34 College bounds, Old
Milne Mrs. — , midwifo, 1 Short leanings
Milne A. & J. house carpenters, 6 Denburn st [Union st
Milne A. & R. booksellers & stationers & librarians, 199 & 201
Milne Agnes, lodging house, 9 Craigie st
Milne Agnes, draper, 14 Justice st
Milne Alexander, house carpenter, 23 North Silver st
Milne Alexander, bootmaker (A. Milne & Co.), 178 Crown et
Milne Alexander, gardener, Carnation Coitage, Old rd. Woodside
Milne Alexander, builder, 130 Eosemount place; house, Bonniemuir
Milne Alexander, draper, 47 Gallowgate, & 1 to 5 St. Paul st ; house,
11 Roslin terrace
Milne Alexander, confectioner, 180 George st house, St. Andrew st
Milue Alexander, bookseller (A. & R. Milne), 14 Albert st
Milne Alexander, spirit dealer, 36 Castle st
Milne Alexander, draper, 51 Hadden st. Woodside
Milne Alexander, granite polisher (A. Milne & Co.), 126 West North st
Milne Alexander, cabinet maker, 11 Upper Leadside
Milne Alexander & Co. granite works, 124 West North st
Milne Alexander & Co. bootmakers, 128 Union st
Milne Alexander & Sous, fruit preservers, 32 & 34 Young st
Milue Alexander D. merchant, & agent to the Standard Bank of
British South Africa & Standard Fire Office Limited, 55 Mariscbal
" st ; house, 40 Albyn place — See advertisement
Milne & Henderson, drapers, hosiers & outfitters, S3 & S5 Union st
Milne & Hutchinson, printers, bookbinders & stationers, 26 Ex-
change st
Milne & Marshall, wine merchants, 19 & 21 Correction wynd
Milne Ann, shopkeeper, 42 Gordon st
Milne & Munro, boot& shoe makers, 43 Union st. & 7 George st
Milne & Pledge, wholesale warehousemen. Imperial place
Milne & Walker, advocates, 21 Market st
Milne & Wishart, granite polishers, 35 Charles st
Milne Andrew, bootmaker (A. Milne & Co.), 7 Crown terrace
Milne Andrew, bootmaker, 8 Spring garden
Milne Andrew, umbrella maker, 130 George st
Milne Bequeat Fund Office, 177 Union st— William Paul, secretary
Milne Christian, lodging house, 158 Crown st
Milue Christiana, shopkeeper, 27 Skene st
Milne David B. clerk, 22 Balmoral place
Milne Eliza, lodging house, 13 Craigie st
Milne Francis, timber merchant. Princes st ; house, Sunnyside
Jlilne Francis G. shipmaster, 31 Bank st
Milne George, agent, Commercial Bank of Scotland, Westwood,
Queen's road
Milne George, shopkeeper, 21 Richmond st
Milne George, solicitor, fi6 Castle st; house, Northfield House
Milne George, secretary for the Association for Improving the Con-
dition of the Poor, 3 Ashley rd
Milne George, coal dealer, 83 Loch st
Milne George, timber merchant (Geo, Milne & Co.), 5 Bon-Accord sq.
Milne George, spirit dealer, 7 James st
Milne George & Co. timber merchants and ship owners, Provost
Blaikie's quay
Milne Georgina, shopkeeper, 26 Thistle st
Milne Georgina, lodging house, 1^7 Union st
Milne Helen, superintendent, Industrial Asylum & Reformatory for
Girls, Mount st
Milne Isabella, shopkeeper, 109 Rosemotmt place
Milne Isabella, spirit dealer & grocer, 17 Ship row
Milne J. & A. & Co. boot manufacturers, 38 George st
Milne J. & Sun, machine makers & engineers, 41 James st
Milne James, boot and shoe maker (Milne & Munro), Holborn place
Milne James, grocer & wine merchant, 72 Union st
Milne Jameg, grain merchant, 15 Guild st
Milne James, lieutenant of police, 2 Castle terrace
Milne James, fiesher, 192 Gallowgate
Milne -Tames, accountant (Edmonds & Macqueen), 79 Crown st
Milne James, brewer, 69 Virginia ot
liihie James, schoolmaster, 4 Frederick st
Milne James, shipmaster, View terrace
Milne James, spirit dealer, 258 George st
Milne James, merchant (George Milne & Co.), 5 Bon- Accord square
Milne Jane, shivtmaker, 65 East North st
Milne Jaue, draper, 51 Commerce st
Milne John, wholesale confectioner, 30 Union pi; ho. Queen's cross
Milne John, manager for the North of Scotland & Orkney & Shet-
land Steam Navigation Co. 62 Mariscbal st ; house, 3 James st
Milne John, gardener, W^ellbrae, & 44 Market buildings
Milne John, ale & porter bottler, 6 Upper Kirkgate
Milne John, warehouseman (Milne & Pledge), 7 Rotunda place
Milue John, spirit dealer, 121 Gallowgate
Milne John, wright, Broomhill rd
Milne John, clothes broker, 11^^ Crooked lane
Milne John, baker & confectioner, OS Broad st
Milne John, h tirdresser, 29 Woolmanhill
Milne John, smallware dealer, 27% Ship row
Milne John, printer {Milne & Hutchison), 53 Summer st
Milne Joian, gariloner, Mannofield
iNIilne Johu, mi^scnger-at-arms, house factor, &c. 15 Adelphi;
house, 47 Hoi' urn st
Milne John B. gr >cer (W. Milne & Son), 3 East Craibstone st
Milne John Di-j-nd, advocate & notary (Milne & Walker), 14
Kubislaw terraca
Milne Johnston, bootmaker, 13 Schoolhill
Milne, Low & Co. tailors & drapers, 127 Union st
Milne M. & J. scripture readers, 66 Schoolhill
Milne Margaret, shopkeeper, 48 Skene square
Milne Peter, draper, 30 St. Nicholas st; house, Kirkhill, Cults
Milne Robert, civil engineer & general manager, Great North of
Scotland Railway Co. Waterloo Station; house, 10 Rubislaw pi
Milne Robert, bootmaker (Milne, Suns & Co.), 69 Bon- Accord st
Blilue Robert, manager, 8 Ann place
Milne Samuel, builder (M'Robbie & Milne), 3 Albert place
Dlilne, Sons & Co. boot & shoe manufacturers, 185 Union st
Miluo Thomas, nurseryman, Glenburnie, Queen's rd
Milne William, painter & plumber, 1 Wellington place ; house, Aeh-
vale, Cuparstone
Milne William, advocate (Yeats & Spottiswood), 171 Crown st
Miluo William, traveller, 16 Osborne place
Milne William, accountant (Marquis, Hall & Milne), 40 Albyne pi
Milne William, manager, 24 Bank st. Ferryhill
Milne William, tishing tackle maker, 25 North Broadford
Blilne William, bookseller, 27 Loch st
Milue William, slater, Whitehouse st; house, 49 Victoria st. West
Milne W^illiam, tailor (Milne, Low & Co.), 16 Osborne st
Miluo William, boot & shoe maker, 80 Skene st
Milne William, draper (Milne & Henderson), 5 Constitution st
Milne William, nurseryman, Sunnyside Nursery, Canal rd
Blilne William, grocer, 1 South Mount st; house, Victoria Cottage,
Argyle place
Milne William, jun. grocer & wine & spirit dealer, 145 Gallowgate
Milne William & Son, grocers & wine merchants, 209 Union st
Minty Isabella, lodging house, 5 Skene place
Minty James, assistant inspector of police, City buildings, Broad
st; house, 16 Canal rd
Mitchell Adam & Co, builders & contractors, 53 North Charlotte st
Mitchell Alexander, naturalist, 58 Castle st
Mitchell Alexander, watchmaker, 37 Upper Kirkgate
lUCitcliell £l SSuil, bakers and biscuit manufac-
turers, 46 Schoolbillf and at 165 Georgre at — See
nrl' er£iseif'e?it
Mitchell Charles, grate manufacturer, 77 George st
Mitchell Charles R. ironfounder (D. Mitchell & Sons), S3 Bon-
Accord st
Mitchell David, advocate, 24 Adelphi ; house, 2 Albyn place
Mitchell David & Son, ironfounders, engineers & smiths, Oak Tree
Foundry, Inches
Mitchell Donald, soda water manufacturer, SO St. Paul's st
Jlitchell J. & J. builders, Gilcomston Park
Mitchell James, tailor & outlitter, 29 Regent quay; ho. 36 King st
Mitchell Jas. biscuit manufacturer (Mitchell & Muil), 57 Schoolhill
Mitchell James, bootmaker, 299 Geoi'ge st
Mitchell James, builder (J. & J. Mitchell), 4 Loauhead place
Mitchell James, reporter, 41 Bon- Accord st
Mitchell Jane, shopkeeper, 4 Commerce st
Mitchell Jaue, lodging house, 31 Adelphi
Mitchell Jane, shoplveei>er, 41 Chapel st
Mitchell Jane, shopkeeper, 35 Hutcheon st
Mitchell Jane S. draper, 11 Little Chapel st
Mitchell Jessie, lodging house, 1 Calton terrace
Mitchell John, linen Si bedding manufacturer, 17 Mariscbal st
Mitchell John, teacher of drawing, 53 Victoria st. West
Mitchell John, grocer & spirit dealer, 58 College st
Mitchell John, builder (J. & J. Mitchell). 4 Watson st
Mitchell Jolin, china & glass dealer, 151 Gallowgate
Mitchell Peter, clothier & shirt maker (Simpson & Whyte), and
agent for J. Cockburn, Campbell*!- Co. wine merchants (Edinburgh)
21 Union buildings ; house, 122 Crown st
MitL-hell Robert, lock & hinge maker, 102 Gallowgate
Mitchell Robert, telegraph engineer, 181 Crown st 2SlfCI
Mitchell Stodart James, advocate, 24 Adelplii ; house, 2 Albyn pi
Mitchell William, post master of Aberdeen, Elm bank
Mitchell William, manager, 18 Watson st
Mitclioll William, tailor & clothier, S3 Mariscbal st
Mitchell's Hospital, 9 Chanonry, Old Aberdeen
Moffat Alexiindcr, sheriff's clerk depute, Court House buildiuga,
house, 21 Union terrace
Moir Alexander, cattle dealer, 5 Summer st. Woodside
Moir Alexander & Co. ship brokers, 53 Mariscbal st
Moir David, shipmaster, 5 Langstane place
Moir Elizabeth, grocer & spirit dealer, Cuparstone place
Moir F. Maitland, physician & surgeon, 84 King st. & 143 Union st
Moir George, grocer, 148 Causewayend; house, 123 Causewayend
Moir James, surgeon & druggist, 36 Union place
Moir James, insurance agent, 37 Market st; house, Diamond Cot
tage, Holburn place
Moir James, jun. 41 Castle st; house, 26 Wellington place
Moir Jane E. di'cssmaker, 38 Chapel st
Moir John, hrassfouuder, 11 College st
Moir John, cattle dealer, Braehead, Woodside
Moir John »& Son, preserved provision manufacturers & export oil-
men, 56 Virginia st
Moil- Margaret, lodging house, 2 Calton ten-ace
Moir William, advocate, 25 Mariscbal st ; house, 52 Rosemount pi
Moir William, hardware merchant, 38 Blarket gallery
MoUison George, commission agent, 72 King st
MoUison Jane, lodging house, St. Mary's Cottage, King Street rd
MoUison Robert, butler, 22 Victoria st. West
MoUison v\illiara, grocer, 140 Skene st. West
MoUyson Charles Alexander, inspector of branches, North of Scot-
land Banking Company, 22 Carden place
Moncur Nicol, Adelphi Hotel, Adelphi court, Union st— See advt
5Ionro George, cab proprietor, 20 St. Clement st
Blonro Joseph & Son, mueical instrument makers, 32 Woolmanbiil
Moray Frith Mutual Marine Association, 28 Regent quay— Alexan U-r
Inglis, agent
Morgan Ann, spirit dealer, 8 Park st
Morgan James, fiesher, 45 Hadden st. Woodside
Morgan James, seedsman (W. Smith & Sonsi, Rose Cottage Kintor^
Morgan James, blacksmith, 39 Barron st. Woodside

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