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Sutherland John, shopkeeper, 63 Yardheads, Leith
Sntherland John Stewart, m.d. 26 Inverleith row
Sutherland Joseph, cattle dealer, 10 West Lauriston place
Sutherland Kenneth, lodgings, 12 Raebm-n place
Sutherland Mrs. — , ladies' nxu'BG, Market court
Sutherland Mrs. — , apartments, 6 West Preston st
Sutherland John Ste^vart, m.d. 25 Inverleith row
Sutherland Margaret, dressmaker, 13 Brown st
Sutherland Mary, smallware dealer, Jamaica st
Sutherland Miss, di-essmaker, 8 St. Patrick st
Sutherland Mrs. — , apartments, 23 Jamaica st
Sutherland Peter, tobacconist & stationer, 2 Duke st, L
Sutherland Peter, antiquarian bookseller, 358 Leith walk
Sutherland Robert {Edinburgh Roperie Co.), 4 Frithfield, Seafield
Sutherland Robert, tobacco manufacturer, 51 North Pitt st ; house,
19 Livingstone place
Sutherland Robert, metal merchant, 3 Crown st
Sutherland Stewart, painter (Sutherland & Stalker), 6 Valleyfield st
Sutherland William, lighthouse keeper, 10 Hambux-gh place, Leith
Sutberland Williaxu, tea, wine, brandy, liqueur
and Italian wareliouseman, X%Z G-eor^e street ;-
bouse, 43 Iiotliiau road
Sutherland William, greengroc r, 7 East Sciennes
Sutherland William, wine & spirit merchant, 5 WaterlooT)lace
Sutherland William, grocer, 18 High st
Sutherland William, S.S.C. {Walls & Sutherland), 27 Oxford st
Sutberland William, builder, 77 London st
Sutherland William S. writer, accountant and insurance agent
22 Forrest road [st, Leith
Suthern Thomas B. bookseller, &c.{ Waterston & John8ton),21 Bernard
Sutter Archibald, civil engineer, 3 HiU st; house, 6 Bellevne ter
Suttie John, contractor, 2 Couper st, Leith
Suttie Richard {G.P.O.), 10 Teviot place [Jamaica st
Suttie Robert, spirit dealer, 1 Northumberland place ; house, 4
Sutton & Co. general carriers, 41 North bridge — Sam. Bell, agent
Sveinbjdrnsson, Sv. teacher of music, 15 London st
Swain Elizabeth, private hotel, 5 Albyn place
Swan Allison, shopkeeper, 1 Jordan bm-n, Morningside
Swan Edward, die & stamp cutter, 297 High st; house, 9 St. Giles st
Swan George, temperance hotel, 53 High st [Adam st
Swan Henry H. china & rag merchant, 242 Canongate ; house, 8 West
Swan Isabella, lodgings, Sahsbury Lodge, Dalkeith rd
Swan James, cattle agent (J. Swan & Sons), 27 Chalmers st
Swan James, gi'ocer {Smitli & Swan), 16 West Newington place
Swan James G. grocer & spirit dealer, S3 Buccleuch st
Swan Jane, baker, 84 Grove st
Swan Jessie, greengrocer, 7 Mulberry place, Bonnington
Swan John, china & glass merchant, 10 Bristo place and 10 Veal
market ; house, 4 Loven terrace
Swan John & Co. china & earthenware dealers, 1 Castle barna
Swan John & Sons , live stock agents & cattle salesmen, 37 Lauriston
place, and 237 Duke st, Glasgow [berland st
Swan Robert, grocer & wine merchant, 40 Howe st ; house, 59 Cum-
Swau Thomas, cattle agent {J. Swan & Sons), 37 Lauriston place
Swan Walter, compositor, 10 Gladstone terrace
Swan Walter, greengrocer, 2 Richmond st. East
Swan William & Co. boot & shoe makers 8 Summer place; house,
60 Cumberland st
Swaney William, tobacco pipe manufacturer, 6 Merrilees close, L
Swanson Alexander, smith & ironmonger, 9 North West Cii'cus pi
Swanson Alexander, joiner & waggon builder, Lome st ; house, 2
George place
Swanson Isabella, stationer, 89 Clerk st
Swanson Janet, confectioner, 10 Church st
Swanson William, hairdresser, 33 Grindlay st
Swanston Thomas, agent (Royal Bank of Scotland), 25 GUmore pi
Swimming Bathe, North Pitt st
Swinton James, grocer, 33 Couper st, Leith
Swinton Jane, shopkeeper, 17 Baxter's buildings, Dumbiedykea
Swinton R. daii'yman, 38 North Bruntsfield place, and at Wood
g^fove, Eden lane [2 Windsor st
Swinton Thomas, tea, coffee and wine merchant, 17 Queen st; house,
Swirles A. J. linen draper, 26 Clerk st
Swirles James, draper, 49 Nicolson st
Sword James, broker, 25 Cowgate
Sword James, coal merchant, 160 Great Junction et, Leith walk,
Scotland st. & Trinity stations ; house, 6 Restalrig terrace
Sword Thomas, wood turner, 43 Niddry st
Sword Thomas, rag dealer, 2 West Bow
Sylvani Henry, working jeweller, 35 Scotland st
Syme Adam, printer {R. Syme & Son), 31 Broughton place
Syme David, manager (Lawson Seed & Nursery Co. Limited), 6
Sylvan place
Syme James, greengrocer, 23 Brunswick st
Syme James, shopkeeper, 3 Laurie st, Leith
Syme James, agent (Stewart & M*Donald), Gordon Villa, 83 Lauder
road [terrace
Byrne James, manager (British Linen Co.'s Bank), 10 Buckingham
Syme James, slater & chimney sweeper, 3 Laurie st, Leith
Syme John, boot & shoe maker, 167 Constitution st, Leith; house.
Lapicide Cottage, Lapicide place
Syme R. & Son, printers, 30 South Hanover st
Syme Robert, stage carpenter, 4 Little King st
Syme Sarah, shopkeeper, 261 Cowgate !
Symington James, fm-niture dealer & joiner, 6 St. Andrew st, L
Symington John, goods superintendent, Caledonian Railway station,
Lothian road
Syming:ton Thomas, chemist &, manufacturer of
essence of coffee, &,c. -a Sundas st—Sef advert
Symon Eliza, spuit dealer, Riddles close, Leith
Symons Robert, spirit dealer, 11 Riddle's close, Leith
TAINSH James, produce broker & merchant, 12 Baltic st; house.
Morton st, Leith
Tait A. bootmaker, 67 Fountain bridge
Tait A. & Son, butchers, 29 Saudpoi-t st, Leith
7ait Adam, painter, 82 Constitution st, Leith
Tait Agnes, lodgings, 108 George st
Tait Alexander, boot & shoe maker, 7 Earl Grey st ; houie,
Ferniehill Cottage
Tait & Crichton, W.S. 41 Northumberland st
Tait Andi'ew, baker, 33 Rose st
Tait Andrew, writer, 21 Upper Grove place
Tait Charlotte K. bootmaker, 48 South Clerk st ; house, 8 Oxford at
Tait E. dressmaker, 3 Cromwell st
Tait Elizabeth, apartments, 6 South Castle st
Tait George, shipmaster, 4 Hope terrace, Leith
Tait George, merchant (Thyne & Tait). 2 Cumin place
Tait Henry, plumber & gasfitter, 5a Frederick st ; ho. 73 Rose st
Tait James, spirit dealer, 99 South Back of Canongate
Tait James, watch & clock maker, 21 Morrison st
Tait James, victual dealer, 84 South Back of Canongate
Tait James, flesher, 10 Low market
Tait James, grocer, 252 Leith walk
Tait James, greengrocer, 69 Clerk st
Tait James, superintendent of Newington Burying Ground, 21 East
Preston st ; house, 26 Oxford st
Tait James, butcher, 3b Buccleuch st
Tait James, dairyman, 7 Mansfield place
Tait James, teacher, 76 Haymarket terrace
Tait James, inspector of coal weighing, 28 Jamaica st
Tait James, collector, 4 Henry place
Tait James Campbell, W.S. (Tait & Crichton), 13 Great Stuart ut, &
The Cottage, Blairgowrie, Pertlishire
Tait Jane, shopkeeper, 22 West Lauriston place
Tait Janet, grocer, 26 Jamaica st
Tait Jessie, apartments, 22 Dundas st
Tait John, advocate, 13 Great Stuart st
Tait John, tailor, 150 High st
Tait John, joiner, 26 South Norton place
Tait John, butcher, 11 West Newington terrace
Tait John R. baker, 5 Johnstone place
Tait LiUas, shopkeeper, 6 Salisbury terrace
Tait Margaret, dressmaker, 5 Howe st
Tait Marion, shopkeeper, Davidson's mains
Tait Martha, trimming & smallware dealer, 35 Coburg st, Leith
Tait Ninian, slater, 5 Society, Chambers st
Tait Peter G. professor of natural philosophy at the University;
house, 38 George square
Tait Pringle, baker, 1 Vittoria place
Tait Robert, baker & confectioner, 5 Johnstone place
Tait Stephen, carver & gilder, 2 Hill place
Tait Thos. pocket book, &c. maker, 8 Noi-th bridge ; ho. 69 Bristo st
Tait Thomas, ironmonger & smith, 30 St. Andrew square, and Clydft
st. lane ; house, 15 Dublin st
Tait Thomas, provision dealer, 152 Pleasance
Tait Thomas H. shopkeeper, 1 Home st
Tait William, bootmaker, 8 Oxford st
Tait Wm. button, trimming, and general furnishing warehoHSe, 13 &
13 South bridge ; house, 9 Hope Park terrace
Tait William, grocer & spirit dealer, 54 East Causeway
Tait William, Edinbm'gh and Leith carrier, Clyde st lane
Tait William M. draper, 3 Leven st
Talbot and Duncan, dressmakers, &c. 1 Panmure place
Tallo James, traveller, 9 Sciennes hill
Tansley Edward, civil engineer (G.P.O.), Ferndale, Hatton plac«
Tapley G. staff-sergeant (Army Service Corps), 4 Montgomery st
Tarbet James, painter, paperhanger, &c. 5 Blair st
Tarbet Mary, ladies' nurse, 59 Broughton st
Tate Alexander & Son, hat and cap manufacturers, and remnant
warehouse, 42 to 46 Victoria st [Stockbridge
Tavendale James, joiner, 15 Hamilton place; house, 1 Home lane,
Tavendale & Veitch, Scottish Register for Servants, 46 George st
Tavendale Robert, Scottish Register for Servants (Tavendale and
Veitch), 60 George st
Tawse & Bonar, W.S. 23 York place
Tawse John, W.S. (Tawse & Bonar), 11 Royal terrace
Tawse John W. W.S. 49 Queen st
Taxes (Assessed), Surveyor's Office, 14 Waterloo place [lector
Taxes (County Rates) ; office, County buildings— W. Kennedy, ool-
Tases (Police), 19 Charlotte st, Leith
Taxes (Pohce Prison Improvement & other Municipal Rates), Police
Chambers, High st— M. S. Irvine, collector
Taxes (Property, Income, Land & Assessed), 14 Waterloo place
Taylor Agnes, furniture broker. 46 Potter row
Taylor Alexander, butcher, 1 & 2 Melville place
Taylor Alexander, dairyman, 14 Riddle's close, Leith
Taylor Alexander, cabinet maker, 17 Wright's houses
Taylor Alexander clothier (Taylor & Turnbull), 6 South Clerk at
Taylor & Bell, boot makers, 10 Elder st
Taylor & Co. tailors and clothiers, 49 George IV. bridge
Taylor <& TurnbuU, woollen drapers & clothiers, 107 South bridge
Taylor Andrew, coal agent, 9 Port Hamilton ; ho. 19 Caledonian pi
Taylor Andrew, mineral surveyor, 6 South Clerk st
Taylor Rev. Andrew, lecturer, 56 GUmore place
Taylor Andrew, corn merchant {Lizars & Taylor), 5 Summerfield* I;
Taylor Angelo, draper and battel*, 76 Nicolson st
Taylor Ann, apartments, 15 Dublin st
Taylor Ann, apartments, 7 Morton st, Leith
Taylor Ann, grocer and spu-it dealer, 9 Hamburgh plaee
Taylor Annie, shopkeeper, 192 Rose st
Taylor Archd. spirit dealer, 56 Regent arcb, & 3 Old Physic gardens
Taylor Charles, S.S.C. 15 India st [& 116 Princes st
Taylor David, umbrella maker & furrier, 63 Nicolson st, 7 Union pL
Taylor Francis, clerk (General Register House),? Gillespie crescent
Taylor George, bootmaker, 7a Clerk st
Taylor George, dairyman, 10 Sheriff brae, Leith
Taylor George, straw hat maker, 50 South bridge
Taylor George, boot and shoe maker, 136 Canongate
Taylor George, tailor & clothier, 136 Feriy road, Leith
Taylor H. L. dressmaker, 32 Lome st
Taylor Helen, apartments, 32 Dundas st
Taylor Henry A. locomotive foreman (North Brftlsli Railway), Royal
Park terrace, Meadow bank
Taylor James, foreman, 5 North Newington place

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